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7 Exciting Sex Rituals You’ve Never Heard Of

Sex rituals are more common than you think. Many believe that ancient people led a puritanical way of life, but many ancient civilizations openly embraced sex and even organized festivals and rituals in its honor. Most of which are people now consider sexual perversions.

Top 7 Ancient Sex Rituals

A lesbian holiday in Ancient Greece

The feast of Aphrodisia, the Aphrodite, celebrated in Thessaly, was a lesbian-centred holiday. It began with erotic flogging, then the women threw off their clothes and bathed in the sea. Coming ashore, the “horse-goddesses” pleased each other in all possible ways. No men were allowed in the ceremony.

lesbian holiday in Ancient Greece

Bacchanalia in Ancient Rome

Once upon a time , The Roman Empire considered March 17 the most shameless day of the year. We are talking about the spring holiday of rebirth – the Roman Bacchanalia. The sexual activities of the Romans were especially violent in the bacchanals. Married women, admirers of Bacchus, seduced young men. Over time, the Bacchantes went so far as to deprive their own sons of innocence.

During the Bacchic orgies, everyone copulated with everyone, including men with men. If you refused to participate in lewdness you were dead. The sect consisted mainly of people of high origin. The Romans were liberated in matters of sex practices such as coitus, cunnilingus, masturbation, and fellatio, passing them the down to modern times.

Roman sadists, pioneers in ancient sex

In Rome, sexual orgies were often accompanied by sadomasochism. The emperors practised savage cruelty and terrible torture. Caligula was excited only if he saw the blood and torment of other people. He’d order slaves and servants hands to be cut off, tortured, and sawed in half.

The Roman Emperor Nero would dress in animal skins and attack men and women tied to pillars, raping them. Then his lover, Dorimach, would perform homosexual acts with tyrants.

Animals did partake in sexual practices in the ancient times. In those days, bestiality was also widespread. The animals had special training to mate with females. If the girls or women resisted, then the animal attempted rape. Various animals had training for such events: bulls, giraffes, leopards and cheetahs, wild boars, zebras, stallions, donkeys, huge dogs, monkeys, and others! All these animals copulated with humans both vaginally and anally. Yikes!

The fall into sin of the clergy in Europe

The clergy violated the commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” In 1501, fifty prostitutes attended a festival in the palace of Pope Alexander VI. The ladies danced with the guests, and by the end of the evening, they were completely naked. Men would throw chestnuts at their feet. The prostitutes would pick up the fruits, crawling on all fours. The reward for the one who committed the greatest number of acts with courtesans was precious jewelry.

In 1561, the Italian Priest Pietro Leon was accused of having a connection with hundreds of sisters. He made beautiful nuns undress and swim naked. The sinner watched the sisters and then, getting angry enough, covered the girls in turn.

Top Ancient Sex Rituals

Feast “Elysian Mysteries” in Ancient Greece

In autumn, the Greeks celebrated the Elysian Mysteries for nine days. A procession of several thousand people, decorated with myrtle branches, marched to the sea to perform bathing and cleansing. Copulation was an integral part of the ritual. On the sixth day, the participants walked from Athens to Elysium, carrying burning torches and ears of the new harvest. There began noisy, merry festivities with abundant libations. Incest was part of the celebration. The priests obliged women to refrain from sexual intercourse for nine days before the mystery: to build up their sexual tension that they would unleash to the fullest extent possible during the holiday.

Ancient Greece did not know a prohibition on masturbation either. The revered sage Diogenes, according to legend, loved to do this in the public market.

Homosexual relationships were seen as a natural complement to male love and friendship, and such an adult-adolescent relationship was seen as mentoring. Simply because it creates lively affections between the mentor and mentee.

Toys for adults in the ancient world

Archaeologists claim that toys for adults were trendy among the ancients. The oldest stone dildo is estimated to be 26,000 years old. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra even used a vibrator made of a hollow pumpkin filled with live bees.

Ancient sex practices of Greeks and Romans not only used dildos but also tried to modernize them in every possible way. They invented leather covers for wooden and stone sex toys. According to surviving written sources, Greek women staged a sex strike during the Peloponnesian War because the import of quality leather dildos stopped.

Toys for adults in the ancient world

Ancient Sex in China: Sex toys and BDSM 

Many in ancient China believed in Taoism where women and men were divided into Yin and Yang. The female and male principles respectively. The act of making love in this country was called “the art of the bedroom”. It was a present in exchange of energies.

They believed that people should not only preserve Yang but also maximize feminine Yin. Monogamy seemed to be a cultural norm among the poor, while the rich believed it would lead to serious illness or death. Men did not hesitate to use the services of prostitutes, called the givers of Yang.

Virgins were considered the personification of evil on earth because they did not want to share their energy. The Chinese aristocrats considered sadism a way to release negative energy – it was available to both women and men.

Attitudes towards masturbation were quite different between genders. For a man, it is forbidden because it promised unnecessary waste of Yang while for a woman it is considered an inexhaustible source of Yin. Women from wealthy families used ivory dildos while cheaper options were made of noble wood and varnish.

There is nothing shameful in satisfying your desires because it is natural in human nature. The very desire to satisfy ourselves has been present within us for centuries. It is the acceptance of pursuing our desires by cultural norms that changes over time. Therefore, do not try to adapt to modern public opinion. We have a history of practising unusual ways of self-satisfaction and even whole holidays and events dedicated to this. Be yourself, enjoy your life and try new or ancient sex practices. After all, your sexual desires should be a priority for you.

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