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Is Swinging The Opposite of Monogamy?

Whether you can consider swinging while staying monogamous is a question that many curious or swinger couples ask. It’s a fair question because we all want to know what it takes to be a swinger. We also want to know if monogamy and swinging can somehow co-exist. After all, being a swinger does have its benefits. People might wonder about swinging as a lifestyle that is being engaged in sexual acts either for fun or pleasure. This lifestyle is highly glowering upon by many in society and by many in the law as well. However, swingers do exist, and it would not be surprising to find more swingers today than ever before.

What does it mean to be a swinger?

Swingers have different sexual desires.  Some are looking for that one serious partner, while others are open-minded about casual sex or multiple partners. For some, swinging as a lifestyle means casual flings and discreet encounters. But others are looking for a committed, long-term relationship. And this is where monogamy and swinging can get tricky.

Some swingers do choose to remain monogamous when they first start swinging. This is because the relationship with their swingers may be a secret. And the fact that their lifestyle is private keeps them from coming out and ruining the reputation of their swingers. Some may even choose to remain monogamous even though their first swinging experience did not go as planned. After all, even with a successful first date, they may still want to remain in the swinger’s bedroom.

Some swingers go the extra mile and decide to remain true to their swinging principles to stay monogamous while swinging. They feel uncomfortable with the notion of casual sex and would remain true to their primary sexual orientation. The fact is that many swinger couples will remain in their relationships because they love their partners. Enough to believe that there is more to them than a desire to procreate. Many choose to remain in their relationships because they have reached a level of intimacy. Where having sexual activity outside of the relationship would be uncomfortable. And, yes, some swingers choose to remain monogamous because they find it a more appealing trait than the forbidden thrill.

Benefits of Being a Swinger

One benefit of swinging while you are still monogamous is that you will have more options. Even if you are interested in entering into a swinging or polyamory relationship, you can still stumble upon someone with whom you can fall in love, get married, or enter into a long-term relationship. However, if you are interested in swinging to have multiple partners, monogamy is clearly not for you.

Let’s take it at face value. Can swinger couples get away with not being sexually attracted to each other? I think this is a definite yes. The fact is that society (and, by extension, pornography) has taught us that sexual attraction is a crucial aspect of a relationship. Therefore, swingers can’t stay monogamous if they feel like they need to pursue “one-night-stands” as a sexual activity. It’s just not possible.

However, we can also look at this from a more pragmatic point of view. When you think about it, having sex one time does not necessarily translate into long-term monogamy. After all, what happens when the one-night stand doesn’t pan out? And would the relationship become more than just a one-time fling if that one-night stand was something more permanent?

Is it possible to be in a Swinging relationship and still practice Monogamy?

If you are considering entering a swinging relationship. But want to stay monogamous. You must be sure to have the desired monogamy. If not, then don’t even consider swinging at all. You must be ready to be monogamous. If you’re ready to explore swinging and you feel this type of relationship can be a way to get what you want out of your relationship. Be sure to talk with your partner about this before you do anything.

Next, honesty can be one of the key factors in determining whether you can stay in your relationship or not. Swingers often have affairs to meet new people. This often brings problems into the relationship; however, if you are honest with your partner about your intentions, your partner will be much more likely to trust you and open up to you.

Final words

Once you are ready to open the door to your swinging lifestyle, you need to consider your local laws rea adult entertainment. Some areas have strict rules about what is acceptable in their bars, and others may have no rules. Also, consider meeting someone locally. If so, then the swinger club may be the place for you to go. However, remember that there can be other adult clubs in your area that you can check out as well.

Overall, you’ll have to do your homework and evaluate your situation. It’s always best to start with the “safe” club, but if that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to move onto the “naughty” club – who knows, you may find the right swinger club for you! Swingers love to explore new sexual possibilities. The swinger lifestyle can provide a fun, exciting, intimate experience – even for the swinger who is monogamous!

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