The 6 Most Essential Rimming Tips

Rimming tips are imperative for any person seeking to get kinky with an a-hole. Rimming or analingus is one of those sex techniques that is underdiscussed and quite often misunderstood. It’s a great shame since it’s enjoyable, especially if done properly. Follow these tips to have some savory analingus sex play.

You Have to Love an Asshole

Before we dive in, first things first, you need to love the anus! You have to be particularly passionate about it and want to give the individual pleasure by playing with theirs. Okay, now we can go to the actual tips.

1. Give Some Love to the Perineum

One of the best rimming tips is to not overlook the space around the anus, including the perineum (the area between the butthole and the genitals). It’s a very sensitive place. If your partner loves butt-stuff, you have to try this! Don’t stop at the buttcheeks, keep it going…

2. Take a Shower Before Rimming

It is very important to shower beforehand receiving your first rim-job. The reason is that there are specific health hazards linked to mouth-to-ass sex.

Don’t be shy, scrub your a-hole clean! Use a wash cloth and gentle cleanser to get your rim sparkling clean for your lover to enjoy.

3. Rectal Douching – Is it a Must?

It’s important to be clean and if you tend to go overboard, you might want to try rectal douching. So be prepared! You don’t want to unintentionally release any trapped water while someone’s mouth is at your bottom. The majority of hoses, enemas, and other cleaning regimens jet too much water in your rectum.

Your hole may inadvertently hold some water, and it may flow out as soon as you lie on your back or stomach. This is why most people lie on their left sides to release trapped water. Again, you don’t want to release water unintentionally when your partner’s mouth is in your butt hole.

4. Don’t overclean!

Overcleaning can negatively affect your colon and your rectum’s ability to release waste healthily. While some may want to rectally douche, remember that your body contains healthy bacteria that helps keep your booty in balance so don’t over do it! Honestly, a good external rinse and gentle scrub is more than enough. But, do whatever you need to to feel like the sexiest butthole on the block.

5. Diet is everything

Most medical experts agree that diet is the basis to good health. Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and diets that don’t cause abdominal gas make the cleaning process more manageable. A fiber-rich diet makes your poop healthy and makes the defecation process seamless.

6. To Shave or Not to Shave

To sensitize sensation around the anus try a Brazillian wax or careful shave. Shaving can reduce accidental hair pulling and makes the skin more sensitive to the playful sensations of rimming.

To get more familiar with anal play partnered or solo, try out our list of specialty anal play toys here.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Rimming also known as asslicking can be fun and exciting. However, you and your partner have to be okay with it. But hey, it’s worth a try. This is one kinky stuff that you should definitely give a shot.

We also appreciate your views. Kindly drop a comment below and let us know what you think! What do you like about butt-stuff? Find your perfect play partner in our sex-positive community here.

Things You’d Like To Know Before Trying Teeth Fetish

We don’t need to mention that what teeth are, all they need is a little daily brushing, and presto, you have 32 fantastic shiny pearls to accessorize every outfit with! Did you know some people are sexually attracted to teeth? Teeth Fetish isn’t common but very normal. If you one of those who feel sexually attracted to beautiful and shiny teeth, you are an odontophiliac.

Want to find out more about this Fetish, then keep reading the post.

What is Teeth Fetish?

Odontophilia entails two words, the Greek prefix word “odonto” means tooth, and Greek suffix “philia” means love. This is a sexual fetish with erotic excitement, urges, and fantasies about the teeth. It can range from licking or biting a person’s teeth, biting and leaving a teeth imprint on the skin, or teeth removal. If you have this fetish, you are an odontophiliac.

Many of us feel slight anxiety that kicks in when going to a dentist. The extracting and drilling isn’t something we look forward to. So the idea of getting into the dentist’s chair is a turnoff for most people, but not for all. For teeth fetishists, this can be a massive turn-on which borders medical play.

Where Does This Love for Teeth Comes From?


Not to our surprise, teeth Fetishists may enjoy dentistry-derived BDSM mouth gags. Some of these are Whitehead or Jennings gags. Fetishists may look for partners with braces, retainers, fillings, crowns, vampire fangs, etc. They also like to share dental x-rays and other dental collections.

Persons with a teeth fetish may want to experiment with the apparatus used in dental surgery or various other dental items that hold your mouth open. Others may simply enjoy partners with clean, white teeth and a million dollar smile. Still others may enjoy watching their muses chew with their mouth open and eat their food. Imagine every bite as an erotic experience! There’s a teeth fetish that prefers the minty freshness of brushing teeth and for an adventure, others like the overbite or dental crowning. People with tooth fetishes usually like different kinds of kink activities, and they are very creative.


Playing with a Teeth Fetish

Tooth Licking Fetish

If you are not much into biting, you can always try to lick the teeth of your partner. The sensation of molars against the tongue is seemingly all it takes to help some who have this kind of teeth kink.

Kinky Biting

Some people find it hot to make an excellent, deep bite mark on your partner’s body. and seeing the mark. Taking the flesh of your partner between the teeth makes the kink biting similar to vampirism. Therefore, kink biting is closely related to the vampire fetish. Both of them have the similar idea of you “branding” someone.

A Kink for Braces

metal braces

Some teeth fetishists show arousal from the sight of a tongue touching braces or touching their tongue to their partner’s metal mouth. To others, the bright silver of traditional stainless steel braces brings special arousal. In line with this, the color rubber band also gives arousal or urging feeling to a person with this fetish.

Tooth Extraction Fetish

Tooth Extraction is an extreme surgical kink and must be left up to the most seasoned kinksters. While it’s best left up to the professionals, if someone is really interested in doing a scene with tooth extraction you could act it out without actually removing the tooth. Get creative! You could use props and make lots of noise creating the sense that a real tooth extraction is occurring.

Safety Precaution

If you are into biting, you need to make sure that you don’t break the skin and immediately stop and treat the wound by cleansing and covering the affected skin as human saliva can breed bacteria and cause infection. A severe bite will need medical health’s attention and possibly antibiotics.

Do you want to find out more about different kinds of fetishes or talk to people with kinks like you? Come and check out the blog or visit our app. Have fun :)