Kink Dating Apps: 3 Undeniable Ways They Boost Happiness

Kink dating apps help you find other people who are more sex-positive then those you find on other apps. These apps help connect individuals that enjoy engaging in kinky experiences. Finding people who share you erotic interests can be exhausting and sometimes dangerous. By using an app such as Foxtail, you are able to safely find those who share our kinky interests and experience the heights of our sexuality.

Finding someone who understands and accepts you on kink dating apps

Those who participate in a BDSM relationships do so because they find that they enjoy a power exchange dynamic on a sexual level. Kinksters in general are more of an accepting group of people. Due to the fact kink involves others, you will soon find there are a plethora of communities that will accept you.

The best way to find people who will help you experience the kind of kinks your prefer is to be honest. In your profile be as honest and vulnerable as possible. Honesty is sex so you have nothing to lose by bearing it all.

Knowing and accepting yourself in return

Meeting people on kink dating apps can give you that unconditional positive feeling that can changes in your life. Discovering your kink is a great way to overcome any feelings of self-consciousness or shame that you may have. By opening yourself to your true sexual tendencies, you will realize that you want to explore other parts of yourself. BDSM, for example, can improve mental health and leads to feeling more comfortable in your skin.

Taking control over your sexuality

The truth is, any lifestyle change can be good for mental health. There are some areas of BDSM that can provide excellent mental health benefits. When learning how BDSM can improve mental health, keep in mind that the reason people get involved in BDSM is that they want to have power over time and place. While this certainly can lead to some positive mental health benefits this is far from the only reason people participate in BDSM. Many people find it a release or a new path to explore and find that this lifestyle can lead to feelings of empowerment over their sexuality that they may not have had before.

Thus, knowing where to find people for BDSM play becomes crucial in your quest for increased sexual pleasure. You can control what kinds of people you speak to and share with. Controlling your sexuality with the help of a dating app like this ensures you will be able to move at your own speed.

Not sure where to start? As mentioned above, you can find and explore with people with whom you have common interests by signing up on one of the best kink dating apps today. When you decide to explore the exciting world of BDSM, you will find that the benefits can start to take effect almost immediately. <3

How To Be a Sub: 7 Must-Have Aftercare Practices

If you want to be a sub in BDSM (for any long period of time anyway), you should know or learn about aftercare. BDSM aftercare is an essential component of every scene if you want no long-term damages. However, the damage may be less if the session isn’t very intense. Aftercare may help you cope with the long-term repercussions of a traumatic event on your body and mind.

Why is Aftercare Important?

Aftercare helps you reconnect with your partner. You could have felt as if you were in another universe with your partner, or you may have gone deep into your thoughts. Giving or receiving BDSM aftercare may improve your relationship. Because of the popularity of cuddling and eating after a scene, some have dubbed BDSM aftercare “cuddles and carbs.” However, several practices have also proven to be primary or essential BDSM aftercare. Let’s have a look on 7 must-have aftercare practices for a sub.

1. Taking Care of Wounds and Injuries

Although you want to be a sub and put your dom before yourself, remember bruising, lacerations, or other physical traumas require immediate attention. Disinfecting and bandaging surface injuries, spreading soothing creams or ointment on a spanked butt, or using an ice pack to alleviate irritation in any area of the body are all examples of this. In addition, your BDSM aftercare pack should include a first aid kit, which should be kept on standby in case of any accidents during play.

2. Replenishment

Hydration and electrolytes are provided by a glass of water or a bottle of sports drink. If you enjoy it, try a calming tea. Inelastic skin, sunken eyes, a dry mouth, and fast breathing are all signs of dehydration. It’s also a good idea to serve a snack to assist your body to re-balance. To refill natural sugars that may have also been depleted after a scene, the food should be light and healthy, such as bananas or strawberries. Potassium levels may have decreased as well because of dehydration, so salty food might also help. Finally, consider making a smoothie to address both blood sugar and dehydration at the same time. If not possible, eat whatever gives you strength.

3. Physical Contact and Comfort

Depending on your relationship, the amount of physical touch you require or offer as part of aftercare varies. Slow lovemaking appeals to certain people while cuddling appeals to others. A sensual massage may help partners stay connected while also working out muscles that have been sore from intense stimulation during the scene.

Anything that induces orgasm might lift your spirits, which may have been low following the scene. If you’re not a cuddle partner, a warm blanket or soft robe is an easy way to provide aftercare for your partner.  Some people like snuggling in their PJs and slippers, and hugging provides both physical touch and oxytocin stimulation.

4. Sleeply Sub

Sleep is an important part of BDSM aftercare, whether you’re tired from all the hormone activity in your body or just fatigued after a spanking. Some people only require a short sleep (often with their partners), while others require a full night’s (or more) of slumber to allow their bodies to recover and return to normal.

5. Talking and Laughter

Sometimes, when you want to be a sub, aftercare is as simple as talking and having a laugh with your partner after your scene is done. Some individuals take this opportunity to talk about what they enjoyed and what they wish to change about the scene. However, you might want to postpone criticizing right after a scene.

6. Bathing and Beauty Routines

Running a warm bath for your partner (or both of you) might be the ultimate form of aftercare. Turning it into a bubble bath with bath bombs or warm bubbles enhances the atmosphere, and the warm water relaxes tired aching muscles. To help you relax, burn some scented incense or candles. A beauty regimen may also re-stabilize many people. After a shower, redoing your hair or dressing up yourself, or even putting on lotion, might help you achieve the stress response cycle and return to your regular pretty self.

7. Other Relaxing Activities

Any pastime or activity which calms you could be an excellent aftercare approach. It could be reading for some people. Others like coloring because it is both repetitive and relaxing. You could also find that playing video games helps you re-establish your grounding. Those who want to be a sub must know, after a scene, you may also put on some soothing music or watch your favorite movie to unwind. There are no surprises in this situation since you’re familiar with the story, which can be comforting while you settle back down after a scene.

The Bottom Line

Being a sub or dom doesn’t matter in BDSM. You can take any role that appeals you the most. Consent and communication are vital to enjoy any role. So talk to your partner about the aftercare that you want to get after a play.

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How To Be A Submissive

Well, I’m just going to assume that you are a newbie sub and wondering how an excellent submissive behaves. And I guess you are not familiar with the entire BDSM lifestyle and wondering how to satisfy and please your Master. Well, by doing your homework, you’re off to a good start!

Do you have what it takes to be a good submissive? Do you obey orders strictly like a well-behaved little bitch and let your master to use you as long as they like, or is it more complicated than that? If you want to know more, continue reading!

What Does Being Submissive Mean?

Submissive, often referred to as a sub, are sexual participants who voluntarily hand over some or all of their control to the dominant partner. This type of partnership is often referred to as a Domination/Submission (D/s) relationship in the BDSM community.

Submissive being dominated

Subs are sometimes referred to as “bottoms,” and their leading partner is the “top.” The sub can classify as any gender or sexuality. In LGBTQI+ relationships, gender is irrelevant, and one partner can still choose to take the dom role while the other takes the sub role.

Being submissive can mean different things to different people. To be submissive is to obey or yield to someone else. It may also involve various tasks given by the top. By submitting themselves to their dominant, subs enjoy pleasure from the knowledge that they are pleasing their dom.

If you want to start this kind of relationship without prior knowledge or experience, I would suggest you have a long talk about boundaries and your exceptions in a BDSM relationship. Try creating a BDSM contract and having negotiations with your dom.

What makes a Good Submissive

Every person is different, so are submissives. Many things can contribute to being a good submissive, and it is a personal development that occurs within each submissive. Having the right person to help make the journey can help accomplish the road for a submissive, but there are certain features found in many successful submissive.

Woman Being Submissive

If you aim to be a good and successful sub, we prepared some essential things that you need to keep in mind.

Learn What Drives Your Dom Crazy

To be a good submissive, you need to spend some time learning what drives your dom crazy —like knowing their fetishes and kink. It is essential to understand how to please your dom well. Understanding what gets the dom aroused will enable you to focus your efforts on doing the right things. Repeat this process to understand what annoys them about submissives or generally frustrates them in the bedroom so that you can avoid making any mistakes.

Express Your Preferences and Limits

If you are hesitant, you should explain to your dom what you would like to try and what you would not want to try under any circumstances — this is called your hard limit. One example of a hard limit is breath play. Hard limits do not have to be permanent, and you can change them in the future. Having a hard limit does not mean you cannot fully submit yourself to your dom; it just keeps both of you safe and happy.

Prepare Your Body and Environment

It is essential to ensure that your body is preparing for any activities you agreed with your dom. These activities can mean many different things like tied, gagging, and spanking.

Change Your Way of Thinking

To be a submissive, you need to learn to change your mindset completely. It may take some time to determine what to do, when, and how to respond to the needs of your dom — this process needs continuous reinforcement. There are cases that some submissives will undergo training led by their dom to prepare them psychologically before anything physical happens.

Request Permission

Being with your dom for a while will get you a bit comfortable and relaxed, but you must never try to do things impulsively. Always seek permission before you do anything to or with your dom — before you touch him or anything you want to do.

Surprise your Dom

It may seem unreasonable to surprise your dom when you have the rules to ask for permission before doing anything else. However, good submissives recognize the difference between a good surprise and a bad surprise. One example is giving a romantic or sexual service that you do not usually offer, such as a massage or making their favorite food or drink.

Ready To Accept Punishment

A D/s relationship begins with outlined the rules and the consequences when you break them. It is essential that you readily accept the punishment if you violate these rules. It is also needed for you to respond in the way your dom wants you to — to cry and beg them to stop and some not to utter a word.

Don’t Get Jealous

Although the common is to have just one submissive, it’s not unheard of that dom desires to have multiple submissives. One reason for this is because each person can cater to a different fetish. Do not get jealous or interrogate your dom about who their other subs are. A good submissive respects their dom’s decision.

Be Obedient

Well, this is the obvious tip! Obedience is usually the most difficult initially or for a few months, when a submissive may try to push the boundaries. A good submissive recognizes that you will never push any boundaries.


Real-life D/s is not you all see Fifty Shades of Grey. BDSM is a mutually beneficial experience that should be comforting, fun, thrilling, and orgasmic in most cases. If you are entering into it with reservations, then that is the sign that you shouldn’t be there at all!

Now, with all that said… bend over!

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The Benefits Of Kink To People With Disabilities

Our culture implies that people with disabilities shouldn’t be sexual beings. The public sees them as objects of sympathy and not allowed to be overly sexual, sensual, or domineering. The expectation is for them to be quiet, constrained, and meek. They shouldn’t be assertive, open, or even human, but the world of kink treats them with embracing difference. BDSM and can be inclusive spaces for folks with disabilities to also be sexual beings with unique needs and desires.

Kink + Accessibility Go Together

Kink is all about informed consent and getting your needs met. Whether that’s having an extra pillow under your knees for comfort or tying the rope tighter for more enjoyable pressure, kink relies on clear communiation to work well. People with disabilities are constantly having to advocate for their needs even though they may not get them from their schools, work, etc. Since kink already prioritizes needs, it is a naturally healing space for people with disabilities to be heard and actually get their needs met.

Kink Builds Confidence

Kink assists people with disabilities in building confidence through role play. The act of role-playing allows people to experience the feeling of power, surrender and even control. Seeing your own power or even ability to surrender in a scene can help a person feel good about themselves and build confidence. Kink can help to overcome the feeling of not being enough. It also gives people with disabilities the chance to be free and explore themselves without the confines of societal expectation or misgivings of others.

Kink is Cathartic

Some folks report catharsis and pain relief in – get this – impact play! Some people who live with chronic pain report feeling a sense of release and a reduction in pain when participating in pain-related play, which is likely due to the rush and release of dopamine, seratonin and adrenaline. Other people find it therapeutic to express intense feelings in scene they have difficulty expressing in vanilla life. Kink provides a safe, private space to express and release things carried over from the day to day lived experience without repercussions.

Anyone interested in kink has the power and right to learn kinky practices and benefit from it’s healing. Never forget that you are the only one who sets your limits! Society doesn’t get to dictate the pleasure and fun you get to have. You do.

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