Touch, Lick, Bite, and Blow: 35 Hottest (Secret) Erogenous Zones.

You are surrounded by sensitive spots that you’ve never considered exploring. An erogenous zone is any body area that increases sensitivity when stimulated to elicit sexual responses.

Everything you need to know about erogenous zones

When stimulated, the erogenous zone of the body transmits signals to the brain that translate as pleasurable sensations. The lips, nipples, breasts, neck, buttocks, inner thigh, and ear are the most common areas. Many people consider the genitals and surrounding areas to be an erogenous area. Some erogenous zones are more responsive to tickling or gentle touch, whereas others are highly sensitive to vibration or pressure. Stimulating these places can be very effective foreplays in this regard. Talking with your partner and trying out different combos might help discover mutual interests. Because a person’s preference shifts over time, the best stimulation differs from person to person. People should talk to their partners about what they want to do.

The erogenous zones of the female vaginal tract

The clitoris

One of the key sites associated with sexual pleasure is the clitoris. Communication is essential in clit exploration, as it is in other aspects of sex. Begin with a little touch around the clitoris. Keep an eye on how your partner reacts. If you both want to go deeper, go close to the clit directly, keeping a gentle touch with your mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers. If you both like to try direct stimulation, go ahead, but start slowly and softly.

The vaginal canal

The majority of the sensation comes from the first two inches of the vaginal opening. Therefore deeper may not always be ideal. To stimulate the vaginal canal, use your fingers, toys, or a penis. It can feel fantastic to start slowly and gradually increase the speed. Don’t forget to use a generous amount of lubrication.

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The cervix

The cervix is also referred to as the C-spot. To pleasure the cervix, you’ll have to use a sex toy or a penis to penetrate the vaginal, as fingers normally can’t reach. Massage a sex toy or penis against the cervical aperture until you start to experience sensations of ecstasy.

The anterior vaginal wall

This soft inside frontal wall of your vagina can be aroused by light contact or postures that allow insertable objects, such as sex toys, to hit its wall. Insert two fingers in your partners vaginal with your palm facing up. Stimulate their clitoris and labia while pushing on their vaginal wall. Anticipate a few sparkles if you pay close attention.

The pubic mound

Because of the sensitive nerve endings and glands that generate pheromones, the pubic mound is linked to your genitals and sexual reaction. The fleshy mound directly above the clitoris is densely packed with nerve endings attached to the genitals. You can stimulate the labia and clitoris by massaging the area in an up and down motion. If your spouse is game, move on to kissing the area, then licking your way down with the tip of your tongue. As stimuli are activated, the area above the pubic bone can become electric.

The labia minora

Another name for the labia minora is the viganal lips. Erectile tissues and skin are found in the inner lips. They absorb blood and become heated, swelling, and sensitive to touch when stimulated. These areas are extremely sensitive, even for a high-sensitive location. Gently stroking or tracing your finger across your lips might assist in building arousal and moisture. “Place your fingers inside” in a peace sign and with loads of lubrication and move them up and down on the inside of the outer lips and around the inner lips,” explains Anne Louise, a “certified sex educator and CEO of TOCA, to target the inner lip in particular. Please do not stimulate if there is insufficient lubrication (natural or otherwise).

The breasts

According to Segar, massaging, stroking, kissing, and licking the breasts effectively stimulate the nipples by activating the same part of the brain as the sexual organs. ‘Beginning with the brest rather than the nipple can assist create arousal by drawing out the stimulation,’ she explains.


The G-spot, located on the vaginal front wall, is thought to be a small bundle of nerve endings that can feel particularly pleasurable when stimulated. It’s sometimes described as a spongy, walnut-sized bump. 

Your best bet is to use a curved dildo or G-spot vibrator. Use a lot of lube. Make an upward curve with your finger or toy toward your navel and utilize a come-hither motion. Experiment with various pressures and feelings.

If you need something gentler, I recommend looking for a toy composed of soft silicone rather than firm glass. Try a rabbit vibrator, which stimulates both your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. This can make it a lot more enjoyable.


The urethra, where your pee comes out, is named after the U-spot. It is situated in a highly sensitive or orgasmic tissue region placed above and around the urethral opening. Because the tissue in this area is sensitive, a light touch and gentle stimulation are essential for eliciting an orgasmic reaction. Rubbing too hard may produce discomfort, which no one wants!

What are the genital erogenous zones in a man?

The glans

The glans, commonly known as the head or tip of the penis, are the most sensitive area of the penis. ‘Using lubricant, move your fingers and thumb along the head, spreading your hand open as you go, until your palm contacts the head,’ explains Segar. Bring them back up slowly and repeat. Begin with gentle pressure and gradually increase as desired.

The Penis

Well, of course. Rather than focusing solely on the tip of the penis, consider the full shaft. Closely work your palm around the base of the penis and massage softly while pleasuring your partner to increase blood flow and sensation. Do you want to make your partner go crazy? Consider a slow blow job.

The Testicles and scrotum

This is one of the most delicate parts of the body, therefore approach with caution. “Begin with soft cupping and light strokes, or kiss and lick them,” Segar advises. You can try building pressure and stimulation by yanking or squeezing the scrotum. Although this is not for everyone.


The prostate, which is located inside the anus, can provide a great deal of pleasure. The prostate is also known as the P-spot. “To relax the muscles, lightly trace a finger around the anal hole with a lot of lubrication,” adds Segar. When you’re ready, insert a finger and gradually move it two inches upwards, using a come hither seductive motion. If you’re having trouble reaching the P-spot with your fingers, try using sex toys like anal beads or a butt plug. It might be an entertaining addition if your toy has a flared base.

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The foreskin

Unsurprisingly, the foreskin is densely filled with nerve endings. ‘Because the foreskin retracts when the penis is erect, moving it up and down the glans with a hand can be an immensely pleasurable experience,’ adds Segar. ‘There are toys that can stimulate the sensation of the foreskin while also giving improved pleasure.


This is the stretchy band of tissue on the base of the glans. Segar describes the little area as ‘very sensitive to touch.’ Running your thumb up and down the frenulum can be incredibly enjoyable, but be careful not to overstimulate.


The perineum is the skin strip that separates the anus from the uterus. It is home to a nerve root, which communicates astonishing signals down there via a chain of other nerves. “It’s ideal for exploring,” says Daniel Saynt, founder” of NSFW, off-limits: “Lick it, slap it, bite it, or massage it depending on what your partner enjoys and desires.”

Other erogenous zones

The ears

Because of the large number of sensory receptors present, the ears can be extremely sensitive to touch. Tender kissing has the potential to set off sparks. It can be a pretty successful act when combined with touching the genitals. The sensation may possibly help you reach a climax or heighten your orgasm.

The stomach

Lower abdominal muscles are extremely common because they stimulate female sexual activity. One of the g-spots will be more aroused when one finger touches the right button. Arousing that area with the hands or the lips promotes flow to the other major erogenous zone. You can also experiment with temperature by placing a cold or warm towel on the stomach. The area above the pelvis can be a significant tease for temperature play.

The lips

Simply caressing your lips causes a joyful flood of emotions to run through your body. Your lips contain a slew of nerve endings beneath the skin’s surface. Try kissing while paying close attention to the feelings on your lips. It will astound you how fantastic it feels.

The anus

The anus contains many sensitive nerve endings, making the area heated. What feels wonderful to one person may not be fantastic to another, so you must experiment to determine what works best for you. Ensure to use a generous amount of lube whenever you try to penetrate the anus.

The fingers

Even a light touch can elicit a surge of sensations. Make your partner kiss you gently, making small circles across your finger with their tongue. Allow your partner to suck your finger and then massage it with their tongue. This can elicit a wide range of power-play dynamics, some of which can be explosive.

The crease of the thigh

The crease of the thigh is an excellent location to begin practicing oral sex. It’s not only about getting a terrific blow job when it comes to physical sensations for men. The same is true for women; regardless of gender, the crease where the thigh joins the chest is a hot location to target in intercourse. According to McGowan, there are areas around the testicles and penis that males can explore during oral sex to increase excitement and desire.

The armpits

Your armpit is very sensitive. It tickles because of its sensitivity to ticklish. Try brushing your partner’s underarms with your fingers. First, softtly move your fingers up and down before transitioning to a continuous round motion, keeping an open mind on what prompts the perfect response. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of seduction. When it turns on the receiving partner, it’s always a surprise.

The soles of your feet

Of course, nerve endings can be found in your foot. You should prioritize gentle strokes over quick and tickly strokes. Giving your partner a foot massage can also assist your partner in relaxing in various ways. Consider it an orgasm massage that eliminates anxiety and aids in attaining sexual ecstasy.

The nape of your neck

The nerve endings in the neck and nape are so dense that even a soft touch will send you into a frenzy. While you kiss your partner, gently trace your fingertips around their neck. Also, a gentle kiss on the nape of the neck can send a thrilling sensation throughout the body.

Between the toes

Rami Najjar believes that any place in the human body should be erogenous given the correct kind of contact. Begin with a smart foot massage that focuses on the sensitive skin around the toes. The skin between your toes is soft and sensitive, and it can be highly exciting. Begin by massaging your feet and toes to stimulate this sensitive area.

The scalp

If pulling your hair is your favorite, there is no damage to your head’s nerve endings when this occurs. If you have a propensity of pulling a hair out of your scalp, getting in touch with someone you like will restore your sweet sexiness. Let us not overlook the importance of good scalp massage. Your scalp, as an erogenous zone, has hundreds of nerve endings. A gentle massage can be sexually satisfying.

The inside of your ankle

When you touch the inside of the ankles lightly, it produces a sensation. A sensual component may stimulate arousal when you kiss and suck the ankle. According to Najjar, the region, like the wrist, is one of the most erogenous in the world.

The butt cheeks

People generally find it fascinating to play the groin/butt, spank/massage or receive additional attention. According to Najjar, the area where the buttock meets the thigh can be an erogenous area worth testing. According to Najjar, if you try anal play and decide it’s not for you, that doesn’t imply the butt is off-limits.

The inner thighs

Keep an eye on your inner thighs. The skin is incredibly sensitive and has a dense network of neurons. If you want to step up your game, have your partner trace an ice cube up and down your legs and experience the feelings. You can also have your partner give you a soft bite and pinch inside your thigh for more pleasure. 

The crook of your arm

The internal region of your arm’s crook is where the humerus meets with the radius and ulna. Because the skin is thin, the sensation is powerful. Begin by softly warming your fingers between your wrist and elbow. If the tickle is too strong, you can rub that place to get the most powerful sensation.

The nipples and areolas

The nipples and the skin around the nipples are extremely sensitive area on the body that is strongly linked to genital feelings. Many people’s nipple sensitivity varies greatly—some are too delicate to appreciate sensations, while others love a rough play like biting and nipple clamps.

The Wrist

The sensitive skin of the inside wrist is a little erogenous zone with the potential for great pleasure. A little touch along your partner’s wrist is an excellent approach to start foreplay.

How do I stimulate erogenous zones?

Please read the following ideas to understand how to stimulate erogenous zones around the bedroom.

Communicate with your partner.

Because everybody has erogenous zones, the level of sensation each individual experiences when these areas are stimulated obviously varies. Because of these varying sensitivity levels, it is impossible to know whether someone will react well to stimulation in a specific location. The ideal method to enjoy erogenous zones while encouraging overall sexual health and wellbeing is to communicate with your partner to find out what they prefer or if you’re both fine with it. Explore in a safe place to find out what you both like.

Experiment with various feelings.

To stimulate erogenous zones, you can use your hands and mouth and lube and sex toys such as a tickle feather, a vibrator, or other toys. You can also experiment with temperature, such as tracing an ice cube over your partner’s belly or sipping hot tea and then tracing your tongue over the nape of your partner’s neck. Because your partner’s many erogenous zones will react differently to stimulus, explore what works best for them.

Go slowly

Gentle, tantalizing foreplay may be incredibly satisfying for both you and your partner since it creates expectation and extends pleasure. Go slowly and take your time with each part of the body as you attempt to arouse your partner, building up the ecstasy as you enjoy the moment.

Explore your body during masturbation

Erogenous zones may also help you become more in tune with your own body while masturbating alone. During solo play, explore various areas of your body to uncover sensitive spots. It’s typically a fantastic approach to attain greater full-body orgasm.

Erogenous zones by zodiac signs

Whether you’re looking for ways to please your lover or make yourself feel better, each zodiac sign has at least one body component to concentrate on. And, while no zodiac recommendation will be a one-size-fits-all solution, it may be enjoyable to do some exploring when you’re looking for it.

So, based on your zodiac sign, this is your erogenous zone.

Aries: the head

Because Aries rules the head, they enjoy having their hair rubbed and played with. Soft hair play sends shivers down their spine, waking their senses and putting them in a good mood. In the rush of passion, massaging their head is the route to their heart, and they might be up for a little hair-pulling.

Taurus: the neck and throat.

Tauruses enjoy having their neck kissed and licked, possibly even bitten or choked If they’re a little kinky! Taurus will go wild for tender kisses on the nape of the neck.

Gemini: the lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands.

Gemini’s hands are super sensitive. Taking them in your mouth and sucking them during foreplay is sure to elicit bliss in a normal Gemini. A feather tickling up the arms can send Gemini into a romantic frenzy.

Cancers: the chest, breasts, and stomach

Cancers, indeed, are the “breast” sign! Even the most grumpy Cancer will be delighted by gentle kissing and mild touches to the chest and breast. This erogenous zone is especially enjoyable because Cancers can be aroused by even the most slight attention to their boobs, making the pleasure of foreplay even more enticing.

Leo: the heart and the upper back

A back massage, especially to the spine, can make warm sensations spread over their body, causing their hearts to race. Trailing a tickle feather up their back will set them off on a wild goose chase. 

Virgo: the torso, the stomach, and the waistline

Even though Virgos are normally reserved, they release their tensions if their stomach is aroused. Run an ice cube over their stomach and watch them scream with glee! For Virgos, the torso is the hidden erogenous zone. Even the most placid Virgos get stimulated when they get kisses and mild nibbling up and down their torsos, stomachs, and waistlines.

Libra: the butt and anus

Libras are often attracted by butt. Libras enjoy the buttocks since they are dominated by the backside. Libras enjoy having their backside cheeks tenderly massaged or lightly tapped with a love tap.

Scorpio: the entire body

Light stroking and caressing all over the body can elicit great pleasure in Scorpio. Passionate by nature, their erogenous zone encompasses the entire body.

Sagittarius: the hips and thighs

Sensual massages to the thighs, hips and upper legs excite a Sagittarius because touch activates their most potent sexual areas. They enjoy having their hips and thighs played with during pre-intercourse and during intercourse.

Capricorn: the knees and legs

Capricorn craves sensuous massages. A little leg motion, even if it’s only a gentle massage to the thigh, can drive a Capricorn insane. Capricorns adore the power of touch to bond with others. Pay specific attention to the area behind their knees, particularly sensitive. If you have a Capricorn mate, don’t keep them on all fours for long periods.

Aquarius: the calves, shins, and ankles

Gentle nipping or kissing on the ankles will pique Aquarius’ interest, especially during foreplay. During foreplay massage and touch an Aquarius’ calves. The results will amaze you!

Pisces: the feet

Touches to the feet put Pisces in a good mood. Pisces will squeal quickly with happiness and pleasure after a wonderful foot massage, as they will feel relaxed, comfortable and sexually vigorous. Having a Pisces companion may provide an opportunity to experiment with foot play.

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These unexpected erogenous zones will help spice up your sex life. It’s up to you to discover your erogenous zones, although occasionally, people’s interests have more in common than you’d think. Everyone reacts differently to stimulation in various areas, and factors such as timing, attitude, partner choice, and type of stimulation can all influence your preference. You can stimulate these erogenous zones on your own body to experience new sensations of ecstasy, or you can exploit them with your spouse to experience something different in the bedroom.

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12 Amazing Kinky Toys You Can Create Yourself

Variety is the spice of life, but it’s the same spice that’s always lacking from bedrooms! Whether you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to spend money on kinky toys, there are plenty of do-it-yourself alternatives that will do the job just as well.
While you may not have known it, there are numerous items in your home that are just ready to make you climax. The best tool, however, is the most convenient one. Face rollers, paperclips, and even a spatula may do a great job. All you need is a little creativity, from a cucumber that can be used as a dildo for masturbation to a spatula that can be used for spanking.

Here are 12 household items that you can transform into kinky toys, whether you’re looking for something to insert, tickle with, or something to spice up your routine.

1 Cucumber

Cucumbers, like penises, come in a wide range of forms, circumferences, and lengths! In addition, any phallic-shaped vegetable, such as maize, carrot, eggplant, or potato, can be used as a dildo. Wait, did I say potato? You are correct, potato! To spark your curiosity, learn how to carve a dildo out of a potato. To avoid bacterial infection, remember always to use a condom when using any veggies. And, no, you don’t want to eat the vegetables after they’ve been used.

2 Paperclips

If you enjoy nipple play. Paperclips are a fantastic sex toy to include in a pinch. When pulled or twisted, they can provide a burst of pain, and a rush of intense feeling, and a deep sense of release when removed. Simply clip them onto your nipples or your partner’s nipples and see if you enjoy the experience. You can adjust the paperclip to provide just the right amount of squeeze and stimulation. Have your partner tease or nibble your nipples while you’re wearing the clips to make it more exciting. Clothing pegs can also be used as a nipple clamp. Just make sure they aren’t too tight because they can walk a delicate line between pain and pleasure.

3 Rubber Band

Consider turning things up with rubber bands if you or your partner desire a swift, pinching feeling. The mild sting of a rubber band will undoubtedly draw one’s attention. An intense, fast sting is more likely to leave a mark. Use rubber bands gently on sensitive places, including the navel, nipples, and genitals. Before reaching too deep, make sure your partner is okay with a sting and the accompanying temporal marks.

4 Panties

Your panties can do incredible jobs if put to use. You can convert them into a kinky toy within a minute. Rather than purchasing a ball gag, have your spouse remove your panties, ball them up, and then force them in your mouth to mask your sounds.

5 Spatula

The spatula is another kinky toy in your home! Want to have some fun with spanking? Spanking with a spatula is simple and effective. There’s a good chance you have one lying around, and it’s a simple fix that won’t cost you much. Head to the kitchen and grab a spatula if you’re in the mood for some spanking. Depending on your partner’s desires, you can go light or hard on them. A silicone spatula is ideal, but even a good-old wooden one would suffice in most cases. Other options for a paddle include small wooden cutting boards with handles. Simply make sure the spatula is clean before using it, and wash it after each use. I recommend you buy

6 Ice Cubes

Right in your own refrigerator is one of the most thrilling experiences imaginable. Incorporating temperature play during sex, It is possible to experience tremendous stimulation of your nerve endings. Because making ice is so simple, why not give it a shot? Using an ice cube, rub it over the warm body of your partner to create a temperature contrast that will elicit a variety of wonderful feelings.

7 Coconut Oil

Sensual massage with coconut oil is pleasant. Use Coconut oil as a substitute for massage candles if none are available. It’s erotic to get oiled up. Massage can also be used as a foreplay turn-on. Begin with the feet and work your way up to the other parts of their body. Observe how your partner wriggles in your grasp while you take your time.

8 Masking tape

You can use masking tape as a kinky toy to produce improvised handcuff or ankle restraints, tie your partner’s hands down, or for various other purposes! This BDSM need is used for anything from cuffs to gags. If you’re experimenting with tape play, be extremely cautious about candles to avoid skin irritation or ripping of the skin’s top layer.

9 Mints

Provide your partner with a minty fresh sensation on their private parts. For an extra chilly tingly sensation, try sucking on a mint before giving your partner oral sex. If sucking on a mint before delivering oral isn’t as convenient as you’d like, consider swishing your mouth with mint-flavoured mouthwash before giving oral.

10 Dog leash/Collar

A dog leash/collar is a popular fetish among the kink community. Wearing one might feel emotional or even romantic for submissive partners. Just make sure this kinky toy has a velcro clasp so your partner can easily remove it if they don’t like it.

11 Face Roller

Face roller is another kinky toy that can do much more than merely remove puffiness from the face. To get the most out of it, use it sensually and softly on areas of your body that don’t generally get much attention. Examples of these are your feet, legs, tighs, hands, and even the area beneath your breasts. Be sure to thoroughly clean it before and after each use.

12 Socks

Making your own kinky toys is simple when you have socks on hand. Everyone has a sock or two lying around. Fill the sock with your favourite unscented lubricant to use when masturbating if you or your partner have a penis. To spice up the fun with your partner, have them give you a hand job with the lubed-up sock.

There are numerous items in your home that you can convert into a sex toy. Do you want additional ideas for household items that you can turn into sex toys? Read 15 everyday things that are secretly bedroom toys. Kinky toys do not have to be costly. So, whether you like bondage, role-playing, or want to masturbate, there’s a kinky toy for you right in your own home and within reach. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to please yourself or your partner. Always wash or sanitize any object before or after using it. Remember to use a condom as necessary to prevent bacterial transmission. Join our community to meet other sex-positive people who are unapologetically exploring their sexuality.

Backdoor Fun: Anal Play, Sex Toys, and Tips To Follow

We’ve all heard of the mystical backdoor fun in whispered tones during our youth. What has once been considered taboo is now one of the most practised and celebrated sexual activities! And while you may still be skeptical about delving into Anal Play – which is understandable – there are many internet guides out there to help you get over those inhibitions…including this one. 

What is Anal Play?

peach that looks like a butt

Anal Play is the act of pleasuring yourself or your partner/s’ anus or rectum by inserting a finger, a toy, and even your tongue. It can also refer to the act of rimming or rubbing at the anal opening. 

Why should you try it?

The anus or rectum isn’t just for dispelling your bowels. It can be a pleasure point, too! There are literally thousands of nerve endings around the anus and in the rectum that you haven’t quite yet explored. Although it’s a little different from a vagina that can secrete its own lubrication, it doesn’t lessen the backdoor fun you can perform.

Enhanced Sensations

Anal Play has the potential to enhance your bodily sensations and reach new orgasmic limits. We all know of the vagina and its proverbial G-spot, but have you heard of the male rectum’s P-spot?

Prostate Pleasure

What is the Prostate?

The Prostate is the male G-spot or fondly known as the P-Spot. It is a gland that helps produce seminal fluid and can be stimulated internally (in the rectum) or externally in the space between the penis and the scrotum.

naked male body

Similarly, if you can stimulate the G-spot with strokes and massages, you can do it for the P-spot as well!

Sex Toys

Of course, Anal Play isn’t exclusive to any gender. Everyone can enjoy it!

So, if you aren’t a penis-wielding sexual being or you are but want to be on the receiving end, there are several sex toys for your backdoor fun sessions:

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are as common as vibrators. They’re small teardrop-shaped toys with a wide base that you stick up your bum and come in various materials and colors.

Now, why are butt plugs all the rage? For starters, they preliminarily stretch you out for bigger things. Hence, if you’re preparing for anal sex, this is a good foreplay tool for you and your partner. Not to mention, it’s designed to reach your Prostate for that added pressure point.

Anal Beads

If you’re not so sure about a silicone toy plugging up your ass, you can try the smaller spheres of anal beads.

anal beads

Anal beads is a sex toy with multiple consecutive spheres inserted in the anus to the rectum and removed either slowly or quickly for a pleasurable effect.

Vibrators and Other Toys

Although butt plugs and beads are the mainstream, you can still use vibrators (there are even butt plugs that are vibrators) and other toys however you see fit. See, Anal Play is just as versatile as regular Sex Play, and you can experiment to your heart’s content.

Tips to Follow

So, you’re thinking of trying Anal Play? Here are some of our Foxxy tips for you to follow!

1. Clean

Make sure that you have emptied your bowels before you proceed with your session. Many people prefer to douche, which is an effective way to minimize – if not eliminate – encountering any fecal matter during anal sex. It’s not that advisable as it may damage the rectal lining. Others would suggest washing the area around the anus with soap and water; this may be done in the shower. Or you could opt to wipe yourself thoroughly with wet wipes.

Whatever method you choose, the important thing is to be clean! Stay hygienic, everyone!

2. Use Protection


As most of you might be afraid to contract STDs or other bacterial infections, please refer to number one. Clean the area for stimulation to ensure that (1) you won’t make a mess and (2) it’s hygienic, come on, people. The next thing you should do is to use protection. Wear a condom on your ding-dong and/or the sex toys you will be using – especially if you’re planning to use them elsewhere, like the vagina or your mouth!
Do not double-dip in different entrances!

3. Lubricate

The anus isn’t as slick as a natural vagina; therefore, you must lubricate religiously!

Most would recommend a water-based lubricant, but for the Anal Play, it’ll be best to use a silicone-based one because it lasts longer! Also, don’t forget to check if your lubricant is compatible with your toys! Some toy materials don’t agree with silicone-based lubes, and it’d be best to check it out before you purchase anything.

4. Foreplay, duh!

sexy mouth with a cherry

If you’re one to skip on the foreplay with vaginal sex, you can’t practice the same thing with Anal Sex or Anal Play.

Foreplay is the prerequisite to Anal Sex. It’s preparation for a larger object, may it be a dildo or a penis, and your anus needs a little bit of training (and a lot of lube) to make sure things go smoothly.

Do not skip foreplay! I guarantee that Anal will be off the table forever if you do.

Don’t just stick it up without warning! Consent is vital in any sex act, and you shouldn’t be going about without it in the first place!

If you’re relatively new to Anal Play, it’s best to talk about it before you engage in anything. It’s not the same as conventional sex that you know what to do and where to put everything. Some people might not be comfortable with Anal as you are, and ground rules must be in place if it ever comes up.

Always, always, always ask for your partner’s consent.

Enjoy the Experience

Anal Play and Anal Sex is a fun and saucy sexual activity that anyone can enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor in the bedroom and certainly not taboo. It’s a natural thing to want to explore. So you shouldn’t be ashamed of having an inclination. Live out your butt fantasies!

Just remember the tips that we’ve discussed, and you’ll be good to go! But if you still want to read about backdoor fun or other kinks, head on to our blog!

Must Read Beginner’s Guide to Electro Sex

Must Read Beginner’s Guide to Electro Sex

Do you want an electrifying orgasm? Electro sex toys could be just what you’re looking for! If you want to increase the intensity of your pleasure, this beginner’s guide to electro toys is a must-read.

Electro sex uses an electric current to excite the nerves of your genitals and skin surfaces. The human body is mostly water, making it an excellent conductor of electricity.

You can insert electro sex toys or use them on body surfaces for an orgasmic experience. 

A Word of Caution…

Electro sex toy for conducting electricity thru the body

Electro sex is completely safe; most devices use low limits of electricity. Here are a few things to remember:

• To increase sensitivity and avoid skin tenderness, use a water-based lubricant or electro-conductive gel 

• Do not use E-stim devices above the waist – electricity should never pass through your heart, so do not place devices near your nipples.

• If you have heart problems or have a pacemaker, do not use an E-stim unit

• Pregnant women should not use E-stim devices

• Do not use electro sex toys on broken or irritated skin

• Always turn off the power when inserting a dildo or butt plug.

• Take off all jewellery before you start experimenting.

Some may enjoy the new sensations, while others may find them too intense. Experiment with lower intensities before turning up the dial!

Let’s Start with Lube

Electrastim Sterile Lubricant Sachets

Lube makes sex and ElectraStim play more pleasurable and safer.

Cover your toys liberally before inserting them; lube makes them glide in easily and sterilizes them.

Medical professionals use this sterilized lube to ensure a clean and exquisite experience, knowing that you will be infection-free!

Electro-Conductive Electrode Gel

This conductive gel will make all your toys come to life. Clear and water-based, it’s safe to use with all your toys. This lube is fantastic. A little goes a long way.

Let’s Power Up the Toys

electro sex toys

*Not all toys include a control unit or power supply

BDSM Electric Shock Sex Kit

This kit includes everything you could need to get started.

The 3-inch probe for anal or vaginal play, two adjustable cock loops, sticky pads for intense sensation, conductive lube, water-based lube, a storage bag, and a three-year warranty!

If you’re new to electro play, the Flick has 24 intensities, allowing you to start low and gradually increase your intensity. It also has a whopping seven patterns!

The Stinger Electro Play Wand by Doc Johnson

This wand in cattle prod style is certainly exciting. This wand is safe, exciting to use, emits noises, and visibly sparks.

Two AA batteries power the wand. Grab the insulated hand, press the button, and the tip will send amazing sensations across your skin!

Electrastim Electros Silicone Kimodo Dildo

Are you get tired of electro sex? Grab the 6-inch dildo; use it with any harness that has a 1.5-inch O-ring! It does not come with an E-Stim unit. 

The dildo easily reaches her G-spot or his prostate for hands-free orgasms. Bi-polar contacts ensure intensity during masturbation, foreplay, and sex.

Uni-Polar Metallic Adjustable Cock Loops by ElectraStim

These electric cock loops adjust from 0.25 to 1.75 inches to fit most penises. Use the insulated grips for imaginative play.

Wear both simultaneously or share them with your partner, resulting in orgasmic experiences.

*ElectraStim power unit not included.

Toys For Both of You

The Zeus Palm Powerbox

The Palm Powerbox puts all the pleasure you need into a palm-sized device. Take it wherever you go! New to electro-sex, this Powerbox is perfect for you.

Apply the pads to your body for an exhilarating experience. Powerbox has six pulsation modes, multi-level settings, and two pads with leads for instant play. This Powerbox redefines the term “charge”!


Zeus’s Twilight Violet Wand

This decadent wand provides a unique sensation with a dazzling light show for the eyes and senses. It includes four glass wands that send arcs that dance across your flesh! The electrifying base has an intensity-adjustable dial. 

Extreme Twilight Silicone Flogger E-Stim Attachment 

This Violet flogger made for impact play! Every touch of the flogger sends shockwaves through your partner’s body. Each sensual stroke conducts the electric current perfectly, charging each tail with electricity for many zapping bites. Let the sparks fly!

Ending Our Session…

Electro sex toys are an amazing way to spark new life into your sex play. Used alone or with a partner, they add a new and intense level of pleasure. Remember to use lots of lube, start on a low setting and enjoy the new sensations. No time like now to start your electro sex toy collection!

Want to enjoy playing with your entire body? If you’re looking for something to charge up your sex, the world of Electro is the place to start. Arc over to Foxxxy and start your electro sex collection today.

The 10 Best Femdom Sex Toys For Your Femdom Fantasy

Female domination. If just the sound of that excites you, you’ve come to the right place.

So, you’re attracted to strong, female figures, and you want someone to show you who’s boss. Or you want a more nurturing but still strict authority. Someone who can make you cry, beg for it, and punish you if you’re up to no good; maybe even outside of sex. Even if pain and humiliation aren’t your cup of tea, there’s also sweet, affectionate, gentle femdom that might just be the scene for you.  

With femdom, there can be a harder aspect of power exchange and gender role-reversal coming into play. And BDSM already has a reputation for having a lot of rules. But if this isn’t your first rodeo, you’d know a little control and a bit of restriction can go a long way to giving you (or your sub) the ultimate sexual freedom.  

Photo by Adéọlá Adérè̩mí on Unsplash

Whether you want to dominate or you want to be dominated, read on for an extensive (and alphabetized!) list of ten of the best kinds of sex toys that can help you achieve your hottest femdom fantasies.  

1. Butt Plugs

Who doesn’t love a good butt plug? They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. You can get yours fluffy, bejeweled, or with a tail at the end for some bunny, puppy, or foxy cosplay. Up the ante with a vibrating butt plug or one that can transmit a (safe) electric shock.

Recommended: Metallic Butt Plug with Flower

2. Bondage Ropes

A staple of BDSM, don’t try these unless you’re confident you’ve practiced your girl scout knots. There are plenty of helpful instructions and rope play tutorials online. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you might even get creative with some more advanced rope play, like tasteful shibari. Good quality ropes are worth the investment – make sure you get one with a good diameter (over 5mm) and a safe-skin material that won’t chafe.

Check out a great comprehensive on the ins and outs of rope play here.

Recommended: High Quality Japanese Bondage Rope | Doc Johnson Soft, Skin-Friendly Cotton

3. Chastity Belts and Cock Cages

     If you want to be free, you’ve got to give up control. Chastity play with cages or belts might seem to land on the more advanced side of BDSM. But once you’ve mastered the logistics, it can be the perfect femdom tool for denying orgasms and getting your partner to fully submit.

Recommended: Stainless Steel Cock Cage

4. Cock Rings

          Cock rings are great for training naughty boys who come too quickly.  Pair them with some nipple clamps or get the kind that vibrates for more of that sweet, sweet stimulation to torture your subs with.

Recommended: Vibrating Cock Ring

5. Electrostimulation

     Wands, cock rings, cock-shockers, and nipple clamps: if you’ve ever been curious about sex toys for e-stim, the time to explore is now. Adding these new sensations to bed might even be the key to hands-free orgasms.

Recommended: BDSM Electric Shock Twilight Stick Wand Sex Kit

Safety Tip: Make sure to only ever use electroconductive water-based lubes, as silicone or oil-based lubes can act as insulators. And never go homemade.

6. Gags

Photo by Екатерина Мясоед from Pexels

The perfect femdom sex toys for mouthy sex slaves, gags can make your sub feel helpless by forcing them to surrender. Ball gags can help with establishing dominance by increasing anxiety and tension. But they also add a sensory element. On top of making your sub’s mouth feel full, gags can also make it harder to swallow. Spit kinks are a thing.

There are different types, too. Bit or cylinder gags are great for beginners, and o-rings are always popular. Dildo-shaped gags can be introduced for more advanced gag play.

Recommended: Breathable Open Mouth Ball Gag

Safety Tip: don’t leave them on for more than twenty minutes to give your sub’s jaw muscles a break.

7. Handcuffs

Stick ‘em up. Wrist or ankle cuffs are perfect for when you want your sub humiliated on the floor or pretty and all trussed up in bed, begging, waiting, and completely under your control. Restricting your sub’s movements can leave them at the mercy of you and your favourite femdom sex toys.

Recommended: Genuine Leather BDSM Bondage Set

8. Riding Crops

Photo by Maria Vlasova on Unsplash

Thwack! And the smell of leather. If you want to really immerse yourself in the role, a fine riding crop for some satisfying impact play can really help set the mood for your scene.

Recommended: Bondage Boutique Slim Leather Riding Crop

9. Strapons

Perfect for good, old-fashioned pegging. A beautiful strapon can be the magical union of a sexy harness for you and a good-sized dildo for your sub, ideal for stimulating their g-spot or their prostate.

Recommended: Bullet Vibrator Strap for Penis Double Penetration

10. Whips

These are for when chains and whips excite you. Whips and other floggers are fantastic for warming up the skin to prepare for more impact or sensory play.

Recommended: Fetish Black & Red Faux Leather Whip Flogger

The Bottom Line

When practising any kind of BDSM both doms and subs should always remember that sex must be SSC — safe, sane, and consensual. Femdom can be a wonderful opportunity to let go of not just your physical but also your emotional inhibitions. Female domination can also free yourself from the sexist expectations and constraints society may have set on you.

If you’re a beginner, there’s more to read about BDSM on our blog. You can learn all about why you should try BDSM to what makes BDSM fun. There’s even a handy guide on how to handle sub drop and aftercare! Happy reading!

10 Unpopular but Oh-So-Worthy Sex Toys You’ve Never Heard Of

Human creativity knows no bounds. We will always find new ways to do things – even when it comes to sex. Even if you use your trusty vibrator regularly, there is a whole array of new sex toys out there you may want to explore.

This article introduces sex toys that are not commonly known but would be amazing options to diversify your collection.

1. Babeland Pinwheel for BDSM Nights

A pinwheel as a sex toy? This is pretty unconventional, but the Babeland Pinwheel is an interesting choice to add to your sex toy collection. The pinwheel is made up of twenty-two points that are used to run all over the skin.

Use it over legs, neck, breasts, or genitals for increased pleasure. The toy is also an awesome BDSM tool as you can increase pressure for that eye-rolling pleasure-pain combination. Purchase other excellent BDSM sex toys in our shop now!

2. Jimmyjane CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone to Release Body Tension

This ceramic stone does not look like your run-of-the-mill sex toy. This ceramic figurine look-alike is a renowned massage item that is effective in removing tension from the body. As a foreplay item, this stone, coupled with oil, brings both pleasure and relaxation in the bedroom.

You can soak this stone in warm water or pop it in the freezer for a satisfying full body massage. Also, you can use large strokes to cover more areas or use small movements to focus on one area. Cop your own Jimmyjane through their Amazon shop now!

3. The Pleasure Chest Nipple Bulb as a Compact Toy

For its friendly price, this small item packs a punch in the pleasure department. The Pleasure Chest Nipple Bulb is a new sex toy perfect to add to your collection due to its compact size.

Do you want more sex toy options for teasing and added pleasure? Click on our shop and choose your weapon of choice.

4. Libido-Booster Fiera Arouser For Her

Ever heard of a libido-boosting sex toy? Neither have we. This personal care device aims to help women with sexual issues enjoy sex and relink with your sexual partner.

Before engaging in any sexual activity, use the Fiera 10 minutes prior. The toy increases blood flow and sensitivity in your intimate areas. Also, it prepares women to be more excited and aroused before sex due to enhanced lubrication. Shop Fiera at Amazon now.

5. Mystim Tickling Truman for a Boost of Sexual Sensation

The Mystim is now your usual vibrator. It offers both vibrations and electric stimulations for a more satisfying sexual experience. User reviews state that the electric stimulations help them reach their orgasm easier.

Looking for exciting vibrators? Shop alternatives from our Foxxxy shop!

6. Jimmyjane HELLO TOUCH X Gives Electric Fun

The Hello Touch is a fun mix of electric stimulation, vibration, and sci-fi roleplay styling. It also comes in various modes for a more curated sexual experience. You may shop for alternatives in our online sex toy shop.

7. GentleJetSpa Mastex Luxury Bath Spa for Nights of Luxury

Relaxation is best done with a sexy twist! The Jet Spa has an adjustable nozzle that you can use to direct water flow in more interesting areas of the body. Shop now on Amazon.

8. Babeland Mood Powerball Stroker for Male Sexual Needs

We can’t forget a toy for men on this list. It’s an awesome hand job in a ball. This squishy and textured ball is something your penis would surely thank you for. Shop alternative enhancers from our shop!

9. Sportsheets Bound To Please Adjustable Spreader Bar for 50-Shades Action

You may have seen this leg-spreader bar in the 50 Shades of Grey movie franchise. It also doubles as a restraint when you’re in the mood for some BDSM action. Interested? Cop your own in their Amazon shop.

10. Screaming O Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator for Finger Play

Strap this sex toy in your or your partner’s finger to take finger play action to the next level. It’s both comfortable and powerful – perfect for spicing up intimate moments. Purchase this sex toy on this link.

These ten uncommon but very interesting sex toys are amazing options to try if you want to explore sex toys better. It’s always a good idea to diversify your sex toy collection.

Digitalizing Sex: What Future Sex Toys Are About

It is no denying that technology is peeking and will continue to peek. Multimillion-dollar companies are investing a lot in making daily objects digital and “smart.” Convenience and quality of experience are factors people look into in products and services. This is also true for future sex toys.

Naturally, the most intimate aspect of our lives will also level up and improve. Sex technology is slowly taking center stage, starting with its presence in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2020. Here, we got a glimpse of how high-tech sex toys will be accessible in the future.

Defining “Smart” Sex Toys

Future sex toys will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) for improved product function. These high-technology sex toys will be able to gather and study data using sensors.

The AI technology will use the information to make the user experience more personalized and, therefore, more enjoyable. Smart sex toys will know your individual and couple sex preferences.

Most of these future sex toys will come with an app downloadable through smartphones. These toys come with settings that also tweak sexual preferences. High-tech sex toys come with an app that allows for remote access and control to the toy. This feature is perfect for long-distance couples.

Examples of Smart Sex Toys

Technologically advanced sex toys are now available in the market, albeit limited. Here are brands that released their own high-tech sex toys.

LELO Enigma

This vibrator is perfect for people who like toys that offer subtle suctioning and deep penetration. What makes the Enigma unique is it can stimulate the clitoris without any contact. The intense sensation is a result of sending sonic waves towards the G-spot. Such an unassuming sex toy that packs a punch.

We-Vibe Sex Toys

The Melt Clitoral Stimulator and Chorus Couples Vibrator are just two We-Vibe sex toys that come with a smartphone application. The app gives remote access and control to the toys, making it perfect for solo and partner plays. Both items are now available at the We-Vibe Amazon shop.

Lioness Vibrator

Dubbed as the smartest vibrator to exist, the Lioness picks up biological cues from the body. Body temperature, the deepness of breath, and contractions of the pelvic floor are continuously monitored to pinpoint what makes you climax.

The Lioness even tracks wellness cues such as sleep stats, stress levels, and caffeine consumption when connected to the app. These wellness cues greatly affect a person’s sex life. Check out other excellent vibrators from our own shop.

Elvie Trainer

The Elvie is a sex toy truly worthy of its award-winning status. It serves as both a smart sex toy and your personal trainer. Its mobile application is designed to guide a person through regular Kegel exercise. It also corrects your form and guides you through the whole workout routine. Shop your very own Elvie Trainer now on Amazon!

Fantasy for Her Remote Control Sex Machine

The Fantasy for Her Dildo is far from your typical run-of-the-mill dildo. The sex toy has seven classic vibration patterns and another seven thrusting patterns. Alternative sex machines are also available at our Foxxxy Shop.

Smart Wand

The Smart Wand may look like your typical Magic Wand, but this model is more digital and revolutionized. SenseTouch Technology allows the sex toy to turn on and off on cue, depending on proximity to the body. When the wand touches your body, it automatically turns on, and it turns off when pulled away. Pressing harder to the skin also signals for more intense vibrations. Shop now on Amazon!

OhMiBod Club Vibe

The OhMiBod Club Vibe is such a sleek and compact sex toy. It’s perfect as a wearable item. The vibrator comes with a built-in microphone that is programmed to respond to your partner’s voice or any background music. Get into the sexy lace panties that it comes with upon purchase, and get ready for an interesting night out.

Purchase and try the OhMiBod Club Vibe using this link.

Lovehoney Wild Thing Vibrating Cock Ring

Finally, a smart sex toy for men! The Lovehoney Cock Ring comes with a remote control with ten distinct functions that any male will surely enjoy.

Interested in getting one? Cock ring options are now available at Foxxxy!

Indeed, sex technology is a growing industry worth an estimated amount of $30 billion today. With the rise of online sales, the industry is expected to grow to $52.7 billion by the year 2026.

Companies are working tirelessly towards advancing sex tech for the future. The innovation of future sex toys that optimize and personalize sexual experience. It will be no surprise if sex robots and sex in virtual reality will be largely available in a few years.

While waiting for these future sex toys to be available to the general public, widen your sex toy choices now. There is a wide array of sex toys available online (and in our own sex toy shop!) so make sure to probe each one to see what works wonders for you.

The Most Expensive Sex Toys in the World

The expression “Treat yourself!” has become such a popular excuse for us to splurge on our favorite pair of shoes or a luxurious bag like the Birkin. Or if you’re a reward system kinda girl like myself, you tend to skip out on your daily Starbucks latte to save up on expensive things you want. When it comes to things in the bedroom, this can be the same case. You know, we’re not talking about bedsheets!

A high-tier lifestyle means luxury in all aspects. Affluent sex enthusiasts all over the world also enjoy high-tier sex items. The article presents the most expensive sex toys all over the world (and mind you, these are ridiculously priced!)

Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator (13,417 USD)

This 18-carat gold clitoral vibrator will be the most luxurious item you will ever place in your intimate areas! Just make sure to lock this up in your safe to prevent petty thieves from stealing your most-prized vibrator.

The Royal Pearl (1 million USD)

The creator of The Royal Pearl, jeweler Colin Burn, described the piece as something fit for royalty. This seven-inch vibrator is clad in platinum and adorned in diamonds, pearls, and other gems. The Pearl depicts a scepter – something royals around the world are in possession of. Burn shared that The Royal Pearl is a functional sex toy. However, we think it looks better on display for its price.

Maleva & Milonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls (500 USD)

These balls, as advertised, enhance orgasms using Kegel exercises. Prolonged use enhances PC muscles in the body and gives you orgasms that rock your world.

The String of Pearls Massage Ring by Betony Vernon (4,889 USD)

This massage ring serves as an opulent accessory to finish up any red carpet look. Little do we know, this 4,000-dollar ring holds kinky secrets. It also serves as a relaxing massage ring for your naughty areas. We imagine pearls running over the skin can feel lavish and fulfilling.

Fuji Glass Dildo with Whip by Fornicouture (1,159 USD)

This is a 2-in-1 sex toy perfect for people with various kinks. Handcrafted and custom materials make up the Fuji Glass Dildo. The body originated from Mt. Fuji in Japan, while the Queen of England’s whip maker himself braided the whip. Now, we do not know what to do with that piece of information, but surely, this dual-purpose sex toy will make you feel like royalty.

Betony Vernon Petting Ring (1,386 USD)

At first look, this Betony Vernon item leaves us confused as to its purpose. The petting ring is designed to increase sensation during male masturbation. With its mouth-dropping price tag, we expect only out-of-this-world things for this ring.

Lelo Inez in Gold (13,416 USD)

This 24-carat gold-plated vibrator piece is guaranteed to bring you the highest form of pleasure that is fitting with its ridiculously high price tag.

Lelo Yva in Gold (3,345 USD)

If the Lelo Inez piece seems too much for you, then the Lelo Yva would seem like a good option because of its relatively friendlier price. Its smaller and more compact size makes the Yva good to carry around during travels. That is if you’re okay with lugging around a 3k gold sex toy. 

Luz de la Riva Luciano Mask for Him (1,375 USD)

Are you planning to engage in some passionate roleplay? For males, the Luciano Mask is a Venetian mask designed to be your most guilty (and most expensive!) pleasure.

Lelo Earl (2,228 USD)

If you ask us, the Lelo Earl butt plug looks more like luxury cufflinks, but these plugs are best for the most esteemed gentlemen who can afford sex toys that cost as much as an apartment’s rent.

Occasionally splurging on luxury goods is no problem, as long as you can afford it. If it makes you feel and look good, then go ahead and spend all you want. If the price tags on these sex toys are too hot to handle, head on over to our very own sex toy shop and find something interesting to try for your nightly pleasures.

5 Best Ways to Have Stimulating Foreplay With Sex Toys

Are you tired of having boring and unappealing foreplay before sex? Allow me to show you how to spice up your sex life with sex toys. Foreplay is essential for creating desire and arousal. Foreplay can make a couple feel intimate and more connected, leading to both partners becoming even more aroused. To begin, you must have a foreplay kit box on hand to spice up foreplay before sex. Firstly, I suggest you consider The Vaultz Locking Storage Box, which comes with locks and dividers. A good, basic foreplay kit should include a good water-based lube or a natural oil-based lubricant, a vibrator, and bondage toys (all which can be found on Foxxxy).

Now that you’ve got your foreplay gear, let’s get right to business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can satisfy your partner with sex toys.

Tease and Tickle Your Partner

Teasing is all about building suspense by not giving everything away. For many people, being teased and tickled with the promise of pleasure is enjoyable. There is rough tickling as well as soft tickling. Soft tickling is usually enjoyable as well as arousing and exciting.

The first rule of teasing is to avoid going straight for the sex organs. Gently and slowly use your Teasing and Tickling Feather Duster to brush your partner’s skin in areas that make them squirm, such as their armpits, the back of their knees, the neck, and the soles of their feet. Most importantly, try varying your tickle tactics from time to time to see what produces the most titillating sensations for both of you.

Teasing And Tickling Feather

Give Your Partner a Sensual Massage

One of the most erotic and relaxing things you can do for your partner is giving them a sensual massage. A sensual massage will make your partner feel calm, nurtured, adored, and loved, and relaxing them will help lower their inhibitions. Not only does it relax and calm you, but it also raises the pleasure level, making your partner want more and more! The relaxation, calm, and increased pleasure it provides turn your partner on until they can no longer take it. The first step toward a truly enticing sensual massage is to dim the lights, play some soothing music that you know your partner enjoys, gently remove their clothing, and give them a slow and sexy rubdown as a special treat.

A good sensual massage oil and massage wand will do the magic.  Not sure what type of oil to use? Take a look at Passion Sensual Massage Oil or Fox Envy: Vanilla Scented Sensual Massage Oil

Sensual Massage oil

Use the “Her Ultimate Pleasure” Sex Toy to give your partner a Nipplegasm

A nipple orgasm occurs when you reach a sexual climax solely by stimulating the nipples or surrounding breast area. Nipples are large erogenous zones with a lot of nerve endings that provide intense sensations. While fingers are fantastic tools for providing sexual pleasure, it is also important to remember that simply stimulating the breast with your hands is not enough. Some sex toys are more effective at delivering desired sexual pleasure. That’s right. We are talking about Her Ultimate Pleasure sex toy, which has four motors for simultaneous licking, sucking, and vibrating action.

Start by massaging the breasts gently, then move your sex toy in smaller circles towards the nipples, teasing and building anticipation. Nipples are incredible because they change shape and size as they get aroused, going from soft to hard. The more sensitive the nipples become to direct stimulation, the harder they become. Therefore, it is important to increase the pressure of circling and sucking on both nipples one at a time as your partner’s sensitivity increases. The happy hormone oxytocin can be released during nipple play. You can show your nipples some love with nipple-related products like tingling balm, pinching magnets, pendants, clamps, suckers, and pumps.

Her Ultimate Pleasure Sex Toy

Caress the Clitoris

Most people produce arousal fluids when they are turned on to help stimulate the clitoris and vagina. However, when caressing the clitoris, use a water-based lubricant to avoid chafing and dryness. Begin with a slow and gentle touch with your Clit Sucking Vibrator. The clit sucking vibrator is carefully designed to hug the clitoris while providing suction and vibration at the same time.

Massage the vulva with the vibrator before moving in a circular motion to the clitoris. Gently and gradually increase your speed and pressure as your partner encourages. You can accomplish this with a variety of sex toys. The selection is impressive, ranging from the clit sucking vibrator for clitoral stimulation to vibrating rabbits to pulsing rings that turn your penis into a vibrating tool.

Clit Sucking Vibrator

Use the G-Spot Finger Vibrator for Fingering

Finger vibrators are fantastic because they add a vibrating component to the sexual and sensual activities you already engage in with your hands and fingers. The G-Spot Finger Vibrator wraps around your entire finger like a sexy finger glove, providing incredible stimulation to the clit. With your finger vibrator covered in lube, slowly run your finger along the vaginal walls; as you slip your finger deeper into the vagina, the lubrication on the vibrator increases. Be sure to position the vibrator so that the curved side is pointing up and stimulating the G-spot. It is important to pay attention to what your partner says they enjoy the most.

G-Spot Finger Vibrator

There’s no particular order to start your foreplay. You can never go wrong with the right kind of sex toys in your foreplay kit box. It is important to opt for sex toys you can use multiple ways. I highly recommend Foxxxy if you’re looking for affordable and flawless sex toys to add to your collection. They have a fantastic selection of adult toys. Do you want to learn more intriguing tips on how to spice up your sex life? Then you should check out Sensory Pleasure: Enhance Sex Play with Sensory Overload.

All About Sex Dolls: Sex, Society, and Intimacy

There’s research, and then there’s popular discourse. Still, the general opinion around sex dolls seems to be pitting men against women. It paints a picture of sordid male desire for a customizable, idealized physical female form — one that doesn’t talk back, won’t ever have needs, and will never age, grow wrinkles, or gain weight.

Despite everything, sex dolls’ implications about social context and sexual behavior might not be as cut and dry.

A Brief History

Early iterations of sex dolls date back to the European sailors in the Age of Exploration. Back then, sailors considered it superstitious to have women on board. They fashioned crude dolls out of fabric and leather, sometimes stuffed with straw, to keep themselves company on long voyages.

Referred to in French as dame de voyages and in Spanish as dama de vinjes, the Dutch would trade them freely with Japan before the country isolated itself from the rest of the world. The Azumagata Ningyo, early Japanese sex dolls of leather and tortoiseshell, came from those early sex dolls — sold or rented out in early sex doll brothels.

The development and sale of Sex dolls would continue throughout controversy in the West. In the last thirty years up to the present day, there’s been a massive growth in the market for sex dolls — and even sex robots — even though there’s still a lingering stigma.

sex dolls prototypes

More Than Sex Toy, Not Quite Robot

Sex dolls have since come a long way from sackcloth and straw. To date, love dolls and synthetic companions have evolved with more high-tech manufacturing and improved materials. Love dolls aren’t always created to fit an idealized form. While that may be true for marketing, manufacturers reveal that requested customizations on sex dolls include even ‘unattractive’ physical attributes — like love handles, stretch marks, moles, and even wrinkles.

The more real they seem, the more love dolls deviate from simply being more sophisticated sex toys.

The difference between sex dolls and sex robots is the presence of sensors, actuators, and programmable AI. Therefore, blow-up dolls aren’t classified to be the same as sex robots — but why does the distinction matter? Is one better than the other? The reason behind this dilemma is ethics. Is it possible for a robot with artificial intelligence to ever consent to sex?

two love dolls on each other

Why the Stigma Against Sex Dolls?

Perhaps the negative connotations of sex dolls come from how and to whom they’re marketed. That is, to men. Even if manufacturers make both male and female-formed love dolls, the majority of sales still come from men.

However, those statistics don’t necessarily mean that women are less interested in sex or that men have a harder time getting it. There are physical differences in how women and men achieve orgasm, and there are theories that when it comes to sex, men might be more visual and women more tactile. This could be a similar reason as to why stimulating sex toys are more marketed and sold to women.

Perhaps it also stems from the idea that sex with a humanoid form is the epitome of objectification. But that circles back to whether connoisseurs are having sex with an inert female form, or conversely, an object that happens to be shaped female. And what about realistic sex toys — as in, dildos in the shape of penises and fleshlights with painstakingly designed vulvas. You could argue that copying genitals minus the rest of the body could be even more reductive.

Sex Dolls: A Replacement for Intimacy or a Venue for Creativity?

Why are people buying sex dolls? Are they always used for sex?

mannequin models

A big chunk of cheap blow up sex dolls are probably still being sold as gag gifts. Fashion enthusiasts and store owners confess to using love dolls instead of mannequins. But if you want to get to the root of demand, perhaps the best people to ask are the manufacturers.

Marketing places a lot of emphasis on the ‘replacement’ aspect. But what exactly are they replacing?

For some, love dolls feel like a safe venue to explore their fantasies and fetishes. For example, a couple navigating the logistics of including a third body in bed may wish to practice first with a sex doll before propositioning a stranger or a friend.

Germany, France, and Spain are even exploring the use of the love dolls as an alternative to sex workers, to circumvent laws against prostitution. And it makes sense, from a practical standpoint — dolls, after all, would be easier to transport, keep track of, and clean.

A Changing Mindset, Growing Market

Now that sex is becoming better represented in media, attitudes towards sex and sex paraphernalia are also changing. In China, for example, the sex toy market has mushroomed from 1993 into a booming billion-dollar industry. Ads and taglines call sex dolls and sex robots replacements for not just girls and wives, but also husbands and boyfriends.

Quarantine and covid regulations led to a significant spike in sex doll sales. This points to the fact that love dolls and other sex toys are an untapped, under-researched viable option for people who can’t socialize — and outside of the pandemic, this includes the physically isolated, the disabled, the immunocompromised, and the elderly.

Recommended: Intimacy, Lockdown, and Sex Toys

In the face of a harsh and critical society, increasingly unrealistic standards of beauty, and a growing understanding of isolation and social anxiety, we raise the question — is it such a bad thing to be lonely?

Want to expand your knowledge of sex and kink? Check out the latest fascinating posts on Pleasure Uncensored, or join the community on Foxtail to be part of the conversation!