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Aquaphilia-10 Fascinating Products For Water Sex

pivot vibrating ring

Aquaphilia (also referred to as hydrophilia) is a sexual fetish in which individuals have sex underwater, either alone or with others. However farfetched, it may seem that having a love for water is entirely innocent in today’s society. Aquaphilia is a form of sexual fetish characterized by participants’ excitement arising from their actions or being submerged in water. It has another name, liquidophilia. Let’s “dive in”.

More types of Aquaphilia

People who enjoy urinating in water while they masturbate also called “urinators,” have a type of sexual fetish known as “urine fetishism.” Other liquidophiles, for example, find immersion in no matter what kind of liquid someone uses, erotic. Some say that those who prefer drinks that resemble bodily secretions tend to have a particular fondness for body secretions (e.g., milk).


Different kinds of Water Play

As you read on, some aspects of water fetishism and sex are listed below for you to see where you stand in the enchanting world of water fetishes and sexual interests.

  • Aquaphilia: Sexual arousal from water and/or watery environments including bathtubs or swimming pools (and sometimes called hydrophilia)
  • Albutophilia: Sexual arousal from water
  • Ablutophilia: Sexual arousal from baths or showers
  • Antiohilia: Sexual arousal from floods
  • Coitobalnism: Sex in a bathtub
  • Coitus a unda: Sex under water
  • Bidetonism: The use of water spray from a bidet as a genital sexual stimulant for women while masturbation

Aquaphilia and Other Sex Activities

Brenda Love, has dedicated a portion of her encyclopedia to people’s fascination with water during sex, whether they are in or underwater. It can include any number of methods of masturbation, oral sex, or intercourse, which water fetishes do in any number of water-based situations (e.g., bath, shower, swimming pool, lake, ocean, etc.).

In addition, she claims that it is also possible to engage in aquaphilia activities such as fellatio, where the partner holds hot water in their mouth. In addition to water sex, she also highlights several other activities described as “water sex” and can be done in various locations, like hotel pools, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

10 Waterproof Products for Water Play

If you want to heat up an already slippery encounter in water play, bring one of these waterproof products into the shower.

Finger Vibrating Rabbit

Do you prefer pressure that’s strong and consistent against your G-spot, like the fluttering of fingers, or do you like something more fleeting and straightforward, as the squeeze of a finger? Try the Finger Vibrating Rabbit Massager if you are so inclined to aquaphilia. The more giant curved bottom ensures that you have a good grip on the vibrating toy and can therefore press it firmly against your G-spot. Satisfyer somatic sensuality guide and director of education Megwyn White say, “When the vulva is throbbing, this is a good choice.” When using it to tap on pressure points throughout the body, it can also be a great foreplay tool.

Additionally, this Finger Vibrating Rabbit is a waterproof rated vibrator suitable for aquaphiles. You know what that means, right? Yeah, you can use it in the bathtub, shower, or another body of water. You can now make a pool of your own!

Clit Sucking Vibrator

According to Dr. Laurie Mintz, psychologist and author of Becoming Cliterate, this toy is necessary for clitoris owners. Instead of vibrating or pulsating, the Clit Sucking Vibrator uses air pressure waves to indirectly stimulate your clit.

100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing getting in the way of putting it on. This toy delivers a unique, mind-blowing experience in or out of water; therefore, it’s a favorite product for many aquaphiles. It could be your favorite too!

Pivot Vibrating Ring

10 waterproof products for water play:  pivot vibrating ring

If you look closely at this water sex product, it appears to be a bracelet for a newborn’s wrist. While it seems to be a waterproof cock ring, it also slips over the shaft of a sex toy. This exceptionally well-designed sex toy is great for women who want an additional sensation of clitoral stimulation when they plan to have penetrative sex in aqua play.

What is so great about it? Unlike twiddling your nub with your hand, you’ll be able to steady yourself against the shower wall with this toy.

When you run out of water, you can use the We-Vibe app to maintain your hydration levels on the go (which is one of the best apps for spicing up the intimacy in your relationship). You only have two buttons you can intuitively use to change the ten different modes while you’re in the shower. Sign me up!

The satisfier Pro 2

10 waterproof products for water play: Satisfyer Pro 2

There are no other sex toys that can compare to the Satisfyer Pro 2. It gives a fantastic experience using air pulses that does not touch your clit, but instead stimulates it with a sensation of suction for all water fetishes.

You can use it for sexual penetration but to heighten the senses. It’s also waterproof, and when it’s in water, it feels pretty different from when it’s not. You will experience a new dimension of yourself being an aquaphile.

Vibrating Cock Ring

10 waterproof toys for water play: vibrating cock ring

Vibrating cock ring is with 12 speeds, for both solo and partner use in water sex, with a textured attachment. Yes, when you have a ring on it, you will like it.

Regardless of whether you have a penis or are with someone who has a penis, you may still enjoy this guy. Put it around your favorite sex toy for extra stimulation on the clitoris in water play.

Your fun will be just a little bit more interesting with this toy. On the whole, the ring is of small size, but the material stretches well and is unlikely to be uncomfortable on an average-sized member. This product gets you filled up, and the vibrations are pretty strong. It has a waterproof design, thanks to the rubber coating covering the port. You must have one if you have an aquaphiliac instinct in you.

Triple Function Rabbit

10 waterproof products for water play: triple function rabbit

Triple function rabbit is the best product to enjoy solo water sex. It has three distinct and intriguing features. If you’re not feeling it, you can bend the part with the anal beads without putting them in. The clitoral stimulators have three speeds and seven vibration patterns, while the shafts have beads that rotate at three speeds. And, of course, the anal beads have their vibration patterns.

This rabbit toy is less massive than other toys because it has a smaller size to conserve space in your carry bag.

Jelly beads will tickle your perineum, and you will go wild. It will blow your senses away by the sensation of the anal beads combined with the rabbit ears and vibrator. You will never experience such thrilling solo aquaphilia without this product.

Oral Sex Stimulator

10 waterproof products for water play: oral sex stimulator

Oral sex simulator is a small toy, but it has exciting features for water lovers. Its small size will surprise you, but this doesn’t skimp on feelings! There is no setting that you will dislike when you try it out for water sex.

This is perfect for someone who likes to take things slowly and get teased. Feel fantastic when moving the toy just a little bit from side to side. It helps speed up orgasms! Setting four, however, is the perfect balance of both fast and slow. After trying these settings, you will discover that it is as close to authentic oral sex as it can get. They’ll give amazing orgasms under the shower to any albutophilic! Allow the tongues to flick across the clitoris when applying pressure softly. You will prefer it if the toy offers a smaller number of options. These silicone tongues are soft and waterproof, making them very easy to clean and use.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

10 waterproof toys for water play: vibrating nipple clamp

Do you want some extra swing in water play when your partner is busy down there? Try out vibrating nipple clamp with 12 vibration modes that allow adjustable vibrating nipple clamps to be much more pleasurable than standard clamps or even your partner’s fingers.

It also features a travel lock feature, ensuring that it won’t vibrate while in your bag. It is a must-have product if you are a real aquaphilic and want to set yourself on fire in or underwater.

I Rub My Duckie

10 waterproof toys for water play: I rub my duckie

A bit of fun is added with the introduction of the I Rub My Duckie, a vibrating version of a well-known bathtub toy for water lovers as well as a favorite sexual aide. It can vibrate in three distinct modes. Specifically, this item is for water fetishes to use on their nightstand.

While its advantages are numerous, the most notable ones are how you can utilize it in different ways and the varying sensations and vibrations it offers (clit beak, vagina head, fat belly on lips, and MUCH MORE!). No matter how many toys you have, it’s worth it.

Touch of Velvet

10 waterproof toys for water play: touch of velvet

And lastly, this pretty vibrator needs few words to describe it. Since so many of the water-friendly toys are silicone, you’d never suspect that this is waterproof, considering it is velvet. In addition, the ten pulsing options provide plenty of ways to create exciting patterns, if you know what I mean.

If you fit into one of the categories mentioned earlier of aquaphilia, the most important thing is having fun and deriving pleasure in the water with your partner.

I hope you love the products I recommend! All of them are independently selected by me.

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