The Best Tantra Books: Top 10 Recommendations for 2021

Tantra is difficult to explain in a few lines, but the ultimate goal of Tantra is to achieve spiritual heights. Tantra is not all about sex. Tantra is not really about sex, but there are many sex-related practices, such as sexual yoga. Many of these sexual yoga exercises were pioneered by Buddhists and Hindus. Tantra is spiritual activity or process that reveals many secrets about the universe and human beings.

There are many who would like to enrich their love and sex life. Do you belong to this group? If so, reading tantra books can expand your knowledge and understanding. In this post, I’ve made an excellent selection of the best tantra books for 2021, but first, let’s find out more about how tantra can benefit you.

Why Read Tantra Books?

Tantra recognizes the beauty and freedom inherent in human sexuality and directs this energy toward a spiritual goal. In this sense, the body serves as a spiritual tool.

The Best Tantra Books: Top 10 Recommendations for 2021

More people are gaining access to a more fulfilling practice as teachers and authors work to dispel modern myths about tantra and promote the actual value of the philosophy and practice.

Courses and workshops are being developed by guides, wellness centres, and healers to help more people find their way into tantra, ranging from regular classes to tantra festivals and online tantra courses like this one offered by the transformational education platform Mind Valley.

So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned student, here is my carefully curated 2021 list of the best tantra books available. My hope is for you to gain insight into tantric traditions.

Top 10 Tantra Books Recommendations in 2021

1. All books by David Deida

Have you ever had that feeling that your sex life or relationship is not good enough? Have you ever wondered why you frequently end up with people that are not good for you? For example, some people are even worried that they will never find someone else sexually attractive. That is a dark thought indeed.

David Deida is a heavyweight tantra author. He is known for his incredible tantra books that explore the nature of relationships. In these tantra books, the author describes ways on how to expand relationships and build trust. In other words, all of his tantra books are a great read and are genuinely committed to love. Here is one of our suggestions.

Check out this gem: The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover

 2. Urban Tantra – Barbara Carrellas

You haven’t experienced “Urban Tantra” if you believe sexual and spiritual bliss cannot be found in the hectic pace of today’s world. In fact, some people refer to it as the “sex book for the new millennium”. The famed sex educator Barbara Carrellas examines the centuries-old Tantric practice and lays it in a practical way for modern sexual explorers. In other words, after reading this book you will want to exceed your limitations and achieve universal orgasm. Neat right!

The book “Urban Tantra” is about consciousness and includes instructions on having fun and having sex. Therefore, this tantra book is for everyone who wants to expand sexual and spiritual ecstasy in life. In this book, you will learn the practice of sacred sex anywhere and anytime. When we say always, we mean the available time you have in your busy schedule.

“Urban Tantra” brings together contemporary sex and acceptance. In addition, this is one of the few books about gay and BDSM, which is transgender-friendly and features BDSM scenes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, gay, or old. With more than 100 exercises that can help you explore and enjoy sex whether you are partnered or not, regardless of your age, sexual preference, or gender.

3. Orgasm Unleashed – Eyal Matsliah

“Orgasm Unleashed” teaches you to expand and deepen your orgasm in the comfort of your own home before going to see your lover. The tantra sex book’s topic is female orgasm, which is fantastic. In conclusion, “Orgasm Unleashed” is simple to follow, and it offers numerous activities to help you get to grips with it.

 4. Tantra Illuminated. The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition

This tantra book uniquely deals with tantric history, delving into the fascinating and complex aspects of the practice. In addition, it explains the Tantric philosophy and the misunderstandings of Western societies. Above all, this book has comprehensively presented the discovery and eroticization of Tantra.

Its goal is to give additional attention to the tradition’s sacred teachings, and most of the information in the tradition is drawn from the original Sanskrit sources. By participating in these activities, you’ll learn more about Tantra, and you’ll have a desire to participate in a tantra retreat so you can experience the power for yourself.

5. Introduction to Tantra. The Transformation of Desire

This discussion looks at the practices and philosophies of Tibetan Buddhism from the viewpoint of tantra. This book addresses these questions about tantra by a Tibetan lama. For example, it explains what Tantra is, who it is for, and how it is practiced.

6. Kundalini Tantra

Those who want to learn more about Tantra will find this book helpful. It is a manual written by an Indian Swami (master) and Tantra Guru. It focuses on the history and cultural significance of Tantra while using a traditional approach.

The “Kundalini Tantra” is not only a creative and scholarly guide but a practical handbook. In this handbook, you can find details about how Tantra activates the chakras and the Kundalini energy. It also provides instruction on how to begin your practice.

7. 28 Days To Ecstasy For Couples — A Basic Primer

If you are new to the spiritual path or you’re curious about new things in the bedroom, this book is for you. The “28 Days To Ecstasy For Couples” is a beginner’s coursebook. So in other words, this book is a step-by-step guide. It is perfect for beginners who want to try and master tantric techniques.

The authors bring the time-consuming aspects of everyday life together into four weeks of 20-minute sessions. In conclusion, the exercise helps to preserve the essence of tantric practice while fostering intimacy and awareness in the bedroom.

8. The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work an Sexual Desire

We recommend David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” to both genders, male and female. For men, it is a classic. For women, it is priceless. Once you’re ready to get into the spirit of loving, this tantra book is an excellent place to begin. David Deida is someone who you want to study thoroughly when you are into conscious sexuality and relationship path.

9. The Books of Osho

One excellent example is the book “Tantra: The Supreme Insight”. Osho is a top-rated but controversial spiritual teacher. He is the author of many books on meditation and spiritual practice. We strongly recommend him if you want to expand your mind.

Like other authors, he takes a holistic approach. In this book, he encourages us to consider the fullness of tantra rather than just consider it solely as a sexual practice. Therefore, this is a life-changing tantra book you must read.

10. Tantric Orgasm for Women

“Tantric Orgasm for Women” contains more information than you think to have in a book. It’s an approachable tantra book that can be understood. In addition, many women have improved their sex lives because of it. Thanks to this book!

The Bottom Line

Tantra is exceptionally beneficial to both mental and physical health. When someone practices tantra sadhana regularly, they become spiritual and never feel depressed, stressed, or unmotivated. These are the best tantra books that will enrich your life. Read these books if you truly want to change your life through tantra sadhana. After reading these books, you will understand the truth of the universe and the true meaning of life, among other things.

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