Latex Fetish Wear: The Finest Joy of a Second Skin

Latex fetish wear, the feel of latex and even the sight of latex are traits are signs of rubber/latex festishism. Does Catwoman’s cat suit make you purr? Do you love the feeling of tight fabric against your skin? If so, latex might be for you. There are a number of reasons you might be into latex play including:

  • A feeling of a second skin
  • Anonymity
  • Sensations (sight, sound, smell)

The latex fetish has a large community as it is one of the more common fetishes. Let’s slide in, and see what it’s all about.

Latex spray painted

What is a Latex Fetish?

While not as well-known as bondage or foot fetishes, an interest in latex is a relatively common fetish with a long history and active community. Latex or rubber fetishists sometimes refer to themselves as “rubberists”. Typically, a latex fetish manifests itself in one of two ways:

  • You enjoy wearing latex clothing yourself. You might prefer smaller garments like underwear, gloves, or masks, or you might want to be completely covered in a full-body catsuit. You most likely enjoy the feel of latex against your skin, as well as the sensations of being “bound” or “enveloped.”
  • You are aroused by the sight of others wearing latex, particularly your sexual partners. You’re probably drawn to the aesthetic appeal of latex and admire how others look in form-fitting, curve-hugging garments like catsuits.

Of course, you can be into both; many people interested in latex enjoy wearing rubber suits and seeing their partners in their outfits. It’s a common misconception that wearing latex makes you a sub or a gimp. Or that wearing latex with high-heels makes you a dominatrix. There’s no obvious determining factor as to why latex attracts some of us. It just does!

The Pleasure of a Latex Fetish

The first time somebody zips you into a latex body bag, you’ll get a feeling of intense relief. Designed like a human sock with arms, part of the emotion comes from the fact that you can’t move around it. Whatever happens next is in the hands of the person who does the unzipping.

Then there’s the nature of the material, latex is the closest to your real skin. It is truly a second skin. You must apply lube to get it on so tightly and it will feel like flesh. It heats and cools the body. It sticks so profoundly. The feeling inside it is like being hugged.

latex spray painting

Latex can also be applied by spray painting, latex body paint on to your skin. I would recommend a CO2 tank and spray gun for application, as paint brushing won’t get you very far.

Some say latex offers its wearer an escape – from their body and mind, allowing them to become someone else. No wonder it’s such a fixture in the BDSM community.

What Rubberists Love About the Latex Fetish

Feeling of Safety

Latex provides some rubberists with feelings of safety.
The tight compression on the skin causes the blood to rush to the surface, making them feel invincible.

Latex, in addition to providing security and protection, can also evoke feelings of mystery and anonymity.
A person in a full-body latex suit is entirely unrecognizable; their identity is concealed because even their face is covered and hidden from view.
Even participants who have been partners for years can pretend to play with a mysterious and seductive stranger, which can add elements of adventure and romance to sexual encounters.

Sensory Buffet

Latex provides the ultimate sensory experience for nearly all five senses.
With its smooth, shiny appearance and intense solid colors such as deep black or tempting red, latex is highly appealing to the eyes.
The material’s distinct scent, described by fetishists as “clean” and “sharp,” teases the nose.
The ears are subjected to the “slick,” “shivery,” or “squeaking” sounds of latex rubbing against the skin – or, if both partners choose to wear it, latex itself.

And, of course, touch is the star of this sensory feast.
Skin brushes up against something that isn’t quite a skin, and the body beneath shivers with delight.
Flesh comes into contact with something impossibly smooth, strong, and perfect-feeling, causing ecstasy to reach previously unseen heights.
The senses are bombarded with pleasurable stimuli until all that remains pure, unadulterated sensation.

A Second “More Perfect” Skin

Latex fetishists have reported sensations of skin perfection from a second skin.
Many fetishists compare wearing tight, flexible latex to “having a second skin.”
There are numerous similarities between latex and skin, including smooth texture, elasticity, and, at least to some fetishes, pleasing or appealing color and scent.

The fetishist’s brain, according to scientists, notices similarities between latex clothing or accessories and healthy, firm, and youthful skin.
Latex is…
Taut and smooth.
Gleaming and shiny.
Strong and resilient.
In short, latex may represent the ideal of perfect skin in the mind of a fetishist and thus be attractive and desirable.

Those who enjoy wearing latex may feel youthful and strong and may be able to imagine themselves as their healthiest, best, and most perfect selves.
Those who enjoy seeing others dressed in latex can recognize and experience those qualities in their partner, heightening their sexual desire for them.

Of course, its resemblance to the skin is not the only reason people worldwide may choose to include latex in their sexual play.

Prevalence of Latex Wear in the Modern era

Large industries produce special latex or rubber fetish clothing for rubber enthusiasts. Much of this clothing for latex or rubber is available on websites like eBay. Latex clothing, especially jackets, skirts, and pants, are prevailing since recent years.

One of the biggest reasons people wear latex is its transformational abilities. Like any costume, a latex player can imagine a new sexual identity different from the others.

From Fetish to Fashion: Beyond the Trend

From fetish to haute couture, this high-shine trend has a long history. Although it has become a fashion statement, latex clothing has a long history of censorship. It was considered taboo in recent years, despite its humble origins. The Scottish created the rubber fabric to function waterproof macintosh coatings at the end of the 19th century.

However, latex proved unsuitable for outerwear in its first iterations because the coats were sticky and often melted into the heat. By the twentieth century, latex met fetish. It quickly became a tool for dominating staples like corsets, boots, and cat-suits.

The hyper-sexuality of rubber clothing entered sartorial space in the 1970s when a punk subculture emerged that borrowed fetish wear elements. Today latex is more visible than ever in mode and pop culture, with designers incorporating the textiles in collections and celebrities putting rubber garments on the red carpet

The Bottom Line

Rubberware is a long way from being considered casual wear but with a growing community, I imagine that will soon change. If you’re never tried latex, hopefully I’ve given you some valuable insight to explore this kink and if you like the feeling of light clothes and accessories, you should give it a try.

Since most of you are already a latex lovers, check out the latest latex wear on Foxxxy. Look for one that suits your personality or alter ego. Comment if you have experience with latex, I’d love hear what you come up with.

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