How To Be a Sub: 7 Must-Have Aftercare Practices

If you want to be a sub in BDSM (for any long period of time anyway), you should know or learn about aftercare. BDSM aftercare is an essential component of every scene if you want no long-term damages. However, the damage may be less if the session isn’t very intense. Aftercare may help you cope with the long-term repercussions of a traumatic event on your body and mind.

Why is Aftercare Important?

Aftercare helps you reconnect with your partner. You could have felt as if you were in another universe with your partner, or you may have gone deep into your thoughts. Giving or receiving BDSM aftercare may improve your relationship. Because of the popularity of cuddling and eating after a scene, some have dubbed BDSM aftercare “cuddles and carbs.” However, several practices have also proven to be primary or essential BDSM aftercare. Let’s have a look on 7 must-have aftercare practices for a sub.

1. Taking Care of Wounds and Injuries

Although you want to be a sub and put your dom before yourself, remember bruising, lacerations, or other physical traumas require immediate attention. Disinfecting and bandaging surface injuries, spreading soothing creams or ointment on a spanked butt, or using an ice pack to alleviate irritation in any area of the body are all examples of this. In addition, your BDSM aftercare pack should include a first aid kit, which should be kept on standby in case of any accidents during play.

2. Replenishment

Hydration and electrolytes are provided by a glass of water or a bottle of sports drink. If you enjoy it, try a calming tea. Inelastic skin, sunken eyes, a dry mouth, and fast breathing are all signs of dehydration. It’s also a good idea to serve a snack to assist your body to re-balance. To refill natural sugars that may have also been depleted after a scene, the food should be light and healthy, such as bananas or strawberries. Potassium levels may have decreased as well because of dehydration, so salty food might also help. Finally, consider making a smoothie to address both blood sugar and dehydration at the same time. If not possible, eat whatever gives you strength.

3. Physical Contact and Comfort

Depending on your relationship, the amount of physical touch you require or offer as part of aftercare varies. Slow lovemaking appeals to certain people while cuddling appeals to others. A sensual massage may help partners stay connected while also working out muscles that have been sore from intense stimulation during the scene.

Anything that induces orgasm might lift your spirits, which may have been low following the scene. If you’re not a cuddle partner, a warm blanket or soft robe is an easy way to provide aftercare for your partner.  Some people like snuggling in their PJs and slippers, and hugging provides both physical touch and oxytocin stimulation.

4. Sleeply Sub

Sleep is an important part of BDSM aftercare, whether you’re tired from all the hormone activity in your body or just fatigued after a spanking. Some people only require a short sleep (often with their partners), while others require a full night’s (or more) of slumber to allow their bodies to recover and return to normal.

5. Talking and Laughter

Sometimes, when you want to be a sub, aftercare is as simple as talking and having a laugh with your partner after your scene is done. Some individuals take this opportunity to talk about what they enjoyed and what they wish to change about the scene. However, you might want to postpone criticizing right after a scene.

6. Bathing and Beauty Routines

Running a warm bath for your partner (or both of you) might be the ultimate form of aftercare. Turning it into a bubble bath with bath bombs or warm bubbles enhances the atmosphere, and the warm water relaxes tired aching muscles. To help you relax, burn some scented incense or candles. A beauty regimen may also re-stabilize many people. After a shower, redoing your hair or dressing up yourself, or even putting on lotion, might help you achieve the stress response cycle and return to your regular pretty self.

7. Other Relaxing Activities

Any pastime or activity which calms you could be an excellent aftercare approach. It could be reading for some people. Others like coloring because it is both repetitive and relaxing. You could also find that playing video games helps you re-establish your grounding. Those who want to be a sub must know, after a scene, you may also put on some soothing music or watch your favorite movie to unwind. There are no surprises in this situation since you’re familiar with the story, which can be comforting while you settle back down after a scene.

The Bottom Line

Being a sub or dom doesn’t matter in BDSM. You can take any role that appeals you the most. Consent and communication are vital to enjoy any role. So talk to your partner about the aftercare that you want to get after a play.

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