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We are all after sexual pleasure when we engage in sex. These articles look into the many ways of enhancing sexual pleasure by using toys, kink, machines and massages!


The All-in-One Voyeurism Resource

Fetishes exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bondage, role-play, impact play, and anal sex is prevalent fetishes that you've probably heard of or tried out, but have you ever heard of voyeurism? The sexual preference for watching/observing other people engage in intimate activities such as bathing, undressing, and sexual actions is called voyeurism.…

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dom-sub relationship

35 Rules For Submissives’ to Make Your Dom-Sub Relationship Intense.

Two of the most widely used names in the BDSM world of kink are "dom" and "sub," which stand for "dominant" and "submissive," respectively. You could engage in a harmless, reasonable, and consensual dom-sub relationship by using guidelines for your submissive and instruments such as BDSM contracts. Some people associate BDSM solely with relationship building,…

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Touch, Lick, Bite, and Blow: 35 Hottest (Secret) Erogenous Zones.

You are surrounded by sensitive spots that you've never considered exploring. An erogenous zone is any body area that increases sensitivity when stimulated to elicit sexual responses.Everything you need to know about erogenous zonesWhen stimulated, the erogenous zone of the body transmits signals to the brain that translate as pleasurable sensations. The lips,…

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