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Sex Party Etiquette- Proven Guidelines You Need to Know

sex party

So you’ve been asked to a sex party and have no idea what to do or expect? This information will undoubtedly be beneficial. Continue reading!

Sex parties are exactly what their name implies: events where people either watch or engage in sex. The majority of the time, the attendees are there to satisfy a sexual curiosity or participate in one.
Sex parties are about having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. People will certainly get drunk and have a good time, complete with loads of hot sex. Expect to watch sex in almost every style imaginable. And just because you’re at a sex party doesn’t mean you have to have sex with a large group of people every time. Going to a party does not guarantee that you will get laid.

Sex parties have rules in place to guarantee that everyone has a good time. As a result, it’s critical to understand which acts are acceptable and which are not. People frequently bring sex toys to play parties. It is safe to say that you are welcome to bring your favorite toys.

Here are a few proven guidelines you need to know before attending a sex party.

Before going to the party, be sure you know the rules.

Three friends reading a guideline.

Before attending, familiarize yourself with the regulations so that nothing takes you off guard. The rules differ from one party to the next. Some hosts may prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol, while others may not. Some may prohibit BDSM activities or confine them to specific areas if some guests are uncomfortable viewing them. Most sex parties will not allow you to photograph the people inside without their permission. Some sex gatherings require condoms, while others do not. Most parties allow snuggling and snogging, but intercourse is not. Some parties prohibit sex actions, for example, no penetration or allowing it only in certain rooms. Understand and respect the house rules to avoid being ejected or blocklisted from events.

When attending a sex party, make an effort to look good.

Photo of a lady looking attractive and ready to attend a sex party.

Put on whatever makes you feel attractive! Looking good is what will get you laid. Often, the hosts will set a dress code for the night. Understand it and adhere to it. Wear something that makes you feel good, look well, and are comfortable, regardless of the dress code. Normally, a good dress and heels are appropriate, but if you feel sexy in a pair of boots and shorts, that’s what you should wear. In any case, don’t be concerned about what you’re wearing.

Take a friend or a partner with you.

Gay couple at a sex party.

Go with a friend who understands the ins and outs of the area. Make sure you’re both comfortable being naked in front of one other, or maybe getting into a sexual scenario together. It makes the entire event more enjoyable. It’s easier to go with a sexual partner because it’s typically difficult to find someone to play with on your first outing. If you’re going to a sex party with a sexual partner, make sure to set some ground rules. You should have a discussion about what you are willing and are not willing to do sexually. Is it okay for you two to have sex with other people, or exclusively as a couple? Once you are at the event, you should follow through on whatever you agree to.

Before touching someone at a sex party, learn to ask for permission. Play must be consensual. It is critical to understand when a person gives consent and when they do not. Also, respect the sex that others enjoy. No one should touch you unless you express your verbal approval or it’s obvious you want to play. Nobody should do anything you don’t want them to, and you should never grab theirs. Learn to ask, “Is it okay if I give you a blow job?” Is it okay if I touch your tits? Consent is important. Touching someone else without their permission is a sure way to get kicked out right away.

Be friendly

Lesbian friends at a party.

Make new pals. Be approachable and direct. Make a name for yourself as a fun, genuine person who values others and understands consent. Engage with others. You can approach someone you fancy, smile and introduce yourself, and ask how their night is going. It will become evident whether or not they want to chat with you. People will start inviting you to sex parties once they realize you are fun and enjoyable to be around.

Do not be afraid to say “No.”

There may be people who want to have sex with you, but you are not willing. That’s perfectly fine! Unwanted attention is easier to avoid at a sex party than at a typical pub. Don’t make a fuss, simply give a polite excuse and walk quietly. Also, be ready for a rejection from others. Do not feel awkward. Simply go on to another individual.

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If you don’t feel comfortable at a sex party, leave.

It’s fine to leave a sex party if you don’t feel at ease, especially if it’s your first time or you don’t like the vibes. If you don’t feel cool leaving silently, make up an excuse, and get your belongings. As much as you can, avoid causing a commotion. You have the option to leave at any time.

Bring your own condoms and lubricant.

Sex party invitee with a pack of condoms.

Your hosts will very certainly provide some. But nothing is safer than bringing your own condoms and lubrication. Flavored condoms and other lubricants might cause allergic reactions in certain persons. As a result, I strongly advise that you bring condoms and lubrication.

Make plans to be tested after that.

Man getting tested.

Always have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test done before and after attending a sex party about ten days afterward. If you’re a regular at sex parties, you should get full-spectrum testing for sexually transmitted infections at least once every three months, if not more often. Take a break if you get sick until you’re feeling better. That’s proof of being a responsible, sexually active adult.

Sex parties can help you meet others who share your interests in kinks and fetishes and may be willing to explore them with you. Are you looking for the next sex party event in your state? Join our community to meet kinksters who know where the next sex party is going to be held.

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