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How To Keep Your Fetish A Secret?

How To Keep Your Fetish A Secret

Most people have a secret fetish that they love but are too concerned about judgment from family, friends, and sexual partners to share it. If you fall into this category, then you’re not alone.

According to a survey by OnePoll, 49% of 2,000 respondents admitted to having secret fetishes they are yet to share. We understand if you want to keep your secret safe, so here are some tips to keep your kinky dreams under wraps until you’re ready to explore them in the flesh.

We Don’t Judge, We Understand You

Frankly, it’s common because as you know many people may not understand your desire to try wax play, knife play or wanting to get dominated by the mean girl of your dreams. Hence, the need to explore your pleasures discreetly until you’re comfortable to explore them with another person.

Watch Porn With The Theme of Your Secret Fetish

How To Keep Your Fetish A Secret

Keeping your sexual secret doesn’t mean you can’t get satisfaction from it. If you’re not ready to open up to your partner, you can try some porn with the specific theme. There are so many categories of porn with sexual fetishes such as diapers, fur, feet, fat fetishes, etc. Surf the internet and get the satisfaction you need while your imagination runs wild. This way, when you are ready to talk to your partner about it, you’ll  be clear on what you’re really interested in trying.

Work With A Schedule

You might have never envisioned working with a schedule to act out your newfound fetish, but it can be helpful. For instance, if you’re a straight man who’s typically quite masculine but you’re interested in wearing heels, lingerie and exploring Sissy Play, you will need your space to do that. Consider your roommates or partner’s schedule, and pick a time when you know everyone will be out to try on your naughty girl tights and have fun freely.

Avoid Discussing It with Judgmental People

Sexual fetishes are totally normal, but many people are still skeptical. Thank goodness they are becoming more socially acceptable these days! It can be difficult listening to other people, especially friends and family, demonize what you enjoy. Don’t bring up your desires to folks in your community who are judgmental and petty until you are ready to stand strong in what you want. It’s ok to have some interests be just for you and the bedroom.

Visit Fetish Sites

Keeping your sexual fetishes a secret can be lonely as you may want to connect to like-minded kinksters like you. Sure, porn can help, but interacting with someone who shares the same interests is more exciting and fulfilling. If you’re searching for others to engage with, why not try out different fetish sites? Fetish sites like Foxtail have multiple categories to search and message people who are into the same stuff  you are: anal, latex, submission and so much more. You can have fun and explore while protecting your identity. 

Our Thoughts

Secret fetishes are normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you don’t feel comfortable sharing your interests yet, or are sure your partner might not be intrigued, it is yours to keep. Use these tips mentioned above to keep yours a secret while you keep exploring your sexuality safely until you’re ready for what’s next.

Do you have a secret fetish? If you’re open about it, share it below and discuss it with other kinksters! Sign up ito be a part of our community now to meet more kinksters like you!

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