Asana Sex Yoga: 5 More Poses To Spice Up Your Sex Life

In our previous post “Yoga Sex: 8 Poses To Improve Sex Life And Bring You Delight” we explained some yoga poses you can use. In this post, we will add some Asana yoga poses that can improve your sex life.

Simple stretching and exercises can increase your flexibility and improve blood circulation. This series of yoga asanas can improve your mood and libido and help you relax, so you will be ready to swing from the chandeliers. If that’s what you’re into ;).

What is Asana?

Asana is a posture, originally a general term for sitting meditation postures. It later expanded to practice Hatha and Modern yoga posture from reclining, standing, inverted, twisting and balancing poses.

The term is derived from a Sanskrit term that means “posture” or “pose”. Nowadays, the gym is a new concept. Doing different yoga asanas is an old concept. Asanas are also called yoga poses or yoga postures in English.

Sex Benefits of Yoga Asana

Hate yoga? Well, there is a very good reason why you might want to try it. According to health experts, yoga can improve your sex life. I believe I have your attention now!

“Because yoga helps people develop a sense of calmness, strength, stamina, agility, knowledge of their own bodies, and the ability to remain in the present moment, and make small adjustments, it can greatly enhance sexual performance and confidence, regardless of which asana (poses) they practice,” says sex therapist Gracie Landes, LMFT, CST.

Studies have shown that practicing one hour of yoga a day is linked to prolonging ejaculation and improving sexual performance. Certain yoga postures can train kegel muscles, which helps maintain an erection for a longer time. Both sex and yoga can promote your physical, mental, and emotional health. Learn to practice them regularly to help you feel better. 

A 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga can improve libido, sexual arousal, orgasm, and general sexual behavior. How? By increasing blood circulation in the pelvic area, activating and engaging the body’s core, improving concentration and increasing the oxygen levels in the body.

There are many great yoga poses that can improve blood flow in the pelvic area and refresh the entire area so that you can have a fun-filled and love-fueled time under the covers with your loved one!

Yoga Asanas for you to try

Doing ten-minute yoga asanas are good for your health and good for your sex life. Here is a list of some of the asanas to get you started.

1. Wide-Legged Straddle Pose (Upavistha Konasana)

Sit upright on the yoga mat, spread your legs wide apart as much as is comfortable for you. Press the back of the legs into the floor, pointing knees and toes toward the sky. Lean forward from hips, reaching out with both hands to take hold of both toes, respectively.

Hold for the pose for 5 to 6 breaths. Try and extend your chest further down with each breath.

Benefits: This asana improves blood flow to the pelvic area increasing energy and vitality.

2. Butterfly Pose (Bhadrasana)

Bring the soles of the feet together, bending your knees and allowing them to drop towards the floor.

Hold onto your toes with both hands. Inhale, and lengthen your torso. Exhale and hinge forward from the hips.  The aim is to lower your head towards your toes. You can do this asana in the flat position too. Fold both knees and gently drop them down on each side. Take your hands up, join in Namaskar position, close your eyes, and maintain this pose for 5 to 6 breaths.

Benefits: This pose and the wide-legged straddle are great for those with low libido. It stretches the inner thighs and opens the hips for a wider range of motion. It improves blood flow to the pelvic area immediately, and where the blood goes, so does the energy and vitality. Circulation and increased blood flow are directly linked to the level of arousal.

3. Cat/Cow Flow (Marjariasana)

Start in Tabletop position, shoulders directly above your wrists, hips over the knees. Inhale and arch your back (Cow), lifting chest and heart away from the belly, reaching your tailbone skyward. Exhale and round back up (Cat), drawing belly into the spine, separating the shoulder blades. Repeat this five times.

Benefits: You will strengthen the Kegel muscles—those wonderful muscles that contract during orgasm—as you control your tailbone moving from Cat to Cow. Strong Kegels produce better, more controlled orgasms.

4. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Lie on your stomach, place your hands under your shoulders with your elbows pointing straight back, close to your sides. Press your pelvis into the floor and inhale as you use your core to lengthen the spine forward and slightly lift your chest away from the floor.

Pull shoulder blades down and toward each other, and use your hands to pull (not push) your body forward and up. Hold the posture for 30 to 120 seconds, for one to two sets.

Benefits: This asana opens up your heart chakra. Love and breath root from the heart chakra, and thus this asana will help you, and your partner get intimate. It is also a very energizing asana, and it is ideal for couples who are too tired to indulge in any sexual activity.

5. Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Draw your knees toward your armpits while bending the elbows. Stack the ankles directly over the knees, and remember to flex your feet. Lengthen the spine and continue pressing your low back into the mat.

Benefits: Happy Baby releases the lower back, sacrum, glutes and stretches the hamstrings and spine. It also aids in relieving fatigue while calming the nervous system. It is nearly impossible not to feel a sense of fun and joy in this pose, which can translate to the bedroom.

Sex is supposed to be fun. The Happy Baby pose can help you embrace your youthful curiosity. Plus, it doubles as a variation of the missionary position. To try it in bed, start in a missionary position with your partner on top, and then extend your legs and wrap them around your partner’s torso.


Regularly performing these yoga asanas can not only improve your libido but also improve your health. You’ll kill two birds with one stone! Yoga practice is beneficial in many ways. Why not bring some of this happiness to your bedroom? Bedroom adventures can bring a wealth of sensual and exhilarating experiences for you and your partner.

Hit up a yoga class with your partner and rush back home for some shower sex. You’d be surprised how much more flexible (and aroused) you’ll both be.

So grab your partner and have fun! Namaste yogis!

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