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Signs You Have An Armpit Fetish

Armpit fetishism is a situation where individuals use armpits for sexual gratification. Some prefer lightly fragrant ones, while others prefer intense, smelly ones. Axillism is the use of the armpit as a fantasy tool for sex. This practice can stimulate the penis and vagina. Some people with armpit fetishism find that sex is more fun when armpits are part of foreplay. In short, armpits are more enticing for those who have axillism than the concept of having sex.

What is an Armpit Fetish?

Armpit fetishism, or Maschalagnia, is a partialism that sexually engages a person in their armpits. A fetish for the armpit can present itself in two ways. Armpit lovers are drawn to the armpits either because of their physical qualities or their peculiar odor. Those drawn to the armpit for physical reasons may notice a likeness or establish a connection between the hairy or shaved armpit.

A person with an armpit fetish will smell the armpits regardless of their scent. Some prefer fragrant ones, while others prefer intense, pungent, or smelly ones. To understand how armpit fetishes work is to explore the more primal aspects of sexual desire or erotic fantasy.

Why Do People Like Armpit?

armpit fetish

Scientists say it’s the pheromones that secrete from the armpits. These pheromones’ purpose is to attract a mate, so it’s only natural. A study discovered that how attractive men perceive a woman’s scent is related to her levels of reproductive hormones. They also found that men generally agree on who has the most appealing smell. I guess the nose knows. ?

Signs You Have an Armpit Fetish

armpit hair

For certain people, the odor of their armpits is an aphrodisiac. The smell acts as a muscular stimulant that leads to excitement. Unshaven hair contains the most pheromones, which are sex hormones that trigger pleasure when inhaled. Do you feel aroused when you lay under someone’s arm? Or maybe when you’re in a headlock? ?

How To Practice Axillism

Axillism is an expression for armpit sex. For some, the benefits of axillism include:

  • Friction against the penis.
  • Proximity to the breasts.
  • No risk of pregnancy or disease.

Couples that practice axillism believe that it is a great way to spice up their foreplay. Instead of using the tongue and mouth to stimulate the penis and vagina, they focus on the armpits. They consider the partner’s preferences, like whether they want their armpits shaved or hairy.

They frequently add flavor to their foreplay by applying sweeteners to their armpits with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, peanut butter, or honey. Armpit fetishists claim that using the flavors mentioned above is an excellent addition to their foreplay. Some enjoy sliding their penis up and down an armpit.

Axillary Sexual Positions

You do not have to burden yourself with a position when having axillary intercourse, but it should be comfortable. Your partner can lie down or kneel as you stand in front of them during axillary intercourse. You can approach it from the front or the back, whichever is more convenient for you.

It is preferable to have axillary intercourse with shaved or hairless armpits because hair frequently gets in the way and can cause minor tugging when the penis moves. Hair removal is also painful for the penis if done too quickly. As a result, right before you get into it, make sure your armpits are smooth.

Make use of lubrication to make sliding more enjoyable. Place it on your partner’s armpit as well as your penis. You can also use sex toys. See the best collection there is at Foxtail shop. This will further enhance your sexual connection with your partner. During this dirty game, do not forget to talk with your partner. Observe them and ensure that your axillism encounter is enjoyable for both of you.

Some Final Words

People with an armpit fetish may practice axillism and prefer armpit sex to genital sex. It’s not the most common fetish, but it might be worth a try. The important thing is to have fun while you are at it. If you want to find more kinky things to try, check out our blog.

Is axillism something you would try, leave a comment below? Do you have an armpit fetish, please share your story.

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