Sex Party Etiquette- Proven Guidelines You Need to Know

So you’ve been asked to a sex party and have no idea what to do or expect? This information will undoubtedly be beneficial. Continue reading!

Sex parties are exactly what their name implies: events where people either watch or engage in sex. The majority of the time, the attendees are there to satisfy a sexual curiosity or participate in one.
Sex parties are about having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. People will certainly get drunk and have a good time, complete with loads of hot sex. Expect to watch sex in almost every style imaginable. And just because you’re at a sex party doesn’t mean you have to have sex with a large group of people every time. Going to a party does not guarantee that you will get laid.

Sex parties have rules in place to guarantee that everyone has a good time. As a result, it’s critical to understand which acts are acceptable and which are not. People frequently bring sex toys to play parties. It is safe to say that you are welcome to bring your favorite toys.

Here are a few proven guidelines you need to know before attending a sex party.

Before going to the party, be sure you know the rules.

Before attending, familiarize yourself with the regulations so that nothing takes you off guard. The rules differ from one party to the next. Some hosts may prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol, while others may not. Some may prohibit BDSM activities or confine them to specific areas if some guests are uncomfortable viewing them. Most sex parties will not allow you to photograph the people inside without their permission. Some sex gatherings require condoms, while others do not. Most parties allow snuggling and snogging, but intercourse is not. Some parties prohibit sex actions, for example, no penetration or allowing it only in certain rooms. Understand and respect the house rules to avoid being ejected or blocklisted from events.

When attending a sex party, make an effort to look good.

Put on whatever makes you feel attractive! Looking good is what will get you laid. Often, the hosts will set a dress code for the night. Understand it and adhere to it. Wear something that makes you feel good, look well, and are comfortable, regardless of the dress code. Normally, a good dress and heels are appropriate, but if you feel sexy in a pair of boots and shorts, that’s what you should wear. In any case, don’t be concerned about what you’re wearing.

Take a friend or a partner with you.

Go with a friend who understands the ins and outs of the area. Make sure you’re both comfortable being naked in front of one other, or maybe getting into a sexual scenario together. It makes the entire event more enjoyable. It’s easier to go with a sexual partner because it’s typically difficult to find someone to play with on your first outing. If you’re going to a sex party with a sexual partner, make sure to set some ground rules. You should have a discussion about what you are willing and are not willing to do sexually. Is it okay for you two to have sex with other people, or exclusively as a couple? Once you are at the event, you should follow through on whatever you agree to.

Before touching someone at a sex party, learn to ask for permission. Play must be consensual. It is critical to understand when a person gives consent and when they do not. Also, respect the sex that others enjoy. No one should touch you unless you express your verbal approval or it’s obvious you want to play. Nobody should do anything you don’t want them to, and you should never grab theirs. Learn to ask, “Is it okay if I give you a blow job?” Is it okay if I touch your tits? Consent is important. Touching someone else without their permission is a sure way to get kicked out right away.

Be friendly

Make new pals. Be approachable and direct. Make a name for yourself as a fun, genuine person who values others and understands consent. Engage with others. You can approach someone you fancy, smile and introduce yourself, and ask how their night is going. It will become evident whether or not they want to chat with you. People will start inviting you to sex parties once they realize you are fun and enjoyable to be around.

Do not be afraid to say “No.”

There may be people who want to have sex with you, but you are not willing. That’s perfectly fine! Unwanted attention is easier to avoid at a sex party than at a typical pub. Don’t make a fuss, simply give a polite excuse and walk quietly. Also, be ready for a rejection from others. Do not feel awkward. Simply go on to another individual.

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If you don’t feel comfortable at a sex party, leave.

It’s fine to leave a sex party if you don’t feel at ease, especially if it’s your first time or you don’t like the vibes. If you don’t feel cool leaving silently, make up an excuse, and get your belongings. As much as you can, avoid causing a commotion. You have the option to leave at any time.

Bring your own condoms and lubricant.

Your hosts will very certainly provide some. But nothing is safer than bringing your own condoms and lubrication. Flavored condoms and other lubricants might cause allergic reactions in certain persons. As a result, I strongly advise that you bring condoms and lubrication.

Make plans to be tested after that.

Always have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test done before and after attending a sex party about ten days afterward. If you’re a regular at sex parties, you should get full-spectrum testing for sexually transmitted infections at least once every three months, if not more often. Take a break if you get sick until you’re feeling better. That’s proof of being a responsible, sexually active adult.

Sex parties can help you meet others who share your interests in kinks and fetishes and may be willing to explore them with you. Are you looking for the next sex party event in your state? Join our community to meet kinksters who know where the next sex party is going to be held.

The Not So Kinky Truth About Kink

Couple involved in kink

When I say kink, you say…! There’s a lot of myth with a bit of truth thrown in when talking not-so-vanilla sex. Let’s take a look at the not-so-kinky truth about Kink!

Kink Defined

Kink is frequently characterized as bizarre or unconventional sexual tastes or behavior, as well as anything that deviates from the straight and narrow. Having said that, some sexual activities fall under the “kink umbrella.”

BDSM encompasses a wide range of activities, including light paddle spanking and dominant/submissive role-playing, as well as bondage parties and pain play.

Role-playing and fantasy – Creating imagined situations are one of the most prevalent forms of kinky sex. It could be as easy as discussing a fantasy in bed, dressing up in costumes, or acting out scenes in front of strangers.

Fetishes – Fetish play is described as sexually treating a nonsexual object or bodily part sexually. Feet and shoes, leather or rubber, and diaper play are all common fetishes.

Voyeurism or exhibitionism – Voyeurism includes seeing someone undress or watching a couple have sex without their knowledge while having sex in public is considered exhibitionism. Both are very common and kinky.

Group Sex – Threesomes, sex parties, orgies, and other acts involving more than two persons are examples of group sex. Eighteen percent of men have had group sex, and even more have expressed interest in the idea.

Your Brain on Kink

Couple involved in kink

Kinky sex may improve your mental health and make you feel better. A recent study discovered that persons who engage in kinky sex are less neurotic, more outgoing, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, and less rejection-sensitive.

They also had higher subjective well-being, which could suggest one of two things: people with these features are drawn to kinky sex, or kinky sex can help you grow and acquire confidence.

Some switches (those who take on the opposite role they’re used to, such as a dom who becomes a sub) discovered that consensual BDSM can alleviate anxiety by bringing the mind to an altered state to the feeling some get when they exercise, create art, or practice yoga.

Kinks play on your body’s responses like adrenaline, which releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) when aroused. When you’re blindfolded, your body can’t feel the difference between a sharp knife and an ATM card. The surge of energy that comes from having an ATM card pulled over your body stimulates blood flow to the genitals, which increases desire.

There are numerous misconceptions about kink centered on rough sex play, defined as BDSM. This is one of the most prevalent sexual fantasies. Many people have had fantasies about bondage play or have experienced some kind of it. It’s much more common than most people realize.

Debunking the Myths

It’s no surprise that because we don’t talk about kinky sex, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions flying around. So let’s clear the air on a few common myths.

More men are interested in foot fetish play, but more women are interested in experiencing pain as part of sex – Truth: both men and women desire to explore kink equally.

One widespread misconception about those who are interested in BDSM is that they have been abused in the past. Truth: Some members of the BDSM community have been abused in the past, but the majority have NOT.

In the mainstream media, BDSM is frequently associated with abuse and violence. Some practitioners have even endured persecution and discrimination as a result of their kinks. However, the average individual who engages in kink has above-average psychological health.

According to studies, people who consistently practice BDSM have higher levels of relationship and sexual pleasure. Many people are drawn to BDSM by a need for sexual novelty. Sex is the way adults play; it allows them to disengage from reality.

Kinky How you’re Wired or Acquiure

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the source of a person’s kinks. The simplest answer is that it differs from person to person. Some people may be able to trace their kink back to a certain purple chair they masturbated on once, while others may have no idea why getting spanked gets them off. Does it really matter?

Who cares if you enjoy being tied up, whipped, or spanked as long as you do it in a safe, sane, and consensual manner? That’s why we call it playing.

So, instead of wondering about where a kink came from, go out and enjoy it! Couldn’t we all use a bit more play in our lives?

Kinky Requirements

When you think about kinky sex, you might imagine a leather-clad dominatrix swinging a matching whip. But all you need is your imagination and a willing partner.

There are shops for you if you like certain fetishes or want to learn more about a kink. Attempting kink requires far less equipment than, say, participating in your local volleyball club. If you want to experiment with sensory deprivation or restraints, you don’t even need blindfolds or handcuffs; a knot or pillowcase will do.

Keeping Kink Safe

Even though kinky sex has many benefits and may be what you and your partner want, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your play is fun, safe, and positive.

Consent is something that should happen before any sex act, especially if you’re trying something kinky for the first time. Communication is essential in play as well as when exploring dominant/submissive roles or potentially causing pain.

Restraints or resistance may be a part of your fantasy, which is more prevalent among women than you might imagine. Use a safe word you agree on before you become kinky to ensure you can say no in your kink while still being able to communicate no to your partner clearly. Use safe words like red light (halt) and green light (keep going).

Woman in Kinbaku harness

Everyone has various limits and bounds. While being open to new bedroom activities is fantastic, being honest about what you don’t want to explore (as in never, ever) is also vital. Discuss these hard limits with your partner frankly; there’s no need to be coy.

A huge aspect of kinky sex is combining pain and pleasure. Although some couples draw the line at mild spanking or slapping, others who explore further routes such as breast and genital pain should educate themselves so that they do not cause serious or long-term harm to tissue or nerves.

Ending with Aftercare

Even when participating in non-kinky sex, women can suffer symptoms such as anxiousness, anger, or motiveless tears. Countering this with aftercare that includes emotional connection and communication is critical, especially for BDSM.

So, don’t just go to bed after a night of kinky sex. Instead, check in with your spouse to make sure they’re okay with what just went down.

Custom Made

Custom Made Kink

Kink can appear different for everyone, and that’s fine. Exploring kink doesn’t have to start with purchasing a latex bodysuit and a whip. It might be as simple as seeing what happens try something new in the bedroom and enter a new world of sex.

The basics of kinky sex are identical to those of any strong, long-term relationship: communication, trust, understanding, and patience.

Now that you know that Kinky is not only acceptable, it’s also healthy for your mind and body! Stop wasting time… embrace your inner Kinkster!

Are you looking to get your kink on? Need a kinkster or a kinkee? Then, go to foxtail and find someone with the same thing in mind!

Love is a Battlefield: An Overview of Rough Body Play

If physical violence during sex sounds extreme to you, that’s fine. It’s not for everyone. But if you felt hot under the collar from the fight scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you might find Rough Body Play interesting enough to explore.

What exactly is Rough Body Play?

It can be playful; it can be intense. If you’re not careful, it might even be dangerous. That’s why Rough Body Play (RBP) is sometimes classed as an advanced form BDSM — maybe even veering into edgeplay.

If it’s hard to wrap your head around, you can think of rough body play as a subset of impact play without the props. That means no whips, no paddles, no flogging. Punches, kicks, and spanking, on the other hand, aren’t just on the table — they’re the menu.

RBP can sit at the same table as Play Fighting. However, people like to separate the two either by technique or intent. Play Fighting can feel more like a fun game and incorporate chasing each other or wrestling. RBP should feel more aggressive — think punching, hair pulling, or struggling while being held down.

Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash

Why get into Rough Body Play?

There are many reasons for RBP to appeal to different people. But contrary to what you might think, it isn’t always about punishment and discipline. While those themes, in particular, might be famous for their physical aspect, RBP can even be enjoyed by a relationship dynamic that’s more on equal footing. If you’ve ever been spanked and wanted to hit back, you might be less into the submission and more into pain.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Fighting can be hot.

There’s no denying it. There’s loads of sexual tension to be found in fighting because it’s so physical. The close proximity. The body weight. Warm skin and friction — not to mention the high of an adrenaline rush, your blood pumping, and the complex emotions swirling around in the air like anger, competition, or just wanting to rile someone up and to see how far they’ll let you push them.

There’s a reason action movies are so popular, and it’s not always thanks to a riveting plot.

It’s a primal release of energy.

Even if hitting is involved, sometimes it’s not about inflicting pain. Sometimes it’s the fact that you can.

Using your body aggressively doesn’t always have to be about violence. Especially for adults, it can get hard to find a safe space or outlet to roughhouse or just physically let go. While there are rules and a structure that has to be involved (to keep things safe and avoid injury), rough body play can help you tap into your primal side, unburdened by the pressures of work-life and society.

Subverting tropes feels good.

There comes a time in many girls’ lives where they’re told they’re too old to play a certain way. That they’re too old to run around, that girls don’t play like boys do. That girls can’t fight because girls are weak, and anyway, boys can’t hit girls. It can be a thrilling satisfaction for anyone used to being perceived as weak to know they can dish it out or take it.

As long as you explore rough body play safely with a trusted partner and negotiate limits beforehand, kinky sex can be your safe place to untangle such complicated feelings and even heal past trauma.

How can you safely incorporate rough body play into your scenes?

The key for everything is, as always, consent and communication. While spontaneity can be discussed, never initiate a scene without warning or preparation.

Negotiate limits with your partner/s.

Limits here don’t end at traffic lights and safe words. While those basic limits are always necessary, during RBP, all the adrenaline can dull or delay how you feel pain and how much force you dispense. Getting caught up in a scene might lead to incurring or inflicting more damage than you meant to, and you might even aggravate an injury before you realize it was there.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
  • Types of strikes or holds allowed
    Are kicks allowed? Punching? Which body parts are safe to grab?
  • When to stop or keep going, outside of safe word use
    For example, ending the scene at the first sign of blood or bruising
  • Where to hit or strike
    Map out the body. Bound Together has a great resource on which areas are safer to hit during RBP. As a rule, stick to fleshier parts and limbs, and avoid bony areas (sternum, head, face), joints (knees), pressure points, and areas around your delicate organs (lower back, chest, or abdomen).
    Remember to ask and keep in mind if your partner has any areas of weakness or chronic injury. Think weak ankles or wrists, sensitive breasts, etc.
  • Hitting or gripping can cause bruising.
    Unless your partner doesn’t mind visible bruising, ask if you should keep marks below the collar and over the hem.
  • How to hit
    Test out the shape of a fist or a slap first. Unlike in an actual fight, the goal is to feel, not to damage. Never punch with your knuckles and use looser fists. Your thumb should be on the outside of the fist, not inside. Finally, don’t wind up. The closer you strike from, the more control you have over how strong it will be and where it lands.
  • Holds or Grips
    Practicing how to hold your partner down or in place can keep them from panicking when being overpowered. There are popular classes and training videos down at Kink Academy for RBP-approved fighting techniques.
  • Check yourself and your partner for injuries.
    Ice any bruises, attend to any scratches, check if any bones or joints could be strained or broken. Seek professional medical help.
  • Check in with each other.
    • At any point in the scene, is there an action or move you would like your partner to do more of? To stop?
    • What did you like and not like?
    • Which body areas are particularly sore and should be avoided next time you engage in rough body play?
    • How do you feel about each other? What kind of emotions or thoughts did the scene bring up?
    • Was this satisfying? Will there be a next time?

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are many reasons why Rough Body Play could potentially be satisfying for you. It’s also a field you can potentially grow; after a session of RBP, many find themselves more motivated to hit the gym or even enroll in martial arts classes. Nevertheless, you should also remember that the human body can deal and sustain real damage, so it’s important to explore your limits and give your body time to heal.

Itching to learn more about kink and BDSM? Head on over to Pleasure Uncensored to read about kink community culture or how to find a good BDSM partner. Or check out the FOXXXY shop for some beginner BDSM gear.

Why Leather Culture is Here to Stay

Fur-lined leather cuffs

When you hear “Leather Culture,” do you picture a dominatrix cracking a whip, wearing leather from head to toe? Two men in “Puppy play” or a dom head-to-toe in black leather? It is all of these and more. So let’s take a look at Leather culture and why it’s here to stay!

“Leather” is a catch-all term for a diverse range of sexual preferences, identities, relationship structures, and social organizations that are loosely linked by the thread of sadomasochistic sex.

Leather culture is most visible in gay communities, where it is most often associated with gay men (leathermen); it is also reflected in various ways in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight communities. Many people associate BDSM practices with leather culture.

The History of Leatherfolk

The subculture is thought to have evolved from the post-World War II biker scene, characterized by uniforms, buzz cuts, and military honor codes. It was an aesthetic that gay men who couldn’t identify with the more pretentious stereotypes of the time found appealing.

‘Leather’ was a code word for men in the 1940s; it meant, are you into rough sex, bondage, S&M?’

Those men formed motorcycle clubs and dressed in leather, adopting a look of masculine independence popularized by Marlon Brando’s look in 1953. In 1958, Chicago’s Gold Coast was the first gay bar to cater to the leather scene.

Leather as Self-Expression

Men dressed for Puppy play

Leather has a practical purpose. It’s an excellent material for making durable clothes, restraints, and other sex objects. Leather pants also repel odor-causing moisture. High-quality leather wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable while also preventing bad odors from forming (Sweaty Sex, Mmmmm!). It is multifaceted and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. You’re creating your look and your sex life at the same time by choosing what pieces to wear and use.

Leather is a tool for expressing toughness and invulnerability through its functions—an indestructibility to its reputation fused by the people who use it.

Leather’s traditional description of toughness, vigor, and masculinity has been reimagined as light, subtle, and sensual.

Leather’s Role in BDSM

Leather and BDSM are inextricably linked. The leather community has engaged in BDSM practices since its inception, which is a big part of why we associate them with each other. For many people, regardless of sexual orientation, leather has become a symbol of kinky sex.

Leather is used to make impact toys such as whips, floggers, and paddles. Each one bringing a new sensation. People spend a lot of money on beautiful black leather BDSM accessories.

The Subliminal Power of Leather

Leather has a well-known presence in the kink community. Unlike other kinks, it is visible to passersby; if they’re walking around in a crowd wearing a harness, people in the leather community don’t mind wearing it with pride. It’s also popular because it’s all around us. Anyone involved in bondage wears leather restraints, wearing a sexy leather thong may turn on their partner.

Wearing leather can make you feel more powerful, sexually appealing, and dominant. Leather can put you in a dominant mental state, which can lead to rougher, more exciting sex. For instance, when your dom puts on their boots and harness, they become a different version of themselves, allowing you to let go and serve them. You can also grovel while wearing a leather ball gag or restraints made of leather.

It can function as a second skin. Wearing leather can make you brave to be yourself in a new environment, such as a leather bar, or to ask someone to dance in a typical club. On the other hand, it makes you more dominant even outside of a sexual situation, so you might be able to apply it to one. All of these types of leather fetishism are legitimate, they are all represented in the leather and BDSM communities.

Leather mask, belt, and cuff

Leather Defines A Culture

The leather culture refers to sexual practices and dress styles centered on leather garments such as leather jackets, vests, boots, chaps, harnesses, and other items. Wearing leather clothing is one way this culture deliberately distinguishes itself from mainstream sexual cultures. For many, wearing black leather clothing is an erotic fashion statement that expresses heightened masculinity or the appropriation of sexual power; a love of motorcycles, motorcycle clubs, independence, or sexual kink.

Leather Culture Principles

The principles of trust, honor, and respect are a common foundation upon which the leather culture is built. In addition, leatherfolk believe that by implementing these principles in their daily lives, they will become role models for both conventional and leather families.

Leather is associated with brotherhood, self-discipline, and honor. There is a tradition of self-respect and respect for others who deserve it, an open exchange of ideas and information, and active participation in the community.

Many people believe that their involvement with leather culture has made them better, stronger, safer, more ethical, and more connected. A culture founded on these beliefs is here to stay!

The Takeaway

All of these types of leather fetishism are legitimate, they are all represented in the leather and BDSM communities.

When we bring our kinks and fetishes home at the end of the day. It’s about consenting adults elating in one of the many ways people experience their sexual identities and connecting with others who share their beliefs. There is a significant difference between those who want to spice things up and those who are part of a culture that has been around for decades; Leather Culture is here to stay.

If you want to be a part of the leather culture or if your kink is leather toys and you’re looking for a partner, Foxtail is the place to be.

40 and Sexually Active – Taking Care of Your Sensuality

Age is just a number! Just because you’re 40 doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy anymore! 

So what if you’re pruning a bit? Your wrinkles are a testament to your experience and life! It’s a call for celebration! And what better way to celebrate life than to do the deed that gave you life?

Intertwined lovers’ feet

But the thing is, sex at 40 entails a lot of new considerations that weren’t present in your youth. Menopause/Andropause might be in your near future (if it hasn’t claimed you already); its tell-tale signs are now starting to show – like being dry down there, some mood swings, or being unable to hoist up the little general for a quickie.

Although it can get distressing to accept your body, don’t let that discourage you. The changes that you’re experiencing are all part of aging. Besides, modern technology has made it possible for people to relish in pleasures of the flesh (I’m looking at you Viagra and Lube) no matter how old you are.

Aged Like Fine Wine

The 40 and sexually active terrain is a reawakening of your sensuality. Think of it as the second coming of your virginity because, let’s admit it, at some point, your raging libido mellowed down either when you had kids, when your job demanded more overtime, or both. Your priorities just changed, and getting off seemed like the least of your worries. It doesn’t help your case when you’ve stopped doing your self-care rituals; the shedding of your public persona as you build a comfortable home tends to decrease your time and energy maintaining things that make you feel confident. It’s one of the main contributors to the lack of confidence that many men and women approaching 40 or are in their 40s experience. They feel desexualized and out of touch with their sensuality. 

A glass of red wine

By choosing comfort over wellness, they let themselves go. It’s not a crime to have a break from all the fuss. However, a lasting positive relationship between you and your body requires you to get reacquainted with your ability to love yourself in all shapes and forms. 

Sexy Has No Standard 

Wellness is attained through consistency. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to be consistent about things you can put off, like going to the salon, the dentist, getting waxed, and so on. While these may seem like trivial things, they are contributors to your self-perception. This is why Body Positivity is so hard to manifest. The media is purposive in feeding our brains with the ideal body type across ages. Unnecessary pressure is placed on everyone to look a certain way to be called sexy, think Jennifer Lopez and Channing Tatum. Although you’re not expected to be like any of them, it makes you feel futile for even trying to take care of yourself. 

Sexy has no standard, though. All bodies are valid, and we should accept them for how they are. You’re not getting anywhere moping around about your fading youth. Think of yourself as a deliciously aged fine wine. Sure, you’re getting up there, but that doesn’t lessen the quality and texture of your person. Sex appeals are subjective. If you feel sexy, it emanates! 

Sensual Sensibilities: Taking Care of Your Sensuality at 40

Taking care of your sensuality or desire to feel and express sexual pleasure takes effort. A sexually active 40-year-old isn’t a leprechaun. But the sexual routine of an old married couple may make you think that spice is off the table. Remember that sex should always be consensual and enjoyed by the participants. You shouldn’t feel obligated to have sex. You should want to have sex.

So how do you take care of your sensuality and become an invigorated sexual being at 40?

Here are a few things you should consider:

1. Self-Care Regimens

Saddle up and Spa! 

Self-care regimens such as skin care routines, mani-pedis, waxing, or shaving are trivial rituals, but these things help make you look and feel your best! 

Woman indulging in self-care

I know, I know, it can certainly be a hassle to maintain frivolous activities like these. Basic grooming can transform into a thing of the past when you’re too comfortable with your partner, but we all know it shouldn’t be. 

Self-care is important. You need to establish a good relationship with yourself to better connect and relate with another person. So don’t hesitate! Make an effort to hold a spa day at least once a month! It’s not a girly thing to use clay masks! Involve your partner in this monthly spa day! Do it for the team, guys! 

Another great self-care regimen would be exercise! Apart from it being good for your body, it’s also a mood enhancer like sex. Research shows that people who regularly exercise are happier than those who aren’t. It can promote good mental health and improve your self-perception – this allows you to feel better about yourself and, in turn, sexier. 

2. Indulge in Romance

Couple kissing

When was the last time you and your partner had a night out or adventure? If you can’t remember, then you’re in serious need of a romantic getaway. 

Indulging in romance is a great way to boost that libido! Your connectedness with your person is an undeniable feeling that can stir fire in your heart and loins. Book a nice restaurant for no apparent occasion! Have a moonlight walk! Do the things you used to do when you guys were dating. It’ll surely bring back fond memories!

Meanwhile, for all you single 40-year-olds, go out and meet people! Stop sulking in your nice apartment. There’s a whole world outside that couch of yours. Sign up on a dating app! Ask a friend to hook you up on a blind date. Casual relationships don’t end in your 20s. You can still play the game even if you’ve been benched for years. There are a lot of singletons out there ready to bang one out! You could be one of them, too!

3. Masturbate

Masturbation is the definition of sensuality. 

Hands and a vibrator

You can totes masturbate at 40 or older, and you don’t have to be shy about it! Owning your pleasure is an empowering feeling. It basically says that you don’t need anyone else to make you feel good.

Though you can also share this experience with a partner with mutual masturbation, it’s still a comforting idea that you can own this sex act by yourself. Many people find that possession of something which cannot be taken away boosts their confidence off the roof. 

So don’t wait up! Masturbate at will! 

4. Get Kinky

Sexy Secretary Role Play

If you’ve lived all of your sexually active years without getting kinky, now is the time to try. 

There is a whole community out here that is open to new sex-periences. Try out kinks and look for something that fits you and your personality. Buy toys that would make you giggle at the thought of using them. I guarantee that trying out different kinds of play would excite both you and your partner. 

To avoid being overwhelmed by the vast roster of toys and play, try buying something basic like toy hand-cuffs and blindfolds, try out cosplay sex, or role-playing. The choices are endless! 

Keep In Mind

As a sexually active 40-year-old, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for loving the deed at your age. You can even enjoy sex when you’re 80, and it’ll still be a valid form of self-expression and self-pleasure. You can even feel pleasure without sex, and it’ll still be valid.

Owning your sensuality and taking care of it is an ongoing process. Even at 40, your sexual nature is still evolving. You might not feel sexy all the time but you should aim to feel sexy most of the time.

Want to get a head start in your sensual journey? Read more sex positive and empowering articles on Foxtail! Or you could meet people from our community!

How to be Bad and Be Perfectly Good At It: An Intro to BDSM

The blockbuster Fifty Shades trilogy introduced BDSM to the general public. However, the movie only covered a small aspect of what it really is. If you and your partner are interested in engaging in new kinks, this may be the right choice for you. Here is your fool-proof introduction in this form of kink.

What is BDSM?

The acronym “BDSM” stands for bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M). It is an umbrella term encompassing a range of activities and dynamics covering the three erotic practices.

Furthermore, sadomasochism enthusiasts explore by eliciting a physical or psychological response, or a combination of both, to their partner. BDSM is based on trust, control and consent. It also uses power play to elicit pleasure. Both parties negotiate and agree on the terms.

Its History

For several years now, only few people know about the kink. However, its modern culture developed from “The Leather Movement.” After the second world war, soldiers embraced the biker style of dressing and lifestyle. They wore leather clothing, thus the term.

The old movement spread only around gay men and selected women in large US cities. Since then, the world has accepted the kink as a mainstream practice.

The Stigma from its Past

Surprisingly, the sadomasochism kink is an early practice seen in 5th century BC relics. However, the stigma attached to its history was a cause of serious concern.

Seeing the Kink as a Mental Health Issue

For several years, the BDSM kink was a mental health concern. Society branded partakers as mentally ill. People wanted to commit participants to mental health institutions.

Conversely, mental health professionals at present refuted this stigma. The sadomasochism kink shows good correlation with a healthy well-being. People nowadays see the kink as a form of therapy.

BDSM is Not Abuse

A lot of people misconstrue BDSM as violence, pain, and abuse. They even equate a sadomasochistic relationship as a toxic and unhealthy one.

In reality, this type of relationship involves intricate planning, deep trust, and gentle care. Both the dominant and the submissive agree on all terms of the play. Thus, we can surmise that a sadomasochistic lifestyle is a form of a healthy relationship.

The Kink Dictionary: BDSM Terms You Should Know

Top and Bottom

The top and bottom refer to roles used in BDSM. The top role is the dominant one in the relationship. They are also the one giving stimulation or pleasure-pain to the other.

In the same manner, the bottom role is the submissive one. They are the receiver of pleasure, pain, and stimulation. As mentioned, both roles agree upon the terms of the sadomasochistic practice.

This term refers to the agreement and trust given when participating in certain acts. Consent separates BDSM from abuse.

Safe Words

Similar to consent, safe words ensure that both parties are comfortable in the kinky activities being done. During the planning phase of this lifestyle, couples must agree beforehand on the safe words during activities. Safe words establish the limits and boundaries that the person has when engaging in sadomasochistic activities.


Similar to safe words, partners establish a scene to be followed in the BDSM event. It is a previously planned situation, complete with roles that both parties will partake.


Since BDSM involves some measure of pain, partners must establish aftercare practices. The term refers to a “cool down” period where physical and emotional care is given, usually to the submissive.

Examples of aftercare include tending to wounds, cleaning up each other’s bodies, or a simple cuddle time. It is a must-do after every activity.

Trying Out the Kink

Are you now intrigued to follow the BDSM lifestyle? Here areimportant things to consider before engaging in this kink.

1. Talk it out at length.

Before trying BDSM, couples must first talk at length if both are willing to start this type of relationship. Moreover, they must discuss which kinky acts each one is comfortable with doing.

2. Engage in intensive planning.

Like previously mentioned, sadomasochism involves intensive planning. Establish your boundaries, safe words, and aftercare habits so that everything goes without a hitch.

3. Plan your kinky scene.

The scene is the main event. Carefully plan your scene to express fetishes, test your boundaries, acknowledge the risks, and go over each term of your sadomasochistic event.

Furthermore, it is highly essential to practice good communication skills, especially when in the actual scene. Always start slow since both parties are beginners in this scenario. Let the tension build up over time.

BDSM highly values the consent and comfort between two parties. It is a healthy relationship designed to explore a couple’s sexual desires. However, it involves careful planning and effort. This is why both parties must be prepared both physically and emotionally.

It is an exciting new kink to partake. Are you itching to explore more intense fetishes? Head on over to our shop to cop the best sex toys and tools to use in BDSM!

5 Things About BDSM 50 Shades Got Wrong (And What It Got Right)

When Fifty Shades of Grey first came out, the book topped almost every Bestsellers’ List. The first out of three hugely successful movies broke records. Fifty Shades of Grey is still among the most-watched R-rated movies of all time.

Even now, it’s still an immensely successful franchise. It may be far from the first novel to center sex in its themes. But whenever BDSM comes up in party conversation, it’s the title on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

It was only to be expected that more conservative consumers would slam the book. But here’s the funny thing. Despite the promo and the branding, Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t exactly claimed by the BDSM community, either.

“Not BDSM at all,” and other bad press

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Early on, critics, evangelists, authors, actors, and even a few plucky DJs from Wisconsin who threw a “burning book party” would decry E.L. James for ‘glamorizing abuse’ and ‘promoting sexual violence.’

The kink community itself would be used to and bored of these accusations. But that’s because prior to the pop culture movement Fifty Shades would trigger, it was massively misunderstood.

Whether the creators intended to be accurate or not, BDSM practitioners had good reason to fear its popularity. They were worried Fifty Shades would perpetuate harmful ideas and negative stereotypes that were already circling BDSM.

Debunking Misconceptions

1. BDSM scenes are not always extreme.

BDSM is not a catchall phrase for everything sexual that’s nontraditional. What does belong under the umbrella are Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism — which means it deals with physical or psychological control, power dynamics, and giving or receiving pain.

That said, while BDSM as a keyword would conjure up all manner of bondage and fetish gear from ball gags to whips, BDSM is still BDSM without props. If you’ve ever gotten turned on from being spanked, tied up, or called a ‘bad girl,’ congrats. You’ve dipped your toes into BDSM.

In the first book, there’s a part where Christian ‘gives in’ to being gentler with Ana because she was a virgin. This scene completely runs afoul of the fact that (a) dominance doesn’t automatically equate to rough, and (b) ‘vanilla’ sex is in any way inferior to kinky sex.

2. BDSM doesn’t always involve physical pain.  

BDSM is an umbrella term, but that doesn’t mean one size fits all. Everyone has their own set of preferences and kinks. Respecting those of your partner’s is the key to a healthy relationship — D/S or otherwise.

There’s a psychological element almost always, especially when power dynamics are involved. Take bondage, for example. Even the simple act of handcuffing someone, which may seem purely physical at first, requires trust and giving up control.

There are other nonphysical ways to be submissive, such as performing a service or following instructions. Unless you’re intentionally exploring it, scenes don’t ever have to include inflicting or receiving pain. 

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

3. Doms are always on top.  

The terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ were originally used to differentiate positions in gay sex. But in BDSM, ‘top’ refers to who controls the scene, and ‘bottom’ refers to who receives the action. In bondage, for example, the one getting tied up would be the ‘bottom.’

BDSM, in reality, is incredibly LGBT+ friendly and diverse and not the heteronormative picture Fifty Shades of Grey wound up portraying. Doms can be masochistic and prefer to receive pain. There are ‘service subs’ who ‘top’ because it’s their kink to follow instructions and be of service.

4. BDSM is not an effect of childhood abuse. 

One of Fifty Shades’ biggest sins is how it contributed to the unfair linkage of BDSM to child abuse. Around the second book, it’s a major plot point that Anastasia meets up with Christian’s old domme Elena, who seduced him when he was only fifteen.

While there are people who engage in BDSM as a means to explore their own trauma, they’re the exception, not the rule. There are many different and varying reasons to try BDSM, and the truth is that — and studies can back this up — BDSM and other kink practitioners are not significantly any more likely to have experienced child abuse.

On the other hand, much of what adult Christian does to 21-Year-old Anastasia Steele is scarily downright abusive behavior. From breaking into her home, ignoring her objections, to touching her without consent. That brings us to:

5. Consent should always matter.

It doesn’t matter that Anastasia signed his ‘sex contract’ at the beginning of the book. On the one hand, sex contracts as legally binding documents are not a thing. On the other, she was sexually inexperienced and wouldn’t have been able to give informed consent.

Furthermore, a good dom should know better than to ask for blanket permission. Circumstances can change, and it’s impossible to gauge whether your partner is ready or prepared unless you ask.

The difference between sex and abuse is clear, explicitly communicated consent, whether it’s vanilla sex or extreme BDSM. It’s even a draw for many people that BDSM comes with strict rules, guidelines, and clear negotiations. For them, the only way for them to truly consent is to be 100% aware of what they’re getting into.

Now, as much as I want things to be black and white. There was one thing I felt the novel tried to say that I would agree with. If only it had been a little better expressed.

BDSM can change you.

At the end of the third movie, a shirtless Jamie Dornan says ‘”You’re topping from the bottom, Mrs. Grey. But I can live with that”.

I think it was trying to show that they’d both grown and that their relationship had evolved. Ana’s more confident, and Christian’s more open. While I don’t particularly appreciate how the franchise portrayed it, BDSM can absolutely be that transformative in real life.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

There’s a lot BDSM can teach you about how and when to communicate your needs or desires. Whether negotiating a fantasy or knowing when to stop (or add to) a scene, it’s paramount that everyone involved is on the same page.

Second, the emphasis may be on the dom being in control. But scenes are built around what the sub can and can’t handle. It’s about giving the sub what they want — even if it’s for pain or to be punished. 

Sometimes there’s no just better way to explore your own limits than to (safely) experience them.

How did you feel about 50 Shades of Grey? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with the community. Or sign up on Foxtail now!

Who’s Kinky and Famous? 7 Celeb Confessions About BDSM

BDSM seems always to be toeing the line between ‘interesting’ and ‘forbidden.’ You could say the same thing about celebrities. But Hollywood isn’t what it used to be.

The trend these days is for influencers to project being relatable and available on social media. Similarly, talking about sex — even weird, freaky, kinky sex — is no longer so taboo.

Keep reading for a sizzling list of famous celebrities who’ve confessed to dabbling in BDSM.

1. Angelina Jolie

Years and years before Fifty Shades of Gray, Angelina Jolie was Hollywood’s reigning Face for taboo and kinky sex. Her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, has been vocal and detailed in interviews about the blood lockets she got him to wear around his neck.

She’s also known for her extensive knife collection and even once confessed to using them in a sexual encounter. “Early on in my first sexual relationship, I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other.”

If you haven’t heard of either, blood and knife play belongs to the deeper, more extreme side of BDSM. The element of danger and extra preparations involved classify both under risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

Angelina Jolie has since asserted that her previous life of risky kinks and S&M no longer had a ‘place in her life.’ We’re not surprised. After marrying and raising children of her own, of course, she’d want to settle down.

“Angelina Jolie” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Eva Longoria

Although she’s particularly known for her stint on Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria must be anything but. The actress and producer has never been one to shy away from questions about sex. She has repeatedly talked about sex positivity, sex games, and even bondage in multiple interviews.

There’s more to bondage and submission than just the aesthetic — even though looking the part can be really key to setting up a scene. If you doubt whether she really gets it, here’s a pretty famous quote of hers from an interview with Page Six:

“I’ve been tied up with silk scarves. There’s something very sexy about being submissive. Because your guard is down, you have to totally surrender to something like that.”

3. Armie Hammer

For all of the sex-positive and proud kink representation you might be able to now find in Hollywood, Armie Hammer would be your cautionary tale. The reactions drawn by the raunchy tales he would tell during interviews quickly flipped from fascination to horror as stories of his risky and violent behavior came to light.

The ensuing scandal of 2019 and onwards would center on many issues about practicing casual sex and even BDSM. Some of those who came forward about him (at some point, even his wife) described being coerced into sexual scenes or activities they were neither prepared for, or comfortable with. We won’t get into it more; it gets graphic. But among Hammer’s laundry list of rumored sexual fetishes included knifeplay, dominance, roughplay, and shibari.

It’s important to know and always remember: Negotiating scenes and making sure of explicit consent is super important in kink.

4. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne and her then-girlfriend actress Ashley Benson were spotted in August 2019 carrying a unique piece of furniture into their home. It was a not-so-discreetly packaged bondage play sex bench. She would later acknowledge its existence in a cover interview with Marie Claire.

More recently, the model and actress made headlines for her now-infamous Met Gala outfit. Her white top boldly read (in red) to ‘Peg the Patriarchy.’ Statement or more than, who knows?

“Cara Delevingne” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

5. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is definitely no stranger to BDSM as a theme. Even though she’s had a decade-long, illustrious, and still-going successful career, Christina has loved to incorporate elements of burlesque, fetish, and bondage gear into her concert ensembles and music videos. Even her lyrics haven’t ever been too shy to explore the nuances of sex or feeling sexy.

She had this to say about her 2010 musical film Burlesque. “I’m just a very sexual person by nature – that’s partly why I agreed to do the movie that I did – I just think the art of the tease is a beautiful art form.”

6. Amber Rose

No apologies given or required. Amber Rose has always been candid. Whether it’s about posing nude, her career as an ‘exotic dancer’, or being a proud AF feminist.

There’s a lot to learn through Amber Rose’s no-holds-barred approach to feminism. You are more than who you had sex with. And also, there’s no shame or guilt to be had about having or wanting sex. It’s a powerful message, to say the least, not unlike her preferences in the bedroom.

Here’s what she said on the set of her own show in 2016. “I like to take a really rich, powerful man and make him squirm like a little bitch…I get off on that.”

7. Rihanna

We’re not at all surprised about The Rihanna dabbling in BDSM. After all, she did write The BDSM Anthem S&M. She sings, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.’

However, in real life, she’s admitted that sex scenes can still be hot even without all the props. This is what she told Rolling Stone about being into spanking:

“I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs… I’d rather have him use his hands.”

Before we say goodbye

Are you interested in BDSM? Check out more posts on Pleasure Uncensored for more on why BDSM is so fascinating or how to slowly bring it to the bedroom. Happy reading!

Kinky Camping Essentials

Couple in woods semi-nude

Do you long to have sex under the stars? Do you want to turn your morning tent into sex in a tent? Kinky camping is exactly what you’re looking for! I’ve got a list of essentials that will have you getting freaky in the forest in no time.

We’ll need a few basics before jumping into the outdoor down and dirty. While outdoor sex sounds sexy, there’s a few things out there that could turn your trip from the sex games to the crying game.

Packing the Bacics


This is where you don’t want to skimp. Size matters here; you want the room to move and keep your gear. This is not a pup tent trip. Bring a larger tent; you need room to play; there’s nothing sexy about rolling into the sides of a tent in the throes of passion.

The simplest way to achieve privacy and avoid bug bites in an outdoor location is to do the deed in your tent. Keeping most tents dry and condensation-free is a challenge. When getting jiggy in your tent, use the vents and windows to prevent condensation from forming when things start to get steamy.

Air Mattress

If you like a little bounce in your banging, get an air mattress! No one’s getting their rocks off if they’re humpin’ on rocks and twigs. Opt for a good quality mattress, and you’ll get more bang for your buck! After all that play, you’ll want to sleep, and that air mattress will feel like heaven.
Pack your pillows, blankets, and extra sheets cos you know it just might get messy…

Sleeping Bags

Get the two-person sleeping bag or zip two together! Who says foreplay can’t start in a sleeping bag? Start a fire and explore each other under the sleeping bag. Kinky camping is about intimacy and feeling good. Edging in the outdoors will feel so much more intense!

Let’s Pack the Toys

We’ll start with the must-haves and move on to the fun stuff.

Condoms – while sloppy sex can be a turn-on, it’s not in a tent. If you’re not using them for protection, use them to avoid a mess (may not be real sexy, but you’ll thank me later.

Lube – You never know what you’ll need it for…plus we are packing toys. Individual packets work great. Use what you need and keep the mess to a minimum.

Baby Wipes and towels – Bring lots of wipes; you’re aiming to be hot and slick, you’ll want to clean up. Throw some water and soap in there too. If there are no showers, you can always wash each other up (and start again!!) Be sure to pack some small garbage bags, so you don’t have to carry the condoms to the trash (Eeww!)

Bug Spray – Use natural bug spray so your body doesn’t taste like poison; nothing says “turn off” like a lick or two of bug spray!

Toys – Bring lots of your favorites…the quieter ones for sure. Kinky camping calls for innovation; leave the cuffs, grab some bungee cords, bandanas, a ball gag, and rope. Be creative and have fun with your choices; you want this to be a trip to remember!

Keeping the Romps Rash Free

Kissing couple on a stump

Before it gets too steamy and you require some fresh air or take the party outside, get familiar with the plants.

Brushing up against poison oak, stinging nettles, or poison ivy is bad enough, but we don’t want to think about it touching more sensitive areas – yikes!

Instead, spread out a down blanket or swing around in a hammock (hint, hint) and have a peaceful romp.

Free the Forest Fetish

Getting cozy in a tent together is already romantic, but being outside gives you a plethora of opportunities to turn each other on.

Couple kissing by a waterfall

Why not put silence to the test by allowing her to discipline you without making a sound? After all, you don’t want your neighbor to file a complaint against your kinky ass kicked out before you can put those bungee cords to the test. Can’t seem to keep your mouth shut? Allow her to wear a ball gag!

Skinny Dip in the Moonlight

Skinny dipping is the epitome of foreplay. Waterplay is sexy, but water play at night at risk of being caught…is sexier than hell!

The only sex on the beach anyone should have should be in a glass with an umbrella. Sand is not only uncomfortable, but it also gets everywhere. Return to the tent and skip the grit!

Save the skinny dip for after sex and wash up before bed; you’ll be refreshed and ready to go when the sun comes up!

When it comes to camping sex, intimacy is the name of the game. That’s one of the advantages of doing the nasties in a tent: almost every position becomes instantly more intimate.

Packing it Up

Whatever way you choose to get wicked in the woods, it’s a great way to spice up your sex life while also reaping the benefits of love-making and nature. Kinky camping can be a romantic and exciting experience for both partners.

Looking for someone to go for a walk in the woods with? Visit Foxtail to find your kinky camper!

5 Best Ways to Have Stimulating Foreplay With Sex Toys

Are you tired of having boring and unappealing foreplay before sex? Allow me to show you how to spice up your sex life with sex toys. Foreplay is essential for creating desire and arousal. Foreplay can make a couple feel intimate and more connected, leading to both partners becoming even more aroused. To begin, you must have a foreplay kit box on hand to spice up foreplay before sex. Firstly, I suggest you consider The Vaultz Locking Storage Box, which comes with locks and dividers. A good, basic foreplay kit should include a good water-based lube or a natural oil-based lubricant, a vibrator, and bondage toys (all which can be found on Foxxxy).

Now that you’ve got your foreplay gear, let’s get right to business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can satisfy your partner with sex toys.

Tease and Tickle Your Partner

Teasing is all about building suspense by not giving everything away. For many people, being teased and tickled with the promise of pleasure is enjoyable. There is rough tickling as well as soft tickling. Soft tickling is usually enjoyable as well as arousing and exciting.

The first rule of teasing is to avoid going straight for the sex organs. Gently and slowly use your Teasing and Tickling Feather Duster to brush your partner’s skin in areas that make them squirm, such as their armpits, the back of their knees, the neck, and the soles of their feet. Most importantly, try varying your tickle tactics from time to time to see what produces the most titillating sensations for both of you.

Teasing And Tickling Feather

Give Your Partner a Sensual Massage

One of the most erotic and relaxing things you can do for your partner is giving them a sensual massage. A sensual massage will make your partner feel calm, nurtured, adored, and loved, and relaxing them will help lower their inhibitions. Not only does it relax and calm you, but it also raises the pleasure level, making your partner want more and more! The relaxation, calm, and increased pleasure it provides turn your partner on until they can no longer take it. The first step toward a truly enticing sensual massage is to dim the lights, play some soothing music that you know your partner enjoys, gently remove their clothing, and give them a slow and sexy rubdown as a special treat.

A good sensual massage oil and massage wand will do the magic.  Not sure what type of oil to use? Take a look at Passion Sensual Massage Oil or Fox Envy: Vanilla Scented Sensual Massage Oil

Sensual Massage oil

Use the “Her Ultimate Pleasure” Sex Toy to give your partner a Nipplegasm

A nipple orgasm occurs when you reach a sexual climax solely by stimulating the nipples or surrounding breast area. Nipples are large erogenous zones with a lot of nerve endings that provide intense sensations. While fingers are fantastic tools for providing sexual pleasure, it is also important to remember that simply stimulating the breast with your hands is not enough. Some sex toys are more effective at delivering desired sexual pleasure. That’s right. We are talking about Her Ultimate Pleasure sex toy, which has four motors for simultaneous licking, sucking, and vibrating action.

Start by massaging the breasts gently, then move your sex toy in smaller circles towards the nipples, teasing and building anticipation. Nipples are incredible because they change shape and size as they get aroused, going from soft to hard. The more sensitive the nipples become to direct stimulation, the harder they become. Therefore, it is important to increase the pressure of circling and sucking on both nipples one at a time as your partner’s sensitivity increases. The happy hormone oxytocin can be released during nipple play. You can show your nipples some love with nipple-related products like tingling balm, pinching magnets, pendants, clamps, suckers, and pumps.

Her Ultimate Pleasure Sex Toy

Caress the Clitoris

Most people produce arousal fluids when they are turned on to help stimulate the clitoris and vagina. However, when caressing the clitoris, use a water-based lubricant to avoid chafing and dryness. Begin with a slow and gentle touch with your Clit Sucking Vibrator. The clit sucking vibrator is carefully designed to hug the clitoris while providing suction and vibration at the same time.

Massage the vulva with the vibrator before moving in a circular motion to the clitoris. Gently and gradually increase your speed and pressure as your partner encourages. You can accomplish this with a variety of sex toys. The selection is impressive, ranging from the clit sucking vibrator for clitoral stimulation to vibrating rabbits to pulsing rings that turn your penis into a vibrating tool.

Clit Sucking Vibrator

Use the G-Spot Finger Vibrator for Fingering

Finger vibrators are fantastic because they add a vibrating component to the sexual and sensual activities you already engage in with your hands and fingers. The G-Spot Finger Vibrator wraps around your entire finger like a sexy finger glove, providing incredible stimulation to the clit. With your finger vibrator covered in lube, slowly run your finger along the vaginal walls; as you slip your finger deeper into the vagina, the lubrication on the vibrator increases. Be sure to position the vibrator so that the curved side is pointing up and stimulating the G-spot. It is important to pay attention to what your partner says they enjoy the most.

G-Spot Finger Vibrator

There’s no particular order to start your foreplay. You can never go wrong with the right kind of sex toys in your foreplay kit box. It is important to opt for sex toys you can use multiple ways. I highly recommend Foxxxy if you’re looking for affordable and flawless sex toys to add to your collection. They have a fantastic selection of adult toys. Do you want to learn more intriguing tips on how to spice up your sex life? Then you should check out Sensory Pleasure: Enhance Sex Play with Sensory Overload.