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Crush Fetish: What It Is And Its Types

Have you ever heard of crushing? This fetish is exactly what it sounds like: people destroying things. Sounds strange? Here at Foxtail we enjoy the strange! So we’re going to teach you all about it, so what was strange becomes your new favorite fetish! This post will dive into the different kinds of crush fetishes, why people like them, and how to perform them ethically.

If you like to find out more about this kink, read on! But first you need to know what does it actually means?

What is Crush Fetish?

Crush fetish is a type of fetish in which sexual arousal is associated with crushing the things. The crushing involves from inanimate items to animate ones like insects, worms etc. The motivation for crushing acts is production of a film recording the events, which is sold on the Internet to crush fetishists who find the content sexually gratifying; a tailored genre known as ‘crush film’. However, there are no restrictions in practicing this fetish but limitations matter..

Types of Crush Fetish

There are three types of crushing: hard, soft and trample fetish. Soft crushing is when someone crushes inanimate objects like fruit, stuffed animals, cigarettes, or small critters like spiders, worms, and bugs for the sexual arousal of themselves or the audience. Soft crush online videos frequently depict pretty young ladies wearing Stripper gear and stilettos crushing cigarettes, donuts, toy animals, telephones, insects, and other objects.

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Hard crushing Hard crushing can also include the unethical acts of hurting small animals for the pleasure of the crusher or audience. Other than small insects it can include hard objects like metal tins, card boards etc. We won’t go into that here as that is not Safe, Sane, Consensual play – especially since the animals cannot consent. We support everyone exploring their desires as long as it’s within the rights and boundaries of all parties involved!

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Trample fetish typically refers to crushing a human by sitting on them, squeezing them between one’s thighs, or trampling them (with their consent, of course). Some crush fetishists like to crush fingers, hands and other body parts of their partner. This is not similar to erotic asphyxiation, where the stimulus of arousal is oxygen deprivation, not necessarily involving crushing.

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It Plays Well With Other Fetishes

This fetish pairs nicely with other sexual fixations. For example, if you have a foot fetish and like crushing things, foot crushing play is for you. Depending on the role you choose (or wish to participate in), crushing fetish can also be tied to masochism and sadism play.

Some extreme masochists identify with the object. They like to feel the pain and powerlessness, while sadists may choose to be crushers, experiencing enjoyment while inflicting pain. Crushing can be a beautiful dynamic since it involves power exchange between the dom and sub. This isn’t to argue that everyone in the S & M scene adores crushing.

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BBW and fat fetishes sometimes include other fetishes like crushing or suffocation. Giantess or Amazonian is another fetish that pairs nicely with crushing, as the sub can receive pleasure from feeling small and watching their beloved Giantess crush things between her fingers.

To find out more about crush fetish, you can read this article or visit our other blogs to check out other fetishes that you never knew existed!

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