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Klismaphilia and the Art of Enema Play

Female rump with glitter

Klismaphilia and the Art of Enema Play

There is nothing better than a great butt. The way they look, their feel, there is a lot of pleasure an ass can bring. The pleasure from anal play has brought Klismaphiliacs out of the shadows. Let’s explore Klismaphilia and the art of enema play.

Most of us are becoming increasingly aware that anal play is extremely pleasurable. An area of anal play that most of us are not aware of is Klismaphilia, and yet, a lot of us will have experienced the sensation of a klisma (enema) in our lives at one time or another. 

ABrief History of Klismapilia

Throughout history, rehydration treatments, which involve squirting fluid into one’s colon through the anus have been called different things. Benjamin Franklin was reportedly a fan of enemas back when they were called clysters. 

During the Medieval period, the French liberally employed enemas; known then as glisters, as a self-cleansing technique. 

The Mayans used them during rituals, administering substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and water lily flowers through their rectums to get inebriated. Along with horseback riding and getting spun around on a stool to induce dizziness, enemas were seen as a means of curing depression in the 19th century. Enemas containing tobacco smoke were popular in colonial England and often used as a means of resuscitating drowned people.

Enema Syringe

Love for rehydration therapies is strong amongst those who have tried it. So strong, in fact, that there is even a monument dedicated to enemas.  Located in front of a spa in southern Russia, the brass statue weighs 805 pounds and is 5-feet tall. Molded to resemble a traditional bulb-shaped enema, it’s held aloft by three naked cherubs with smiling faces and delicate wings. According to the local artist who made it, the sculpture is meant to invoke the style and feel of a Botticelli.

Klismaphilia was coined by Joanne Denko in the reporting of two case studies in the early 1970s, A variant of sexual expression in which an individual obtains sexual pleasure from receiving enemas. Less commonly, some people also get sexual pleasure from the giving of enemas to other people.

Alfred Kinsey’s surveys of sexual behavior of males and females in the late 1940s and early 1950s provided evidence that klismaphilia was engaged in by women, but it’s typically males who are more likely to be klismaphiliacs. Published research on klismaphiliacs is rare and it is thought that most klismaphiliacs keep their engagement in this activity very secret.

In 1991, the American sexologist William Arndt placed advertisements in sex magazines to recruit klismaphiliacs. He managed to survey 22 individuals (all males except for one female) and aged 25 to 54 years. They typically engaged in enema use twice a week and half of the klismaphiliacs reported the enemas were self-administered. The remainder gave and/or received enemas from their sexual partner. Just over one-third of the sample had other paraphilic interests that typically revolved around sexual masochism (usually being spanked).

In a 1982 American Journal of Psychotherapy paper, Jeremy Agnew (1982) provided a physiological perspective on klismaphilia concentrating on the ritualization of insertion, filling, and expulsion components. He compared the physiological similarities between rectal stimulation and vaginal intercourse and said that the behavior was reinforcing. In a later two thousand paper, Agnew also noted that some individuals receive such extreme pleasure from the practice that they reach orgasm. He also links klismaphilia with sadomasochistic activities.

Getting Familiar with Enemas 

Male Buttocks

Giving an enema is the process of putting water into the lower intestine via the rectum to empty the bowels. This is done for medical reasons, cleanliness, or for erotic purposes.

Your enema kit needs to have been thoroughly cleaned before use, ideally with hot soapy water, followed by rinsing everything afterward to make sure no soap residue is left over. After all, our skin is very sensitive, particularly in our genitals and rectum, so it pays to take extra care when introducing foreign objects into the equation. 

Without proper care and preparation, not only can you introduce bacteria into a highly sensitive area, but you can also cause micro-tears which further the breeding ground for transferred bacteria. This is why lubrication is extremely important. Treat giving/receiving an enema like you would any other kind of anal play: use plenty of lube and take things at a pace you’re (both) comfortable with. 

Out of all of the kinky activities out there, getting supplies for giving an enema might be the cheapest of them all. For a bare minimum set-up, all you really need is a reusable enema bag, salt, lube, and water. If you fall in love with enemas, expect to replace this over time, but it will be sufficient for learning if you enjoy enemas.

There are multiple types of sets you can use to administer an enema. As mentioned before, the reusable hot water combination water bottle is the easiest one to find in stores.

 If you’re looking for a different type of receptacle, you may have to do a bit more digging. A “disposable enema bag” is available if you’re wanting to do a quick and easy enema. An “enema can” offers a metal canister to hold the liquid instead of the flexible bag. They’re the easiest to clean, but they’re also the hardest to hide.

Bulb Enema Kit

 A “bulb syringe” looks like a small nozzle attached to a hollow bulb. It allows you to easily draw water into the bulb and squirt it into the anus. Since the bulb is much smaller than any of the enema bags, it requires multiple “trips” to deliver the same amount of fluid. However, bulb syringes are extremely popular for humiliation scenes because of the interaction and need for multiple “fills”.

As you find that you enjoy enemas or want to enjoy different sensations, you can always upgrade your enema equipment. Various attachments are available (such as penis-shaped tips or anal bulb tips) as well as unique types of enema bags. Don’t forget that kits made from sexy colors (all black, etc.) and materials (high-quality silicone) are available as well. It’s worth an upgrade if enemas have become a regular part of your sex life. These items are why klismaphilia is an art form.

Best Place to Do an Enema

An enema can really be done anywhere. However, as the retention time is a bit slim, you’ll most likely want to do this somewhere where there’s a toilet nearby. If a toilet isn’t part of your scene, make sure you know of somewhere else that the enema can be released – a diaper, bucket, or another item. For most people, however, the most comfortable area for releasing an enema is going to be a toilet.

For administering the enema, itself, you can use any surface. If you’d like to be as comfortable as possible, most people will enjoy having an enema done while laying on a bed. But if you’re concerned about any potential mess or would like to be as close to the toilet as possible, the bathroom floor (with a blanket placed on the floor for comfort) is a perfectly good place as well. If you’d like both comfort and location, consider folding up an easy-to-wash blanket onto the floor on the bathroom.

If you’re using an enema bag, you’ll really want to look for something that has the right height for hanging the bag. You want something that’s about two feet higher than where the butt will be. For some people, if you’re on the ground for the enema administration, the bathroom doorknob will work fine. For others, you may want to improvise with closet door handles, dresser handles, or anything else. The proper height is important to ensure the most comfortable enema possible.

If humiliation play is your intent, an involved scene could be done in public without an easily accessible toilet nearby but be aware that this scene could go wrong in a way you never intended very quickly, so have your scene thoroughly planned out before attempting something like. Make sure you know how your partner’s body behaves with an enema as well. Have a Plan B in case things go differently. Now you are ready to enjoy Klismaphilia and the art of enema play.

Enema How-To’s


You need to prepare your enema before you can enjoy it. For most beginners, plain water and salt enema is the best choice. Use clean water for your enema; for most places, tap water will be more-than-fine. Turn on the faucet and allow the water to run until it’s comfortably warm. You don’t want it to be hot, and you don’t want it to be cold.

You want it to feel slightly warmed on your fingers, around 95 to 105 degrees F is what most people tend to prefer. Too hot and you can harm yourself, but too cold causes cramping as well. The right amount of liquid is good as well. It’s always better to overfill the bag than underfill it, so fill the bag with a bit more water than you think you’ll need.

Add 1 tsp of sea salt for every liter of water you use. (Most enema bags are 1.5 or 2-liter ). Shake up the bag a bit to mix the solution before administering it. Don’t use mixtures that haven’t been okayed by medical professionals. Although some kinksters out there favor urine enemas and other more unusual substances, this really isn’t advised and thus should be considered with caution. 

After the bag is filled with the solution, open the valve and let a little bit of the water flow into the sink. You want to ensure you have the air bubbles out of the valve. Air won’t hurt you, but it can produce a bit of gas, and most people aren’t looking for that. Thus, make sure the air is out before your enema.

Now find a good spot to hang the bag (assuming you’re using a bag. If not, you can use a bowl filled with the water you plan on administering via the bulb) for your enema. You’ll want the bag to be between 18 to 24 inches above the body while taking your enema. Too high can cause too much pressure. Too low may take longer to administer – but it’s usually best to err on the side of too low if there’s no other option. Drawer handles, doorknobs, closet shelves, and anything else can be used to hang your bag; just make sure it’s sturdy. 2 liters of water can get heavy.


Woman laying on the side in bed

 You want to get into a good position to enjoy your enema. Lots of people recommend doing your first enemas while lying flat on your back. You can also do them while lying on your side. You can take in the “face down, ass up” position, but be aware that it will push the enema further into your body than laying with your body entirely flat. If you’re looking to retain more liquid, that position can be helpful, but if you’re looking for a shallower enema, having a level position is best. Any pleasurable position you imagine people could get into can be a position that you can enjoy an enema in.


Lubricate the tip with your favorite lubricant, and slide it in. Once it’s in and you’re comfortable, you can unclamp the hose and allow the liquid to fill the anus. There’s really no “wrong” way to do this. Continue until you are full, then clamp off the hose again. For some people, this might be only a bit of water and for others, it might be more. Do what feels pleasurable to you.


 Once you have the solution in the body, it’s time to retain the liquid. Just clench the muscles like you want to retain anything else that you would from the butt. While I wouldn’t recommend it for someone new to enemas, some people also like to add a butt plug to aid in retention. An inflatable enema plug is essential for extended play. The bulb creates a seal inside the anus preventing any liquid from escaping.

The enema can really be held until it feels uncomfortable to hold any more. Some people will enjoy some discomfort while others mostly enjoy the sensation of the filling process. Hold for as long as you want, but be aware that, as a beginner, it may not even be more than two or three minutes. More experienced participants tend to be able to hold longer than those just starting out, so be mindful of what stage of experience you’re at before attempting to hold for too long. 


Once you’re ready to be done, you can move to the toilet and expel like you usually would. Even if it feels like you’re “done”, getting around and moving will probably cause a second trip to the bathroom, so it’s recommended to stay around the toilet for about an hour after an enema.

Kinky Scenes Using Enemas

If you’re into humiliation, tease them over what you’re doing to their body. Gently “screw” them with the tip as you administer the enema. Consider locking the door to the bathroom and making them beg for the key as they retain the enema. Force them to stand up straight for an “inspection” as they try to retain the enema. As long as you get a bit creative, you can come up with a shit ton (pun intended!) of ways for an enema to add to further power dynamics.

For some serious humiliation and embarrassment, consider sticking around and making remarks as they expel the enema; almost no one is used to having their intimate partners around when they do such a thing Make sure you’ve made your intention clear ahead of time because it can lead to some pretty intense shame and personal embarrassment in a way that you’re not intending if they really didn’t want you there.

Thigh Massage

Not into humiliation? You can use enemas in a different way. It’s very easy to use an enema as a caring and thoughtful gift that you give to a partner. Enemas can be given lovingly and gently as well. Consider gently laying out your partner in soft blankets as you prepare the enema, slowly lube up the tip, and slide it in. Let them languish in the pleasurable sensations as you touch their body. As they start to feel full, you can remove the tip. Consider more foreplay as they retain and if your dynamic works best for it, leave them with privacy as they expel the fluid. Then you both will be ready for anal sex or other play; it can work as a wonderful type of foreplay for different scenes.

Of course, an enema can always be used as your own “private” solo scene as well. As you shave areas or wash up for particular anal pleasures, you can add your own solo enema to part of that solo preparation you do before meeting up with a partner. Figure out how to best fit an enema into what you want.

Enema Safety

Expandable anal plug

Enemas aren’t without safety risks, but most of the risks are relatively minor when you know what you’re doing. For one, avoid doing enemas too frequently. Experts disagree on how often “too often” is, but more than one night a week may become problematic. You want your body to still have regular bowel movements and be able to balance itself.

For some, the act of having an enema can deplete the body of hydration. Make sure you regularly use salt in your enemas and avoid doing too many enemas at once. To help reduce the chances of dehydration, make sure to hydrate yourself the day of, during, and after your enema with regular water (As in drink the water!). Using too many chemicals with store-bought solutions or plain water enemas may cause this to get worse.

Why Enema Play

Now that we covered the how, let’s explore the why. Those who don’t partake in enema play, they assume the allure is pleasurable in some way. That doesn’t really explore exactly what triggers that pleasure, nor what the “release” feels like. 

It’s important to note that that final moment of ecstasy is going to come to everyone very differently, just like with any type of sexual release. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of similarities in what klismaphiliacs describe the experience, primarily that there’s this sense of euphoria from that rush of fluids leaving the body. 

For a lot of people, this rush goes hand-in-hand with an orgasm, with both men and women having reached climax thanks to taking an enema prior to masturbation. In fact, for some individuals, no other type of play is needed for an orgasm to occur, simply the setup and experience of the enema is enough to reach that big orgasm. 

Despite this type of play often being a substitute for other acts, such as blowjobs and fingering, there are also more specific reasons for its enjoyment. The most scientific of them all is the rectum is packed full of nerve endings, with its sensitivity said to be close to that of the clit and/or penis. As some of us know from experience, when we engage in anal play, that fullness further enhances the stimulation we feel, especially for those with a prostrate. Consequently, enjoying an enema and the sensation it gives biologically makes sense because it works with our anatomy to produce greater pleasure. 

Cuffed hand with butt

Enema Addiction Can Be Reckless

This heading touches on something incredibly interesting and important about this fetish: that a large number of those who partake in it invite in recklessness on a regular basis.

We’ve all relished the thrill of doing “something we shouldn’t”, and for some of us, that’s a kink in itself. There have been instances when klismaphilia has been practiced in such a way that it is extremely dangerous. In more recent years, people have been known to use alcohol, air, drugs, and even cement in order to get their fix while having an enema, with the latter example has led to the person in question needing surgery. 

I don’t speak of recklessness to shame anyone but to bring attention to the need to practice such activities safely. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and long for greater highs.

You need to be aware of one another’s boundaries, respect when those limits are met, and make sure to engage in such practices in a way that doesn’t cause undue harm to those involved.

No Need for Embarassment

You need to be transparent and open with yourself and your partner, there’s also the need to become more accepting of these intimate acts generally speaking. Due to the nature of enemas, and indeed anal play overall, there’s this sense of taboo around those that enjoy them; it’s lessened in the last couple of years, but it’s undoubtedly still there. 

Sex is wet, It’s sweaty and messy. It can be fast, rough, tender. When you play with your anus and/or someone’s, you encourage more mess. This is why some people feel the need to have an enema before anal play/sex, though that isn’t necessary. Klismaphilia and the art of enema play can be extremely erotic, for some, it is simply addicting!

If you’re looking to try enema play or looking for something to enhance your enema play, head over to FOXXY and see what is new!

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