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Sexual Healing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sexual healing is a way of rebuilding or re-setting your sex drive. But what does that mean, according to each zodiac sign?

As Ben Harper would say: “It makes me feel so fine. It helps to relieve the mind”.

The saying “I want sexual healing” might mean different things to different people. But we are here to explain how the zodiac signs understand and deal with sexual healing.

So keep on reading to find out more!


Sexual Healing and it’s Benefits

Sexual Healing Based on Your Zodiac Sign
sexual pleasure

Feeling Rejuvenated

Sexual pleasure can improve your sex life and help you feel rejuvenated again. Think about the last time you had amazing sex, how smooth your skin was and how much lighter and younger you felt. Yeah… that’s what it does to you. 

Happier Mood

Some people need a break from different stressors, and a change of mind space and sexual healing can help. After all, multiple studies say that you enjoy sex better when relaxed and in a good mood. 

Reduction of Harmful Diseases

Sexual healing can substantially reduce one’s chances of having or suffering from some harmful diseases. An example is prostate cancer. So, whenever you say, “I want sexual healing,” you might just be improving your health without knowing it! 

Here’s What Sexual Healing Means To Each Zodiac Sign 

Every Zodiac sign is different and what they interpret as wanting sexual healing is equally unique. Although some zodiac signs are similar, it’s important to understand what works for you and your partner.

If you are curious about your partner’s idea of sexual healing, here’s a list to give you an idea. 


Intense Choking

When it comes to dominating and taking the reins, Aries leads the pack of zodiac signs. When Aries says I want sexual healing, it simply transcribes them wanting to take complete charge while pleasuring themselves and their partners. 


Interestingly, this particular zodiac sign is that they aren’t too serious about having sexual healing. They enjoy themselves, have lots of fun, and are not rigid in their approach. 


sexual healing cancer zodiac
Intimate couple

People who fall in this zodiac sign can be more direct and intentional about their sexual desires. They always seem to want clarity before committing to anything. Cancers tend to hide in their shells if they needed to feel safe, especially in their relationships.

This can hinder their sexual satisfaction until they are comfortable with you. The meaning of sexual healing for this sign is about gaining security and trust in the relationship.



This zodiac sign is not only passionate but also enthusiastic as well. They tend to go all out to be sexually satisfied. Plus, they tend to leave no stone unturned when enjoying themselves. When it comes to sexual healing, Leo needs a person who’s into him a lot and will adore him.


This earth sign can appear slightly calm when seeking sexual healing but can become aggressive by expressing their sexuality through physical contact with their partner. The Taurus needs attention and understanding if he is healing.


sexual healing virgo zodiac
Passionate kissing

This zodiac sign is a bit more reserved and a bit shy when they are in the process of healing. However, they tend to let loose and become more comfortable once they become familiar with their sexual partner. So, in other words, they need time.


This Zodiac sign is difficult when it comes to falling in love with a sexual partner. They are one of the sweetest earth signs but are very careful when it comes to sex. So remember to be soft when dealing with one. 


Sultry and sexy BDSM

Scorpios love to explore and are very versatile in the bedroom. Their sex life is never boring but always full of excitement. Scorpios are always willing to try out different fetishes and anything that pleases their partners. Sexual healing for Scorpios involves pleasing their partners and enjoying sex.


Adventurous Sagittarius

This particular zodiac sign is viewed as an adventurous sign when compared with others. They are open and transparent, especially with their sexual desires. Thus, they heal by trying new things.


This earth sign is generally an independent, free and loving zodiac sign. However, they are more subtle in their approach when they want intimacy. Aquarius enjoys experimenting, and they can also be wild when they want to be. Sexual healing for Aquarius means more sexual pleasure to them.


Capricorns are not only intentional but also very wise when making decisions. They are receptive zodiac signs, critical thinkers, and open to understanding a person before anything else. Hence, they heal by understanding and tuning in with their partner’s needs.


sexual healing pisces zodiac

Pisces is not only seductive but romantic when in love. With a mix of insatiable sexual urges that they need to explore. That is why they need a comfortable partner. Pisces are versatile, so they heal by indulging in their partner’s sexual endeavors.  

There you have it, all the unique and exciting ways the zodiac signs interpret sexual healing.

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