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Self-Pleasure: Could It Be Best, If Not Done Alone?

The thought of self-pleasure while in front of someone else can make you feel shy since you have done it alone you’re whole life. It can make you feel vulnerable or exposed. In some societies, it is believed that masturbating is wrong or shameful. But as we are coming out of the sexual dark ages, we now know masturbation as a healthy natural practice. Do you wanna spice it up? Invite a friend or partner over to join you in a mutual masturbation session. What a fun way to spend time together :).

What About Me-Time

Is this the end of solo pleasure? Nope. A solo session is as essential now as it was before to help you connect with your sexuality and unwind. Self-pleasuring alone is quite different when compared to doing it in front of your partner. It can be more exciting to tease your partner, hearing moans, groans, or gasps. But if you prefer quiet, go for it.

Self-Pleasure- Could It Be Best If Not Done Alone?

Alone time is excellent, especially when you have your favorite porn and imagination. Mutual self-pleasure affords you the ability to get the blood pumping safely and intriguingly. By having someone else there, there’s something more erotic about it, even more so than actual sex. Don’t you agree?

Why Masturbate In Front Of Your Partner When You Can Have Sex?

If I had a penny for every time I got this question. Apparently, “It’s amazing and super sexy” doesn’t count as an answer. There are many reasons people like being watched or get off by watching their partner masturbate. Some couples join in the fun and engage in mutual masturbation every once in a while. Here is why people do it:

  1. It’s something new. Rather than the same old fingering and handjobs (which I still enjoy), it’s good to spice things up with something both of you haven’t tried.
  2. You explore role-playing. If you think about it, self-pleasuring in front of someone is putting up a show. Allow me to add that masturbation is hot, contrary to many people’s opinions.
  3. Tell your partner what you want. Now, who wouldn’t love their partner knowing what they want and how they want it done? The thought of that itself is self-pleasure.
  4. It’s a 100% guaranteed orgasm. Since you know what you’re doing, you get a better orgasm with your hand. What are you waiting for? Get to it.
  5. It’s super sexy! You can add BDSM and restrain your partner with handcuffs. Pleasure yourself to your heart’s content while leaving the other with nothing else to do other than watch. You’ll be impressed with what happens when you release them!

How Do I Bring This To The Table?

While at work, my favorite way of telling my partner about all the dirty things running through my head all day is by sending him a text. All I have to do is attach an article like this one (the one you’re reading) and a “You in?” then voila! (Maybe it’s the whole load of eggplants and peaches that gets the job done).

If you are a bit more old-fashioned and want things to happen naturally, I do have a few suggestions for you.

Use your hands. Explore every single inch of your partner’s body, leave no part untouched
  1. Use your hands. Explore every single inch of your partner’s body, leave no part untouched. Then say, “Do you want to see what these hands can do?” Then touch yourself.
  2. If you like dirty talk during foreplay, go ahead and tell them every detail of the last time you self-pleasured while thinking about them. Make it worth their while by demonstrating. I bet they’ll join the party!
  3. The best part about sex is there’s a lot to explore. Incorporate dominance and submission by using remote-controlled sex toys. Surrender the control to your partner or the other way around. You can make a game out of this, like who can make who cum faster or hold off cum the longest.
 Incorporate dominance and submission by using remote-controlled sex toys.

Self-pleasure is something both you and your partner can enjoy to build intimacy and be comfortable around each other. It could be a thing for both you and your partner without you having to give up your solo sex. It is about “self” with self-pleasure after all, yes?

I hope my post helped you see that self-pleasure can be enjoyed with a partner. If you want to know more about self-pleasure, please check out Pleasure Uncensored or find someone for kinky dating at Foxtail.

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