Your Body’s Guide to Safe Sex Toy Materials

Using sex toys is the best experience, either solo or with a partner. One factor you have to focus on is your safety. There are no guidelines for making these toys. Hence, manufacturers use several materials, some of which are not safe sex toy materials.

Should you go for porous or non-porous sex toy materials? Are the toys made of Sil-a-gel the same as those made of pure Silicone? You may also have wondered if toys made of borosilicate glass will break inside you 😲. The answers to these questions lie in this post. So, let’s get to it.

Porous Or Non-Porous Sex Toys?

Porous Sex Toys

Most porous adult toys are soft, while others include hard plastic components. The con of porous sex toys is that they attract dirt and bacteria. Microbes can become stuck and impossible to remove. As a result, you can contract a yeast infection, bacterial infection, or see an outbreak of a pre-existing STD. Your partner can also contract these infections or diseases.

You can only keep porous sex toys clean for a longer period by using a condom every time you use them. No home method can completely disinfect these products.

Another reason why you should avoid porous sex toys is the presence of Phthalates. Phthalates is a dangerous chemical family used to soften PVC and also used as a solvent. The family poses several health risks when using porous adult toys. No, not all adult toys in the porous category contain phthalates. Yet, there is a good chance that they do, especially if the materials are of cheap PVC. People exposed to this chemical will develop allergic reactions. They may also develop serious health problems including: liver, lung, kidney, digestive tract, and reproductive system damage.

Porous materials include the following:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Latex
  • Thermoplastics
  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Silicone blends
  • Jelly
  • Rubber
  • Materials with a high level of realism, such as Cyberskin

Silicone blends, TPE, and TPR do not leech chemicals into the body and may be safe to use at first. Yet, they are still porous, which means you cannot completely disinfect them.

sex toy with condom

Non-Porous Sex Toys

Non-porous sex toys, unlike porous ones, are of higher quality and safer. Non-porous items, unlike porous ones, do not trap bacteria because they do not have pores. You can also sterilize or disinfect them with ease.

In general, non-porous materials are hard. To be sure, you can check the toy’s label if it falls into the non-porous category. Non-porous materials include:

  • Metal
  • Glass made of borosilicate
  • ABS is a type of hard plastic.
  • Treated wood
  • Pure Silicone
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Stone

What Are Some Body-Safe Sex Toy Materials


To consider a sex toy body-safe, it should be pure Silicone. You should make sure the label states so before buying.

Some manufacturers also create silicone blends. Although silicone blends are porous, they do not leak chemicals inside your body. You cannot disinfect them, and their use may be hazardous.

Aside from blends, there are also toys made of Sil-a-gel. Because of its name, Sil-a-gel may seem like pure Silicone, but it is not. There is no regulation guiding the making of sex toys. Hence, manufacturers can use proprietary material names to entice consumers.

The most well-known body-safe adult toys are sex toys made of pure Silicone. Other outstanding features of pure silicone sex toys include:

  • Non-reactive
  • Simple to clean and disinfect
  • It warms up to body temperature.
  • Not prone to microbial growth

Pure silicone sex toys are available in two grades: food-grade and medical-grade. While both are body-safe, there are some differences. Adult toy manufacturers cure food-grade Silicone with tin, whereas medical-grade Silicone is platinum-cured. The medical-grade, platinum-cured sex toy is more resistant to base chemicals. Hence, you won’t ruin it if you use the wrong lube on it. You cannot say the same for food-grade, tin-cured sex toys.

sex toy material

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is also known as Pyrex. The material makes lovely toys that are ideal for cozy settings. Sex toys will have higher durability due to the tempered glass. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.

These sex toys come smaller than those made of Silicone – the firmness and rigidity of the glass cause this. Even so, the smallness does not detract from the pleasure they provide. The rigid structure makes up for it by caressing the G spot or prostate.

You may also wonder if the glass can break inside you. Well, it can’t. Reputable manufacturers have conducted many drop tests to support this claim.


Manufacturers use several materials to make sex toys. These include Silicone, Sil-a-gel, silicone blend, borosilicate glass, PVC, rubber, and many others. Some of these materials may be safe to use, while others are not. So, why not learn what sex toy materials are good for your usage, and keep yourself safe!

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How To Choose The Perfect Yoni Egg Rock For You?

Oh, crystals! If you are the spiritual type, you may be intrigued by the idea of using Yoni Eggs — egg-shaped stones that promote sensuality, femininity, and healing energy. In ancient China, Queens and Concubines used Yoni Eggs because they believed it carried many magical properties. Recently, Yoni Eggs are booming their way into the modern era! People are now rediscovering these techniques and using them to create a more vibrant sex life.

Let’s dive in and find the best Yoni Eggs for you!

What Are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Egg, also known as Jade Egg or Love Egg, is a precious stone carved in the shape of an egg and polished to be worn in the vagina. The Yoni Egg is more than just a nifty accessory to add charm to your bedside table.


Yoni Egg is an ancient and sacred instrument for spiritual transformation. It is also a Kegel exercise tool to have better orgasms, and have more sexual satisfaction overall! Each crystal has unique properties that can affect your body in different ways.

Which Yoni Egg is the Best to Start With?

Every person has a different affinity to which type of stone is the best for them. All stones will help you heal in different ways, and each one has its capabilities. You don’t need to know exactly what each crystal does, it is more important you allow yourself the crystal egg that you’re most attracted to. Intuitively you body already knows what it needs if you listen and let it catch your eye.

Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal, and Jade are all very popular because of their powerful overall healing properties and they are safe stones to put inside. For beginners, it is important to double check that the stone you choose is safe to use internally. There are certain stones like pyrite and selenite that are not safe for the Yoni.

Which Size to Start With?

About 80% of people begin with a medium-sized egg. People over the age of 50 or women who have given birth to three or more children are more likely to need bigger eggs. The smaller the egg, the more advanced technique is required to use. Beginners are encouraged to use the larger crystal eggs.

It is more challenging to feel and use a smaller egg, but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will get. It may feel awkward at first, but sitting with it or meditating with it can help you get used to it.

If this is a new experience for you and you’re unsure where to start, we are here to guide you! We listed some stones for you to begin with, including a brief introduction that can surely help you choose your stone to purchase!

Types of Yoni Eggs

Amethyst (Intuitive-Stone)

One of the most popular stones in the spiritual realm is the Amethyst. It raises spirituality and enhances all types of intuition and psychic powers. It also connects to other worlds by linking them to the physical Earth. On top of that, Amethyst is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming as well.

It facilitates the ability to communicate with angels and opens your channels to collective consciousness. It purifies energy and allows for the intuition to be heard.

Amethyst can help to heal a personal loss and grief. Amethyst promotes serenity, contentment, happiness, emotional balance, and inner strength, and with this, you can stand firm in life and be more open and cooperative.

Nephrite Green Jade (Dream-Stone)

Nephrite Green Jade supports overall well-being, as well as physical and emotional balance. Since it heals itself, it promotes balanced development where it is needed. Jade relieves irritability and distorts negative thoughts.

Wearing this helps to create magic for the highest good and protection, and because of that, travelers wear it as a guarding stone. Green Jade is a manifestation of Divine energy, and thus a good abundance stone. It has the power to bring harmony and happiness as well as material prosperity.

Clear Quartz Crystal (Master-Healer)

Clear Quartz Crystal, also known as the Master Healing Crystal, works on every level and contains a full light spectrum. It works to harmonize the body, amplifies positive thoughts and positive actions. This crystal has medicinal, meditative, and protective purposes. It helps purify and clarify on every level — spiritually, mentally, and physically.

It also helps to discharge feelings of stress that have been absorbed from other people and erases the feeling of inferiority. Clear quartz is one of the most popular stones in the world. Indeed beautiful for beginners!

Black Jade (Negativity-Remover)

Black Jade is a calming and soothing crystal. It protects you from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. It can discharge all negative energy and keep it away from interfering with the wearer’s surroundings. This stone is also a stress and muscle relaxant.

I highly recommended this stone to a person who’s from a destructive relationship, who is detoxing from the negative energy of others and even themselves.


Agate is a delicate crystal. This stone is present in all different shades of Mother Earth. Red Jasper gives you an insight into your issues and provides a powerful sense of stability.

Agate is particularly good at balancing your emotional, physical, and intellectual energy and achieving equilibrium in the art of Yin and Yang, both opposing forces of the universe. 

This crystal can strengthen the body and offer protection while concentrating, critical thinking, and visual perception. It’s an excellent stabilizer and giver of trust.

Red Jasper (Stone-Of-Endurance)

Red Jasper offers stimulation and vigor. Its vibration can give you strength and energy that promotes a state of balance and well-being.

Red Jasper gives you an insight to your issues and provides a powerful sense of stability. According to legend, Red Jasper aids stress, promotes calm and balance, and acts as a go-to gemstone for rejuvenation. For a long time, people have believed that this stone enhances vitality.

This stone may help if you experience significant changes in your sexual desires since it supported your sexual well-being and libido. Red Jasper is a stone of passion and used as an expression of “ready-to-tie the knot.” It aims to fulfill both partners’ sexual desires and compatibility.

Black Obsidian (The-Manifesting- Stone)

Black Obsidian crystal stimulates release of past baggage. It provides a physical medium for grounding and anchoring spiritual energies. A stone that heals traumas and deal with emotional breakdown.

Black Obsidian helps detoxifies on a spiritual level. This stone links through your root chakra, Muladhara. Many people wear this pendant to show their respect for Mother Earth.

Rose Quartz (Love-Stone)

Rose quartz is a crystal that satisfies romantic longing and eases emotional turmoil. It is known as the “Love Stone,” as it’s said to be the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the Heart Chakra, and it encourages forgiveness and helps you let go of anger, resentment, and jealousy.

It has a solid nature to attract new love, romance, and intimacy or strengthen existing relationships with family and friends. This rock also carries the energy of compassion, healing, nourishment, and comfort. It is a lovely stone for those working on receiving love and loving themselves. It is also a good stone for Mothers.


The name of this fascinating stone derives from the Italian word “Aventura,” which means Good Luck. It boosts your humor and desire for novelty but also encourages individuality and openness to new ideas.

This gemstone enhances the desire to embarking on new adventures and trying to do something new. It will promote your ability to navigate through life with ease.

Moonstone Black (The Mysterious-Feminine)

Moonstone Black reveals the true soft side inside you. Because of their nature, these Yoni Eggs may initially appear dull. However, under different lighting conditions, it glimmers in a multitude of colors while having a soothing and mysterious effect in which people can hardly get enough of.

Like the moon, which experiences a complete dark phase, the moonstone possesses a hidden wealth of varied characteristics. It strengthens your empathy and your intuition. Tenderly but forcefully, it can take you to the core of your most heartfelt feelings and enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Green Jasper

In olden times, people used to believe that stones could cure illness. Jasper’s name derives from the Greek word “Iaspis” (in English: speckled stone). According to the Greeks, it provides inner harmony and strengthens the connection to Mother Earth and Nature.

This stone can give you harmony within and during challenging situations, it serves with balance and self-protection. This stone works particularly well on the heart chakra, to fortify and strength the heart.

Have you chosen the right Yoni Eggs for you? You can easily purchase these stones in our store! Check out our kinky sex-positive blog Pleasure Uncensored to know more about Sexual Healing and other relative topics.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not intended and does not imply a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content of this article is for general informational purposes only. Consult your trusted healthcare professional before using Yoni Eggs.