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15 Everyday Things That Are Secretly Bedroom Toys

bedroom toys

Vibrator batteries suddenly run out?
Are you looking for other stuff to satisfy your pleasure?
Want to spice up your bedroom action so you can surprise your partner?
Worry no more, for this blog will show you 15 of the things you use every day that are also secret bedroom sex toys:

15 everyday things you can use as secret bedroom toys

1. Banana

bedroom toys

Who doesn’t love bananas, right?
And if we’re talking about bedroom sex toys, bananas may be the first thing that will come out of your mind.
They all come in different thickness and sizes. But the best will be the one that is long and hard enough to make someone scream and roll their eyes out of pleasure.
Make love to that banana. You can put it in your mouth and lick it until it’s wet.
Have it peeled or not, whatever works most desirable for you. Just make sure it’s clean, and don’t play with it too hard. Or else a broken piece will get stuck somewhere you don’t want it to be.

2. Buzzy toothbrush

That buzzy toothbrush of yours will always come in handy in many ways you never expect.
And at times of pleasure, let the vibration touch the delicate areas while moving it up and down until you reach the climax.
There’s no need to insert the brush because the buzz will do all the work.

3. Candle

A candle is perhaps the most discreet sex toy there is. Not to mention its soft material makes it easier to insert in different holes with less effort.
And just like bananas, candles come in various sizes and thicknesses. Perfect for satisfying your pleasure. If you want a long and thicker penetration, buy one that comes with that size.
But you can use a candle not just for penetration but also for wax play.
Candle wax play can be terrifying, but the erotic experience is worth the try. So make sure you choose body wax candles and observe safety precautions when doing this. Have a glass of water beside you in case you or your partner get wax burns.

4. Feather duster

Who knows feather duster can also be a satisfying bedroom sex toy? Its long and thin handle makes a good butt plug and a soft toy so you won’t get sore easily. Just a friendly reminder, keep it clean first before taking it into action.

5. Belt

If you love BDSM, then the belt is the perfect toy for you!

Spanking gives a more erotic sensation and a great role-play before sex. Safe words are useful too, in case one gets an uncomfortable feeling.

6. Metal beaded necklace or bracelet

Have you ever heard of metal anal beads? They are great sex toys that increase arousal for a more pleasurable orgasm because of the cold, tingling sensation it gives.

But if you don’t have any, a metal beaded necklace or bracelet will do the trick. And if you still don’t have the metal one, an ordinary beaded accessory would work just fine.

bedroom toys

7. Shower head

Just as steamy baths can get any nicer, stimulating your clits with a showerhead will make your bath time extremely relaxing. Remember, no penetration, just pure clitoris stimulation, and you’ll achieve your orgasm in no time.

8. Massager

Head massager, neck massager, or facial massager. Any of these will work just fine as long as the vibrations are well-functioning.
Try in different positions like squatting, doggy style, or laid back for a more explosive orgasm.

9. Bottle

Finish with that bottled or beer water of yours? Don’t throw them away, for they make excellent bedroom sex toys. Use one for vaginal or anal penetration. Just be careful when using the beer bottle for any sharp edges or broken fragments.

10. Pillow

A pillow does help position each other for better sex, but it alone can give you a pleasurable orgasm. Just ride on it as you normally would, or lie back and place it between your legs. Rub the pillow on your clitoris until your climax.

11. Baseball bat

Aside from sports and protection, a baseball bat can be of great help to ease your heat. Its long and hard body makes a perfect vaginal or anal dildo for an explosive orgasm.

12. Tie/stockings/scarf

Tie, stockings and scarves are great accessories too for BDSM. Plus, they can be kinky outfits for role-playing. With you just wearing only a tie or stockings before sex will indeed drive your partner crazy!

13. Make up brush

Those pretty makeup brushes of yours can be pleasurable sex toys too. With different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, you can easily control your motion for a delightful orgasm.

14. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Before inserting the baseball bat, makeup brushes, or anything included in this list, make sure you have a good lube. Vaseline or petroleum jelly works fine if you don’t have any. They are more gentle and safe compared to other lubes in the market.

15. Virgin Coconut Oil

If you’re out of lube, virgin coconut oil is your best choice. Use it for oily sex, clitoris stimulation, or hand jobs. It might be a bit messy, but the experience is steamy.

bedroom toys


Who says sex toys are always expensive? These bedroom things that you use every day will be your best alternative to pleasure your sexual desire in the most discreet way possible.

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