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A Beginner’s Guide to Sexual Transmutation

woman practicing sexual transmutation

Sex is an intimate and powerful activity that brings about new life. That same energy can be transformed into something that can be channeled into other activities. This phenomenon is referred to as sexual transmutation.

What is sexual transmutation? To understand this process better, let’s breakdown the term itself. Transmutation is the act of transforming or changing from the original form to another. Usually, the word refers to an element or energy. Thus, sex transmutation is the transformation of the energy of desire to other forms of energy.

Sexual Transmutation and Its Benefits

Sexual energy is part of a person’s life force. Learning how to channel, transform, and manifest this sexual energy will not only give you an extra boost in our day-to-day tasks, but also give you better self-discipline and self-control.

Mood and mental clarify is improved through practice. As you practice self-awareness in transmutation, confidence and the courage to face challenges increase. Studies also show that sexual transmutation increases testosterone levels in men.

How to Transmute Sexual Energy

Abstaining is key.

The first step of partaking in sexual transmutation is abstaining from all forms of sexual activity. Yes, including masturbation and and watching porn. Doing this ensures that a good amount of sexual force is retained in your body.

self awareness and sexual transmutation
self aware woman sitting on bed

Be self-aware.

It requires a great deal of awareness of the self and one’s own energy. Getting in tune with yourself is essential in sexual transmutation because the process is internal. The success of these first few steps relies in one’s sense of intuition, intelligence, and imagination.

Utilize movement, breath, and sound.

In practicing sexual transmutation, a person works using their heart center by making the energy flow through the body, to the heart space, and then releasing it. As the energy is flowing, take big and deep belly breaths to start.

As you breathe out, release the energy, and sound out a long “HA”. This sound is an ancient seed syllable that causes vibrations to flow inside the body and to the heart. Of course, you can always use another sound or mantra to channel energy, depending on what you’re comfortable in.

The last step is doing gentle and calming movements. Since you want the energy to flow, you can use gentle body movements to help redirect energy around the body. Yoga and meditation are some of the recommended forms of movement for a good energy flow.

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sexual transmutation and exercise
woman practicing sexual transmutation via meditation

Channel your energy into other activities.

Once you’re ready to transmute your chakra, immediately jump into an area of your life you want to use this sexual energy on. One might use energy in composing music, painting, working out, presenting at work for a big project, etc.

Newbie Techniques for Sexual Energy Transmutation

Try the 7-day experiment.

Try to abstain from any sexual act for a week. You may try it alone or with your partner. During this period, observe and explore your emotions. Write this in a notebook or save it on your phone as documentation.

Assess if you benefit or struggle during this time. Does your mood improve? Are you left feeling grumpy and frustrated? This will then determine if sex transmutation can be a key part of your life.

Observe but don’t judge.

As you go deeper into the road to sexual transmutation, learn to let all your emotion emerge. Emotions are natural. Simply observe and document your emotional standpoint.

However, refrain from labeling them as good or bad. Self-aware eases a person into the act of transmutation.

Visualize as you orgasm.

When engaging in sexual acts or intimacy, have a clear intention in mind. Think about a goal or interest you want to spend your energy. As you reach orgasm, imagine yourself achieving those goals and dreams.

The energy provided by the sexual climax is now being directed towards that visualization. Eventually, this practice gives that image power for manifestation.

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Sexual transmutation is an advanced practice that involves deep self-awareness. It requires patience and persistence, but once successful, can be very rewarding and useful in daily life. You may try it whenever you need that extra kick of energy in your daily life!

Give sexual transmutation a try and let me know how it went in the comments below. Discuss the topic with like-minded sex enthusiasts on Foxtail app.

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