Asana Sex Yoga: 5 More Poses To Spice Up Your Sex Life

In our previous post “Yoga Sex: 8 Poses To Improve Sex Life And Bring You Delight” we explained some yoga poses you can use. In this post, we will add some Asana yoga poses that can improve your sex life.

Simple stretching and exercises can increase your flexibility and improve blood circulation. This series of yoga asanas can improve your mood and libido and help you relax, so you will be ready to swing from the chandeliers. If that’s what you’re into ;).

What is Asana?

Asana is a posture, originally a general term for sitting meditation postures. It later expanded to practice Hatha and Modern yoga posture from reclining, standing, inverted, twisting and balancing poses.

The term is derived from a Sanskrit term that means “posture” or “pose”. Nowadays, the gym is a new concept. Doing different yoga asanas is an old concept. Asanas are also called yoga poses or yoga postures in English.

Sex Benefits of Yoga Asana

Hate yoga? Well, there is a very good reason why you might want to try it. According to health experts, yoga can improve your sex life. I believe I have your attention now!

“Because yoga helps people develop a sense of calmness, strength, stamina, agility, knowledge of their own bodies, and the ability to remain in the present moment, and make small adjustments, it can greatly enhance sexual performance and confidence, regardless of which asana (poses) they practice,” says sex therapist Gracie Landes, LMFT, CST.

Studies have shown that practicing one hour of yoga a day is linked to prolonging ejaculation and improving sexual performance. Certain yoga postures can train kegel muscles, which helps maintain an erection for a longer time. Both sex and yoga can promote your physical, mental, and emotional health. Learn to practice them regularly to help you feel better. 

A 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga can improve libido, sexual arousal, orgasm, and general sexual behavior. How? By increasing blood circulation in the pelvic area, activating and engaging the body’s core, improving concentration and increasing the oxygen levels in the body.

There are many great yoga poses that can improve blood flow in the pelvic area and refresh the entire area so that you can have a fun-filled and love-fueled time under the covers with your loved one!

Yoga Asanas for you to try

Doing ten-minute yoga asanas are good for your health and good for your sex life. Here is a list of some of the asanas to get you started.

1. Wide-Legged Straddle Pose (Upavistha Konasana)

Sit upright on the yoga mat, spread your legs wide apart as much as is comfortable for you. Press the back of the legs into the floor, pointing knees and toes toward the sky. Lean forward from hips, reaching out with both hands to take hold of both toes, respectively.

Hold for the pose for 5 to 6 breaths. Try and extend your chest further down with each breath.

Benefits: This asana improves blood flow to the pelvic area increasing energy and vitality.

2. Butterfly Pose (Bhadrasana)

Bring the soles of the feet together, bending your knees and allowing them to drop towards the floor.

Hold onto your toes with both hands. Inhale, and lengthen your torso. Exhale and hinge forward from the hips.  The aim is to lower your head towards your toes. You can do this asana in the flat position too. Fold both knees and gently drop them down on each side. Take your hands up, join in Namaskar position, close your eyes, and maintain this pose for 5 to 6 breaths.

Benefits: This pose and the wide-legged straddle are great for those with low libido. It stretches the inner thighs and opens the hips for a wider range of motion. It improves blood flow to the pelvic area immediately, and where the blood goes, so does the energy and vitality. Circulation and increased blood flow are directly linked to the level of arousal.

3. Cat/Cow Flow (Marjariasana)

Start in Tabletop position, shoulders directly above your wrists, hips over the knees. Inhale and arch your back (Cow), lifting chest and heart away from the belly, reaching your tailbone skyward. Exhale and round back up (Cat), drawing belly into the spine, separating the shoulder blades. Repeat this five times.

Benefits: You will strengthen the Kegel muscles—those wonderful muscles that contract during orgasm—as you control your tailbone moving from Cat to Cow. Strong Kegels produce better, more controlled orgasms.

4. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Lie on your stomach, place your hands under your shoulders with your elbows pointing straight back, close to your sides. Press your pelvis into the floor and inhale as you use your core to lengthen the spine forward and slightly lift your chest away from the floor.

Pull shoulder blades down and toward each other, and use your hands to pull (not push) your body forward and up. Hold the posture for 30 to 120 seconds, for one to two sets.

Benefits: This asana opens up your heart chakra. Love and breath root from the heart chakra, and thus this asana will help you, and your partner get intimate. It is also a very energizing asana, and it is ideal for couples who are too tired to indulge in any sexual activity.

5. Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Draw your knees toward your armpits while bending the elbows. Stack the ankles directly over the knees, and remember to flex your feet. Lengthen the spine and continue pressing your low back into the mat.

Benefits: Happy Baby releases the lower back, sacrum, glutes and stretches the hamstrings and spine. It also aids in relieving fatigue while calming the nervous system. It is nearly impossible not to feel a sense of fun and joy in this pose, which can translate to the bedroom.

Sex is supposed to be fun. The Happy Baby pose can help you embrace your youthful curiosity. Plus, it doubles as a variation of the missionary position. To try it in bed, start in a missionary position with your partner on top, and then extend your legs and wrap them around your partner’s torso.


Regularly performing these yoga asanas can not only improve your libido but also improve your health. You’ll kill two birds with one stone! Yoga practice is beneficial in many ways. Why not bring some of this happiness to your bedroom? Bedroom adventures can bring a wealth of sensual and exhilarating experiences for you and your partner.

Hit up a yoga class with your partner and rush back home for some shower sex. You’d be surprised how much more flexible (and aroused) you’ll both be.

So grab your partner and have fun! Namaste yogis!

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Heat up Your Sex Life With These Healing Crystals For Sexuality

Creating an intimate atmosphere for having sex, no matter how grand your evening plans are, is vital. But whatever your plans are, you must first begin by stirring up the energy within. For this reason, crystals are becoming more popular because of their healing power and energy. Specific crystals or gemstones boost sexual energy and give you access to both sexual and spiritual enlightenment. In this article, you’ll learn how using healing crystals for sexuality, can heat up your sex life.

What is a Healing Crystal?

As an alternative to medicines, many people use crystals by holding and placing them on their body. Some people believe that crystals have the ability to influence physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. By using crystals, you can connect with your body’s energy field.

Crystals are a simple and accessible way to improve your sexual life. Every crystal has unique properties in regards to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Introducing crystal into your environment can impact the energy and help you attain desired qualities.

Choosing Your Healing Crystals

It is better to keep an eye out for crystals that resonate with sacral Chakra because they boost sexual energy. Crystals for sexual healing, support your sex life by healing from inside and triggering energy. Go with a crystal that best suits to your personality and embrace its healing energy into your daily routine.

These crystals work with our lower chakras to increase chakra health, remove blockages and stimulate or balance those chakras. You may be suffering from a lower sex drive if there are blockages in this area. It is vital to know which crystal you should choose. So let’s have a look on some of sexual energy crystals and their uses.

Best Healing Crystals for Sexuality

Educating yourself about healing crystals can give more efficiency to their usage. Distinguishing the healing properties of crystals can help you know when to use them. Here are some of the Healing Crystals that can help your sexuality:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

It’s not surprising that Rose Quartz is the most common one for making yoni eggs. These crystals for sex reconnect us with our sacred sexuality and helps us explore who we are as sexual beings.

With the help of this healing crystal, a person’s sexuality gets a healthy outlet, and relationships become more intimate. The vibration of Rose Quartz can help to release restricting beliefs concerning intimacy. Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra and promotes a feeling of romance and intimacy.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye

Commonly known as a stone of passion, Red Tiger’s eye grounds your sexual energy and releases any blockage that hinders from enjoying physical connection and sensuality. No doubt, it is one of the healing crystals for sexual energy that helps to increase our sexual desire.

This crystal is effective in reconnecting us with our partners. It helps us explore sexuality and heal our sexual body by anchoring. The crystal helps us feel safe in our skin and re-energizes us. With all of this said, unquestionably, this stone is one of the top aphrodisiac stones.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper

For people who want to take their love life to the next level, Unakite Jasper is the ideal stone. Why would you love this crystal? Well, for instance, this stone helps us release emotional difficulties and traumas. These difficulties and traumas hinder us from thoroughly enjoying a sexual relationship. Also, using this crystal helps us connect with our Heart Chakra.

Unakite Jasper connects with the heart space, and it helps you trust your partner. Furthermore, this stone helps you indulge in physical pleasures to guarantee that you will be loved and cared for. This sex crystal attracts emotionally and physically intimate moments that help to strengthen relationships and marriages.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

If you wish for more passion in your lives, then Red Jasper is the crystal for you. This crystal can help them find a refreshing amount of raw power from the Root Chakra. Moreover, having this kind of crystal will re-establish your joy for life.

Not only is this a stimulating stone, it also ignites erotic energy. It increases our natural sexual energy, making us more attractive to others. For people who want to re-ignite the romance or discover new interests, Red Jasper is a good crystal to choose.



The crystal is known to inspire sexual passion and rejuvenation to those people who need it. Also, Serpentine crystal supports kundalini energy. It also has the capability of altering our sexual energy up to its core.

The stone’s incredible powers allow you to explore tantric sex. Likewise, the healing crystal also extends your senses and can give you more enjoyment in pleasurable things. It clears our chakra blockages and enhances sexual performance, creating a perfect stage for healthy, earthly sex.



If you need to experience more warmth, intimacy, and pleasure, then Carnelian is your healing stone. This stone reconnects you with your Root and Sacral Chakra. Carrying this stone also helps ignite passionate love because it can help attract intense yet healthy intimate relationships. The sex stone has a well-known ability to increase physical endurance and fertility. Increasing sexual desire and the ability to conceive make this stone a perfect choice.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

For people who experience difficulties with low sexual desire or feel guarded in expressing their sexuality, Smoky Quartz is a game-changer!

Smoky Quartz can reintroduce you to your sexual nature. This crystal helps us know that sexuality is an essential part of human beings. Experiencing pleasure is essential for well-being and helps us find a way to express our urges in healthy and safe ways. This crystal relates us with our sexuality and spirituality.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

This sex crystal increases physical energy and drive, resulting in a significant boost in your sexual desire.

Yellow Jasper enhances stamina and maximizes physical performance. Moreover, it helps us to have a longer and more enjoyable sex life. This crystal boosts your self-confidence, makes you feel better about yourself and your sexuality.

The healing vibration helps you embrace who you are as a sexual being, build self-esteem, and make you feel more attractive.



The Garnet stone can help build up your passion. If you are dealing with sexual problems like low sex drive, indifference, or a lack of intimacy, this crystal is for you!

The Garnet crystal emits sexual health vibrations that motivate us to take action and achieve our desires. Garnet crystals are invigorating and maintain grounding. These kinds of vibrations result in creating a healthy increase in sexual desire.

Sexual energy is a type of energy that connects us to our physical nature. Undoubtedly, Garnet crystals help ignite the passion and tune your body with it.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

The healing crystal is known for raising fertility, sexuality, confidence, balance and stabilization. Therefore, Shiva Lingam is essential for sexuality by creating a balance of giving and taking. In addition, this crystal helps to see that sexuality is an essential part of who we are.

The crystal is perfect for tantric sex because it supports the free flow of sexual energy. Its strong vibration helps release energies that cause trouble in our sexual life—low sex drive, strength, or infertility.

Final Words

To conclude, by using these sex crystals, you can improve your sex life and deepen the level of intimacy with yourself and your partner. They balance your sexual energy and improve your intimate relationships. Other benefits they offer are better sex drive and immense confidence. I hope that this list of healing crystals for sexuality will help your sex life.

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Marijuana Sex: The Best Marijuana Strains For Great Sexual Experience

If you like sex and marijuana, you may have thought about combining the two at some point in your life. Many people who tried cannabis before sex claim that it is the best natural aphrodisiac.

The description of their experience with sex after smoking marijuana is epic. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marijuana user, we all have questions about the best strains of marihuana that are good for combining with sex.

So let’s find out, shall we?

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis goes by many names: marijuana, Mary Jane, pot, weed, puff, grass, herb, smoke, ganja, hemp, etc. This plant heightens the senses: TV shows are more interesting, the sunset looks more beautiful than ever, and your favorite music has a new meaning.

Marijuana also enhances your sense of touch, reduces pain and inflammation, and makes sex extraordinary. From shoulder massage to orgasm, the effects of cannabis enhance everything.

These are some of the main reasons why people think of using it before sex. Because it can cause excitement and reduce inhibition. Sex becomes more sensual, not just the feeling on the dick. There is a stronger connection to who you are with since sex is more “touchy-feely”.

Methods of Marijuana Consumption

Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested, or drunk. You can use it topically or sublingually through the oral mucosa lining of the mouth. Each mode of ingestion will produce a different experience, and each type is activated at a different rate. These factors should be considered when deciding which cannabis product is right for you.

The effects of e-cigarettes and smoking are starts in less than a minute, while edibles can take up to two hours to kick in, and lubricants should be applied approximately 15 to 30 minutes before sex.

How to Identify the Right Strain of Marijuana for you?

It is important to understand and find the variety of hemp that suits the emotions you are trying to create or the mental space you need to enter. You may even find that you and your partner should smoke completely different strains according to your needs in the bedroom.

We are here to help you start your sex-cannabis exploration! We made a selection of mixed strains that can help you set the mood in just a few hits, with a focus on strains that smell and taste as good as the sex you’re about to have!

Green Crack

Strain: Sativa

Green Crack may be the best on your list of Sativa sex enhancers. Ideal for those who want to be creative in bed. Green Crack will make you full of vitality and euphoria and is perfect for long sessions under the sheets throughout the day. With the aroma of tropical citrus and mango, we recommend packing your Green Crack in the bong. There is nothing sexier than citrusy Bong Breath.

Granddaddy Purple

Strain: Indica

Grandpa Purple’s has 17% THC that makes it a good strain to experiment with while exploring sex and cannabis. The taste and aroma of its beautiful purple flower buds, grapes, and berries will help you relax your mind and get active without getting too high. Granddaddy Purple is rich in alpha-Pinene, which can leave you in a state of complete relaxation.

People who used this strain reported that their energies melt into each other and the kisses were slower and more meaningful. These characteristics make this strain more suitable and adaptable for any sexual behavior you may want.

Wedding Cake

Strain: Hybrid

The wedding cake is a fairly new variety of cannabis. This Indica-dominant strain helps you relax and improve your senses, accompanied by a burst of euphoria on the first blow. One or two hits can give you a head spin or even to the most hardcore smoker. The earthy herbal flavor with a hint of vanilla will evoke the palate.

Seed Junky Genetics developed this strain for long honeymoon nights. It is called Wedding Cake because of its sparkling resin and vanilla cake frosting aroma. Canadians know this strain as Pink Cookies. So for the newlywed readers, give it a shot!

Sour Diesel

Strain: Sativa

If anxiety seriously disrupts your bedroom game, then Sour Diesel is the right strain for you. This plant is one of the few products on this list with significant CBD levels that can help relieve your anxiety. Sour diesel is named for its overly pungent smell full of chemicals.

Although it does not have the highest level of THC, it has an impressive effect due to its long-lasting brain enhancement. We recommend lighting it outside with your partner so that the strong smell will not kill the mood when getting inside.

Pink Panties

Strain: Indica

Pink Panties will make you more aroused than other strains! Every budtender will claim that this strain can put you into the mood no matter how stressful the day has been because of the flowery mix of grapefruit and berry flavors. Just a friendly reminder, this dominant strain has the power to relax you straight to bed!


Strain: Hybrid

Do-si-dos is a mixed plant dominated by the Indica strain. This strain has a mint floral peppermint scent that instantly melts your body into euphoric sensory pleasure. With a bowl of Do-si-dos, have two or three hits, then reach for the blindfold. Why? Well, now you are ready to enter a world of shiver-inducing touch and closed-eye visuals that will turn sex into a real psychedelic experience.

Northern Lights

Strain: Indica

Northern Lights have relatively low THC content that stands out as a sex enhancer. Due to its delicious spiced herbal and earthy flavors and inviting flowery aroma when smoked, it provides a sensory experience from the moment you break the bud until its euphoric effects take over. As soon as the high of the Northern Lights penetrates your body, you will begin to whirr with euphoria.

This cannabis is best for people who love to prolong foreplay sessions.

Girl Scout Cookies

Strain: Hybrid

Do you like to have a lot of crazy fantasies? Or maybe you want to maximize orgasm during a solo session? The Girl Scout Cookie is the right strain for you then. 

It is creative and euphoric that makes dreams richer that makes them lively. Because it is similar in many areas to the Granddaddy Purple, it’s ideal for enhancing the sensory experience in sex. Girl Scout Cookie sometimes referred to as GSC, offers a fantastic smoking experience and is best used for solo sex.

Marihuana sex and Benefits

A recent study from Saint Louis University in Missouri found that using marijuana before sexual intercourse has many positive effects on the sexual experience. People who regularly used the drug were twice as likely as occasional users to have satisfying orgasms!

That sounds awesome, right? Some experts believe the growing acceptance of pot could help change what has been dubbed “the orgasm gap.”

“Our endocannabinoid system controls moods and cycles,” says Gabrielle Noel, a sex and cannabis writer.

Cannabis helps reduce stress and anxiety by increasing confidence and willingness to experiment in the bedroom. It may also be related to how marijuana interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, some of which are found in parts of the brain for regulating sex-related hormones.

Marijuana can increase libido and help solve problems such as erectile dysfunction and low libido. If you combined sex with marijuana, you might have noticed various thoughts, feelings, and willingness to experiment under the sheets.

Taking marijuana before sex is a unique experience, so if you are thinking about it, we suggest giving it a try.

The Final Hit

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid ganja for sex is ok when administered at the correct dose and hits. They have different effects on the brain, but most strains are very reliable in increasing libido. The only key here is to find the best combination of strains that suits you and your partner.

Take time to research and experiment before getting into the sack, as this will help you understand the product in advance. Marijuana is not for everyone, so please do research, talk to your partner. Another friendly reminder, be sure to buy products from reputable sellers!

Although everyone seems to have different tolerances for marijuana and sexual activity, we recommend that you start with a low dose before escalating the high.

Have you ever tried mixing sex and weed? What’s your opinion and how’s the experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We want to know all about it! Sign up now to meet other weedheads in our community, or you can check out our blog for more psychedelics-related articles!

Wonders of Yoni Mapping: Therapeutic Touch For Women

How well do you know about your body and its pleasure abilities? Do you know that mapping your vagina can give you the greatest pleasure? Let me guess you’re here because you think it might be a good idea that this is good for you and your lover! Don’t you? 

Well, you’re definitely in the right place! I have gathered all the information that you need to know about Yoni Mapping.

Enjoy this article, but most importantly, don’t forget to give Yoni Mapping a try!

What is Yoni Mapping, and who is it for?

As mentioned in our previous post about Feminine Energy, Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the entire female genitals: vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. In Sanskrit, Yoni is translated as “sacred portal” and refers to the vulva or vagina.

Yoni mapping is a therapy designed specifically for the female body, whether you identify as a woman, transgender, non-binary, or other. As long as you’ve got a vagina, it can be mapped!

YMT (Yoni Mapping Therapy) is a form of tantric practice and is not meant for foreplay before a sexual encounter, but certain techniques can be adapted and used during foreplay. This therapy aims to reconnect people with the vulva to their innate sexual abilities, pleasure and reduce the trauma.

This practice involves slowing down, breathing deeply, and connecting with your body through exploration. As you can see, YMT can be used for sexual healing and trauma in women. 

How Yoni Mapping Can Help Me?

Exploring yoni massage is highly beneficial to improve or to spice up your sex life. By stimulating the Yoni, you will know what you like and what excites you.  Whether you try it alone or with your partner, it can add to sexual experiences, and you will enjoy spending more time in the bedroom.

Yoni can be fun and gives additional excitement to you and your partner. It can also build trust and connection between the two of you. Learning the pleasure of touch with your partner is a bonding experience that will boost your sexual confidence.

“The biggest benefit is that they feel a sense of embodied wisdom of what gives them pleasure. And hopefully, they use that knowledge to do some solo exploring with their fingers or through a vibrator. Plus, learning more about your pleasure zones can make you a better communicator, which could lead to better sex.” says Isis Phoenix, a somatic sexologist who specializes in yoni massage.

Yoni Mapping is also for someone who had experienced sexual trauma in the past because methods and techniques are all about giving: making the vaginal wearer feel loved, cherished, admired, and honored. Since our body can still retain memories and trauma for a long time, even after psychological treatment, YMT can help your mental health recovery.

Somatic work like yoni massage opens up a new pathway of healing.

Is There a DIY Version of Yoni Mapping?

While there is the option to receive a professional Yoni Massage in a salon, people still opted to learn this practice by themselves or as a couple. From preparing the scene to performing a yoni massage, follow these yoni massage guidelines to experience the overwhelming thrills that you will enjoy again and again!


Wash your hands and trim your nails to avoid scratching yourself. Ensure the room is warm and comfortable and have enough towels so you don’t have to worry about getting oily or dirt.

Get the pure and natural virgin organic coconut oil. You can set up the space with candles, aroma oils, soft music, and blankets, whatever you most enjoy. Create a beautiful love sanctuary for yourself.

Step 1: Establish a Yoni Connection

Sit comfortably with your right hand above your vagina and your left hand above your heart. Imagine energy flowing from your heart into your vagina.

Step 2: Breathe In

Take a deep breath. Imagine filling your vagina with energy, then exhale to release all the old energy.

Note: The moaning sound may feel uncomfortable at first, but this is the best way to know you get the sexual confidence needed for the next step.

Step 3: Oil Your Body

Cover your entire body with coconut oil. Slow down, apply oil to your whole body and enjoy the process of touching.

Step 4: Approach Your Yoni

Massage the pubic area with your palms and fingertips in circular motions. You will feel the small lymph nodes, gently activate them in a circular motion. Move your hips and arms. Examine the entire vulva area in detail, leaving the sensitive clitoris for last.

Step 5: Warm Up Your Clit

The clitoris is the rawest and most explosive organ of pleasure in women. Use it to keep warm, but don’t overstimulate it.

Step 6: Vaginal Mapping

If you are not wet enough, you can use more coconut oil for the inside. Insert the middle finger slowly. Take your time and take it easy; explore your Yoni’s walls in all directions. Find the point of pleasure and tension.

Step 7: Go Deeper

Explore your G spot on the front wall of your vagina. It normally feels bumpy to your finger. Take time as long as you need, and then continue to find other deeper places to enjoy yourself. If you need more depth than your fingers can bear, please use your non-toxic toys.

Step 8: Cervical Ecstasy

Gently massage around the cervix to face and release all stored emotions and tensions. Then, do what feels right for as long as you like. Explore pleasure!

Gently massage your cervix to release all collected emotions and tension. Then do what feels right for you as long as you want. Explore pleasure and have fun!

Step 9: Integrate

When you have had enough, relax and lie down in a comfortable position, feel every part of your body, and feel the effect of the massage.

Step 10: Relieve yourself

Make sure you pee after the massage! This can prevent you from having Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

Yoni Massage Techniques That You Can Try

You can try these techniques to play around with and make your Yoni Mapping more enjoyable. I have listed some of the most popular yoni massage movements to try!

1. Circling

Use your finger to trace the outer tip of the clitoris from the smallest to largest circle. Find the right rhythm, alternate the speed and pressure that you are using.

2. Pushing and Pulling

Press the clitoris with a small push and pull. Gently slide your finger along the clitoris shaft. Repeat on both sides; pay attention to which side or area is more sensitive than the other.

3. Tugging and Rolling

Gently pull the clitoris away from the body by carefully grasping it on both sides and tug it back and forth. You can also move lower to tug at both sides of the lips and use mixed strokes and speeds. To roll your clit, hold it and roll it between your thumb and index finger.

4. Tapping

To tap the clit, use one or more fingers and changing rhythms. Find out where your body reacts to more.

5. G-spot Massage

Using a mixture of slow and fast strokes movement with your first two fingers, massage your G-spot.

Play with different techniques, movements, and speed, and don’t forget to include other fun areas such as nipples and clitoris! They are fun, too, though!

You can also check this video to guide you through your first Self Yoni Massage practice

Whether your only companion is your dog or you’re in a steamy, sexy-time-all-the-time relationship, yoni massage is an amazing, healing, feel-good practice to add to our sex lives. Giving your Yoni a massage may be a bit strange at first. Take your time and take it as a self-love practice.

So go ahead, do the massage, and empower your pussy!

Have you tried YMT? Share your experience in the comment section! You might encourage someone to try it out. If you’re looking for more tantric-related articles, you can check out our blogs for more and better sign up to join and meet other people from our community!

Sensory Pleasure: Enhance Sex Play with Sensory Overload

Vanilla sex can get a little boring, especially when partners have been together for a long time. It is easy to fall into a predictable routine in the bedroom but being aware of the shift to auto-pilot can save your sex life. This awareness can help you get more sexual pleasure and orgasms, and it all starts with sensation play.

Sensation Play is the act of engaging your senses in different ways to intensify your sensory pleasure. These senses come in many shapes and forms, from sight to hearing and touch. Come to find out how to tickle your senses?

Are you Prepared for a Sensory Overload?

There was a time when people were looking for ways to improve sexual desire, sexual health, and sexual skills through a complete sensory pleasure experience. Nowadays, our culture seems to have forgotten the importance of pre-sexual or foreplay activities.

We have fallen into the habit of just jumping in the sack to satisfy our needs as quickly as possible. The intensity, teasing, and foreplay make sex more exhilarating and uplifting. When the lights are off, hyperstimulation can take the form of extreme heat, cold, pain, or shock.

Faced with such sensations, “the body first considers whether it’s about to be harmed,” says Dr. Jim Pfaus, Professor of Neuroscience at Concordia University, Canada. “The nervous system is driven strongly in anticipation of distress. Once it has eliminated danger, it serves you with a rush of adrenaline.”

Sensory overload is the overstimulation of one or more of the body’s five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. When E.L. James, the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” created the character Christian Grey, she might not realize the hunger of the sexual appetite she had awakened.

Ultra-sensory sex is an underground activity and is now becoming normalized.

Sexual Benefits

Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch are the five human senses, and they play a vital role in increasing arousal. According to some sex therapists, sensory play is an is a form of sexual enhancement because it can increase your sexual desire and pleasure.

Our senses are useful in many ways, from temperature games, eye masks, essential oils, and low-frequency vibrations, which can help take your lovemaking sessions to phenomenal heights. Experience sensory pleasures in ways you hadn’t imagined!

Sensory pleasure is efficient when different types of touch in succession are involved. For example, having a rough sensation followed by smooth, fast and slow, hot and cold, hard and smooth. This type of action stimulation gets our endorphins and adrenaline flowing. Senses allow us to have a heightened level of mind-blowing sex.

Safety in Sensation Play

If you plan to do some more intense forms sensation play, here is our safety list you need to follow and be on the safe side.

  • Start slowly. In any sensation play, take small steps and check the results before proceeding to the next play.
  • Look for signs of discoloration, cuts, or rashes.
  • Pay close attention to breathing, and agree with safe words and signs in advance.
  • Before starting, research various materials and sensation play, and look for their respective risk profiles.
  • For starters, keep the scene short. Always prepare the necessary first aid from the beginning and plan aftercare.
  • In case of serious injury, allergic reaction, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

Sensitive Spots

Of course, some rank the penis as the largest sex zone, while others rank the clitoris as the first, but surprisingly, the continuum of sexual arousal is the same for everyone.

Take a look at the infographic below to see which parts are at the top of the list for attetion.

Popular Types of Sensation Play you can try

Use these shock tactics to harness the hormonal high, and you will awaken sensations you never knew existed and spice up your act between the sheets.


When the body is aroused, the feeling of tickling and teasing is so erotic and provocative that the recipient squirms in pleasure. Try tickling your partner’s neck, back of knees, or soles of their feet using your fingertips, a feather, or a fluffy tickler. Keep in mind that some people are more sensitive than others, so the intensity of the play should vary based on the receiver’s preference.

Recommendation: Premium Teasing and Tickling Feather Duster | $12

Nipple Clamps

Sweet and sensual nipple torture is not suitable for beginners but is advisable for those who dare to enjoy it. For starters, try simple pinchers like tweezers first. Nipple pulling can be a punishment or reward, depending on the selected scenario.

Everything you need to enjoy is an incredible combination of happiness and painful ecstasy. The feeling that the receiver will experience depends largely on the type of clip. They have different styles, intensity ranges, and some vibration characteristics.

This sensation play is a whole new level, and it is no longer just teasing but also pain. Whether a player is a beginner or an enthusiast, do not wear a nipple restraint for more than 20 minutes in a row. The feeling of blood returning to the areola is intense enough!

Tip: Turn it up a notch by adding electro stimulation!

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Scent and Taste Play

Certain tastes and smells can affect your sensitivity. You can make the receiver very exciting and robust, or calm and relax. Depending on which you want the game to go, you can choose fragrances to create the scene you want.

The sense of smell and taste is stronger at the same time. To make the receiver more receptive to scent and aroma, you can do sensory deprivation and blindfolding them. Give them something tasty, but don’t tell them what it is.

Food plays at its best. Bringing whipped cream or Nutella into the bedroom gives a bit of excitement; I recommended covering the nipples and lick them.

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Have you been naughty? A proper spanking can cure those who are naughty. Usually, do paddling over their knees. If the paddle is heavy, then the wallop will be more painful. For beginners, leather paddles deliver less of a blow.

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Temperature Play

The heating or cooling of lube is a great place to start during temperature play. You can take it up a notch by leaving your lube in the fridge or if you’re looking for a warmer experience, place your lube in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. This technique can also be used on oils and lotions for an exciting warm massage.

A simple ice pack can be extremely versatile. Using an ice pack, you can cool down your own hands, making hand jobs even more exciting. Hold the pack in one hand while the other hand does the work and switch every few minutes.

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What if you take away the eyesight of you or your partner? For sure, the rest of the senses heightened. Blindfolds are a great addition to any play because the blindfolded person cannot predict where, how and what happened next.

Another reason blindfolding can improve sex is because it increases the level of the chemical dopamine in the brain that controls sexual desires. Increase dopamine, and sex will feel more exciting. Of course, many couples make love with their eyes closed, but there is a huge difference in relationships between voluntarily closing your eyes and blindfolding.

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The Bottom Line

The feeling of controlling your partner’s senses is powerful. As long as everyone consents, you can add nearly anything as sensory tool. The imagination kicks in, so every action you do heightens the experience for your partner. Till next time, stay safe and consensual!

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The Fascinating Truth About Oming Meditation

When I first heard the term Orgasmic Meditation, I imagined people forming a circle and repeating “Om” until they reached orgasm sitting crossed legged with their hands in prayer position. It turns out this is far from accurate. Whether you use mantras and deep breathing techniques or guided visualization, meditation is generally seen as an individual practice. Orgasmic Meditation or OM-ing on the other hand is a different kind of mindfulness journey.

So, What Is Oming Meditation?

Although the term orgasm is right in the name, Orgasmic Meditation (Oming) does not seek to convey the same feelings as masturbation, completion or sexual intercourse. Oming is a pleasurable exercise that can make you feel revitalized and increase your chances of having an intense orgasm, later.


Orgasmic meditation helps people by stimulating their clitoris and massaging the vagina for an extended period, without the goal of orgasm. The purpose of removing orgasm is so that the person can experience being full of their sexual energy without releasing it. Oming is an activity performed by two consenting adults, with one massaging the other.

It is important to note that Oming does not involve penetration, kissing, or touching sexual organs. More importantly, it is different from foreplay because there is no “give and take” involved, but a way to be present and pay attention to what causes pleasurable stimulation. In Oming, the giver of the massage does not receive a massage in return and is not meant to be sexually satisfied. Oming is all about the receiver.

What is the Goal of Oming?

The goal is not to reach orgasm but to feel all the sensations and get in touch with your pleasure and inner self. This is a private and very vulnerable practice, helping you let your guard down and relax into receiving and being present with intense pleasure. In addition, because you do not reach climax, the idea is that you will carry your sexual, energy throughout your day for more focus, clarity and creativity in life.

Oming Meditation

Orgasm meditation takes the rushed focus off of “finishing” during sexual encounters. It promotes an experience that allows people to feel a gentle, and sometimes electric, wave of pleasure accompanied by slowing down and taking the emphasis off of penetration or needing to cum.

Orgasmic Meditation is a whole new method to wellness! Therefore, you must know the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Oming

For many people, oming can relieve the pressure of reaching an orgasm quickly and participating to receive pleasure. Oming is a powerful, meditative renewal and an opportunity for personal growth at your own pace. For many of us, this is also an opportunity to understand true pleasure.

Chris Cooper, a middle-aged CEO of a tech company, said that “OM has taught me so much more about human body. Some like firm touch, others need just the heat of your finger to feel sensation, without contact, as if there was a strong force… almost magnetic.” OM-ing demonstrates that every body truly is different and experiences pleasure uniquely.

Although everyone’s experience is different, the most common benefits can be:

1. More Satisfaction and Happiness

Happy couple

Many couples who practice OM state that they feel happier and safer in their relationship because of the intimacy that is created throughout the experience of being seen and heard.

2. Improved Health

Healthy living

Almost all forms of meditation can give both physical and mental benefits. Learning to stay connected to the body while receiving pleasure can be surprisingly tricky. Many people report thinking about other things than sex during intercourse, like what they’re making for dinner or if they sent that work e-mail. OM-ing requires the practice of presence which inevitably will increase the amount of pleasure you can experience during OM-ing Meditation and beyond.

3. Deeper Intimacy Between Partners


Some couples may find it difficult to talk about their sex lives, even with each other. Orgasm meditation can give a foundation for better communication between couples, resulting in more satisfying sex.

Oming strengthens the bond between partners and makes them feel more comfortable with the act of communicating during physical intimacy. Some couples use this practice as a stepping stone to engage in more open and potentially adventurous sex.

How to try Orgasmic Meditation

The idea of ​​spending 15 minutes a day stroking or caressing your desired body part may be the new self-care technique you didn’t know you needed.

Oming Instructions for Couples

  1. OM starts with either partner asking for OM. Ask your partner if they would like to OM, either giving or receiving. OMing tends to be centered around people with vaginas, however this practice could be converted to try on a person with a penis. If your partner agrees, then proceed to set up the nest.
  2. Set up the nest to OM in. The nest is meant to feel like a safe and comfortable space. Make sure your surroundings cozy and relaxing. Your set-up can be a yoga mat with a blanket and pillows, with a cushion for the person stroking to have something to sit on.
  3. Place a hand towel, timer, and lube where it’s easy to reach.
  4. Get into a comfortable position.
  5. Set a timer for 13 minutes and 2 minutes for later for a total of 15 minutes.
  6. While your partner keeps their hands still on your thighs, they turns their attention to your genitals, and describes 1-3 things in terms of shape, color, location, and texture in simple and neutral language.
  7. Put on gloves if necessary, then apply lube to left index finger and right thumb. Give consent to your partner to go ahead, start the 15-minute timer with an interval bell at 13 minutes.
  8. When the timer dings at 13 minutes, your partner should begin using down-strokes.
  9. When the second timer dings, apply heavy pressure to your genital for 10 to 15 seconds.
  10. Use a towel to wipe lube from the genitals to the hands, then put the nest away.

While the official practice of OM is a couple’s activity (one person stroke, the other get stroke), you can do a variation yourself.


Oming Meditation is about discovery, both in you and in your relationship. Do not feel like you have to follow a rigid set of rules that you can set in no time at all.

If you are interested in OM or Tantra, you should give it a try. It is essential to explore mindfulness, meditation, and your body in such a way that you feel safe and comfortable.

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The Best Safety Practices For Indulging In Your Choking Kink

So you want to learn everything about choking? Look no further. There are so many ways to explore choking, but it is essential to have it executed safely. It is necessary to address that choking during sex or in a BDSM scene is extremely dangerous.  If you have a choking kink and want to try it, please read on. Our safety tips will make sure you don’t make any horrific mistakes and keep you on the safe side.

What is a Choking Kink?

Choke kink is sexual arousal that comes from choking or being choked. Because it involves giving or receiving choking, this kink falls under the BDSM umbrella. It allows you and your partner to experience a rush of endorphins and adrenaline together. 

“Having a man’s hands around your neck plays into the fantasy of being taken, also known as ravishment.” says sex therapist and researcher Christine Milrod, Ph.D.

The most well-known form of breath play is choking, but in reality, these two are different. Breathplay is an act when one or both partners voluntarily restrict each other’s breathing for a short period. On the other hand, a person with a choking kink enjoys breathing restriction but having more pleasure by the feeling of submission or by being submissive.

Read this article if you are exploring and interested in finding out more about breath plays.

Why Is Choking a Thing?

Given the negative connotations of choking and the danger factor, it is fair to wonder why people may want to be choked.

There’s also a physiological reason why some swear by the chokehold while getting it on, says Ian Kerner, Ph.D. 

“The rush of breath that comes after being choked releases endorphins, which combine with the neurochemical cocktail of sex to create a feeling of heightened exhilaration,” says Kerner. 

That thrill can intensify sexual sensations. I’ve met people of all genders who enjoy the feeling of power and dominance that comes from choking, as well as people of all genders who enjoy the excitement of being choked. Anyone can derive pleasure from being the choker or the chokee.

What You Should Know Before Trying Choking

Watching someone choked on porn sites does not give any lesson on how to properly practice choking. It could lead to severe injury or even death if you do it wrong. If you plan on exploring choking, keep the following in mind.

Educate Yourself

If you have questions about choking or want to learn more about safety techniques, it’s better to do your research than engage in choking and hope for the best. If you are serious about exploring choking, make an appointment to learn the practice under the supervision of a Master, Top or Dominatrix with extensive experience.

Health conditions

This should be discussed in advance. People who have breathing problems or heart disease, asthma, a history of anxiety problems, or past trauma should be cautious.

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor if choking is something you can explore safely. Do not explore any breath play while someone or you are under any substance influence.


Set clear expectations with your sex partner. Ask how you want to be choked, how many times over, during penetration or orgasm, or just a one-off moment.


Experiment with the agreed-upon choking, then stop and check with your partner after your first testing. You can keep it simple with a “How did is that to you? Could I adjust anything to make it even more enjoyable for you?”

Safety Precautions

Make sure you have established some basic safety with your partner. Any BDSM play should include safe words, but choking can make it difficult for the recipient to talk rather than during other acts.

In this kind of kink, hands come into play. A “safe word gesture” should be created, such as snapping your fingers or holding a finger. Another option is to give the person an item to hold, and if they drop it, you will pause and check them.


Aftercare kink is the key to any healthy sexual experience. It is the easy step by which the physical come-down after sex is supported and checked verbally. You may want to snuggle and stroke each other’s bodies under soft blankets, especially when using lots of force and possible humiliation during a scene.

Safety Disclaimer: Having a choking kink is fun, but this kind of play could be life-threatening. Please consult with a medical professional before proceeding, especially if you have breathing issues.

Alright, kinksters! Now that you know the rules, please practice safe choking if you so desire. To meet BDSM and edge-play kinksters like you, check out our sex-positive community here. Comment and let us know what you think!

Things You’d Like To Know Before Trying Teeth Fetish

We don’t need to mention that what teeth are, all they need is a little daily brushing, and presto, you have 32 fantastic shiny pearls to accessorize every outfit with! Did you know some people are sexually attracted to teeth? Teeth Fetish isn’t common but very normal. If you one of those who feel sexually attracted to beautiful and shiny teeth, you are an odontophiliac.

Want to find out more about this Fetish, then keep reading the post.

What is Teeth Fetish?

Odontophilia entails two words, the Greek prefix word “odonto” means tooth, and Greek suffix “philia” means love. This is a sexual fetish with erotic excitement, urges, and fantasies about the teeth. It can range from licking or biting a person’s teeth, biting and leaving a teeth imprint on the skin, or teeth removal. If you have this fetish, you are an odontophiliac.

Many of us feel slight anxiety that kicks in when going to a dentist. The extracting and drilling isn’t something we look forward to. So the idea of getting into the dentist’s chair is a turnoff for most people, but not for all. For teeth fetishists, this can be a massive turn-on which borders medical play.

Where Does This Love for Teeth Comes From?


Not to our surprise, teeth Fetishists may enjoy dentistry-derived BDSM mouth gags. Some of these are Whitehead or Jennings gags. Fetishists may look for partners with braces, retainers, fillings, crowns, vampire fangs, etc. They also like to share dental x-rays and other dental collections.

Persons with a teeth fetish may want to experiment with the apparatus used in dental surgery or various other dental items that hold your mouth open. Others may simply enjoy partners with clean, white teeth and a million dollar smile. Still others may enjoy watching their muses chew with their mouth open and eat their food. Imagine every bite as an erotic experience! There’s a teeth fetish that prefers the minty freshness of brushing teeth and for an adventure, others like the overbite or dental crowning. People with tooth fetishes usually like different kinds of kink activities, and they are very creative.


Playing with a Teeth Fetish

Tooth Licking Fetish

If you are not much into biting, you can always try to lick the teeth of your partner. The sensation of molars against the tongue is seemingly all it takes to help some who have this kind of teeth kink.

Kinky Biting

Some people find it hot to make an excellent, deep bite mark on your partner’s body. and seeing the mark. Taking the flesh of your partner between the teeth makes the kink biting similar to vampirism. Therefore, kink biting is closely related to the vampire fetish. Both of them have the similar idea of you “branding” someone.

A Kink for Braces

metal braces

Some teeth fetishists show arousal from the sight of a tongue touching braces or touching their tongue to their partner’s metal mouth. To others, the bright silver of traditional stainless steel braces brings special arousal. In line with this, the color rubber band also gives arousal or urging feeling to a person with this fetish.

Tooth Extraction Fetish

Tooth Extraction is an extreme surgical kink and must be left up to the most seasoned kinksters. While it’s best left up to the professionals, if someone is really interested in doing a scene with tooth extraction you could act it out without actually removing the tooth. Get creative! You could use props and make lots of noise creating the sense that a real tooth extraction is occurring.

Safety Precaution

If you are into biting, you need to make sure that you don’t break the skin and immediately stop and treat the wound by cleansing and covering the affected skin as human saliva can breed bacteria and cause infection. A severe bite will need medical health’s attention and possibly antibiotics.

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The Finest Ten Minutes of Your Life: Learn About Satin Fetishism

Satin is a soft, shiny material commonly used for lingerie, blouses, skirts, athletic wear, and sheets. Many people wear it in intimate situations and it is closely associated with arousal. They enjoy the pleasure and soft touch driven from satin garments. Also, it is often subject to satin fetish desires by people that enjoy its softness to the touch and shiny appearance. It is a massive turn on for satin fetishists.

White satin fetish

Satin Fetishism is a kind of sexual fetishism or kink that gives people excitement by looking or touching satin clothing or the satin garment or fabric itself. Many of these satin fetishists collect satin clothing for their excitement to wear and use.

Let’s have a look into it and know what satin fetishists actually do.

Who are Satin Fetishists?

Satin fetishists are sometimes called as silk fetishists. These people like the sight, touch, smell, smoothness of satin clothing. Some satin fetishists request the worn satin garments of their partner as the smell and touch turns them on. Others may like to dress up in satin in clothing they would never wear in their vanilla life to indulge their fetish. Some will wear satin panties under their clothes getting aroused they are participating in their kink without a single soul knowing – at work, at the grocery store, the kids’ soccer game, etc.

Satin underwear

Some fetishists like to wear and model satin clothing because they feel it enhances their curves and makes them look sexier. Moreover satin clothes are appealing in a way they are comfortable, smooth and slippery between your fingers. This is one of the reasons why silky touch of satin is a turn on for satin fetishists. .

Why is Satin so Alluring?

The softness, shine, smoothness, or drape of satin is often why Satin fetish became more and more common. They also enjoy satin qualities such as elegance, luxury, or romance. The smoothness and lavishness of satin is also a source of sexual arousal, mimicking softer than soft skin.

Many people get excited about feeling, touching, wearing silk or satin items, or sometimes just looking at them. Some fetishists request satin undergarments of their partners or webcam workers as just thinking about the satin being worn by their muse turns them on. The garment becomes an artifact where the fetishist can project their fantasies or memories of pleasure onto them, giving more pleasure in return. In addition, satin-dressed models can be more erotic to Satin Fetishists than naked ones! A true fetish.

Satin restraints

The primary materials considered erotic by Satin Fetishist are Charmeuse Satin, a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave that gives the fabric a smooth and shiny finish, as well as acetate satin and rayon satin. These are the different types of satin clothing to wear and use in bed.

Because of the similar properties of the fabrics, some satin fetishists also have a silk fetish.

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Powerful Habits to Master for Success in the BDSM Mummification Kink

If you’re somebody who enjoys the sensation of being helpless and tightly compressed or being bound up sort of like a mummy then this BDSM Mummification Kink article is for you! This article may be far from a complete guide to mummification but if you are careful and attentive, you can have a great sense of what to do on the first try!

What is a Mummification Kink?

Mummification bondage or Saran Wrap is the highest form of restraint in which a person is wrapped like a mummy or “cocooned” from head to toe, making them immobilized. The person is restrained for some time in sensory deprivation or sensory stimulation state before being released. The mummification kink has various types of materials that can be used, and that can also be found in your homes, such as plastic wraps, medical bandages, blankets, and duct tape.

Why Are People Drawn to It?

Saran wrap mummification is enjoyable, simple, and inexpensive. It places the bottom in a state of powerlessness and sensory deprivation, allowing him to float away, forget his problems, and ultimately trust the Top. The Top derives pleasure and satisfaction from their sense of total control and the joy they give the bottom.

What Will You Need?

  1. Keep a pair of “safety scissors” on hand if you need to cut the bottom out quickly; remember that this is not a quick operation. [Safety scissors with one blunt end are available at surgical supply or fetish stores.]
  2. Keep both the nasal and mouth passages open to avoid breathing problems. Because the submissive cannot move, frequently check to ensure that the bottom does not begin to choke.
  3. If the scene is going to be long, make sure the bottom has urinated.
  4. Place some padding (such as cotton) between the bottom’s knees and ankles if they touch when his or her legs are together. Otherwise, the tight bindings will cause discomfort in the long run.
  5. For longer scenes, regularly provide water to the bottom to prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating. When you unwrap them, have towels ready.
  6. If they start panicking, especially if wearing a head mask, comfort and reassure them while quickly uncovering their eyes and removing the mask. Counting slowly from 10 to 1 out loud may help to restore calmer breathing.
    Don’t rush the mummification process. Wrapping with saran wrap is a big deal, not just a prelude to a scene. It can easily take 30 minutes or even longer if accompanied by verbal commentary.

Wrappings on a Budget You Can Use

Adhesive Bandages

These auto adhesive bandages are an excellent way of testing mummification. it can reduce the possibility of overheating, but do not entirely ignore the risk.

Using Vet Wrap can help you breathe better. It also provides excellent flexibility so that the mummy has no hindrances and can move a little. Also, this can be perfect for a person who suffers from anxiety but still likes to experience immobilization.

Another advantage is that this kind of clothing is easy to get out of. Just have your emergency scissors always ready, and you are out with a few snips.

Plastic Wrap

It is inexpensive, straightforward, and transparent, and it is fast to disengage should there be a problem. Begin wrapping at the upper chest (never include the neck) and cover down to the feet. As you approach their waist, slow down and support them as they gently lower themselves to the table. Once you had their legs lifted, you can finish mummification.

Tip: It can get extremely sweaty in the wrap. Bend a paper plate in half and place it between the thighs, and also ones for under the armpits. This method will prevent terrible chaffing that will come from roasting in the plastic wrap.

Bed Sheets

On the surface, it may seem a bit whacky, but it works pretty well. Don’t have enough money to buy latex? Wrap someone in bedsheets.

Place your subject on a bed, fold and tuck the sheets in around them. A setting that is tight or confining is entirely up to you or your playmate. Do make sure to keep the scissors close at hand in case you or your partner needs them.

Safety First In Mummification Kink

The bound person should have the means to communicate. For example, you should provide a safety word in case of an emergency and a quick and easy way to release the mummification binding. it is very important to come up with a safe word especially since this is a practice that involves restraint.

The bound person should breathe correctly by keeping their face or mouth or at their nose open. Be careful when wrapping their chest, back, and stomach.

Under no circumstance should someone who has been bound be left alone!

You should be very careful with the kind of material used in binding. Cling film, for example, causes the body to sweat more than usual so frequent hydration may be required to avoid dehydration.

Last notes…

Before wrapping, both participants must consent to the activity and agreed-upon limits and other safety precautions should be established. Discuss the comfort and limitations of your sub and their mummification experiences.

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