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Guilty Pleasures – My Top 5 List Of Guilty Pleasures

If we were to count, how many guilty pleasures would you be charged with? How long would your list be? Would they be private or not?

This is my list of guilty pleasures! The things on this list have been giving my life meaning over the years. Here are a few guilty pleasure examples that brighten up my days when I need them most. To lift my spirits, you know. Most of them are too embarrassing to admit, but we have indulged in some if not all.

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

Let’s take a look at some examples of guilty pleasures, shall we?

First, let’s take a minute to understand the thought process behind this before diving into the list. Think about how it feels to finish a slice of cake only to reach out and grab another. You probably shouldn’t, but why not? You seldom do this, but when you do, it tickles your jolly.

It’s neither a blessing nor a curse but can be both at the same time. You wouldn’t overdo it occasionally. However, when you get the chance, you cease every moment like it will be your last.

Can guilty pleasures relate to any other thing apart from food? Absolutely! For one, it could be downing a whole dozen of doughnuts, while for another, it could be binge-watching Sofia the First. Everyone gets to pick their own poison.

Contrary to simple pleasures in life, we rarely partake in guilty pleasures. That’s what makes them tempting. But, occasionally indulging in guilty pleasures can lift your mood.

It’s about time I show you my top 5 guilty pleasures. Whether it’s a matter of can’t or won’t, these are things that fill me up with much joy or excitement. Also, I don’t want to give them up.

1.    I Spy With My Little Eye

My top 5 guilty pleasures: I Spy With My Little Eye

Mostly people stalk exes on social media after a break up to make sure they are not moving on too quickly. For me, sometimes curiosity takes the better part of me. And social media has made it so easy to get information about people. I always do a drop-in once in a while to check on my person of interest.

2.    Accents

Is it me, or do words sound better with a British accent? Talk about a guilty pleasure. I’d listen to someone with a British accent all day. I wouldn’t understand half of what they are saying, but who cares? The heart wants what it wants.

3.    Drinking Directly From The Bottle

My top 5 guilty pleasures: Drinking Directly From The Bottle

Something about the flavor of soda or wine hits different when you drink it directly from the bottle. No? Is it just me? Okay. I know it’s not “lady-like” and very unhygienic, especially if you have to share the drink with someone else. But it can’t be that bad to be selfish once in a while.

4.    Late Night Snack Pleasures

With my #summergoals journey, I have been dieting a lot lately. However, some nights I throw caution to the wind and treat myself to a whole bag of chips. Okay, two, but who’s counting? These are once in a blue moon kind of nights, and I’m not going to waste a second.

5.    Sweet Deals

My top 5 guilty pleasures: Discounts

Discount is my favorite word in the dictionary, no doubt. Who wouldn’t love saving a few bucks while still getting what they want? I can’t put the satisfaction I get from a good bargain in words. Just to see the sign of % off is a trigger for me! It’s a guilty pleasure for sure.

6.    Smell of Clean Beddings (Bonus)

Because I am feeling a little generous, I’ll leave this here for you. This pleasure comes from beddings that are straight out of the drier. Or is this an excuse for me to stay in bed? We’ll never know.

As I talk about this, I keep asking myself if men and women have similar pleasures. From what we know, men’s obsessions are points of pride, not shame. Do their not-so-normal delights count as guilty pleasures?

Join our blog and leave a comment below so we can brainstorm this together. I’d like to know what your guilty pleasures are. Are there any similar to mine?

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