Tantric Sex: A Sensual Way To Rediscover Pleasure

Tantric sex refers to many ritualized or yogic practices in Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantric sex is a slow, meditative sexual form where the ultimate goal is not orgasm but to enjoy the sexual journey and body sensations. 

If you are into spirituality, meditation, or yoga, you may have previously heard about Tantra. Many people use Tantra as a way of life, and for some, it’s a codeword for sexual pleasure. Let’s see what it is and where it comes from.

Tantric Sex and its Origin

Tantric sex comes from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sexual activities to establish a deep and intimate connection. The word “tantra” means woven together. Tantric sex is a way of “weaving” spiritually and physically. It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body to heal, transform and illuminate.

This practice brings spirituality and sexuality together and highlights the importance of intimacy with both yourself and your partner(s) in a sexual experience. It helps to achieve a delightful degree of spiritual healing practices and techniques.

How To Reclaim Your Sexual Power Through Tantra

Sexual energy is a powerful force that can be an excellent catalyst for spiritual growth and healing when used consciously. To manifest your total sexual energy or power in tantric sex, you have to surrender. You must completely surrender and believe in your partner for receiving and giving the delight that you desire.

It encourages people to know and get in touch with their bodies. The objective is to be present during tantric sex to achieve a sensual and fulfilling sexual experience. For most people, it’s a turn-on when sexual power is blended with spiritual power. So, we suggest you try it.

Tantric Meditation and Orgasmic Bliss

Tantric meditation helps you to achieve a high degree of pleasure and orgasmic happiness. It’s this expanded ability for many people to connect to a partner that leads them to Tantra. One part is improving the bond with your partner, and the other part is to achieve sexual ecstasy. The ecstatic orgasms that Tantra creates keep people coming back for more.

When you start a tantra practice, you don’t jump straight to the ecstatic orgasms, and that’s okay. Every new ability begins with the basics! Gentle movement and breathing techniques and Tantra Yoga (which increases energy) are enjoyable by yourself as you travel down the tantric sex.

Breathing is a critical component of tantric sex because it helps a person focus on their mind and keep the body in touch. There are several meditation practices in tantric sex to achieve orgasmic bliss, but we call this “tantric breathing practice” Let’s look at what this practice does.

Tantric Breathing Practice for Sensual Pleasure

Respiring together connects you with your partner and assists in a powerful and loving exchange between the energy of your body and mind. Practice this with on clothes or naked. Sit down in front of your partner. Sit straight with your spine and your posture open and alert, but relaxed, if possible. Make sure you touch your knees as close as possible. Take a deep look into each other’s eyes and focus on your breathing.

First, be together, breathe and connect. Then start to sync your breath. At the same time, breath in together; breath out together. Stay for a few moments with this synchronized breath practice. First, open your eyes and explore with closed eyes.

Next, continue to exchange breaths. Here, when your partner exhales, you inhale and then exhale when your partner inhales. Imagine exchanging your life energy when you inhale the breath of your partner and exhale your breath into it.

The third breath practice is essentially a circular tantric breath. Place your attention at your root or sexual chakra, still facing each other. This place of energy collection is found in the perineum area (between the vaginal opening and the anus, between the base of the scrotum and the anus). Try to tighten this area to make you feel the experience.

Then, as you inhale, imagine energy rising from this root center and going up through the center of your heart and up the front to the head crown. In the exhalation, turn the flow, imagine the breath and energy flooding your body through your forehead, throat, heart, belly, and sexual center.

Enhance Your Love Life with Tantra Meditation

Tantra meditation helps you grow spiritually and later on creates the basis for achieving physical enjoyment.

At its essence, Tantra is a practice that combines movement, breath, meditation, and sound to assist the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, known as kundalini, to move up from the pelvis along the spine. This life-force energy movement can help you heal by loosening constrictions within the body that have developed over a lifetime. The expansion of the energy in the body also increases sensation and the ability to connect with others.

Even more fundamental (and far easier to learn from reading an article) are meditations that guide you to move energy up and down the spine and expand the energy centers of your body. With regular practice of only five minutes each day, gradually adding time as you progress, Tantra becomes available to all physical abilities. Most people, who want to, can find time to fit this into their daily routine.

Ideas That can Help you Master Your Tantric Sex Experience 

Tantric meditation techniques, along with some good ideas, raise energy and invite the energy centers to open. Even if you’re not currently in an intimate relationship with someone, read the list of ideas we offer, and practice them solo. These ideas offer tangible benefits and help you in the long run if you want to achieve a unique tantric sex experience.

Avoid judging

We tend to be in our heads, creating stories about ourselves and our partners when we are having sex. We often judge our bodies, our ability to please our partners. When trying something new, like tantric sex, those judgments and fears can be amplified. The key is to go into this with no judgment and no plan. Just let go and have fun.

Make eye contact

Intimacy is not just about being naked and engaging in intercourse. Even when you are, you can still hide from true intimacy. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So, try holding eye contact during foreplay and sex for a prolonged time. It might feel uncomfortable at first, and, sure, you might even giggle from the awkwardness, but the benefits far outweigh that initial uncomfortable feeling.

Prolonged eye contact during sex lets you see deep inside the other person and lets them see deep inside you. When people close their eyes during sex, they often focus on their pleasure or thinking of something or someone else. Or they are just afraid to be truly connected. Eye contact helps you be fully connected to your sensations and feelings and your partner’s as well.

Try feather-light touching                      

Caressing your partner with a feather-light touch is one form of foreplay in tantric sex. You can gently run your fingernails up and down his arms, back, neck, etc. The skin is a powerful and sensitive organ. This is a great way to tease and delay gratification, which helps build sexual tension and increase your arousal. It also raises the anticipation of sex, which increases dopamine levels in the body. In tantra, foreplay is not about oral sex or heavy making out. It can be gentle, sensual, and loving and still create a magnetic buildup. Use sex toys too. They can seriously create a genuine and exciting connection. Sex toys are known to enhance pleasure too.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject, and feel free to try out an excellent tantra tradition to achieve sexual spirituality. If you want to connect with like-minded individuals and talk about tantric sex or meditation techniques, check out our app.

The Ultimate Guide to The Erotic Art of Fire Play

Fire play is unbelievably sensual play and involves not only the fire but touch too. Many of us enjoy the fascinating effects of looking at the flame dance magically. The glow of red and orange flickering light gives charm, perhaps warming your hands. Have you ever thought of having it run over your skin for fun? Do you imagine the flames caressing and teasing you? You might have a fire play kink you are unaware of. If you are interested, it’s important you learn how to do it properly.

The Fear and Love of Fire Play

Your instincts tell you to fear it. The first time it sweep across your skin, you will feel instant heat and an alluring attraction. BDSM Fire play uses the fire on the body to play at sensations and temperature. You can also use the fear of Fire to get an adrenaline rush while you’re playing! Many come to love this feeling later.

Fire Play

Fire Kink: A Kink About Playing With Fear

BDSM community has indulged in thrilling and mesmerizing experiences and kinks. Among the unique ones is fire play, adjacent to ice play and water play. Author Sienna Saint-Cyr had this to say about playing with fire:

“We’re taught to fear fire growing up, to stay away from it because it burns, consumes, and destroys. This makes fire play a great way to learn to let go and overcome our fear. While seeming so terrifying and dangerous, experiencing flame is a way to move the brain into a new state of seeing. A way of being that gets up past fear and into a place of power- this is why I love fire”.

Fire Kink on legs

Safety equipment and Cautionary Measures

Before fire fetishists indulge in fire play, they must know the ins and outs of how to do it and, most importantly, how to do it safely. It looks simple, and it seems easy, but it is important to remember fire is dangerous and can be unpredictable.

People use various types of safety equipment, like Nomex hoods, fire blankets, and wet washcloths. Don’t be afraid to ask about protective gear as a submissive/bottom. Your safety always should be number one if you are into the erotic fire kink. Make sure your hair is out of the way if you make flaws or whips of any kind. Do not use hair spray or perfumes/colognes if you know you are participating in such a scene. Even certain lotions are known to be flammable.

Types of Fire Play

Flash cotton

Flash cotton fire

Flash cotton is cotton wool that magicians use when you see the ‘poof.’ It gleams and disappears with a small amount in seconds when you light it up. It is a great way to incorporate elemental fire into your first fire play. Warming on the skin for milliseconds makes a beautiful, sparkling sound that excites the sub/bottom or any fire kinkster.

Hair mousse

Fire play with hair

Yes, I said hair mousse. The cheaper, the better it is. All hair mousses are not identical. Some burn well, but they are too hot. Some don’t burn at all. You will find the suitable one after experimenting with various brands to get your desired sensation.

The idea with hair mousse is to draw small forms and then light them on the skin. It will burn on your skin for a more extended period. Please make sure not to apply it too thickly, and have a wet towel on it standing by in your hands for extinguishing.

Fire Wands and Fire Fleshing

Once you get familiar with this fire play, it will be your favorite one. It uses 70% isopropyl fuel (not black smoke) (rubbing alcohol mainly as a disinfectant).

Fire wands are soaked in fuel, excess dabbed before being illuminated, then coated or brushed lightly onto the skin. The feeling is warm and tingly, and many compare it to the feel of a hot stone massage. It is a very sensual fire play as the fire wand always follows the other hand caressing the skin to extinguish any remaining flames left from the rod.

Fire fleshing uses two wands. One wand is lit and the other wet with fuel (wet, not dripping).  Small patterns are drawn on the skin with the fuel wand and then illuminated with the other rod. The pattern stays light on your skin for just a couple of seconds before being extinguished by the free hand.

Fire Flogging

Fire flogging techniqu

This type of fire play involves using a particular fire flogger (made of synthetic fiber) and isopropyl (90 percent). The ends are soaked in the fuel, dabbed off, and then lit.

Fire flogging doesn’t have a heavy impact like regular flogging. It just skims the skin with the flames, and it is advisable to play fire flogging with plenty of room outside. It would help if you also had several spotters to watch the fire on the floor, the room, and the flagging person.

Key Points for Fire Kinksters

  • Fire is dangerous if not carefully monitored. Never attempt fire play without having had some instruction, and ensure you are careful. Keep the following points in mind while starting.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher.
  • Always have a fire blanket. It is better to have it on your table near you.
  • Water buckets and towels soaked in water are the quickest and easiest safety measure to handle for a safe fire play. They help extinguish and clear the mousse residue and wrap around the bottom of the submissive for flagging with the spotter holding it, ready to jump in if there is some residue or stray flames.
  • Always keep an eye on where your fuel is. Yes, I will say again, know where your fuel is. I mean by fuel, not just your fuel jar, but you also have to be aware of drips, residual fuel on the skin, etc.
  • Have a first aid kit with burns and dressing if something goes wrong in fire play. 
  • Be aware that different skin types can redden more quickly than others. Any redness should not be worse than a light sunburn. If the skin is reddening, play in this area must be stopped to avoid burns.
  • The free hand: this is the most crucial safeguard measure for wand fire play, and your hand quickly extinguishes the left trails.
  • Spotters: the people who watch for the fire to spread unintentionally, have to react quickly and be ready to put out any stray flames.
  • Don’t light the fire on a bed and fabric sofa. A massage table/spanking chair is a preferred work surface. 
  • Only a skilled expert must perform fire play.

Warning advice

  • Fire is above all RACK play (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
  • Do not try fire play without proper instructions, risk knowledge, and comprehensive safety precautions.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about Fire play, you can visit workshops at Gatwick Dungeon, and you can watch videos on Youtube to get a guide on how to start fire play.

Find your fire play-mate in our sex-positive community here. If you like fire play, let us know your thoughts in our comment section, and if you want to read similar thrilling articles, keep visiting our blog


Fire play is one of the dangerous BDSM play types. It should not be tried without a qualified top skilled in the art. Reading it won’t be enough. Therefore, this article is just an overview of safety measures, not a “how to.” However, it will give you instructions to evaluate whether your Top knows what he is doing, regardless of what you do, so at your own risk if you decide to try fire. If done incorrectly, fire can burn your skin severely or even burn down the house.

Latex Fetish Wear: The Finest Joy of a Second Skin

Latex fetish wear, the feel of latex and even the sight of latex are traits are signs of rubber/latex festishism. Does Catwoman’s cat suit make you purr? Do you love the feeling of tight fabric against your skin? If so, latex might be for you. There are a number of reasons you might be into latex play including:

  • A feeling of a second skin
  • Anonymity
  • Sensations (sight, sound, smell)

The latex fetish has a large community as it is one of the more common fetishes. Let’s slide in, and see what it’s all about.

Latex spray painted

What is a Latex Fetish?

While not as well-known as bondage or foot fetishes, an interest in latex is a relatively common fetish with a long history and active community. Latex or rubber fetishists sometimes refer to themselves as “rubberists”. Typically, a latex fetish manifests itself in one of two ways:

  • You enjoy wearing latex clothing yourself. You might prefer smaller garments like underwear, gloves, or masks, or you might want to be completely covered in a full-body catsuit. You most likely enjoy the feel of latex against your skin, as well as the sensations of being “bound” or “enveloped.”
  • You are aroused by the sight of others wearing latex, particularly your sexual partners. You’re probably drawn to the aesthetic appeal of latex and admire how others look in form-fitting, curve-hugging garments like catsuits.

Of course, you can be into both; many people interested in latex enjoy wearing rubber suits and seeing their partners in their outfits. It’s a common misconception that wearing latex makes you a sub or a gimp. Or that wearing latex with high-heels makes you a dominatrix. There’s no obvious determining factor as to why latex attracts some of us. It just does!

The Pleasure of a Latex Fetish

The first time somebody zips you into a latex body bag, you’ll get a feeling of intense relief. Designed like a human sock with arms, part of the emotion comes from the fact that you can’t move around it. Whatever happens next is in the hands of the person who does the unzipping.

Then there’s the nature of the material, latex is the closest to your real skin. It is truly a second skin. You must apply lube to get it on so tightly and it will feel like flesh. It heats and cools the body. It sticks so profoundly. The feeling inside it is like being hugged.

latex spray painting

Latex can also be applied by spray painting, latex body paint on to your skin. I would recommend a CO2 tank and spray gun for application, as paint brushing won’t get you very far.

Some say latex offers its wearer an escape – from their body and mind, allowing them to become someone else. No wonder it’s such a fixture in the BDSM community.

What Rubberists Love About the Latex Fetish

Feeling of Safety

Latex provides some rubberists with feelings of safety.
The tight compression on the skin causes the blood to rush to the surface, making them feel invincible.

Latex, in addition to providing security and protection, can also evoke feelings of mystery and anonymity.
A person in a full-body latex suit is entirely unrecognizable; their identity is concealed because even their face is covered and hidden from view.
Even participants who have been partners for years can pretend to play with a mysterious and seductive stranger, which can add elements of adventure and romance to sexual encounters.

Sensory Buffet

Latex provides the ultimate sensory experience for nearly all five senses.
With its smooth, shiny appearance and intense solid colors such as deep black or tempting red, latex is highly appealing to the eyes.
The material’s distinct scent, described by fetishists as “clean” and “sharp,” teases the nose.
The ears are subjected to the “slick,” “shivery,” or “squeaking” sounds of latex rubbing against the skin – or, if both partners choose to wear it, latex itself.

And, of course, touch is the star of this sensory feast.
Skin brushes up against something that isn’t quite a skin, and the body beneath shivers with delight.
Flesh comes into contact with something impossibly smooth, strong, and perfect-feeling, causing ecstasy to reach previously unseen heights.
The senses are bombarded with pleasurable stimuli until all that remains pure, unadulterated sensation.

A Second “More Perfect” Skin

Latex fetishists have reported sensations of skin perfection from a second skin.
Many fetishists compare wearing tight, flexible latex to “having a second skin.”
There are numerous similarities between latex and skin, including smooth texture, elasticity, and, at least to some fetishes, pleasing or appealing color and scent.

The fetishist’s brain, according to scientists, notices similarities between latex clothing or accessories and healthy, firm, and youthful skin.
Latex is…
Taut and smooth.
Gleaming and shiny.
Strong and resilient.
In short, latex may represent the ideal of perfect skin in the mind of a fetishist and thus be attractive and desirable.

Those who enjoy wearing latex may feel youthful and strong and may be able to imagine themselves as their healthiest, best, and most perfect selves.
Those who enjoy seeing others dressed in latex can recognize and experience those qualities in their partner, heightening their sexual desire for them.

Of course, its resemblance to the skin is not the only reason people worldwide may choose to include latex in their sexual play.

Prevalence of Latex Wear in the Modern era

Large industries produce special latex or rubber fetish clothing for rubber enthusiasts. Much of this clothing for latex or rubber is available on websites like eBay. Latex clothing, especially jackets, skirts, and pants, are prevailing since recent years.

One of the biggest reasons people wear latex is its transformational abilities. Like any costume, a latex player can imagine a new sexual identity different from the others.

From Fetish to Fashion: Beyond the Trend

From fetish to haute couture, this high-shine trend has a long history. Although it has become a fashion statement, latex clothing has a long history of censorship. It was considered taboo in recent years, despite its humble origins. The Scottish created the rubber fabric to function waterproof macintosh coatings at the end of the 19th century.

However, latex proved unsuitable for outerwear in its first iterations because the coats were sticky and often melted into the heat. By the twentieth century, latex met fetish. It quickly became a tool for dominating staples like corsets, boots, and cat-suits.

The hyper-sexuality of rubber clothing entered sartorial space in the 1970s when a punk subculture emerged that borrowed fetish wear elements. Today latex is more visible than ever in mode and pop culture, with designers incorporating the textiles in collections and celebrities putting rubber garments on the red carpet

The Bottom Line

Rubberware is a long way from being considered casual wear but with a growing community, I imagine that will soon change. If you’re never tried latex, hopefully I’ve given you some valuable insight to explore this kink and if you like the feeling of light clothes and accessories, you should give it a try.

Since most of you are already a latex lovers, check out the latest latex wear on Foxxxy. Look for one that suits your personality or alter ego. Comment if you have experience with latex, I’d love hear what you come up with.

Exploring The Joy, Comfort, and Stress Reducing Power of Erotic Humiliation

Erotic humiliation is consensual psychological humiliation that can produce erotic excitement or sexual arousal. Basically, it is arousal by being humiliated. Humiliation kink is a form of BDSM or another sexual role play. This play can also include Verbal and Physical humiliation. Have you ever wondered how humiliation play affects the mind?

If you want to find out, keep on reading our post. We will explain how erotic humiliation affects the mind, stress levels, and pleasure.

Erotic Humiliation is a Source of Sexual Stimuli

In erotic humiliation, some people assume the role of the Dominant, and others prefer to be the object or submissive. The reception of humiliation by the Dominant offers sexual arousal or relief for the submissive. Contrary to popular belief, many people who enjoy humiliation are actually high-powered, intelligent people in their daily life. They feel a sense of relief, release, and relaxation by no longer being expected to be in a position of power and instead of getting to surrender to the Dominant.

Erotic humiliation fetishes discover sexual excitement or arousal via verbal or physical humiliation. To know what verbal and physical humiliation encompasses, here’s a brief introduction of both terms.

Verbal humiliation

Erotic humiliation fetishes are the most popular among submissives. Dominant excites the submissive through verbal humiliation. Verbal deprecation is a consensual psychological humiliation that creates a rise in excitement for both parties participating. This form of humiliation requires a safe word as it falls under the BDSM umbrella.

Often, but not always, sexual stimulation is the result of verbal humiliation. Two people’s accumulated power could lead to an asymmetrical power dynamic. They can indulge in humiliation play as a Master/slave relationship, a Top/bottom dynamic, or a Dominant/submissive relationship.

Verbal humiliation may include words like slut or whore, including teasing, torment, or embarrassment. Another form of verbal humiliation is giving or not permitting the sub to go to the bathroom or eat. There are many different kinds of humiliating scenarios you can do. For example, you could put the sub in a scenario where they behave like pets or a slave.

How Does Verbal Humiliation Triggers Anticipation and Excitement?

Humiliation can stimulate the same brain area that functions as a reminder of social rewards. Verbal humiliation in a scene ignites something exciting in the mind because it activates the brain to engage in a reward system.

Many people found talking during sex, especially “talking dirty,” to be “extremely enjoyable.”

In some BDSM circles, sexual humiliation is a lifestyle. Role-playing is also a form of humiliation, and it provides a perfect setting for your scene with language. The prospect of being out of your head while you orgasm is very alluring for some people. It is more fantastic, especially when it’s mixed with another fantasy or fetish.

Physical humiliation

Some BDSM couples engage in physical humiliation as a type of erotic humiliation. Dominant partner does so by the use of physical force, which helps them to control their submissive. Many BDSM kinksters participate in activities that include degrading the body, restricting movements, or manipulating the body.

Other forms of bodily humiliation include ejaculating, urinating on the submissive’s body, whipping, or cutting the submissive off from their privacy. Forcing a submissive to engage in degrading or humiliating acts may be part of a dominant partner’s repertoire. Submissive may adhere to a dress code that is both gender-specific and restrictive, such as cross-dressing or only wearing lingerie. 

If the Dominant person emphasizes their status over their submissive “pet,” it could include physical and psychological degradation.

The use of physical and verbal humiliation is in conjunction with each other. To ensure that physical humiliation does not cause distress, everyone must know expectations and boundaries. A safe word can protect you from overzealous or excessive physical violence.

Here is our guide for using a safe word in BDSM.

The Gratification of Humiliation Kink can Reduce Stress 

In erotic humiliation, both parties may feel sexual arousal in participating in degradation games. The humiliation activities create a build-up of foreplay, which leads to relief and release in sex, reducing stress levels and even alleviating feelings of shame.

It is crucial to play erotic humiliation with a trusted intimate partner. It helps to maintain a healthy outlet in any relationship. Because the submissive partner is vulnerable to the Dominant partner’s demands, it is the Dominant partner’s responsibility to be mindful and to establish balanced BDSM dynamics.

Aftercare for Humiliation

The experience of humiliation is relative, and it depends on the context. What may be humiliating to one person is not to another. The specific sensations obtained from experience are what erotic fetishes are looking for, regardless of the activity itself. It can be pleasing, soothing, comforting for one, or it might be shameful for the other. You must know the dynamics you will face in erotic humiliation play and how this may or may not mirror what goes on outside of the BDSM scene in the relationship.

If you call your submissive useless, slut, or whore while you act as the Dominant, you will need to get in touch with your partner afterward. It is essential in aftercare to reaffirm the caring feelings you have for them. You help them rebuild both physical and mental health by doing so. Maintaining a healthy relationship and participating in kink that acts as stress reduction can be difficult if aftercare is not a priority.

The Bottom Line

While humiliation play and sex can be an enjoyable experience, it can also be emotionally exhausting. We need to ensure that everyone leaves the experience feeling optimistic about themselves.

Despite the prevalence of erotic humiliation in BDSM and other sexual role play, there is little research. In contrast, humiliation play can lead to some emotional or psychological distress for one or both parties if done incorrectly. But if you do it right, erotic humiliation fetishes are means of erotic arousal and pleasure that help alleviate stress.

If you want to find out more about erotic humiliation, read “Enough to make you blush: Exploring erotic humiliation”. Or, if you are interested in finding like-minded individuals, you can join our Community.

Aquaphilia-10 Fascinating Products For Water Sex

Aquaphilia (also referred to as hydrophilia) is a sexual fetish in which individuals have sex underwater, either alone or with others. However farfetched, it may seem that having a love for water is entirely innocent in today’s society. Aquaphilia is a form of sexual fetish characterized by participants’ excitement arising from their actions or being submerged in water. It has another name, liquidophilia. Let’s “dive in”.

More types of Aquaphilia

People who enjoy urinating in water while they masturbate also called “urinators,” have a type of sexual fetish known as “urine fetishism.” Other liquidophiles, for example, find immersion in no matter what kind of liquid someone uses, erotic. Some say that those who prefer drinks that resemble bodily secretions tend to have a particular fondness for body secretions (e.g., milk).

Different kinds of Water Play

As you read on, some aspects of water fetishism and sex are listed below for you to see where you stand in the enchanting world of water fetishes and sexual interests.

  • Aquaphilia: Sexual arousal from water and/or watery environments including bathtubs or swimming pools (and sometimes called hydrophilia)
  • Albutophilia: Sexual arousal from water
  • Ablutophilia: Sexual arousal from baths or showers
  • Antiohilia: Sexual arousal from floods
  • Coitobalnism: Sex in a bathtub
  • Coitus a unda: Sex under water
  • Bidetonism: The use of water spray from a bidet as a genital sexual stimulant for women while masturbation

Aquaphilia and Other Sex Activities

Brenda Love, has dedicated a portion of her encyclopedia to people’s fascination with water during sex, whether they are in or underwater. It can include any number of methods of masturbation, oral sex, or intercourse, which water fetishes do in any number of water-based situations (e.g., bath, shower, swimming pool, lake, ocean, etc.).

In addition, she claims that it is also possible to engage in aquaphilia activities such as fellatio, where the partner holds hot water in their mouth. In addition to water sex, she also highlights several other activities described as “water sex” and can be done in various locations, like hotel pools, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

10 Waterproof Products for Water Play

If you want to heat up an already slippery encounter in water play, bring one of these waterproof products into the shower.

Finger Vibrating Rabbit

Do you prefer pressure that’s strong and consistent against your G-spot, like the fluttering of fingers, or do you like something more fleeting and straightforward, as the squeeze of a finger? Try the Finger Vibrating Rabbit Massager if you are so inclined to aquaphilia. The more giant curved bottom ensures that you have a good grip on the vibrating toy and can therefore press it firmly against your G-spot. Satisfyer somatic sensuality guide and director of education Megwyn White say, “When the vulva is throbbing, this is a good choice.” When using it to tap on pressure points throughout the body, it can also be a great foreplay tool.

Additionally, this Finger Vibrating Rabbit is a waterproof rated vibrator suitable for aquaphiles. You know what that means, right? Yeah, you can use it in the bathtub, shower, or another body of water. You can now make a pool of your own!

Clit Sucking Vibrator

According to Dr. Laurie Mintz, psychologist and author of Becoming Cliterate, this toy is necessary for clitoris owners. Instead of vibrating or pulsating, the Clit Sucking Vibrator uses air pressure waves to indirectly stimulate your clit.

100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing getting in the way of putting it on. This toy delivers a unique, mind-blowing experience in or out of water; therefore, it’s a favorite product for many aquaphiles. It could be your favorite too!

Pivot Vibrating Ring

If you look closely at this water sex product, it appears to be a bracelet for a newborn’s wrist. While it seems to be a waterproof cock ring, it also slips over the shaft of a sex toy. This exceptionally well-designed sex toy is great for women who want an additional sensation of clitoral stimulation when they plan to have penetrative sex in aqua play.

What is so great about it? Unlike twiddling your nub with your hand, you’ll be able to steady yourself against the shower wall with this toy.

When you run out of water, you can use the We-Vibe app to maintain your hydration levels on the go (which is one of the best apps for spicing up the intimacy in your relationship). You only have two buttons you can intuitively use to change the ten different modes while you’re in the shower. Sign me up!

The satisfier Pro 2

There are no other sex toys that can compare to the Satisfyer Pro 2. It gives a fantastic experience using air pulses that does not touch your clit, but instead stimulates it with a sensation of suction for all water fetishes.

You can use it for sexual penetration but to heighten the senses. It’s also waterproof, and when it’s in water, it feels pretty different from when it’s not. You will experience a new dimension of yourself being an aquaphile.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating cock ring is with 12 speeds, for both solo and partner use in water sex, with a textured attachment. Yes, when you have a ring on it, you will like it.

Regardless of whether you have a penis or are with someone who has a penis, you may still enjoy this guy. Put it around your favorite sex toy for extra stimulation on the clitoris in water play.

Your fun will be just a little bit more interesting with this toy. On the whole, the ring is of small size, but the material stretches well and is unlikely to be uncomfortable on an average-sized member. This product gets you filled up, and the vibrations are pretty strong. It has a waterproof design, thanks to the rubber coating covering the port. You must have one if you have an aquaphiliac instinct in you.

Triple Function Rabbit

Triple function rabbit is the best product to enjoy solo water sex. It has three distinct and intriguing features. If you’re not feeling it, you can bend the part with the anal beads without putting them in. The clitoral stimulators have three speeds and seven vibration patterns, while the shafts have beads that rotate at three speeds. And, of course, the anal beads have their vibration patterns.

This rabbit toy is less massive than other toys because it has a smaller size to conserve space in your carry bag.

Jelly beads will tickle your perineum, and you will go wild. It will blow your senses away by the sensation of the anal beads combined with the rabbit ears and vibrator. You will never experience such thrilling solo aquaphilia without this product.

Oral Sex Stimulator

Oral sex simulator is a small toy, but it has exciting features for water lovers. Its small size will surprise you, but this doesn’t skimp on feelings! There is no setting that you will dislike when you try it out for water sex.

This is perfect for someone who likes to take things slowly and get teased. Feel fantastic when moving the toy just a little bit from side to side. It helps speed up orgasms! Setting four, however, is the perfect balance of both fast and slow. After trying these settings, you will discover that it is as close to authentic oral sex as it can get. They’ll give amazing orgasms under the shower to any albutophilic! Allow the tongues to flick across the clitoris when applying pressure softly. You will prefer it if the toy offers a smaller number of options. These silicone tongues are soft and waterproof, making them very easy to clean and use.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Do you want some extra swing in water play when your partner is busy down there? Try out vibrating nipple clamp with 12 vibration modes that allow adjustable vibrating nipple clamps to be much more pleasurable than standard clamps or even your partner’s fingers.

It also features a travel lock feature, ensuring that it won’t vibrate while in your bag. It is a must-have product if you are a real aquaphilic and want to set yourself on fire in or underwater.

I Rub My Duckie

A bit of fun is added with the introduction of the I Rub My Duckie, a vibrating version of a well-known bathtub toy for water lovers as well as a favorite sexual aide. It can vibrate in three distinct modes. Specifically, this item is for water fetishes to use on their nightstand.

While its advantages are numerous, the most notable ones are how you can utilize it in different ways and the varying sensations and vibrations it offers (clit beak, vagina head, fat belly on lips, and MUCH MORE!). No matter how many toys you have, it’s worth it.

Touch of Velvet

And lastly, this pretty vibrator needs few words to describe it. Since so many of the water-friendly toys are silicone, you’d never suspect that this is waterproof, considering it is velvet. In addition, the ten pulsing options provide plenty of ways to create exciting patterns, if you know what I mean.

If you fit into one of the categories mentioned earlier of aquaphilia, the most important thing is having fun and deriving pleasure in the water with your partner.

I hope you love the products I recommend! All of them are independently selected by me.

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The Finest Rope Bondage Sex Thrill For People Who Like BDSM – Bondage Blog

While there are many different forms of bondage, Rope Bondage or more commonly known as Rope Play is an act that involves rope as a means of connection, intimacy, and pleasure. One person, the top, binds another, the bottom, with a rope. The rope is a valuable tool that encourages people to engage in play, communication exploration, and incorporating new, emotionally and physically stimulating experiences into their relationships or sex lives.

Rope Play is the Middle Ground

Rope Play

BDSM is an effective umbrella term that encompasses the various concepts of bondage, discipline, domination, and submission, as well as sadism and masochism. Also known as kink, this wide-ranging group of sexual activities includes some tried-and-true favorites like spanking or adrenaline seeking activities like fire or knife play. Rope Bondage is somewhere in-between all of these modalities. Makes you wonder should you try it, right?

Why Do People use Rope Play?

To use ropes during sex is to assert power and control. A person in charge of a relationship will immensely enjoy physically restraining their partner and doing as they please. Rope play can also be used outside the bedroom between non-sexual play partners. Even without having sex, it still provides a dynamic to experience trust, safety, sensuality and fun. The bottom gets to surrender to being tied and the top gets to assert their control either sensually, sadistically, or however fits their style.

Rope Bondage gives you the feeling of restraint, and loss of control will elevate your pleasure if you happen to be the rope bottom. For the top it offers a sense of power, control, creativity and even problem solving. The contemporary BDSM community knows the origin of rope tying to be from the Japanese shibari bondage art form. Western approaches rope as a tool to enhance control and restriction, whereas the Japanese style is all about bringing out the artistry in rope tying.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Rope Bondage:

Shibari Rope Tips
  • The price. We can’t deny that often times in kink in order to play, explore and indulge you need a lot of instruments and props which requires disposable income. Rope alternatively is relatively cheap. You can find great quality rope that also looks beautiful in our Shop.
  • The rope’s diameter is critical. To avoid the risk of a minor injury such as skin burns, circulation problems, bruises, or scars while in Rope Play, you should only use ropes that have a diameter of no less than a quarter inch. For this post, we’ll define a small diameter as anything less than 5mm.
  • The tooth (i.e., the teeth of a rope) refers to the friction that results from your knots; this means that your knots will be better if your string has a smooth tooth.
  • Maintenance is a requirement for every tool, as ropes are too. To keep it in good condition, wash it whenever you can and store it in a bag or case. If the cord gets too stiff, give it a trim and break it down in the water before using it.
  • Tying up loose ends helps make it more visually appealing and keeps your bottom safe from becoming dangerously tangled.

Types of Bondage Rope

BDSM/rope bondage

There are many types of bondage ropes, but mostly they are separated into two categories – Natural and Synthetic. Both sorts have their advantages and drawbacks and it all comes down to your personal preference.

Natural ropes like hemp tend to be scratchier and stiffer, perfect for the bottom who wants to feel more discomfort and the top that wants to inflict some pain. Cotton rope on the other hand is also a natural material but is very soft to work with. Synthetic nylon rope is also very soft and sensual for both the top and the bottom, getting things steamy while playing. Cotton and nylon are easily washable which is very important if you’re going to get any liquids, foods or other playful substances on your rope bottom.

Ropes + Toys

Want even more fun? You can use a rope with a magic wand vibrator for mind blowing orgasms! Tie a knot around yourself in the form of a harness and slip this bad boy in for a mind-blowing sexual experience. Rope Bondage is fun and can even be done solo, experiment and try it! For thrilling experience of wand vibrators, visit Foxxxy to grab one for yourself.

Beginners Guide to Bondage knots

Bondage knots

There is not much I can write that will make you understand the intricacies involved in BDSM bondage without getting complicated. Luckily, you can find many videos with tutorials for beginners and advanced users on the Web. Stay tuned for our upcoming Kink Tutorials, coming soon!

Extra Ideas to Make Your Rope Play More Intense

This is a must-read, the above is all about techniques, and this part is just about fun.

Restraint to items (chair, bed etc)

Restrained to a chair

Try to mix things up in Rope Play by restraining your partner to a chair, bed, a sturdy pole, or anything that catches your attention and has the ability to hold a rope. But keep in mind that safety is first.

The suspension

Suspension Bondage

For suspension, you will need some extra equipment (hooks, or poles with rings hanging from the ceiling) but it can be a lot of fun when done properly. Not everything has to be played out in bed! In order to safely suspend one should be practicing rope bondage for some time and know about the areas on the body to avoid when tying, as certain points cut off blood flow and can be dangerous to restrict.

Erotic Effects of Rope Bondage

These ropes help to caress or tickle while you tie or untie them, especially the more sensitive body areas. From ecstasy to pain, it can cover the whole spectrum of your sense. It is possible to scratch and tickle someone with frayed rope ends, or seduce them with the rope’s soft glide. Rope can also serve as an excellent makeshift whip.

Vibration on The Rope Can Cause Stimulation

With Rope Bondage it’s possible to have direct clitoral, perineal, and anal stimulation if the knots are properly tied near those areas. Either simple pressure or movement is required to make this happen. You can add your input by gently twisting, pulling, or tapping on the ropes. It is possible to enhance the feeling using a vibrator on ropes or knots. The surprise is that using a vibrator in seemingly innocuous places can dramatically affect the string’s effectiveness in transmitting vibration.

The Practice of Meditation and Relaxation

Couple meditation

Meditative is an excellent way to describe the experience of rope bondage. The top enters a meditative state as they are completely present with typing properly and executing their vision. The rope bottom on the other hand enters into subspace while surrendering to being tied. The sensation of the ropes binding their body puts them in a relaxed and trance like state.

The Bottom Line

Many of us have an unusual experience when we are unable to move. It is a unique feeling. There are instances when a submissive might appear euphoric or unusually relaxed after a session. This is known as a “rope stoned” or “sub-spaced” feeling. Bondage often helps to de-stress and relax. You can acquire many benefits from bondage no matter if you’re a seasoned top or brand new bottom.

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