Summer of Self Love: Warm-Weather Solo Sex Tips

They say that spring is the horniest season because everything is blooming after the cold winter, and as humans, we tend to get a little frisky with the warmer weather. Summer also seems to see a lot of action, sweaty and sexy under the sun. If your libido skyrockets with the temperature, you are not alone! Summer heat can turn even the coolest among us into lusty lovers. There’s nothing worse than a long, hot, sticky night. Tossing and turning; almost too hot to even get off but desperate to get to sleep. Your hands wander between your legs. This summer, beat the heat with these five solo sex tips for a summer of self-love.

Sex Toys + Freezer = BLISS

Temperature play can be super sexy any time of the year. Popping your toys and lube into the freezer before you get down to business can give you some heat relief while providing a whole new range of sensations. For the best experience with solo sex, try freezing metal items like nipple clamps, butt plugs or dildos, and cooling glass or ceramic toys in cold water. Even silicone sex toys will benefit from 15 minutes or so in the freezer. In a pinch, an ice cube will provide loads of sensation (while it lasts). Extreme cold can be overwhelming and exciting for the nipples and genitals. A safety tip, throw down a towel first. 

Take Advantage of the Heat

Did you know that temperature influences the ability to orgasm, as well as the intensity of orgasms? Hotter temps mean hotter, longer and more sensational O’s!!

Usually, warmer is better, but if you feel uncomfortably hot and restless, you might give up before the orgasm. No air conditioner? No problem. Set a bowl of ice in front of a fan, or use a clean spritzing bottle to add a cool mist to the air in front of the fan. Sit in front of the fan and open your legs, feeling the coolness on your forbidden heat. Play with spraying cool water on your body, getting all wet and warm. As mentioned above, you can even use the ice for solo sensation play! Make the most of the heat.

Go Hiking With a Fun Sex Toy

Make use of discreet and portable toys like vibrating butt plugs and panty vibes. Pop one in, pocket the remote control, and take yourself out for ice cream. That double scoop of mint chip will taste all the more wickedly delicious if you’re ordering it with a naughty secret in your pants. None will ever be the wiser … unless you lose control, but isn’t that part of the thrill? By the time you get home, you will be so primed for release you’ll be bursting at the seams!   

Cool Showers, Anyone?

Cold showers have become the punchline for so many jokes about horniness and libido. They do help cool you down literally and figuratively. But cool, not cold, bath or shower is also a great way to get your sexy on when you’re alone and the weather is warm. Who needs a pool when you can find a comfortably cool water temperature and get dirty while you get clean? 

Incorporate a water-safe vibe or butt plug, or put your suction-cup-base dildos to good use on the wall of the shower or the bottom of the tub. If you want to use lubricant, silicone will have the longest staying power, but it’s not compatible with silicone toys, so choose wisely. If in doubt, stick to water-based lubes. Oh, and one more suggestion: get a detachable showerhead. 

Stock Your Fridge

Don’t forget: masturbation is a form of self-care. Feeling the reward for good self-care habits makes them easier to maintain over time. Our best solo sex tip for this summer, it to stock your fridge and freezer with treats to enjoy in your afterglow. Mini fro-yo bars or convenient frozen smoothie packs, even just some lemon water, and pre-washed and chilled fruit will round out any hot weather masturbation marathon. Even if you don’t need the incentive from positive reinforcement, hydration is crucial! Enjoy those summer fruits from the farmer’s market. Take the time to replenish yourself after you have lost precious bodily fluids.

Our Thoughts on Solo Sex

Making small preparations or accommodations for intimate self-care may seem excessive or over the top, but aren’t you worth the extra consideration? Life is short, so why not make the most of the small pleasures where we can. If that means planning for some “you time,” make an effort to pamper yourself. Take advantage of the summer libido and make some extra time for you and your orgasm.

How do you plan to keep cool and have a summer of solo fun this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section or sign up to chat with sex-positive people from our community! 

The Exceptional Experience of Tantra and the Sexual Healing Massage

Having positive sexual energy in your life is good for you and everyone around you. To manifest this energy, sexual healing from the inside is necessary. Sexual healing helps to stimulate the nerves located in our genitals to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. One ultimate way to explore and inhibit this energy is via a “sexual healing massage” or “tantra massage.”

One can discover entire new realms of fun, sensations, and unique connective experiences through sexual healing massage. Read on to know more about sexual healing so you can practice it now! :)

What is Sexual Healing Massage?

Sexual Healing Massage is a bodywork based on the principles of Tantra Massage. It is an ancient spiritual practice that is originated from Central and Southeast Asia. In most modern Western traditions, tantric massage involves massage and stimulating the whole body, with particular attention to sensitive areas such as the penis and vulva. Sometimes it is referred to as an erotic massage, although tantra massage also includes breathing, meditation, and mindfulness elements that are not necessarily sexual.

Tantric massage also has a spiritual and energetic component where the giver helps move the recipient’s energy throughout the body to promote inner healing. The giver becomes a conduit of healing energy to encourage renewal, shedding and revitalization to the energy of the receiver.

“As this sacred practice is skillful, it may affect the deepest layers and aspects of a person and become a profound instrument for spiritual and emotional healing,” says Tiffany Tanner, a Tantra Teacher and Massage Therapist from Arizona.

This practice incorporates the tantric essence of shakti or energy. Tantra stems from an ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition, but most tantra taught and practiced in the West may be called neo-tantra. This modern adaptation focuses specifically on sacred sexuality rather than the other traditional spiritual and religious elements rooted in tantra.

What Happens During a Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is offered in a studio or spa center. Tantra massage usually includes massaging and stimulating the entire body, including genitalia, while performing breathing, meditation, and other spiritual practices used to activate the physical body.

Some types of tantric massage include the Yoni Massage that focuses on the vulva, and Lingam Massage that focuses on the penis ( and the prostate). Tantric massage can also be done with a partner at home and can be a way to introduce a slower and more intimate form of sexuality into the couple’s sex life.

During a tantra massage, people can orgasm, but this is not the intent. Sexual healing massage is more about learning about pleasure, releasing energy blocks and tension, and spiritual connection with your own pleasure. Intercourse does not usually belong to a tantra massage, although a tantra massage can be considered a part of tantric sex between a couple.

How to Give a Tantric Massage?

It is helpful to learn a bit about tantric principles in general before giving a sexual healing massage. This knowledge will ensure that you will approach it from a perspective of sacred connection and deliberate pleasure.

These are the critical elements of a tantra massage or sexual healing massage:

  • The receiver can receive pleasure without being obliged to reciprocate.
  • The giver is willing to offer pleasure through massage without receiving a massage in return.
  • The giver needs to learn how to read their partner’s body language, in addition to verbal communication and understand the importance of touch.
  • Forget about time and surrender to flow.
  • Each partner is keen to please the other partner through mindful presence.
  • Both partners need to keep solid personal hygiene.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a receiver to say what they wanted to be touch by the giver. It takes time, experience, and openness to learn to touch someone in a way they wanted to be touched.

Specific Tantra Massage Types

The following are instructions for specific tantra massage types. You can do it yourself or with a partner. These will allow spiritual and sexual healing, thus justifying the term “sexual healing massage.”

Lingam Massage

A Lingam Massage focuses on honoring and pleasuring the penis.

  1. Relax the receiver by lying in a comfortable position with his legs and knees bend. Remind them to breathe deeply during the entire experience of the sexual healing massage.
  2. Practice breathing in their arousal energy as you inhale and sending love energy to them as you exhale.
  3. Lubricate the genital areas, massage the thighs, pubic bone, and perineum first by sliding your hands in that areas.
  4. Gently massage the testicles. You can pull it a bit, cup it in your hands to pamper it or use your fingernails carefully.
  5. Massage the shaft by using different grips, stroke sequences, and twisting movements. Vary between one hand and two, vary in speed from and slow to quick.
  6. Don’t let them climax. Keep the receiver on the orgasm’s edge, also known as edging in kink.
  7. If the receiver is comfortable, boost their sacred spot, also known as the prostate.
  8. If they are ready, let your partner climax with an orgasm of ejaculation and feel the delight of tantra massage.

Yoni Massage

While Lingam focuses on the penis, Yoni Massage focuses on honoring and pleasuring the vulva.

  1. Relax the receiver. Sit on in a comfortable spot with a pillow under hips, knees, and feet.
  2. Guide them to their breathing. Give a body massage or tantric breast massage to warm up the body.
  3. Slowly move towards the vulva to stimulate the clitoris, alternate between circles, pushing and pulling, tugging and rolling, tapping, and G-spot massage.
  4. Encourage your partner to practice surrendering to multiple orgasmic waves for a prolonged experience of sexual healing massage instead of one burst of sexual energy.

Tantric Breast Massage

The tantric breast massage or nipple massage applies the principle of tantra massage to the breasts.

  1. Set the place to make your partner feel sexy with candles, incense, or music.
  2. Remind them to concentrate on their breath, taking long and deep breaths.
  3. Drip some oil between the breasts and the belly.
  4. Begin by massaging the belly to stimulate sexual energy before you move to the breasts.
  5. Slowly circle the breasts with a feathery touch, and then massage and gently squeeze them.
  6. Once the receiver’s body begs for it, move to the nipples by pinching and rolling.
  7. As the receiver approaches the orgasm, massage their body from neck, head, up to the scalp. This way, you will send a surge of energy through the spine and rock their hips to create exciting waves of pleasure throughout their whole body.

Bonus Tantra Techniques for Sexual Healing

To enjoy more sexual healing, here are a few more techniques:

Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation involves making love to yourself through touching, breathing, and meditation. Unlike “supportive” rubbing or masturbation, solo tantric sex is more spiritual, exploratory, and mind-blowing than your usual manual work.

Energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm is a practice explored with a partner or alone and involves separating the sensation of orgasm from the stimulation needed for a physical climax.

Semen Retention

Semen retention is a sexual practice that is aiming to prevent ejaculation. Some people do it by abstaining from any sexual activity. Still, in some traditions (including tantric sex), the method of sperm retention means learning to have an orgasm without ejaculation, also known as a dry orgasm. In tantra, it is believed that semen retention leads to more energy and creativity since one is not disposing of or releasing their semen, known to hold the potential for potency, magnetism and creation.

Tantric sex is as much about physical techniques as it is about the mind. It is about celebrating the sacredness of our bodies and desires wholeheartedly while bringing a quality of consciousness to the expected manifestation of pleasure.

Do you already experience some of the mentioned massages? Why don’t you comment below and share it with the community! We love to hear from you! Join our community now to connect with like-minded people who are also interested in tantric massage!

Tantric Sex: A Sensual Way To Rediscover Pleasure

Tantric sex refers to many ritualized or yogic practices in Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantric sex is a slow, meditative sexual form where the ultimate goal is not orgasm but to enjoy the sexual journey and body sensations. 

If you are into spirituality, meditation, or yoga, you may have previously heard about Tantra. Many people use Tantra as a way of life, and for some, it’s a codeword for sexual pleasure. Let’s see what it is and where it comes from.

Tantric Sex and its Origin

Tantric sex comes from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sexual activities to establish a deep and intimate connection. The word “tantra” means woven together. Tantric sex is a way of “weaving” spiritually and physically. It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body to heal, transform and illuminate.

This practice brings spirituality and sexuality together and highlights the importance of intimacy with both yourself and your partner(s) in a sexual experience. It helps to achieve a delightful degree of spiritual healing practices and techniques.

How To Reclaim Your Sexual Power Through Tantra

Sexual energy is a powerful force that can be an excellent catalyst for spiritual growth and healing when used consciously. To manifest your total sexual energy or power in tantric sex, you have to surrender. You must completely surrender and believe in your partner for receiving and giving the delight that you desire.

It encourages people to know and get in touch with their bodies. The objective is to be present during tantric sex to achieve a sensual and fulfilling sexual experience. For most people, it’s a turn-on when sexual power is blended with spiritual power. So, we suggest you try it.

Tantric Meditation and Orgasmic Bliss

Tantric meditation helps you to achieve a high degree of pleasure and orgasmic happiness. It’s this expanded ability for many people to connect to a partner that leads them to Tantra. One part is improving the bond with your partner, and the other part is to achieve sexual ecstasy. The ecstatic orgasms that Tantra creates keep people coming back for more.

When you start a tantra practice, you don’t jump straight to the ecstatic orgasms, and that’s okay. Every new ability begins with the basics! Gentle movement and breathing techniques and Tantra Yoga (which increases energy) are enjoyable by yourself as you travel down the tantric sex.

Breathing is a critical component of tantric sex because it helps a person focus on their mind and keep the body in touch. There are several meditation practices in tantric sex to achieve orgasmic bliss, but we call this “tantric breathing practice” Let’s look at what this practice does.

Tantric Breathing Practice for Sensual Pleasure

Respiring together connects you with your partner and assists in a powerful and loving exchange between the energy of your body and mind. Practice this with on clothes or naked. Sit down in front of your partner. Sit straight with your spine and your posture open and alert, but relaxed, if possible. Make sure you touch your knees as close as possible. Take a deep look into each other’s eyes and focus on your breathing.

First, be together, breathe and connect. Then start to sync your breath. At the same time, breath in together; breath out together. Stay for a few moments with this synchronized breath practice. First, open your eyes and explore with closed eyes.

Next, continue to exchange breaths. Here, when your partner exhales, you inhale and then exhale when your partner inhales. Imagine exchanging your life energy when you inhale the breath of your partner and exhale your breath into it.

The third breath practice is essentially a circular tantric breath. Place your attention at your root or sexual chakra, still facing each other. This place of energy collection is found in the perineum area (between the vaginal opening and the anus, between the base of the scrotum and the anus). Try to tighten this area to make you feel the experience.

Then, as you inhale, imagine energy rising from this root center and going up through the center of your heart and up the front to the head crown. In the exhalation, turn the flow, imagine the breath and energy flooding your body through your forehead, throat, heart, belly, and sexual center.

Enhance Your Love Life with Tantra Meditation

Tantra meditation helps you grow spiritually and later on creates the basis for achieving physical enjoyment.

At its essence, Tantra is a practice that combines movement, breath, meditation, and sound to assist the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, known as kundalini, to move up from the pelvis along the spine. This life-force energy movement can help you heal by loosening constrictions within the body that have developed over a lifetime. The expansion of the energy in the body also increases sensation and the ability to connect with others.

Even more fundamental (and far easier to learn from reading an article) are meditations that guide you to move energy up and down the spine and expand the energy centers of your body. With regular practice of only five minutes each day, gradually adding time as you progress, Tantra becomes available to all physical abilities. Most people, who want to, can find time to fit this into their daily routine.

Ideas That can Help you Master Your Tantric Sex Experience 

Tantric meditation techniques, along with some good ideas, raise energy and invite the energy centers to open. Even if you’re not currently in an intimate relationship with someone, read the list of ideas we offer, and practice them solo. These ideas offer tangible benefits and help you in the long run if you want to achieve a unique tantric sex experience.

Avoid judging

We tend to be in our heads, creating stories about ourselves and our partners when we are having sex. We often judge our bodies, our ability to please our partners. When trying something new, like tantric sex, those judgments and fears can be amplified. The key is to go into this with no judgment and no plan. Just let go and have fun.

Make eye contact

Intimacy is not just about being naked and engaging in intercourse. Even when you are, you can still hide from true intimacy. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So, try holding eye contact during foreplay and sex for a prolonged time. It might feel uncomfortable at first, and, sure, you might even giggle from the awkwardness, but the benefits far outweigh that initial uncomfortable feeling.

Prolonged eye contact during sex lets you see deep inside the other person and lets them see deep inside you. When people close their eyes during sex, they often focus on their pleasure or thinking of something or someone else. Or they are just afraid to be truly connected. Eye contact helps you be fully connected to your sensations and feelings and your partner’s as well.

Try feather-light touching                      

Caressing your partner with a feather-light touch is one form of foreplay in tantric sex. You can gently run your fingernails up and down his arms, back, neck, etc. The skin is a powerful and sensitive organ. This is a great way to tease and delay gratification, which helps build sexual tension and increase your arousal. It also raises the anticipation of sex, which increases dopamine levels in the body. In tantra, foreplay is not about oral sex or heavy making out. It can be gentle, sensual, and loving and still create a magnetic buildup. Use sex toys too. They can seriously create a genuine and exciting connection. Sex toys are known to enhance pleasure too.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject, and feel free to try out an excellent tantra tradition to achieve sexual spirituality. If you want to connect with like-minded individuals and talk about tantric sex or meditation techniques, check out our app.

Fart Fetish: 5 Most Fascinating Reasons You Are Aroused by Farts

Fart fetish, also known as eproctophilia, is where human farts sexually turn on an individual. Fascinating, yes? In most relationships, people dread that moment when they fart in front of their lover for the first time. Time literally stands still. However, some people gain sexual pleasure from their partner’s farts. This sexual fetish is characterized by sexual arousal from the smell and sound of the farts. Sexual pleasure comes mainly from the body odors of their significant other. Olfactophilia, closely related to eproctophilia, is where people obtain sexual pleasure from body odors and smells, especially genitals.

Here are some of the reasons why you find farts sexually appealing

1. Farting Exposure

Woman bending over

According to Mark Griffiths, a certified psychologist at the University of Nottingham Trent, some people experience eproctophilia from an early age. They are attracted by human farts, especially from people they love.

For instance, Brad’s fart fetish began when he was 16. He met a cute girl who farted right beside him at school. This seemed to lay the foundation for Brad’s flatulence fascination. This sexual fetish increased over time. According to Brad, any event or location that exacerbates farting could lead to passing gas as a sexual preference.

Griffith also found that for guys, the nastier the fart and the more beautiful the lady is, the greater the sexual arousal is. People with a fart fetish prefer massive farts to a mild toot. Although, there is evidence that farts can sexually arouse bisexual people of both sexes.

2. Intimacy

fart fetish enhances intimacy

Intimacy is still one of the main attractions in sexual fetishes. Individuals with fart fetishism derive sexual gratification from their intimate partners’ farts or those they find attractive. You may also find it much more intimate than intercourse since most people consider it somewhat “dirty,” taboo, and less traditional. For women, it shows that they are not ashamed of you and that they trust you completely.

3. Dominance and Humiliation

fart fetish is a form of BDSM

Dominance and humiliation, a subgenre of BDSM, are forms of sexual fetish that involve one party dominating and humiliating the other. This fetish has been around since ancient times. However, while this interaction sexually arouses only a minority, most fart fetish individuals seek sexual gratification from this form of behavior.

An eproctophilia may be in these two or both categories- the dominant one and the slave, commonly known as the fart slave. The dominant gets pleasure in farting on their partner’s face while the slave smells fart to satisfy their sexual fantasy.

4. Vulnerability

Farting enhances vulnerability

Generally speaking, we don’t fart on the first date because modern society thinks it’s disgusting. However, doing it, later on can also enhance intimacy and vulnerability. We feel comfortable knowing that our crush will not judge us no matter how horrible our farts are. Since farts are seen as embarrassing, humorous, and unpleasant, you will most likely get sexually aroused. This is because you believe that this is your partner’s most vulnerable experience.

5. Novelty

Fart fetish is linked to sexual arousal

Some people have stated that they were first intrigued by flatulence at a young age. Some of them came from families that barred them from farting and using the word. Subconsciously, some of these individuals now have a longing for the subversive fetish.

The Bottom Line

Have you got a fart fetish? Do you wonder what it would be like to sniff or hear the sounds of someone’s farts? Are you an ass-lover who likes asses and everything, including the nasty wind? You may think that you are weird because most people think having this obsession is “disgusting”.

Well, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are so many people like you with the same fetish. Nothing is nasty or disturbing unless it hurts somebody. A fart never hurts anyone as long as they are into the fetish. It’s funny, and if it’s sexual, it’s enjoyable! It’s time you embrace your weird self.

Even as society pathologizes fart fetish, it is just like any other fetish. It may not be what rocks your boat, but guess what? It makes an eproctophilia excited at the prospect of it. Watch this, collection of girl farts, if you have a fart fetish. You can also check out our blog for similar thrilling topics or leave a comment below. We appreciate your thoughts.

Best Anal Fetish Toys of 2021 – From Butt Plugs to Vibrators

It’s not uncommon to be turned on by butts at all, but less common is people actually liking anal – putting stuff inside their butts. We are a sex-positive community, so we don’t judge! In fact, we want you to be free to fulfill your sexual desires for all the pleasure you can handle. So if anal turns you on, you are not alone. We have a list of the best recommendations for anal toys for you! First, here are some things you need to consider before buying an anal toy.

What’s The Point of Anal Toys?

It is safe to say that anal stimulation has some potential benefits to both partners, especially those with an anal fetish. Anal toys can bring you a ton of sexual pleasure, especially the recipient. Regardless of your gender or your orientation, anal is exciting and a lot of fun to do. Anal toys are one of the best ways to explore anal pleasures.

Anal toys are for all, whether you’re a seasoned fetishist or a beginner. If you want something small and straight or long and weird shaped, there’s always sex toys out there for every one of you anal fetishists!

Are you Trying Anal for the First Time?

Some people feel a bit of nervousness about exploring this part of their body. The idea of touching their anus makes them squeamish. Anal tissue are more sensitive from inside than outside. It’s normal to be nervous about this unexplored body part. It’s actually quite common to feel the desire to have something inside the butt. It is scary and exciting at the same time. Anal toys are the easy and casual way to explore the feeling of solo or partnered anal sex.

What To Buy

We’re here to give you the best list of anal toys that are used by many to fulfil their anal fetish! And don’t forget the lube.

Best Curved ToyNjoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand

The Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot – G, P, or wherever you feel so good. The Pure G Spot Metal Wand is made with perfect curvature and extensive access to allow you to relax and lie down simultaneously as you or your partner enjoy a firm and controlled massage. If you want to buy this amazing toy visit their shop here

The Only Toy of It’s Kind – VIBE Rimming Plug 2

The B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is the only plug that simulates rimming using a rotating bead. Butt stuff can be pleasurable, whether you are starting or you’re an advanced anal fetish, there’s a Rimming Plug for everybody. We bet you will be on next level delight with earthshaking orgasms and to stimulate the sexual spots. Here’s your link to buy this toy

Cutest Butt PlugBooty Sparks 7X Light Up Rechargeable Anal Plug

Take your small, medium, or large plug to sparkle your booty and get the party started! The silky-smooth material and the tapered tip ensure easy and comfortable penetration. Lose yourself in 7 powerful vibration patterns while lighting up your room. Flip through all light and vibration functions using the wireless controller for a hassle-free experience and buy just clicking the link

If you love to light up your place, try out similar sparkling metal-remote-control-color-changing-led-butt-anal-plug at our shop.

Best for BeginnersCalifornia Exotics Booty Call Booty Trainer Kit

The kit includes smaller beginner anal toys and more prominent, more advanced anal toys. Whether you’re a beginner or an erotic expert, the Booty Call Booty Trainer Kit is your key to an intense backdoor fun environment. Each smart sensor gives pleasure from the smooth tip to the flexible body that slips comfortably for enticing erotic stimulation. Want to buy it, we have a link to this product for you.

Best Waterproof Travel Toy – Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

The Lovehoney Ignite 20 is a velvety-smooth silicone that offers appealing vibration functions at the touch of a button. This pocket-sized button plug is a delightful introduction to anal pleasure. This button plug is discreet in design, includes a travel lock and storage bag for easy transport, and is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable. For slippery fun, use plenty of water-based anal lubricant. Before it runs out buy this toy and have fun. Here’s the link for you

If you want to find out an amazing collection of anal toys, visit our shop and buy your dream anal toy to explore anal fetishism.

2021 Ultimate Guide to Swinging + Swinger Apps

Has your sex life become boring and monotonous? Are you ready to take the plunge to bring about change, even if it goes against the accepted norms? Then maybe you should try swinging using swinger apps?

For married couples whose love has grown into respect and habit, passion needs renewal, and that very desire needs to attract something new. In Europe, the attitude to swing has been decided long ago. More than 80% of married couples consider this to be a normal personification of intimacy in Germany. This is a natural step in the evolution of marital ties and intimacy. At first, couples are perfectly content together, no matter how and where. Later, couples may find themselves interested in the question of diversity. Some may study and try out the Kama Sutra, buy exotic items in a sex shop, or practiced sex in new places. Even with these new ways to experience sex with one another, some couples may find that nothing attracts them, turned them on, or gives them pleasure.

Some sexologists believe that swinging – the exchange of sexual partners – can save marriage. To many, it is not worth resorting to such an exchange for this reason alone. But if you and your partner are seriously considering becoming a swinger, read our material. We have collected all the most useful tips for beginners.

Swing is a short-term that means mutually agreed exchange of sexual partners. Swing is one of many deviant (that is, not aligned with strict norms of generally accepted actions) types of role-playing behavior of married couples. However, it is not a sexual perversion. Swinging implies the presence of established couples (including married ones) who exchange partners and the mutual consent of all its participants.


Swing history goes back to antiquity, and in some communities, it is the norm of family life. Free sexual relationships were promoted during the sexual revolt of the 1960s. To free themselves from the shackles of outdated customs. Unfortunately, this did not gain much popularity. In many countries, swinger communities would spontaneously form in close groups such as military garrisons. Naturally, swingers would carefully conceal their relationship activities from outsiders. Nowadays, swing is officially recognized as one of the existing types of sexual life.

Swinger App and how they help

Using Swinger apps is a commonly known way to meet fellow swingers. A swinger app like Foxtail has many users who are actively looking for couples to meet. In a few minutes, you and your partners can be making a couple of friends and forming connections. Foxtail has an exclusive feature that makes it easier than ever to search with your partner, which will lower the feeling of any foul play. There are several others available as well.

Finding a Pair outside a swinger app

Outside of hookup apps, potential partners are found on beaches, among friends, on camping trips, or at swinger parties. Couples may use phrases such as “vanilla” when describing a traditional sex life; eluding to the fact that they might not have a vanilla sex life and are open to swinging.

Types of Swing

  • Soft swing – foreplay with other partners, sometimes including oral sex, but no vaginal penetration. It adds “pepper” to the relationship and allows them to have fun with less risk for illness or jealousy. Many couples start with a soft swing, but not everyone continues to a full exchange.
  •  Light swing is when couples accept lesbian affections, but men are strictly forbidden to touch someone else’s wife. Some couples practice this kind of swing because it often gives sexual variety and allows jealous men to preserve their egos.
  •  Closed swing – this is a process where partners exchange but have sex in separate rooms. Closed swing gives partners a more intimate experience. Some believe it gives them more freedom and fewer distractions from pleasure.
  •  Open swing – when partners exchange and have sex in the same room or on the same bed. It usually involves orgies and is most suitable for exhibitionists and voyeurs who like to demonstrate their pleasure or watch others enjoy themselves. Some believe that open swing allows them to fully release their sexual desires and fantasies. However, it is not suitable for those who are jealous or shy.


  • Swingers do not like assertiveness and obsession.
  • One of the basic rules in swing etiquette is the unconditional right of everyone to say no.
  • It is customary for swingers to bring all sorts of surprises, gifts, something for tea on a date. Even if it’s thru a swinger app.
  • Many lovers and couples agree not to meet alone with someone else’s partner. Keeping your distance is very important, and always remember that no matter how much you sleep in the same bed, someone else’s partner is someone else’s partner. It can only be temporary and by agreement in exchange for your partner.
  • Many couples set their own swing rules so that each partner understands what is acceptable and what is not. This is an excellent idea especially for beginners, to protect themselves. The rules can be anything from “no oral sex” to “no pain.” It all depends on what causes discomfort to each of the partners.

Ten Commandments of Swing

  1. Never try to ruin a marriage. Use honest communication beforehand.
  2. Always respect the terms of the meeting, or report in detail and in advance of a change in circumstances.
  3. Consider your first meeting as an introductory. Be prepared for a swing if it turns out to be mutually acceptable or an honest answer if something doesn’t work for you.
  4. Never, under any circumstances, put pressure on your partner.
  5. Protect the anonymity of other swingers by refraining from the unauthorized mentioning of names.
  6. Always maintain the highest standards of hygiene and appearance.
  7. Do not engage in any illegal activity that could discredit swingers as a group.
  8. Be friendly and warm with your friends, but remember that a certain type of emotion should always be reserved for your spouse.
  9. Always show respect for the attitudes, feelings, and habits of other swingers.
  10. Have the dos and don’ts of your encounter discussed before the meeting. In the scene is never a time for negotiations.

It is safe to say that it is a positive experience for most and is worth trying. It’s cool to escape from everyday life and become a different person for a while. It’s nice when strangers find you attractive and openly talk about it. This will save you from many complexities. And yes, swinging has strengthened more than one relationship. It’s not just about great sex. Swing can build trust and cohesion in a couple. You can’t do something like that and not trust each other. Do not be afraid, try it, and get the most out of sex! Joining the best swinger app now Foxtail!

*Be sure to add Swinging as one of your kinks ;)

The 6 Most Essential Rimming Tips

Rimming tips are imperative for any person seeking to get kinky with an a-hole. Rimming or analingus is one of those sex techniques that is underdiscussed and quite often misunderstood. It’s a great shame since it’s enjoyable, especially if done properly. Follow these tips to have some savory analingus sex play.

You Have to Love an Asshole

Before we dive in, first things first, you need to love the anus! You have to be particularly passionate about it and want to give the individual pleasure by playing with theirs. Okay, now we can go to the actual tips.

1. Give Some Love to the Perineum

One of the best rimming tips is to not overlook the space around the anus, including the perineum (the area between the butthole and the genitals). It’s a very sensitive place. If your partner loves butt-stuff, you have to try this! Don’t stop at the buttcheeks, keep it going…

2. Take a Shower Before Rimming

It is very important to shower beforehand receiving your first rim-job. The reason is that there are specific health hazards linked to mouth-to-ass sex.

Don’t be shy, scrub your a-hole clean! Use a wash cloth and gentle cleanser to get your rim sparkling clean for your lover to enjoy.

3. Rectal Douching – Is it a Must?

It’s important to be clean and if you tend to go overboard, you might want to try rectal douching. So be prepared! You don’t want to unintentionally release any trapped water while someone’s mouth is at your bottom. The majority of hoses, enemas, and other cleaning regimens jet too much water in your rectum.

Your hole may inadvertently hold some water, and it may flow out as soon as you lie on your back or stomach. This is why most people lie on their left sides to release trapped water. Again, you don’t want to release water unintentionally when your partner’s mouth is in your butt hole.

4. Don’t overclean!

Overcleaning can negatively affect your colon and your rectum’s ability to release waste healthily. While some may want to rectally douche, remember that your body contains healthy bacteria that helps keep your booty in balance so don’t over do it! Honestly, a good external rinse and gentle scrub is more than enough. But, do whatever you need to to feel like the sexiest butthole on the block.

5. Diet is everything

Most medical experts agree that diet is the basis to good health. Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and diets that don’t cause abdominal gas make the cleaning process more manageable. A fiber-rich diet makes your poop healthy and makes the defecation process seamless.

6. To Shave or Not to Shave

To sensitize sensation around the anus try a Brazillian wax or careful shave. Shaving can reduce accidental hair pulling and makes the skin more sensitive to the playful sensations of rimming.

To get more familiar with anal play partnered or solo, try out our list of specialty anal play toys here.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Rimming also known as asslicking can be fun and exciting. However, you and your partner have to be okay with it. But hey, it’s worth a try. This is one kinky stuff that you should definitely give a shot.

We also appreciate your views. Kindly drop a comment below and let us know what you think! What do you like about butt-stuff? Find your perfect play partner in our sex-positive community here.

Things You’d Like To Know Before Trying Teeth Fetish

We don’t need to mention that what teeth are, all they need is a little daily brushing, and presto, you have 32 fantastic shiny pearls to accessorize every outfit with! Did you know some people are sexually attracted to teeth? Teeth Fetish isn’t common but very normal. If you one of those who feel sexually attracted to beautiful and shiny teeth, you are an odontophiliac.

Want to find out more about this Fetish, then keep reading the post.

What is Teeth Fetish?

Odontophilia entails two words, the Greek prefix word “odonto” means tooth, and Greek suffix “philia” means love. This is a sexual fetish with erotic excitement, urges, and fantasies about the teeth. It can range from licking or biting a person’s teeth, biting and leaving a teeth imprint on the skin, or teeth removal. If you have this fetish, you are an odontophiliac.

Many of us feel slight anxiety that kicks in when going to a dentist. The extracting and drilling isn’t something we look forward to. So the idea of getting into the dentist’s chair is a turnoff for most people, but not for all. For teeth fetishists, this can be a massive turn-on which borders medical play.

Where Does This Love for Teeth Comes From?


Not to our surprise, teeth Fetishists may enjoy dentistry-derived BDSM mouth gags. Some of these are Whitehead or Jennings gags. Fetishists may look for partners with braces, retainers, fillings, crowns, vampire fangs, etc. They also like to share dental x-rays and other dental collections.

Persons with a teeth fetish may want to experiment with the apparatus used in dental surgery or various other dental items that hold your mouth open. Others may simply enjoy partners with clean, white teeth and a million dollar smile. Still others may enjoy watching their muses chew with their mouth open and eat their food. Imagine every bite as an erotic experience! There’s a teeth fetish that prefers the minty freshness of brushing teeth and for an adventure, others like the overbite or dental crowning. People with tooth fetishes usually like different kinds of kink activities, and they are very creative.


Playing with a Teeth Fetish

Tooth Licking Fetish

If you are not much into biting, you can always try to lick the teeth of your partner. The sensation of molars against the tongue is seemingly all it takes to help some who have this kind of teeth kink.

Kinky Biting

Some people find it hot to make an excellent, deep bite mark on your partner’s body. and seeing the mark. Taking the flesh of your partner between the teeth makes the kink biting similar to vampirism. Therefore, kink biting is closely related to the vampire fetish. Both of them have the similar idea of you “branding” someone.

A Kink for Braces

metal braces

Some teeth fetishists show arousal from the sight of a tongue touching braces or touching their tongue to their partner’s metal mouth. To others, the bright silver of traditional stainless steel braces brings special arousal. In line with this, the color rubber band also gives arousal or urging feeling to a person with this fetish.

Tooth Extraction Fetish

Tooth Extraction is an extreme surgical kink and must be left up to the most seasoned kinksters. While it’s best left up to the professionals, if someone is really interested in doing a scene with tooth extraction you could act it out without actually removing the tooth. Get creative! You could use props and make lots of noise creating the sense that a real tooth extraction is occurring.

Safety Precaution

If you are into biting, you need to make sure that you don’t break the skin and immediately stop and treat the wound by cleansing and covering the affected skin as human saliva can breed bacteria and cause infection. A severe bite will need medical health’s attention and possibly antibiotics.

Do you want to find out more about different kinds of fetishes or talk to people with kinks like you? Come and check out the blog or visit our app. Have fun :)

The Ultimate Guide to The Erotic Art of Fire Play

Fire play is unbelievably sensual play and involves not only the fire but touch too. Many of us enjoy the fascinating effects of looking at the flame dance magically. The glow of red and orange flickering light gives charm, perhaps warming your hands. Have you ever thought of having it run over your skin for fun? Do you imagine the flames caressing and teasing you? You might have a fire play kink you are unaware of. If you are interested, it’s important you learn how to do it properly.

The Fear and Love of Fire Play

Your instincts tell you to fear it. The first time it sweep across your skin, you will feel instant heat and an alluring attraction. BDSM Fire play uses the fire on the body to play at sensations and temperature. You can also use the fear of Fire to get an adrenaline rush while you’re playing! Many come to love this feeling later.

Fire Play

Fire Kink: A Kink About Playing With Fear

BDSM community has indulged in thrilling and mesmerizing experiences and kinks. Among the unique ones is fire play, adjacent to ice play and water play. Author Sienna Saint-Cyr had this to say about playing with fire:

“We’re taught to fear fire growing up, to stay away from it because it burns, consumes, and destroys. This makes fire play a great way to learn to let go and overcome our fear. While seeming so terrifying and dangerous, experiencing flame is a way to move the brain into a new state of seeing. A way of being that gets up past fear and into a place of power- this is why I love fire”.

Fire Kink on legs

Safety equipment and Cautionary Measures

Before fire fetishists indulge in fire play, they must know the ins and outs of how to do it and, most importantly, how to do it safely. It looks simple, and it seems easy, but it is important to remember fire is dangerous and can be unpredictable.

People use various types of safety equipment, like Nomex hoods, fire blankets, and wet washcloths. Don’t be afraid to ask about protective gear as a submissive/bottom. Your safety always should be number one if you are into the erotic fire kink. Make sure your hair is out of the way if you make flaws or whips of any kind. Do not use hair spray or perfumes/colognes if you know you are participating in such a scene. Even certain lotions are known to be flammable.

Types of Fire Play

Flash cotton

Flash cotton fire

Flash cotton is cotton wool that magicians use when you see the ‘poof.’ It gleams and disappears with a small amount in seconds when you light it up. It is a great way to incorporate elemental fire into your first fire play. Warming on the skin for milliseconds makes a beautiful, sparkling sound that excites the sub/bottom or any fire kinkster.

Hair mousse

Fire play with hair

Yes, I said hair mousse. The cheaper, the better it is. All hair mousses are not identical. Some burn well, but they are too hot. Some don’t burn at all. You will find the suitable one after experimenting with various brands to get your desired sensation.

The idea with hair mousse is to draw small forms and then light them on the skin. It will burn on your skin for a more extended period. Please make sure not to apply it too thickly, and have a wet towel on it standing by in your hands for extinguishing.

Fire Wands and Fire Fleshing

Once you get familiar with this fire play, it will be your favorite one. It uses 70% isopropyl fuel (not black smoke) (rubbing alcohol mainly as a disinfectant).

Fire wands are soaked in fuel, excess dabbed before being illuminated, then coated or brushed lightly onto the skin. The feeling is warm and tingly, and many compare it to the feel of a hot stone massage. It is a very sensual fire play as the fire wand always follows the other hand caressing the skin to extinguish any remaining flames left from the rod.

Fire fleshing uses two wands. One wand is lit and the other wet with fuel (wet, not dripping).  Small patterns are drawn on the skin with the fuel wand and then illuminated with the other rod. The pattern stays light on your skin for just a couple of seconds before being extinguished by the free hand.

Fire Flogging

Fire flogging techniqu

This type of fire play involves using a particular fire flogger (made of synthetic fiber) and isopropyl (90 percent). The ends are soaked in the fuel, dabbed off, and then lit.

Fire flogging doesn’t have a heavy impact like regular flogging. It just skims the skin with the flames, and it is advisable to play fire flogging with plenty of room outside. It would help if you also had several spotters to watch the fire on the floor, the room, and the flagging person.

Key Points for Fire Kinksters

  • Fire is dangerous if not carefully monitored. Never attempt fire play without having had some instruction, and ensure you are careful. Keep the following points in mind while starting.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher.
  • Always have a fire blanket. It is better to have it on your table near you.
  • Water buckets and towels soaked in water are the quickest and easiest safety measure to handle for a safe fire play. They help extinguish and clear the mousse residue and wrap around the bottom of the submissive for flagging with the spotter holding it, ready to jump in if there is some residue or stray flames.
  • Always keep an eye on where your fuel is. Yes, I will say again, know where your fuel is. I mean by fuel, not just your fuel jar, but you also have to be aware of drips, residual fuel on the skin, etc.
  • Have a first aid kit with burns and dressing if something goes wrong in fire play. 
  • Be aware that different skin types can redden more quickly than others. Any redness should not be worse than a light sunburn. If the skin is reddening, play in this area must be stopped to avoid burns.
  • The free hand: this is the most crucial safeguard measure for wand fire play, and your hand quickly extinguishes the left trails.
  • Spotters: the people who watch for the fire to spread unintentionally, have to react quickly and be ready to put out any stray flames.
  • Don’t light the fire on a bed and fabric sofa. A massage table/spanking chair is a preferred work surface. 
  • Only a skilled expert must perform fire play.

Warning advice

  • Fire is above all RACK play (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
  • Do not try fire play without proper instructions, risk knowledge, and comprehensive safety precautions.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about Fire play, you can visit workshops at Gatwick Dungeon, and you can watch videos on Youtube to get a guide on how to start fire play.

Find your fire play-mate in our sex-positive community here. If you like fire play, let us know your thoughts in our comment section, and if you want to read similar thrilling articles, keep visiting our blog


Fire play is one of the dangerous BDSM play types. It should not be tried without a qualified top skilled in the art. Reading it won’t be enough. Therefore, this article is just an overview of safety measures, not a “how to.” However, it will give you instructions to evaluate whether your Top knows what he is doing, regardless of what you do, so at your own risk if you decide to try fire. If done incorrectly, fire can burn your skin severely or even burn down the house.

Top Fetishes in 2021: The 15 Most Popular Sexual Fetishes

The mind works in mysterious ways. What one person finds enticing and attractive might be offputting and disturbing to another. Similar is the case of fetishes. Fetishes evoke a wide range of responses and interest. Therefore we made a list of few of the most prominent fetishes in 2021 so you can see what your next scene will be trying out.

If you are curious to know the top fetishes in 2021, scroll down to check our list.

15 Top Sexual Attractions in 2021 



Another exciting and prevalent sexual attraction in 2021 is cum fetish. This attraction has to do with being turned on by seeing, smelling and touching cum. This can mean either cumming (or getting cum on) feet, back, face, etc. While some people enjoy swallowing cum, others enjoy their partners ejaculating on their face or chest, while still others enjoy watching cum getting devoured after the fact.


If you enjoy spitting in your partner’s mouth and face or vice versa, you may have a spit fetish. Many people find drool play sexy and nasty, so if you love nasty sex, you should try this.


When an individual either watches a person pee or enjoys the scent of pee, they have a pee fetish. It is pretty popular, and for that, it makes it to the list. Although not for the faint of heart, often people who love humiliation enjoy this act, while others do not find it humiliating to get peed on at all! They just enjoy the Golden Shower. To know more about sexual pleasure driven from pee, read our other post How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?


This fetish has made it to the top obsessions of previous years, yet it is still prevalent in the year 2021. No matter where you are on the kinky spectrum, you can try it out and you might find out that you enjoy it. Always remember to use lube and protection for premium satisfaction.


Who does not want to live a role in the bedroom? The game of sadomasochism, bondage and Dominance is one of the most famous and practiced in kink. It spices things up, is supringsingly widespread. So, what’s your poison? Whips, restraints, gags, buttplugs, ropes? Whatever gets you excited is completely up to you.


The scent, the durability, the attraction leather presents is unimaginable. This sexual attraction can either be leather gloves, boots, masks, and generally things that create a stir in the bedroom. For that, it would be an injustice if it doesn’t make it to the list. 


The knee fetish has been holding it down for previous years, and interestingly, it still makes it to the top 15 of 2021. It could be that you enjoy getting on your knees to please your partner or love it when your partner gets on their knees. The knees are a supringinly sensitive and erogenous zone so if you haven’t been seducing people with the light brush of the knees, what have you been doing?! This could be incorporated in BDSM or oral sex easily.


The love for panties is fascinating and makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes. Also known as an underwear fetish, is when an individual gets sexually turned on with panties. You might enjoy sniffing used underwear or love wearing a pair while having sex in the bedroom. This attraction is sexy and fun.


In most parts of the world, this fetish stands the chance of staying on top for the foreseeable future. A lot of individuals love pain as this turns them on. Whether it is ass whopping or choking, we advise practicing RACK with masochism. Read more about RACK and safety here.

Group sex

In a world where people love to explore, group sex is an activity that is exciting for many people. Sex with multiple people creates the oppurtunity for more sensations, tongues, holes to play with – you name it. You might like orgies, threesomes, etc. if group sex is for you! 


This is a well-known fetish, and it makes it to the list based on its popularity. If you love to watch your partner sexually pleasured by another, you will love this. This is a fun and common practice for swingers and folks in open-relationships. Who doesn’t love to see their lover getting off?! Even if it’s not with you. :D

Butt Fetish

Who doesn’t love a beautiful butt? If you get turned on when you kiss, bite, spank, or fondle a butt, you should try ass worship! Maybe for you, it’s that you love to recieve kisses, bites, spanks and strokes to your booty. Don’t be shy – ask for what you want! Claim your booty fetish loud and proud. 


Sexual arousal as a result of the smell of armpits makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes as a lot of individuals love it. Some like the smell, the look, or the feel of the armpit. Some particularly like hairy armpits while others prefer a smooth, magazine like pit. Here are some of the characteristics of an armpit fetish kinkster.


The list won’t be complete without mentioning this prevalent kind of fetish. People get turned on for different reasons, and just the sight of others having sex can put a voyeur in the mood. Read our other post The Best Way to Experience Voyeurism and Sexual Arousal for more.


One thing to know when it comes to top fetishes is that there is a vast spectrum of human desire and arousal. The aforementioned list had been created for a reason, not just for their popularity but also for how exciting and satisfying they are. 

Find someone with a fetish like you in our sex-positive community! Join for free here. Check out other Kink and BDSM content on our page or leave a comment and let us know which popular sexual fetish you think should be on the list.