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Hand Fetish Ideas that Will Definitely Give You the Kink

You’ve probably heard of the common foot fetish. If you spend enough time on porn sites or talking to people, you’re bound to come across people with foot fetishes.

Other common fetishes include hair fetishes, latex fetishes, sock fetishes, and the list goes on and on! But one thing I’ve noticed is that many have hand fetishes, which I, found fascinating!

Until recently, I never thought of hands as inherently sexual. After diving into it further I’ve come across several senual activites for hand lovers. Take my hand, let’s explore!

hand fetish

Hand Fetishes Explained

You may also know it as Cheirophilia, hand partialism, or most commonly known as hand fetishism. A hand fetish is when you have a sexual attraction to (or turned on) by beautiful hands. It may not be the entire hand, but just certain parts of the hands. For example, you may find how long the fingers are or the color of the nails attractive. 

For some, it is not about what the hand looks like, and it is more about what the hand does!  Hence, you will find that a person may get arousal when they see someone typing fast or unbuttoning their clothes. For others, it is both what the hands look like and what they do. Therefore, they may like to see the long fingers with red nails typing to get the kink they will be looking for.

There are many sexy activities for people with a hand kink, here are some ideas to get you started.

Take Pictures

Many models are willing to pose for you, at a cost, of course. The best thing about hiring a person for this is getting them to take specific poses and hit the spot you like. We know that you can quickly just go to the internet and look at pictures, but this may just partially satisfy your hunger. 

Also, the best part about social media is that there are plenty of fetish sites that you can go to find people who are willing to give in to your fetishes. You don’t have to show your face or reveal your identity, all you need to do is pay them, and you will get that long-awaited release.

Try To Watch Ethical Porn

Instead of cracking your head on how you will pay someone for pictures, you can just go ahead and watch some porn. Thanks to technology, all you need to do is go to your porn site and type in hand fetishes. There are so many results, and who knows, you may even get new ideas as well.

Finger Fetish Use Fingering and Handjobs Foreplay

If you have a partner who is willing to explore your sexual fantasy world with you, then you can go ahead and research good foreplay ideas for hand partialism. For example, fingering or hand jobs can be excellent ideas. And, if you have watched Fifty Shades of Gray, you will see some tools that you can also get to use for your foreplay. This is why it is vital to have a relationship that is open to communication. If you do this, sexual liberation will follow without feeling caged.

Buy Some Toys for Hand Fetish

You will be shocked by the number of tools on the internet for people who have hand fetishes.  Therefore, if you want to explore your fantasies, why not go all the way? Buy one or two and try them out. You can easily order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, you do not have to worry about going into public sex toy shops to have fun. You can find an incredible collection of sex toys at our shop Foxxxy.

Try Sucking Some Fingers

This may sound gross to some, but I know many people who haven’t claimed to be into finger fetishism and love finger sucking. Firstly, make sure that the hands are thoroughly washed or sanitized. Then you can go ahead and try this as a form of foreplay, and if you do it right, your partner might end up enjoying it as well. While having fun, you can as well have your partner suck on your fingers. Either way, you both get to explore and have fun.

Some people get off from watching someone suck hands. It does not matter whose fingers are being sucked, it can be yours, theirs, or some other different person altogether. Either way, fingers have to be sucked for them to get satisfaction.

Join the Fetishism Community

In social media, you can find many groups and different people when it comes to fetishism. For example, there are niche fetish sites where different people meet others in order to satisfy their kink. They can do whatever you want them to do if you pay them first. If you do not have anyone to explore, this is one good way to get what you want. There are blogs where people write fictional and real-life experiences that helped them satiate their different appetites as well.

Inflicting Pain on the Fingers

There are a lot of toys that have been made for this sole purpose.  But, this is quite common for people that come with the domination nature in them. They like to inflict pain on others to get the satisfaction they need, but in this case, on the hands.

Playing with Your Hands

 Hand fetishist like seeing people getting their nails done or getting a hand massage and are good to go! For some, all you have to do is play with your hands. On the other hand, others may just like seeing people play sports that have to do with their hands.

Beautiful Hands

Others just like to get a look at the hands to be happy. But, there is a need to pay particular attention to the appearance of the hand. For some, seeing the long finger will turn them on. For others, a particular color of nails will give them the kick.

Give it a try!

There is so much to explore when it comes to hand fetishism. You will have to be open-minded and confident to be able to feed into your sexual desires. Hand fetishes are only part of the different fun things that can come once you decide to be sexually free and open-minded. Once you get the chance to try out the different things, you will be shocked at how much you have missed.

You can check out our page and find out more about other fetishes. If you are interested check out our post on the well known Foot Fetish.

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