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Senior Sex Toys…A New Way to Play

Sex should be enjoyed at ANY age. Single or in a relationship, there is a toy out there that will have you coming all night long!

If you are a senior (and I don’t mean 12th grade). I’ve got a list of the best senior sex toys to enjoy alone or with a partner for years to CUM.

Erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual sensations aren’t an excuse to stop pleasuring yourself; they’re the reason to get creative in bed, the kitchen, and especially the shower!

Experimenting with sex toys, different positions, or changes to your sex play is a great way to reinvent your intimacy, even without penetration.

As you get older and shed those inhibitions, it’s a great time to add a touch of kink to your sex life. If you haven’t had a partner for a while, it’s time to spark up your alone time with a new toy, a newfound pleasure to improves your sexual health. 

Remember that bigger is not always better! Starting with a less intimidating, smaller-sized vibrator doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power. Start with low settings and work your way to the big “O.”

The Ins and Outs of Sex Toys

An Ode to the Clitoris: Vibrators

Most vibrators are great for both external and internal stimulation. If you struggle to enjoy orgasm through penetration, smaller clitoral sex toys are ideal. The sensations they provide will have you cumming over and over. Most are simple to use, with one-button controls.

Bullet-style vibrators are simple to use, have a one-button control, and are small enough to massage over your clitoris during sex or for solo play. Rechargeable, pebble-sized clitoral stimulators won’t be recognized as vibrators at first glance.

Rabbit vibrators provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Many can be controlled remotely, giving hands-free clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or both.

None-vibratory, air pulse, and sonic wave technology gently tease and caress the clitoris. These are to be left in place, making them easier to use if you have wrist issues.

There is a huge selection of vibrators and dildos that can accommodate people who prefer the sensation of larger sex toys. Use plenty of lube, especially with larger products, to make them feel even more pleasurable. 

Everyone Needs a Massager

Doxy: The Most Powerful Massager

The  Doxy Massager uses all standard wand attachments and comes with a silicone headcover. 

The Doxy’s head rolls and rumbles rather than buzz. Use it as a general body massager or for intimate intentions, with powerful vibrations penetrating deep into the body. This sturdy electric wand comes with an escalating pulse setting and a 12-month warranty.

Body massagers are excellent for relieving aching muscles and providing intense clitoral stimulation, especially if you are experiencing decreased sexual stimulation. These are excellent sex toys for seniors!

The Ultimate Couples Play Wand

Seniors in bed kissing

A great wand for couples who enjoy intense, sensual, and full-on vibrational contact. The sensory velvet touch silicone, easy controls, and flexible head ensure that you receive deep vibrations exactly where you want them. This wand niches to your body’s curves and trigger points. Tease your senses, feel your passion rise, and then let it go. The wand is a rechargeable lightweight massager that is ideal for those with limited wrist movement.

Many women prefer a dildo that does not vibrate. Dildos, made of glass, metal, or silicone, provide a broader range of sexual sensations. Glass and metal sex toys can be gently heated in warm water or cooled in the refrigerator for a different sensation.

Let’s Hear It for Hands-Free

This vibrator is a wearable sex toy providing vibrations similar to oral sex. These toys stay in place, making them hands-free! As a sex toy for a senior, it can’t get much better than this!

*Some of these sex toys contain magnets; they are not suitable for those with a pacemaker.

Rings Around the Penis

Cock Rings

When it comes to your penis and prostate gland, there’s a wide range of sexual stimulation, including vibrators, cock rings, penis sleeves and male masturbators, prostate massagers, and anal toys. Sex toys designed for women can also be used on the penis.

*Cock rings should not be worn for more than 30 minutes or by men with circulatory problems.

Cock rings are great for extending ejaculation and allowing the penis to stay hard; they reduce blood flow to the penis, resulting in harder and longer erections. 

Vibrating Cock Ring

This cock ring with dual integrated motors, providing intense stimulation to both the perineum and the top penis.

The unique sensation provided by perineum stimulation during masturbation can lead to a more pleasurable experience, resulting in a powerful orgasm. The ergonomically shaped contact area will have your partner grinding against you; the stretchy ring promotes strong, firm erections and intense orgasm.

Vibrating cock ring

Foxxxy’s vibrating cock ring has a unique shape that can be used while flaccid and allows the wearer to orgasm even without an erection, making it ideal for those with erectile dysfunction (Now there’s a ring every guy should own!).

Vibrating cock rings are designed to vibrate against the clitoris, providing both amazing clitoral stimulations, ideal for strong clitoral orgasms, and the satisfying sensation of a partner’s firmer penis.

Je Joue Mio- Rechargeable Cock Ring.

Make your penis hard, apply a dab of water-based lube, and slide it down to the base where the vibrating section is positioned upwards. Turn it on, experiment with its five vibration levels and patterns to find your favorite as a couple – and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!

Salute to the Male Masturbator!

Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Solo Essential

This male vibrator has five pre-set vibration modes and unique oscillating PulsePlates. It can be used whether soft or hard, so those with ED can still enjoy the scintillating sensations.

Rocks Off – Hand Solo 

The vibrating, open-sleeved design conceals secret ridges and contours in its inner sleeve, providing pleasurable sensations with every stroke. The device is completely waterproof. It can provide a variety of sensations when used with or without lubricant. Hands Solo is powered by a bullet, incredibly simple to use, and can be used for clitoral stimulation (sensational sex toy for men and women). Remove the vibrator for thorough cleaning.

Manta by Fun Factory

The Manta is designed for partner sex and solo play; slide it between your bodies and turning your penis into a vibrator. Manta’s ridges hold lube for a better stroking sensation, making it ideal for solo pleasure as well.

The manta ray shape adds movement to the vibration allowing you to enjoy precision stimulation over and under the head, along the shaft, and against the base. When used with a flaccid penis, the deep vibrations can help to promote your erection by providing pleasurable sexual stimulation.

Old School Masturbating Reinvented


Penis sleeves have a life-size exterior, molded on real body features (Imagine a flashlight handle with a pussy replica where the light should be!), replicating vaginal, anal, and oral sex sensations with molded internal sleeves, all packed neatly into a discreet canister for easy use and storage. 

Just Feels Damn Good!

This clitoral stimulator is ideal when penetrative sex is not possible. It can be worn by the man during sex play even if he has erectile dysfunction. It comes with remote control, intensity levels, and a soft vibrating underside, sending waves of intense pleasure to the clitoris, bringing new levels of intimacy to foreplay.

Bondage offers a new sexual sensation in the form of ticklers, ties, and blindfolds. Add in a few of these senior sex toys; it doesn’t have to be intense; it just has to be FUN!

Anal play

Sex toys for anal play include vibrating toys to anal plugs and beads. Used alone or with other toys, they increase your pleasure. It is a truly amazing sensation! While enjoying anal play, use plenty of lubricants and start slowly. When using anal toys during sex, clean a product you have used anally before using it vaginally to prevent spreading bacteria.

Heated Prostate Massage

Yosposs-Prostate Massager

 Not only will this massager feel fantastic, but it also improves erectile function and circulation of seminal fluid. It is made of body-safe velvety silicone for extremely comfortable insertion. The anal stimulator targets pleasure, hitting your percent spot like no other! The vibrating butt plug has massage modes for the most powerful orgasms ever! It’s hands-free, remote-controlled waterproof, and USB rechargeable.

Enjoy Your Toys More…Use Lube

Lubricants used for both men and women are a MUST with sex toys; they prevent irritation and increase your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to Lube up!

Water-based lubricants are the most versatile of all the lubricant types; they are safe for all sexual activities, even for use with all silicone toys.

Oil-based lubricants moisturize and enhance the comfort of your sexual play, encouraging long-lasting pleasure.

The thicker consistency of oil-based lubricants makes them ideal and safe for play with anal toys. They are perfect for water play.

Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with a silicone sex to; they may damage silicone but are ideal for glass and metal sex toys.

*NEVER use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms.

If sharing a sex toy, always put a condom on the toy…. ALWAYS PLAY SAFE!

You’re never too old to enjoy sex, spice up your sex play, let go of your inhibitions, and start enjoying the best sex ever. Not sure where to buy your new senior sex toys? Head on over to Foxxxy right now!

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