Femdom: Tasks for subs for an in-person and online sub.

It’s not unusual for femdoms to assign tasks to a submissive, whether you’re in a 24/7 relationship with your submissive or you want to maintain your sexy relationship in their mind until your date the following week. You can’t be with your submissive all the time, and to be candid, it’d be pretty toxic, but giving them a daily task or two may be a really sexy way of making sure they don’t forget who holds the power.

What exactly is FemDom?

Female domination, or femdom as it is often known, is a hugely popular kink. It is a widespread practice in which a woman dominates her partner. It involves impact play, bondage, humiliation, face sitting, pegging, or any other scenario emphasizing the domme’s authority. All of which can be done safely.

Empress Wu, a dominatrix, residing in New York City, defines femdom as a term used to “note that there is a femme-presenting dominant in the kink scene,” or a Domination/submission (D/s) role-play. 

The attractiveness of female domination originates in part from its primary kink: D/s. Submission can satisfy sensual urges to serve, pleasure, or surrender for the sake of submission. Meanwhile, the power struggle with her submissive can be fascinating for dommes.

Many women even claim that FemDom improves their orgasms. Fortunately, there are many FemDom ideas that you and your partner can test out together. FemDom, as previously stated, can also be used by same-sex couples.

FemDom is quite enticing since the women who want to play the dominant role frequently wear sensual apparel, which makes them extremely attractive. So, instead of conventional underwear, you might see your partner wearing a tight corset.

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Why do women enjoy trying FemDom?

Despite what was once widely held, women are now working as leaders in many parts of the world. Things have evolved, and having a female boss is not as unlikely as it once was. As a result, there will be an increasing number of women in the partnership who want to be in charge. And they genuinely know how to steer the relationship, so we’re not sure what’s wrong with that.

Many women enjoy FemDom because it provides them with freedom and independence. Every woman carries a Dominatrix within her that yearns to be released. There is a Tigress within you waiting to be released. Most of the female dominance you may have seen in porn movies is far too excessive, and it is primarily staged. They are also quite challenging to carry out.

Exploring FemDom with your partner might genuinely strengthen your sexual connection and bring you closer together in the long run. It also increases trust and promotes communication. At the end of the day, good communication skills are essential ingredients in any successful, healthy relationship—romantic or otherwise.

FemDom is popular among women because it gives them control. Being in charge can be pretty enticing. It’s fun to be in charge of your spouse, having them perform your duties, run errands for you, and punish them for jobs they don’t do.

Some good things to ask your online subs to determine their interest in a FemDom relationship are:

  • What might our online relationship look like in an ideal world?
  • How frequently would we talk? Do you primarily expect real-time updates?
  • What choices do you have for communicating online? (Skype, snapchat, Kik, Discord, and so on.)
  • What services can you offer me?
  • What could you help me with?
  • How long do you think this will last?
  • How would you let me know if you don’t want to continue? (Be careful of anyone who doesn’t have a clear answer.) You’ll almost certainly be ghosted.)
  • What real-life obligations will have an impact on our connection, and how can I ensure we don’t interfere with them?

What everyday activities can you do with your sub in an online relationship?

Since you will be in an online relationship, you should be prepared to have a video call, text, or voice call with the person. Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but there is no point in being in a relationship if you don’t talk voice to voice or cam to cam. Here are some things you could do on a video call together:

  1. Request that the submissive write essays. It could be about the gratification of pain, why reverence is essential, how to hold a certain position, or anything else. If you want, you can create guidelines for all of these. Such as number of words, no incorrect spellings, and proper grammar. Just make certain to read It dominatrix!
  2. Before starting the day, write the dominatrix’s name on the submissive’s body to remind them who owns them.
  3. Have the sub perform exercises on a daily basis to improve their body.
  4. Search YouTube for amusing videos.
  5. Have the submissive take photos/video of any task completed/as ‘proof’ that it was completed.
  6. Make video messages for each other that are affectionate, erotic, orders, and fantasy.
  7. Call each other in the middle of the night (but not too frequently! ), just to say you’re thinking about each other.
  8. Call the sub and instruct them to listen to the dominatrix masturbate/instruct them to masturbate.
  9. Have the submissive go shopping for specific products.
  10. Make the submissive wear no underpants for the entire day.
  11. Have the submissive write your name on their body and leave it there all day.
  12. Teach them how to tie a crotch rope and then have them wear it one day.
  13. Have the submissive to wear butt plugs in public.
  14. Decide on their appearance for the day.
  15. Take filthy pictures in public locations.
  16. Request that they dress up in a specific manner and pose for photographs.
  17. Have them imitate other photos you’ve seen on the internet.
  18. Instruct the sub to eat only at scheduled times.

Exciting FemDom Ideas for an in-person sub

This is where all dominant females shine since they all have wild imaginations and crazy ideas running through their heads, and when they need to keep you occupied, they have no shortage of things to hand out to you. If you are not running errands or doing labor for Mistress, you should be doing something. The femdom tasks you will be given must be completed exactly as written.

Allow your partner to adore your feet

Some females become extremely aroused when their partner kisses or licks their feet and shoes, which may seem strange to some people. Consider wearing a good pair of gorgeous high heels that you bought specifically for your FemDom kink night.
Allow your partner to lick it, raise their body temperature, and lure them with the promise of more.
Other aspects of foot worship include gently kicking your companion with your foot. You can even tread on him and finally ask them to lick your bare feet; after all, you want your spouse to worship your feet, don’t you?

Cock and ball bondage 

Cock and ball bondage is not for everyone. So, if it feels a little too terrifying for your partner in especially, you can buy a stretchable penile ring instead of a metallic cock ring. They’re stretchy and comfortable to wear. Inquire if they are at ease using them.
Understand, you are not making a pornographic video, and you are here to test FemDom because you want to have fun. You can acquire a metal cock ring if they become comfortable with the cock and ball bondage.

There is also a product called Gates of Hell on the market, including many metal rings. That’s quite harsh, but if your partner wants it, give it to him. You can also acquire a cage for your partner if you’re going to try something more intense.
Request that they bring their genitals inside and wrap them in a plastic bag. Don’t let him go too hard, and that’s their task.

It’s time for some sissy fun.

Why not get your male companion a pair of girlie underwear? You may not be aware, but some men enjoy wearing frilly underwear when in a submissive position. They enjoy hearing insults or compliments from their companion.
If it’s not enjoyable and he doesn’t like it, you can both laugh about it later. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to inject some levity into your FemDom routine? Consider this. You can also make your partner wear it as a kind of punishment.

Check the internet for the most fantastic underwear for your lover so that you may both have the best time together. While he is getting dressed for you, come up with a pseudonym for your submissive partner and call him by that name. If he gets turned on by that, humiliate him or laugh aloud.

Consider using Impact Play.

If you wish to engage in full-time FemDom kink, you should try impact play. You can come up with a way to discipline your submissive partner. Ask them to get down on their knees and transform into a dog.
Spank his buttocks hard, and let your spouse request more spanks to turn him on. You can use your hands, a tailed riding crop, or a spatula if you want to go old-school. This will give you the distinct impression that you are assuming a dominant role.

Paddles, slappers, crops, canes, floggers, and whips are just a few of the tools you can use to spank your partner’s buttocks. Each of these wacky objects is available for purchase online. Buy these if you want the FemDom thing to be taken seriously.

Consider bondage.

Bondage is a must-do activity if you want to take FemDom to its extreme. Consider using a standard handcuff to bind your partner’s hands. You can blindfold them or put a scarf in their mouth to prevent them from speaking.
If you really want to hurt their body, you can bind their wrists and legs together and try to stretch them. Another item you can purchase for the bondage role-playing activity is the gag.
Request that he stretches his legs puts on some nipple clamps, and torture you until he pleads you to let him have sex with you.

Tease him

Include teasing to make your partner feel aroused while you attempt other things. Touch him all over since this will make him highly wet. You must tease him and continue to push him. He’ll ask you for more as soon as he can.
Begin by softly touching him. You can choose to touch his chest or genital regions, and if he tries to touch you, you can tell him that you have not yet given him permission to do so. When he oversteps his bounds, remind him that he owes you an apology.
You can also request that your spouse call you by a specific name or refer you as the Mistress.

Keep his orgasm under control

Assume you let him play with your vagina. He starts fucking you hard, and when you sense he’s cumming, you may control or stop him from cumming by wearing a chastity belt and hitting him hard enough to spoil the entire climax atmosphere.
Many people love being able to manage their partner’s orgasm. You can control his orgasm for as long as you want. You can repeatedly bring your lover to the brink of orgasm and then refuse to let them cum.  That is the entire game!

Request that they serve you.

This is the most enjoyable aspect of the FemDom kink. Request that your partner serve you. You can request that he do anything for you.
Tell him that you want a complete body massage, that you want a boob massage, that you wish to anything and everything from him, and your partner will deliver it to you. If you don’t want to be horny, have him paint your nails or give you a foot massage instead.
Consider anything you would like your partner to serve you with, and he must do so.

Humiliate him

Another approach to improve your FemDom relationship with your partner is to humiliate them. Humiliation does not necessarily have to be severe, but partners who frequently practice FemDom feel better when the female degrades him more severely. Insults can cause your man to develop a hard-on.

There are numerous options available to you. For example, when your sub eventually begins to fuck you, you can inform him that his performance is terrible. Try to embarrass him as much as possible. He will do his best to please you. After all, why wouldn’t you desire a good fuck?
You might even consider forcing them to perform embarrassing behaviors, such as dancing or dressing like a lady. Tell them to lick their own cum when he orgasms, and punish him if he doesn’t.

Consider anal play.

You should first consult with your partner about anal play humiliation. Find out if they are okay with the idea of dominance. If they agree, you can purchase anal sex items such as dildos and butt plugs.
Anal play might be daunting for some men, and some may feel ashamed after an anal sex play. Many straight men believe that the anal plug is only for women’s sexual pleasure, not men’s, even though anal play can be enjoyed by anybody.
You have complete control over the anal play. You can ask your partner to lie down in a specific position for you and begin playing with their butthole in any way that makes you feel happier.

Before you begin the anal activity, inform your partner that you’d prefer him to come to clean shaved for you. Request that he shave your genitals properly. A prostate massage is something that some guys appreciate. If your man is into it, toying with their anus may be a lot of fun.
To make things more enjoyable for both of you, we propose discussing it with your partner and asking them if they are willing to go for butt play. After all, consent is the most fundamental component of any sexual connection, which is more accurate when exploring BDSM.

Request oral sex from your partner

FemDom allows you to feel pleasure exactly how you want it. So, while he is still obedient and you haven’t finished punishing him or requesting him to serve you better, you might urge your partner to kneel down and begin giving you oral pleasure.
You can request that he give you oral sex in a specific manner or that he use a sex toy on you. You may comment on his performance while he performs the routine for you. Also, you can choose to congratulate him for doing his job correctly or criticize him for his poor performance.

Request that your man dress a certain way.

Females in FemDom do not always have to dress in a certain way to appear dominant. You might request that your man dress the way you want him to. This will undoubtedly excite your FemDom fetish.
When it comes to your attire, you can wear whatever makes you feel powerful.
Black is the perfect color to go with because it is just the appropriate hue to look and feel dominant. On the other hand, men can be asked to wear feminine panties that they may have purchased or to remain naked.

You have several options, including wearing high heels to satisfy your foot fetish. Some women love to wear thigh-high boots with their pencil skirts. If a pencil skirt isn’t your thing, try a bodycon dress. You can also wear a corset with black underwear.
Lingerie can also be a fantastic option. You’re the queen of the show, so wear whatever feels comfortable.

Making use of props

When performing a FemDom act, women might employ several accessories. Some props are used to spank the partner. Some are intended for bondage, while others are intended for anal play.
The dominating partner may use any accessory she like, depending on the manner and level of humiliation she desires.

Impact play

It is an essential foreplay method for the dominant partner to command the submissive partner. The Mistress of the home can employ various forms such as spanking, bondage, preventing him from cumming after reaching the peak, taunting, and so on.

Suede whip

A suede whip is a toy. A dominatrix can use it to spank her partner’s ass. The quality of the suede whip and the type of mark it leaves on the partner’s ass makes the dominatrix feel the shame she is causing the man.


The technique entails striking the partner’s buttocks while groaning. This technique employs paddles, floggers, crops, canes, and other implements. Sometimes the submissive partner wishes for the dominatrix to spank him to turn him on.

Sensory play

Sensory play is a method used by females to turn themselves on. The technique entails bootlicking, foot licking, and a variety of other behaviors that stimulate the sensory nerves of the dominant partner. The dominatrix will employ props such as a pinwheel, feathers, ice, and so on to arouse her lover.

Face sitting

Smothering, queening, or kinging is an erotic practice in which a dominant female sits on her sub’s face. There are various variations, such as when a sub is required to gratify a Domme by licking her genitals (ass and pussy) or when a sub is required to bear Mistress’s weight while torturing him fully clothed.
Sometimes, a Domme can use a particular face sitting furniture, such as a smother box or a queening stool. The fact that a Mistress can smother a sub any time and any location is one of the reasons for her appeal. Some individuals are particularly attracted when a domineering girl has an enormous ass.

Wear a blindfold

Domination through blindfold is an intriguing sort of domination. The man is entirely in the dark because his eyes are blinded, and he can only hear the sound of his partner wandering around and laughing. This strategy can be frightening because the person can only imagine the humiliation the female partner would tolerate.


While having sex, pinwheel domination is both an exciting and hazardous strategy. The method entails utilizing a pinwheel with spikes affixed to it. It is then put into the male partner’s butthole. It gives the companion both an exhilarating and uncomfortable experience.


It is one of the most widely used domination methods. It’s one of the most secure means of commanding and teasing a man’s senses. In this form of rule, the male partner is constantly stimulated but cannot get an erection.
The stimulation activates the person’s sensory nerves, causing an erection.


The ice play is a risky but safe sort of foreplay. It is crucial when used on sensitive and thin skin parts such as the penis, clitoris, etc. The ice might obstruct sensory movement and cause nerve injury, leading the person to lose excitement.
You can use it in the nipple area and other body parts. Interestingly, the dominatrix should administer the freezing therapy without any previous warning.


Cuckolding is a fetish in which males enjoy watching their partners have sex with others. If you want to start the whole thing from the beginning and work your way down, you can initiate with another man while your partner watches.
The female partner can make it even more vicious by not observing the man.

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Humiliation vs. Sexual Tasks

Subs tasks are classified into two major categories: humiliating tasks and sexual tasks. It will be dependent on who you engage with and what you enjoy doing. It is vital to identify whether or not task categories are assigned or if the two are merged.

List of humiliating tasks to assign to your online sub

  • Applying red lipstick Draw the words “slut” all over your head, “tit” on your face, and “fag” on your right cheek. Ensure to smear lipstick all over your lips as messily as possible. Make a small sign that says ” ‘s Bitch” by hand. Snap a photograph and email it to me.
  • Put on a bra and pantyhose, reach for a cucumber. Give that cucumber the best blow job. You can either video it or snap photos, whatever is more convenient for you. To accomplish the challenge, you must submit at least 5 images or a 30-second video.
  • Wear a plain t-shirt. Make holes in your shirt so that only your nipples show. Take a picture of yourself touching your nipples while holding an ice cream sandwich and take a photo in the presence of the retailer.
  • Put on an adult diaper before going to work. You are not permitted to use any bathrooms throughout the day and must hold your urine for as long as possible before being forced to leak in your diaper.
  • Masturbate with a generous dose of Icy Hot or muscle massage before eating your minty load of cum.
  • You will be handed a composed note from me, enclosed in an envelope, and will be required to hand it over to the most gorgeous lady in the mall. You must wait there as she reads it, oblivious to the information it contains about your task. Also, you must then follow her instructions. I’m in the mall.
  • Dip a loaf of bread in hot chocolate and fuck it until it’s time to cum. Shoot your load onto a slice of the freshly fucked bread, then devour the cum-covered, bread.

List of sexual tasks to assign to your online sub

  • Observe the dominatrix masturbating. The submissive may or may not be allowed to touch, themselves.
  • Allow the submissive replicating lick the dominatrix pussy (with a finger or toy) While chatting, keep the subordinate naked.
  • While you watch, have the submissive masturbate, smack themselves, taste their cum, pinch their nipple, and play with toys.
  • Whether you notify them ahead of time, or not, call them when you’re horny, and have your sub show you your favorite parts of their body. This can make any day a little bit sexier.
  • Make them write you some dirty poetry, record an audio or video of them telling you exactly what they think of when they touch themselves, or paint you a picture of the heated things going through their heads.
  • If you don’t want your sub to create anything completely from beginning, you can have them explore the internet for pornographic content and select only the best for their mistress to see. Make a Tumblr for just the two of you, fill an erotica anthology with post-its, and make a favorites list on your favorite porn site (one that you pay for, please!). This is another wonderful method to get inside your submissive’s head, and the best part is, they’ve already done the legwork for you the next time you need to come up with a scene idea!
  • Do you want your partner to try something new and give feedback to you? Instructing them to conduct sexual experiments on themselves can include asking them to size up to a larger toy so they can take more when they see you, instructing them to learn exactly what kind of vibration they enjoy, instructing them to practice their deep-throating so you can use their mouth more efficiently, or whatever your pervy little heart desires.

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Final take

Typically, tasks result from the creativity and strenuous effort of the dominatrix who dominates her subs. That is to say, there are no restrictions on what you can ask of the sub. Remember that delegating tasks should be fun for you and stem from genuine honesty. It shouldn’t be a guessing game as to what a sub wants. There are also different methods for controlling your sub while in a long-distance relationship.

Remember that the more you communicate, the more you will enjoy yourself. While experimenting with FemDom, you may need to purchase specific items, such as BDSM sex toys, sex furniture, or anything else that will allow you and your partner to enjoy each other more.

Join our kinky community Foxtail to meet sex-positive people who are ready to explore their kinks. Also, you will most definitely find more interesting articles to spice up your sex life. If you’re a dominatrix, a submissive partner, or just a curious individual looking to explore their fetish, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

The 10 Best Femdom Sex Toys For Your Femdom Fantasy

Female domination. If just the sound of that excites you, you’ve come to the right place.

So, you’re attracted to strong, female figures, and you want someone to show you who’s boss. Or you want a more nurturing but still strict authority. Someone who can make you cry, beg for it, and punish you if you’re up to no good; maybe even outside of sex. Even if pain and humiliation aren’t your cup of tea, there’s also sweet, affectionate, gentle femdom that might just be the scene for you.  

With femdom, there can be a harder aspect of power exchange and gender role-reversal coming into play. And BDSM already has a reputation for having a lot of rules. But if this isn’t your first rodeo, you’d know a little control and a bit of restriction can go a long way to giving you (or your sub) the ultimate sexual freedom.  

Photo by Adéọlá Adérè̩mí on Unsplash

Whether you want to dominate or you want to be dominated, read on for an extensive (and alphabetized!) list of ten of the best kinds of sex toys that can help you achieve your hottest femdom fantasies.  

1. Butt Plugs

Who doesn’t love a good butt plug? They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. You can get yours fluffy, bejeweled, or with a tail at the end for some bunny, puppy, or foxy cosplay. Up the ante with a vibrating butt plug or one that can transmit a (safe) electric shock.

Recommended: Metallic Butt Plug with Flower

2. Bondage Ropes

A staple of BDSM, don’t try these unless you’re confident you’ve practiced your girl scout knots. There are plenty of helpful instructions and rope play tutorials online. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you might even get creative with some more advanced rope play, like tasteful shibari. Good quality ropes are worth the investment – make sure you get one with a good diameter (over 5mm) and a safe-skin material that won’t chafe.

Check out a great comprehensive on the ins and outs of rope play here.

Recommended: High Quality Japanese Bondage Rope | Doc Johnson Soft, Skin-Friendly Cotton

3. Chastity Belts and Cock Cages

     If you want to be free, you’ve got to give up control. Chastity play with cages or belts might seem to land on the more advanced side of BDSM. But once you’ve mastered the logistics, it can be the perfect femdom tool for denying orgasms and getting your partner to fully submit.

Recommended: Stainless Steel Cock Cage

4. Cock Rings

          Cock rings are great for training naughty boys who come too quickly.  Pair them with some nipple clamps or get the kind that vibrates for more of that sweet, sweet stimulation to torture your subs with.

Recommended: Vibrating Cock Ring

5. Electrostimulation

     Wands, cock rings, cock-shockers, and nipple clamps: if you’ve ever been curious about sex toys for e-stim, the time to explore is now. Adding these new sensations to bed might even be the key to hands-free orgasms.

Recommended: BDSM Electric Shock Twilight Stick Wand Sex Kit

Safety Tip: Make sure to only ever use electroconductive water-based lubes, as silicone or oil-based lubes can act as insulators. And never go homemade.

6. Gags

Photo by Екатерина Мясоед from Pexels

The perfect femdom sex toys for mouthy sex slaves, gags can make your sub feel helpless by forcing them to surrender. Ball gags can help with establishing dominance by increasing anxiety and tension. But they also add a sensory element. On top of making your sub’s mouth feel full, gags can also make it harder to swallow. Spit kinks are a thing.

There are different types, too. Bit or cylinder gags are great for beginners, and o-rings are always popular. Dildo-shaped gags can be introduced for more advanced gag play.

Recommended: Breathable Open Mouth Ball Gag

Safety Tip: don’t leave them on for more than twenty minutes to give your sub’s jaw muscles a break.

7. Handcuffs

Stick ‘em up. Wrist or ankle cuffs are perfect for when you want your sub humiliated on the floor or pretty and all trussed up in bed, begging, waiting, and completely under your control. Restricting your sub’s movements can leave them at the mercy of you and your favourite femdom sex toys.

Recommended: Genuine Leather BDSM Bondage Set

8. Riding Crops

Photo by Maria Vlasova on Unsplash

Thwack! And the smell of leather. If you want to really immerse yourself in the role, a fine riding crop for some satisfying impact play can really help set the mood for your scene.

Recommended: Bondage Boutique Slim Leather Riding Crop

9. Strapons

Perfect for good, old-fashioned pegging. A beautiful strapon can be the magical union of a sexy harness for you and a good-sized dildo for your sub, ideal for stimulating their g-spot or their prostate.

Recommended: Bullet Vibrator Strap for Penis Double Penetration

10. Whips

These are for when chains and whips excite you. Whips and other floggers are fantastic for warming up the skin to prepare for more impact or sensory play.

Recommended: Fetish Black & Red Faux Leather Whip Flogger

The Bottom Line

When practising any kind of BDSM both doms and subs should always remember that sex must be SSC — safe, sane, and consensual. Femdom can be a wonderful opportunity to let go of not just your physical but also your emotional inhibitions. Female domination can also free yourself from the sexist expectations and constraints society may have set on you.

If you’re a beginner, there’s more to read about BDSM on our blog. You can learn all about why you should try BDSM to what makes BDSM fun. There’s even a handy guide on how to handle sub drop and aftercare! Happy reading!

How to Be a Fierce Femme Fetale : Tips for the Emerging Dominatrix

There are many styles of domination an Alpha Female can explore in BDSM. Being a female dominatrix, Domina or Domme creates a safe space for womxn/women identified folks to explore power dynamics and head-spaces typically reserved for those socialized as male within the patriarchal paradigm. In this article you will find out the basics of domination and tips to get started on your BDSM journey into a more embodied, powerful womxn/woman. First, let’s look at what being a Dominatrix is all about.

What is a Dominatrix?

Dominatrix is a French word that means “one who rules over others.” It is commonly defined as a power position in which one dominant partner exerts influence, structure and discipline over their submissives. While it is believed that one partner, the Domme holds all the power in these dynamics, it is important to remember an effective Domme is abiding by the boundaries and consent She and Her submissive have defined prior to entering the active BDSM scene. If it is an ongoing relationship or a  24/7 relationship, there are regular check-ins around hard limits, soft limits, pushing boundaries, consent and pleasure. For more info on limits and discussing BDSM with your partner, check out this article.

In pornography, you will often see Dominas asserting their dominance over their partners through pegging, chastity, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture (CBT), and other forms of sexual control. While this is common, it is important to note that Dominance is not inherently sexual and that many Dominants assert their control over their submissives without sexual contact through discipline, protocol, sadomasochism and a variety of creative outlets exploring power play in kink. 

What makes a Powerful Domme?

There are a plethora of powerful female Dommes out there and they are all different. Dominas each have their own unique style of Dominance that draws their ideal servants and submissives to them. For example, some Dommes are experts at using their wit and sharp tongue to elicit humiliation and perform verbal degradation. This goes well with orgasm control and those who get off on embarrassment or pain. Some Dommes are uninterested in humiliation and participate in noble Domination which trains the submissive through encouragement and clear protocol instead of shame, creating a structure for the submissive to follow in order to be rewarded by being allowed to rub their Domme’s feet or have an orgasm. 

Some Dommes enjoy creating religious scenes with their submissives becoming a literally living Goddess enjoying Her worship. And then there are teacherly Dommes who make their subs read books about Feminism to learn how to be a better servant and ally to womxn, proving their knowledge through writing papers so they may be rewarded with their beloved Domme’s Golden Shower. Or Dominas who enjoy primal play, hunting their submissives in nature pursuing a predator/prey dynamic. There’s no telling what the Huntress will do when she catches you! 


The most effective and powerful Dominas know what interests them, what they find pleasurable and what parts of power play turns them on. It does not matter if you’re piercing your submissive with needles or using them as a footstool as long as you, the Domme enjoy what you’re doing alongside your submissive. There’s a style of Domination fit for every Domme AND every sub!!

Learning how to be a great female dominatrix is about rightfully controlling the power you already possessExploring scenes and activities that make you feel like a powerful Queen are a great place to start unleashing the Domme within. Be open to trying different things, learning new skills and getting messy. While the submissive gives you their hard limits, YOU as the Dominant get to set the scene, the pace and choose the play. There’s a limitless amount of creativity and potential pleasure as a Domme! 


Contrary to popular belief, Dominance has nothing to do with manipulation. Dominance is two consenting adults exploring their limits and participating in a fulfilling dynamic. While there are dynamics that include blackmail and other forms of “manipulation,” this is all consented to in advance so everyone involved knows what they’re getting into. At any time either party can use their safe-word.

Communication is Key

The most important part of being the Dominant in power exchange is communication, both listening skillfully and articulating your needs, wants and expectations clearly. Being able to listen deeply and get to the core desire of you and your submissives’ kinks opens realms of infinite possibility to play in. 

Ensure to always have a safe word – and even a safe signal! If you are gagging your sub and tying them up, they need a signal to let you know if things are not ok. Check-in often, especially when getting to know your sub’s (and your) limits. Eventually you will develop fluency for their needs and limits but don’t be shy to check in the meantime. If you do not feel you can communicate clearly and be responsible for another person’s well-being in a scene, you still have more practice to do until you’re ready to step into your Domina heels! Practice until your commands and check-ins feel natural and pleasant to say.

To become a great female dominatrix, first learn to embrace your power and courageously communicate! You will find you’re actually having fun managing the people around you and getting what you ask for if the Domme-life is for you. It takes practice and experience to find your unique style, a sexy adventure! Enjoy the ride and if you find yourself uninterested in Dominating, maybe you’ll find submission is more your thing. It’s all ok! The expansive world of kink is yours to explore. 


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Yoni Eggs: A Way To Connect With Your Sacred Feminine Energy

Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into an egg shape form. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, and it translates to “a sacred space.” Yoni eggs, also known as sexual healing crystals, are inserted into the vagina to promote healing and connection to the sacred space. These crystals help to connect with sacred femininity, as well as to tone the pelvic floor.

If you want to discover how these sexual healing crystals can help connect with your sacred femininity, read on!

How do Yoni Eggs Work?

Crystal yoni eggs

Everyone knows well about Kegel exercises, and it’s reasonable to say that when done correctly, they help tone and activate the pelvic floor. Compared to the vaginal strengthening techniques possible when using a Yoni Egg, regular kegel workouts are nothing.

Many gemstones aid connecting deeply to your divine feminine energy during meditation. While some women even use their eggs during Yoga to boost up energy.

How can a Yoni egg Help you?

The egg-shaped crystal is ceremonially placed inside the vaginal canal. Many supporters argue that they imbue the womb space with sexual healing crystals which leads to various health benefits. Although scientific results don’t prove these physical health benefits, according to healers and spiritual sex specialists, Yoni eggs can assist in:

  • Fostering deeper connection and awareness to the seat of sexuality (the vagina and sacral chakra)
  • Assist during meditation to increase sexual healing and pleasure
  • Increase libido and orgasms during masturbation and partnered sex

What are the Main Benfits of Using a Yoni egg?

These day’s plastic surgeons are surgically tightening women’s vaginas. Our ancestors already knew how to do this naturally. Research has found that using yoni eggs helps support the pelvic floor, urinary, digestive, sexual, and overall wellness in the body. Additional benefits of using Yoni Eggs are:

  • After childbirth, gain control of the perineum and pelvic floor muscles
  • Keep your bladder healthy by strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Support Orgasmic Health: including vaginal, cervical, and uterine orgasms
  • Regular practice will help stimulate the Bartholin gland, which produces lubrication at the opening of the vagina. After this, women notice their vaginas become juicier, which can help relieve vaginal dryness during sex.
  • Can release emotional and energetic imprints stored in the vaginal tissue by inserting something that activates gentle sensation.
  • Deal with traumas, as it can restore trust in the body
  • Become closer to one’s own body by learning what it likes and feels like.
  • Awaken creative energy, passion, libido, and sexuality

Want to Give it a go? Here’s How to do it

Upon receiving your yoni egg, you should give it a thorough cleansing. Use a natural soap to wash it. Rinse thoroughly, holding your egg under running water with the tip facing downward. Allow the Yoni Egg to air dry by placing it on a dry towel. If desired, clear your yoni egg using your favorite Smudge before placing it inside.


Your yoni egg needs a thorough energetic cleansing before you can use it. Use sun or moonlight to charge your yoni egg by placing it on the window all day. It is potent if you place yoni egg under the light of the luminaries with a strong intention.

Once you charged the egg, it’s time to activate your intentions. Sit with your stone and imagine what the desired outcome you intend feels like. Sit and enjoy that feeling as you prepare to insert the egg inside of you

Each crystal has a unique vibration to assist your healing journey. While knowing the symbolism and traditional uses of crystals can be helpful, it is more important you purchase the yoni egg that draws you to it. You intuitively know what will assist your intention and healing.

Be advised not all crystals should be inserted inside. Make sure the yoni egg you choose is safely approved to be inside of the human body. Some basic crystals that are safe for insertion include clear quartz, rose quartz, Amethyst and Jade.

If you want to find out more about “How To Choose The Perfect Yoni Egg Rock For You?” read our other post.


First, tie your string/cord onto the tip of your Yoni Egg (through the drilled holes if they have one). Keep in mind that the cord should be long enough to assist you in case you need assistance. Insert it just like a tampon or cup.

Make sure the pointed or drilled side of the yoni egg is facing down. It means inserting the larger side first. You don’t have to worry about your yoni egg getting stuck. The egg can go as far as your cervix, which acts as a wall, keeping the egg within the vaginal wall only.

What to do Once it’s in

When the yoni egg is in, you have several ways to use it. You can use it for:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Cleansing of the sacred vagina


Removing your yoni egg is simple. Just get into a squat position and push out with your vaginal muscles. The yoni egg may be scooped out with your fingers, or pull the string if you use one.

Unexpected Benefits of a Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are tools that women have used for thousands of years to improve pelvic floor strength and sexual connection. Traditionally it was also used to circulate sexual energy into spiritual energy – moving the life force throughout the body. Here are some albeit unexpected benefits that you may experience by using Yoni eggs.

Awaken Internal Pleasure Zones

The constant use of the yoni egg will awaken the body’s erogenous zones like the G-Spot, Cervix, A-Spot, and P-Spot. Most of us pay special attention to the clitoris for external pleasure, but internally, using the egg-shaped weight begins to awaken the inner senses, making it easier to have orgasmic intercourse and adds to the feeling during sex. A yoni egg can help to self-stimulate! After inserting the egg into you, grasp the string attached to the egg and gently push it in so that it reappears in your vaginal entrance.

Healing Stored Sexual Trauma

Research shows that one in six women has experienced sexual abuse, leading to trauma being stored in the body. Regardless of whether you have gone through traumatic experiences or not, if you feel blocked you can clear it to become fully sexually expressive with yourself or your partner(s). Numbness, pain, anorgasmia, and disassociation are physical manifestations of trauma you may retain in this area.

When you use a crystal yoni egg, you can help physically and emotionally recover at your own pace. You are visiting the source of the blockage, working with love, tenderness, gentleness, and presence to heal it. When you bring the egg to the vagina and breathe with it, that activity can provide a great deal of comfort.

To associate love and healing with your yoni rather than pain and disease, one can insert a crystal when open and ready. Egg-shaped things can help invoke a sense of new life instead of long and phallic things, which could cause distress or even be triggering for some.

It Creates a Strong Pelvic Floor, and Strong Body

We are in our entire body’s foundation, our pelvic floor. Keeping our muscular hammock healthy is essential for overall health and the spine and endocrine system. Here is an exercise you can do that will help you create a strong pelvic floor and a strong body.

After inserting your yoni egg, stay seated and squeeze your muscles down below. These are the same muscles you might squeeze when you’re holding your pee and ther’s no bathroom’s around. In general, we recommend having at least ten slow, two-times-a-day pulses. Squeeze the pelvic floor for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. It would help if you strived to relax and release your pelvic floor while actively contracting and engaging it to avoid overworking it.

It is safe to get up and walk around once the egg is inside. The weight resistance and the vertical gravity of standing up also activates your muscles you as you hold the egg in place. Even if you cannot feel the egg’s weight, the pelvic floor is still being toned.

I hope you liked our post about Yoni Eggs. If you like to create a spiritual and sacred vibe, keep reading our posts. If you want to find like-minded individuals, then join Foxtail a kinky sex-positive community. You can also visit Foxtail shop to buy the perfect yoni egg rock for you.

How To Choose The Perfect Yoni Egg Rock For You?

Oh, crystals! If you are the spiritual type, you may be intrigued by the idea of using Yoni Eggs — egg-shaped stones that promote sensuality, femininity, and healing energy. In ancient China, Queens and Concubines used Yoni Eggs because they believed it carried many magical properties. Recently, Yoni Eggs are booming their way into the modern era! People are now rediscovering these techniques and using them to create a more vibrant sex life.

Let’s dive in and find the best Yoni Eggs for you!

What Are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Egg, also known as Jade Egg or Love Egg, is a precious stone carved in the shape of an egg and polished to be worn in the vagina. The Yoni Egg is more than just a nifty accessory to add charm to your bedside table.


Yoni Egg is an ancient and sacred instrument for spiritual transformation. It is also a Kegel exercise tool to have better orgasms, and have more sexual satisfaction overall! Each crystal has unique properties that can affect your body in different ways.

Which Yoni Egg is the Best to Start With?

Every person has a different affinity to which type of stone is the best for them. All stones will help you heal in different ways, and each one has its capabilities. You don’t need to know exactly what each crystal does, it is more important you allow yourself the crystal egg that you’re most attracted to. Intuitively you body already knows what it needs if you listen and let it catch your eye.

Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal, and Jade are all very popular because of their powerful overall healing properties and they are safe stones to put inside. For beginners, it is important to double check that the stone you choose is safe to use internally. There are certain stones like pyrite and selenite that are not safe for the Yoni.

Which Size to Start With?

About 80% of people begin with a medium-sized egg. People over the age of 50 or women who have given birth to three or more children are more likely to need bigger eggs. The smaller the egg, the more advanced technique is required to use. Beginners are encouraged to use the larger crystal eggs.

It is more challenging to feel and use a smaller egg, but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will get. It may feel awkward at first, but sitting with it or meditating with it can help you get used to it.

If this is a new experience for you and you’re unsure where to start, we are here to guide you! We listed some stones for you to begin with, including a brief introduction that can surely help you choose your stone to purchase!

Types of Yoni Eggs

Amethyst (Intuitive-Stone)

One of the most popular stones in the spiritual realm is the Amethyst. It raises spirituality and enhances all types of intuition and psychic powers. It also connects to other worlds by linking them to the physical Earth. On top of that, Amethyst is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming as well.

It facilitates the ability to communicate with angels and opens your channels to collective consciousness. It purifies energy and allows for the intuition to be heard.

Amethyst can help to heal a personal loss and grief. Amethyst promotes serenity, contentment, happiness, emotional balance, and inner strength, and with this, you can stand firm in life and be more open and cooperative.

Nephrite Green Jade (Dream-Stone)

Nephrite Green Jade supports overall well-being, as well as physical and emotional balance. Since it heals itself, it promotes balanced development where it is needed. Jade relieves irritability and distorts negative thoughts.

Wearing this helps to create magic for the highest good and protection, and because of that, travelers wear it as a guarding stone. Green Jade is a manifestation of Divine energy, and thus a good abundance stone. It has the power to bring harmony and happiness as well as material prosperity.

Clear Quartz Crystal (Master-Healer)

Clear Quartz Crystal, also known as the Master Healing Crystal, works on every level and contains a full light spectrum. It works to harmonize the body, amplifies positive thoughts and positive actions. This crystal has medicinal, meditative, and protective purposes. It helps purify and clarify on every level — spiritually, mentally, and physically.

It also helps to discharge feelings of stress that have been absorbed from other people and erases the feeling of inferiority. Clear quartz is one of the most popular stones in the world. Indeed beautiful for beginners!

Black Jade (Negativity-Remover)

Black Jade is a calming and soothing crystal. It protects you from negativity and fosters the wise use of power. It can discharge all negative energy and keep it away from interfering with the wearer’s surroundings. This stone is also a stress and muscle relaxant.

I highly recommended this stone to a person who’s from a destructive relationship, who is detoxing from the negative energy of others and even themselves.


Agate is a delicate crystal. This stone is present in all different shades of Mother Earth. Red Jasper gives you an insight into your issues and provides a powerful sense of stability.

Agate is particularly good at balancing your emotional, physical, and intellectual energy and achieving equilibrium in the art of Yin and Yang, both opposing forces of the universe. 

This crystal can strengthen the body and offer protection while concentrating, critical thinking, and visual perception. It’s an excellent stabilizer and giver of trust.

Red Jasper (Stone-Of-Endurance)

Red Jasper offers stimulation and vigor. Its vibration can give you strength and energy that promotes a state of balance and well-being.

Red Jasper gives you an insight to your issues and provides a powerful sense of stability. According to legend, Red Jasper aids stress, promotes calm and balance, and acts as a go-to gemstone for rejuvenation. For a long time, people have believed that this stone enhances vitality.

This stone may help if you experience significant changes in your sexual desires since it supported your sexual well-being and libido. Red Jasper is a stone of passion and used as an expression of “ready-to-tie the knot.” It aims to fulfill both partners’ sexual desires and compatibility.

Black Obsidian (The-Manifesting- Stone)

Black Obsidian crystal stimulates release of past baggage. It provides a physical medium for grounding and anchoring spiritual energies. A stone that heals traumas and deal with emotional breakdown.

Black Obsidian helps detoxifies on a spiritual level. This stone links through your root chakra, Muladhara. Many people wear this pendant to show their respect for Mother Earth.

Rose Quartz (Love-Stone)

Rose quartz is a crystal that satisfies romantic longing and eases emotional turmoil. It is known as the “Love Stone,” as it’s said to be the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the Heart Chakra, and it encourages forgiveness and helps you let go of anger, resentment, and jealousy.

It has a solid nature to attract new love, romance, and intimacy or strengthen existing relationships with family and friends. This rock also carries the energy of compassion, healing, nourishment, and comfort. It is a lovely stone for those working on receiving love and loving themselves. It is also a good stone for Mothers.


The name of this fascinating stone derives from the Italian word “Aventura,” which means Good Luck. It boosts your humor and desire for novelty but also encourages individuality and openness to new ideas.

This gemstone enhances the desire to embarking on new adventures and trying to do something new. It will promote your ability to navigate through life with ease.

Moonstone Black (The Mysterious-Feminine)

Moonstone Black reveals the true soft side inside you. Because of their nature, these Yoni Eggs may initially appear dull. However, under different lighting conditions, it glimmers in a multitude of colors while having a soothing and mysterious effect in which people can hardly get enough of.

Like the moon, which experiences a complete dark phase, the moonstone possesses a hidden wealth of varied characteristics. It strengthens your empathy and your intuition. Tenderly but forcefully, it can take you to the core of your most heartfelt feelings and enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Green Jasper

In olden times, people used to believe that stones could cure illness. Jasper’s name derives from the Greek word “Iaspis” (in English: speckled stone). According to the Greeks, it provides inner harmony and strengthens the connection to Mother Earth and Nature.

This stone can give you harmony within and during challenging situations, it serves with balance and self-protection. This stone works particularly well on the heart chakra, to fortify and strength the heart.

Have you chosen the right Yoni Eggs for you? You can easily purchase these stones in our store! Check out our kinky sex-positive blog Pleasure Uncensored to know more about Sexual Healing and other relative topics.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not intended and does not imply a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content of this article is for general informational purposes only. Consult your trusted healthcare professional before using Yoni Eggs.

The most effective Kundalini Postures

In our previous posts, we explained Kundalini Energy and Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a practice dedicated to strengthening and improving our nervous system. If you seek the most effective Kundalini Postures, you are in the right place.

We will show you the Kundalini postures to help you clear and concentrate the mind and balance your body.

Preparation for Kundalini Yoga

Start with 30 seconds or five deep breaths for your first time, and work up to 3 minutes for each exercise. Doing this provides time for bloodstream oxygen and chemical changes. Watch out for these super-effective Kundalini Postures.

1. Kundalini Fire Breath Posture

Breath of fire is the first Kundalini Yoga posture. It is a powerful and detoxifying pranayama technique that heats the body as one inhales and breathes through the nose.

Breath of fire will detoxify your body, oxygenate your blood, and strengthen your plexus solar chakra. Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of our determination and willingness, allowing us to continue the fixed (sometimes very difficult) practice or goal of the Kriya.

Due to the detoxifying nature of the breath and the chemical changes in the body, dizziness can occur. Focusing the eyes behind your eyebrows and drinking a glass of water afterward reduces this dizziness.

Trying it:

Inhale to push your belly out with gentle, deliberate strength. Go ahead to draw your stomach and back on exhale and expel your breath with the same gentle, deliberate power.

To learn more about the breath of fire pose, watch this video.

2. Ego Eradicator Pose

This simple but super effective yoga pose strengthens and purifies the lungs. It also opens the heart and connects us to the higher realms. The exercise balances the brain’s two hemispheres. It then brings mental clarity that quiets the negative mind.

Trying it:

This pose starts from Easy Pose, so here is a video of doing that asana pose.

While sitting in Easy Pose, flex your fingers at the middle knuckle so the pads of your fingertips rest where the palms meet the base of the fingers.

Place your thumbs in the sky, and then spread your arms over your head by 160 degrees. Concentrate your eyes to the Third Chakra of the Eye, and then start your Fire Breath.

To learn more about the ego eradicator pose, watch this video.

3. Kundalini Flexes Spinal (Seated Cat-Cow Pose)

Yogi Bhajan once said, “You are as old as the flexible backbone.” A stiff spine can disrupt the spinal fluid flow, stimulate aging, and reduce your digestive system efficiency.

Practicing it:

Grab your knees or front ankle with both hands at Easy Seated Pose and then bring awareness to the center of your heart

If you keep your eyes closed, breathe in. Then when you look up and pull your heart toward Cow Pose, exhale as you round your spine to Cat Pose.

To learn more about the seated cat-cow pose, watch the following video.

4. Kundalini Sufi Grind Posture

The spinal movements we made at Seated Cat-Cow mainly target the lower backbone and the lumbar region. On the other hand, the Kundalini Sufi Grind Posture focuses on your chest (or middle) backbone.

Trying it:

Rest your hands on your knees in an Easy Pose.

Circle your thoracic spine and abdomen counterclockwise, and churn. Afterward, inhale as you move forward and exhale as you move backward.

5. Twist Shoulder Pose

The twist shoulder pose is a great exercise for the mobility of the cervical spine, which facilitates tension and rigidity around your back, shoulders, and neck. Your breath opens your lungs and lifts them, creating immense energies that strengthen your aura and enhance the body’s energy.

Practicing it:

Place your left fingertips on the left shoulder and do the same on your right side. Keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders and parallel to the ground, begin twisting left and right. Inhale left and exhale right

Vibrate the mantra Sat Nam in your head as you twist (Sat left, Nam right). Allow your head to naturally follow the movements of your spine. Vibrate the mantra, Sat Nam, as you twist in your head (Sat left, Nam right). Finally, allow your head to follow the movements of your spine naturally.

Check out this video to learn more about the twist shoulder pose.

6. Kundalini Frog Posture

This exercise tones, forms, and strengthens the lower body while offering cardiovascular training. The energy stimulated in the lower chakras is then pushed up into the higher chakras.

Practicing it:

Stand on your toes, feet at 45 degrees, skulls and knees tucked deeply to the side, hands on the floor.

Straighten your knees to the sky, keep your head low and your hands to the floor and heels to touch. Then bend back to the starting position as you exhale, lift your head and drop your hips.

Continue with strong breathing quickly and then come to your nose with feet on the floor and take five long, deep breaths. Then feel the energy of your beet and higher chakras.

7. The Pose of the Archer

The attitude is excellent to promote willpower, determination, and clarity of desire. You will strengthen your hips, your quadriceps, your shoulders, and your core.

Trying it:

Start at Mountain Pose (a simple standing pose with the feet together and the body tall and strong, standing vertically upright). You can watch the following video to learn how to perform the mountain pose.

Then step back on your left foot to make sure both feet are flat on the floor. Make a fist with both hands in front and press together with your palms. Hold your elbow high, pull the left arm back (like you pull the bow back), keep the left shoulder and the elbow high.

Focus your eyes in front of you on your right thumb. Take your legs down and feel strong and bold like a warrior. Try it with a long deep breath and fire breath.

To learn more about the archer pose, watch the following video.

The Bottom Line

These Kundalini Yoga Kriyas create a balanced mind and body. If you try something new, whether it’s something you’re unsure of or want to try for years, approach it with an open heart and open mind.

The guidance here is for you to feel and experience! Try these kriyas for your own sake, connect to your body, notice how you feel, and let us know what happens (in the comments below, we are happy to hear from you!). Consider this quote from Yogi Bhajan as a last thought:

“Nothing in you can be more valuable than your relationship with your own consciousness.”

I hope you enjoyed my short guide regarding the most effective Kundalini poses. If you like to read more information about Kundalini Yoga, feel free to check out our site. You can also connect with other like-minded individuals in the Meet Others section.

4 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be A Sex Worker

​”Why is it okay to be a sex worker”? This is a typical question asked by people who are newly aware of the profession. Sex work is legal in most countries, and the demand is growing tremendously. People in society, especially the conservative groups, claim that this work is degrading and even criminal. But do not worry, this kind of work is considered legitimate work in many countries and even in the United States. The benefits of giving consensual sexual services are too many to be ignored by many people. Here are some of the benefits of being a sex worker.

1. You can financially provide for yourself and your family when you are a sex worker.

Working as a sex worker can help you pay your tuition, repair your home, and even afford an extended holiday. Sex work can also help you get a steady and regular income to support your needs and your family’s needs. It can also provide financial stability for many who want to finish their education and career.

2. You get a sense of financial freedom from your job

There are no boundaries as to how much money you can earn as a sex worker. You can choose to work as much or as little as you want and when you want. You can choose to work day or night, and as long as you can find work, you will make as much money as you desire. This is one of the most appealing advantages of this job.

Being an erotic performer has been illegal in many places since the time of the Amsterdam Red Laws. However, this law is now obsolete due to the expansion and growth of human trafficking and organized crime. Many women who are trapped in the sex industry may not feel comfortable talking about their problems. However, many sex workers see other women, especially those in this industry, as role models.

In most countries, sex work is not against the law. Some countries, however, have laws that criminalize the buying and selling of sexual services. In some places, it is even considered to be immoral. Because of this, many women who have been trapped in the sex work industry may face serious charges. Those who run the brothel will also face prosecution. For this reason, many sex workers have been murdered or have gone missing. However, many women have been rescued from brokering and are now leading normal lives on the lighter side. Working as an erotic performer can also be seen as an acceptable alternative to living in undesirable conditions.

4. Many sex workers find their job to be rewarding and very satisfying.

Many sex workers go to great lengths to please their customers and get them satisfied. Sex work allows them to satisfy their clients and gives them the freedom to do so.  Giving sexual services can bring you lots of money, as well as great opportunities for social interaction and adventure. The freedom you experience being a sex worker can also lead to other exciting endeavours. After all, this kind of work wasn’t always about sex. It was about making a living and having a good time.

One of the best reasons to become a sex worker is that you will be able to help others. Most people who choose this line of work as a career choose a specific field of sex work. For example, some decide to become a Thai Girl translator and care for the Thai women trapped in the sex trade. Other women may choose to be domestic or Thai housekeepers.

If you are wondering, “why is it okay to be a sex worker?” Remember that most of the world is aware that there are people out there who offer sexual services. When you choose this line of work, you decide how to spend your days and your life. There is really nothing wrong with this, and in most cases is the only way a person can afford to support themselves. If these kinds of issues are important and you want to make an impact, join the help a sex worker-friendly foundation.

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Femdom Blog: Discover Your Inner Dominant

Femdom members from our community and other femdom blogs report that dominance in BDSM refers to a person’s preference for a lifestyle in which they are dominant over another person, a sub or a submissive. The dom takes the lead in a relationship and acts as their sub’s superior in private and public settings. Typically males play Doms, Kings, Masters, and so on, while females or domes play Queen, Dommes, Mistress, Empress, and Goddess roles. But of course ALL genders are welcome to play either. All you need to remember are two elements; trust and confidence. Submissive’s trust in dominant and dominant’s confidence in being a dom is vital.

This post will help you discover your inner dominant nature by following some of these tips.

Confidence is Key!

While collars and chastity devices are useful, there is a lot more to being dominant. Sometimes all it takes is a simple facial expression or a glance to convey authority and force. And THAT is your primary objective. You’ll become more in touch with your inner dominance over time, and you’ll have a greater understanding of how to act in front of your partner. The only thing that matters is that everyone engaged has a nice time and enjoys themselves.

Domme with her submissive. Source: Femdom blog

Dress Sexy!

Several members of femdom blogs and community point out it’s always crucial to look attractive and exude a commanding aura and attitude. That isn’t a hidden fact. It should be evident who is in command of everything in a relationship, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to dress sexy.

You may remind your sub that you are the Mistress or the Master by dressing in gorgeous, sexy apparel. If you are a domme, you can start with corsets or bustiers. These two sensual pieces of lingerie are highly popular among amateur sadomasochists. However, if you want to discover your inner sensualist, then you better put them on now! Cupping your breasts with stockings or garters will also turn some heads but can leave them feeling sore from the rubbing.

Never Hesitate to give Orders or Punishment!

It would be best to practice giving commands when you have worked out how to be more confident. Giving orders or commands to your submissive is a vital aspect of being a dominant. These might differ from person to person, but every relationship requires you to exercise your power as a Mister or Mistress.

When you find your Pleasure Zone, Keep it there!

Some femdom blog members find that BDSM is great because it is a hands-on, exciting and intimate way to please their partners. However, if you are someone in public places, especially those you would not choose to be in with strangers, such as grocery stores, parks, and the like, you might find yourself out of your comfort zone. To make matters worse, when you are out in public with strangers, you may feel nervous, and your heart rate may increase.

Find New Ways to Please your Partner!

There are a variety of ways that you can be sexually pleasing to your partner. Some people prefer to be kissed on the face, while some prefer to be tongued or pinched on their nipples. Some like to be fingered while masturbating, while others enjoy a more hands-on approach while they wait for their master to get ready. The key here is to get to know your sub more and more and find what makes them tick.

Discover More Ideas

Instead of running for the phone book or looking through the local paper for an excellent place to find people from whom you can gain more experience and who are willing to teach you how to be the best dom you can ever be, you should consider signing up on a website where you can find them. You have to look in the right place, and we can help you with that too. 

Feel free to check out our site to discover similar posts. You can also connect with other like-minded individuals on a kinky dating site.