Discussing Kink: 3 Steps To Bring up Kink To Your Partner

Kink is one of those topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about with your partner, right? You may find it embarrassing to bring up the subject even when you are trying to seduce them. However, since you really want to learn how to talk kink with your partner, here are three straightforward steps that can help you.

1. Open up and talk about kink with confidence

Both you and your partner must be comfortable talking about kink with each other. If you can’t be comfortable with your partner who else will you be comfortable with? While there is no right or wrong way to talk about kink, a few tricks can kick you off. Once you have mastered these techniques, you will know how to talk kink with confidence. The first thing to talk about is what kind of kink you are comfortable with discussing. This means that you need to tell your partner if you want them to wear a t-shirt that says “bondage,” “wet dream,” or similar phrases. Maybe something a bit more extreme like needle play. If you do not know what your type is yet, that’s okay. You can ask your partner for help as you explore your options. Once you realize what works for you, you can begin to discuss what kind of clothing or role-playing activities you would like to engage in with your partner.

2. Talk about situations that might trigger kink fantasies

Everyone with a kink has their own triggers. For instance, your partner loves to make love as a couple but feels trapped in the matrimonial bed. You can talk about ways to make them more physically vulnerable. You might want to float the idea of having sex on the kitchen counter, while you make them a snack. If your partner is okay with it, discuss how you might explore the different positions that turn you on. A change in environment and thinking outside the norm may be what you need.

3. Acknowledge your own sexuality

Although this is the third point, it is the most important step. Both you and your partner must be comfortable with each other’s sexuality and your own. Being comfortable with each other’s sexuality is very important because of the many kinky sexual fantasies and practices that people may be unaware of. When you and your partner are comfortable with each other’s sexuality, you will be able to discuss kink more comfortably.

One of the biggest problems people have when talking about kink is they get defensive. This can come up whenever you feel that your partner is uncomfortable with their own sexuality. Instead of talking about kink with your partner, you could first start by getting used to talking about kink yourself. In other words, if you find that your partner is uncomfortable with talking about kink, consider simply not mentioning it directly. Example: “how do you feel about being choked, does it excite you?” However, this may backfire if you and your partner are not open to discussing your sex lives. Remember, there is no shame in acknowledging your own sexuality. After all, your sexuality is important to your relationship, so it would be a good idea to at least try to talk about kink.


By learning how to talk kink with your partner, you will both experience more open and honest communication within the relationship. Who wouldn’t want that? This is important because it can help to foster a more loving and understanding relationship. When you talk about kink with your partner, make sure not to come across as insecure. This is why it is very important to accept yourself before bringing up the topic to your partner. Don’t pressurize them either. This can come up because you are projecting your insecurities on your partner. Instead, be open and honest with one another and yourself about your own experiences with kink and how you can help your partner experience kink.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. If you and your partner talk about kink comfortably, we’d love to know how you got to this point. Leave a comment below on how you brought the topic up for discussion. Sign up on Foxtail to have discussions with people with the same kink interests as you.

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4 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be A Sex Worker

​”Why is it okay to be a sex worker”? This is a typical question asked by people who are newly aware of the profession. Sex work is legal in most countries, and the demand is growing tremendously. People in society, especially the conservative groups, claim that this work is degrading and even criminal. But do not worry, this kind of work is considered legitimate work in many countries and even in the United States. The benefits of giving consensual sexual services are too many to be ignored by many people. Here are some of the benefits of being a sex worker.

1. You can financially provide for yourself and your family when you are a sex worker.

Working as a sex worker can help you pay your tuition, repair your home, and even afford an extended holiday. Sex work can also help you get a steady and regular income to support your needs and your family’s needs. It can also provide financial stability for many who want to finish their education and career.

2. You get a sense of financial freedom from your job

There are no boundaries as to how much money you can earn as a sex worker. You can choose to work as much or as little as you want and when you want. You can choose to work day or night, and as long as you can find work, you will make as much money as you desire. This is one of the most appealing advantages of this job.

Being an erotic performer has been illegal in many places since the time of the Amsterdam Red Laws. However, this law is now obsolete due to the expansion and growth of human trafficking and organized crime. Many women who are trapped in the sex industry may not feel comfortable talking about their problems. However, many sex workers see other women, especially those in this industry, as role models.

In most countries, sex work is not against the law. Some countries, however, have laws that criminalize the buying and selling of sexual services. In some places, it is even considered to be immoral. Because of this, many women who have been trapped in the sex work industry may face serious charges. Those who run the brothel will also face prosecution. For this reason, many sex workers have been murdered or have gone missing. However, many women have been rescued from brokering and are now leading normal lives on the lighter side. Working as an erotic performer can also be seen as an acceptable alternative to living in undesirable conditions.

4. Many sex workers find their job to be rewarding and very satisfying.

Many sex workers go to great lengths to please their customers and get them satisfied. Sex work allows them to satisfy their clients and gives them the freedom to do so.  Giving sexual services can bring you lots of money, as well as great opportunities for social interaction and adventure. The freedom you experience being a sex worker can also lead to other exciting endeavours. After all, this kind of work wasn’t always about sex. It was about making a living and having a good time.

One of the best reasons to become a sex worker is that you will be able to help others. Most people who choose this line of work as a career choose a specific field of sex work. For example, some decide to become a Thai Girl translator and care for the Thai women trapped in the sex trade. Other women may choose to be domestic or Thai housekeepers.

If you are wondering, “why is it okay to be a sex worker?” Remember that most of the world is aware that there are people out there who offer sexual services. When you choose this line of work, you decide how to spend your days and your life. There is really nothing wrong with this, and in most cases is the only way a person can afford to support themselves. If these kinds of issues are important and you want to make an impact, join the help a sex worker-friendly foundation.

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