The Breathtaking and Fascinating Breath Play

Some people believe that breath play enhances sexual arousal and intensifies orgasms due to the adrenaline rush that is activated by the restriction of oxygen. If you consider trying it, there are definitely some facts you need to know to keep yourself and your partner(s) safe. It is not risk-free, and there are a few things you must know before doing this play.

So read our guide to find out more and to make sure you do it right. We want you to stay on the safe side but still having fun. Here are the things you should know.

What is Breath Play?

The official term for breath play is Erotic Asphyxiation or EA is a type of sexual activity that centers on suffocation and choking. It is the act when one or both partners voluntarily restrict each other’s breath for a short period, known as Consensual Asphyxiation. There is also Autoerotic Asphyxiation where an individual restricts their own airway to heighten sexual arousal during masturbation. 

Breath Play Choking

The reason why people use Breath Play is that the deprivation of oxygen triggers the fight or flight response in the brain, evoking a rush of adrenaline enhancing excitement and pleasure. For some, covering their mouth or nose with their partner’s hand and constricting their neck enhances the sexual experience, while others get aroused by the power dynamic at play.

Why Is It So Alluring?

Like many other kinks, breath play is arousing to people for various reasons.


In breathe play, you or your partner restrict oxygen to your brain. When oxygen levels are low, you may feel dizzy. But when the pressure is released, oxygen and blood begin to circulate again, and you may experience another kind of rush. The release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins can cause feelings of euphoria.


Some breathe play enthusiasts like the power play element of the arrangement. As the person in charge, you feel powerful knowing your partner’s life force, their breath is in your control. As a submissive you may feel a deep sense of trust, playful fear and surrender by allowing your partner to dominate you in this way. This dynamic provides a second level of sexual arousal for some people.


Immediately after strangling, your body may register the rush of endorphins and hormones as a positive, enjoyable thing.  Your body’s defenses trigger these hormones, but in the clash of emotions and pleasure, these feelings may be more pleasurable and exciting than warning signals from your brain and body.

Benefits of Applying Breath Play

There are several benefits when you practice breath play, and below are the reason why people who amidst the risk:

  • Feelings of Empowerment
  • Getting on a deeper emotional level and trust with your partner
  • Sense of pleasure and heightened orgasm
  • It fits nicely in the Sadomasochism Play and Power Exchange
  • Getting pleasure from the panic or risk that it involves

Types of Breath Play

There are a variety of ways in which people can accomplish Erotic Asphyxiation:

Neck Compression or Choking

Pressing your throat can cuts off the air and blood to the brain from two main arteries. By this makes breathing difficult and can lead to the feel-good symptoms of EA. To safely choke using neck compression, gently press on either side of your  partner’s esophagus. Go slow. Play with the pressure that they enjoy most by checking in and practicing communication. CAUTION: DO NOT SQUEEZE THE FRONT OF THE NECK. This can damage the windpipe. If your partner starts coughing, stop immediately. 

Using Choking Instruments

While some prefer to practice EA by choking with the hands, others prefer to use a belt, tie, scarf, or other instruments.  If there’s too much pressure or it goes on for too long, things can take a turn for the worst,  causing cardiac arrest and worse. Ensure that the instrument isn’t fitted too tightly around the neck while still allowing you or your partner enjoys this play. Always make sure you have heavy duty scissors or something to cut the instrument with in case of an emergency, every second counts. As with using the hands, go slow! Check in with your partner about the location and pressure of the instrument.

Chest Compression

The top will put their body weight on the chest of the bottom to make breathing difficult. You can also use corsets, sedan wrap or binding to do this kind of play. When you are ready to get off of your partner, do it slowly because a quick dismount may cause them to pass out.

Erotic Asphyxiation and Death

Publications and workshops offer more thorough information on the safe ways to perform Erotic Asphyxiation, as there’s a high risk involved when cutting off a person’s air. Here are two general guidelines when playing with EA: your partner should always be able to vocally respond. If they cannot speak, stop immediately, take a break and remember to go more gently next time. Do not choke your partner unconscious. It may seem fun, your partner may even consent and you may think you can do it safely but it is generally considered too high risk.

Sexologists state that breath play is the most dangerous form of kink. Most kink practices do not cause permanent harm however breath play can cause death. It is important to only practice this kink with practice and awareness for all the safety measures that need to be in place to play responsibly. Start slow!

How to Do Breath Play safely?


Before you get into any kink play, you need to see if your partner is on board with it, and you need to have a deep conversation with them. Express your thoughts and feelings about the topic and try to look for their feedback. If your partner is on board, then you can continue to the next step. Lucky you!

Research About Breath Play 

Inform yourself and your partner about breath play. Read articles like this, and look for other reliable information because choking is not your typical room play. 


Once you have informed your partner, now it is time to talk about how you will do it, at what length, and power. In other words, you need to set clear boundaries on how you will approach this play. You can use a safe word gesture. Usually done with your hands, these gestures can be used as safe words when you cannot speak.

Remember that many experts actively encourage people to have a clear understanding of EA. It can quickly go from a pleasant sexual activity to a dangerous one. Enjoy sex with precautions! Join Pleasure Uncensored for more BDSM-related content and check out Foxxxy to purchase your next BDSM toys!

It’s The Best Time to Turn Up the Temperature on with Astounding Edgeplay

Many people have heard of the term “Edgeplay.” It likely came up while reading a BDSM guide or discussing D/s with a friend. This word is like many kink words are charged with taboo energy. That stuff on edge should be left alone, right? The problem is, that’s what makes it so much fun!

In that case, let’s say you have a good understanding of what Edgeplay entails, but you are unsure where to begin. For all the adrenaline addicts, this one’s for you. If you are the type of person who gets bored of the familiar routines and looking for something new, then the exciting Edgeplay is for you!

Who Is Suitable for Edgeplay?

Please be aware that this is not suitable for the faint-hearted. Edgeplay can be a perfect combination of spice and danger in sex. This combo will bring you and your partner closer and step up your level of sexual intensity in a naughty, mischievous manner. How does it work? Edgeplay will get you as close to the bottom of the mind as possible, allowing you to experience things that few people are willing to see.

Edgeplay means taking a sexual encounter to the very edge of your psychological limits, an intense and erotic walk to the dark side.

Edges play Includes Three Primary Elements

Even those who know each other well can find something new in edgeplay. While you may believe you know everything about your partner, their personality may take a sudden turn once you have a knife at their throat and they are begging for mercy. For better or worse, when you peel away all the social layers, you will see a new side of your partner and yourself. This kind of play can help to increase your trust and intimacy because it allows each of you to uncover and share your darkest parts.

First Element 

The first takes the form of a sexual role-play that incorporates violence, either physical or psychological. This part is also known as BDSM (“Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sado-Masochism”). Role-playing behavior can vary depending on who is playing, since to one person, something could be exciting, while for another, it might be plain and boring. However, certain fundamentals apply to all of these activities, including:

  • Rough play
  • Smacking
  • Punching
  • Erotic Asphyxiation
  • Fire Play
  • Gunplay
  • Blood play (drawing and/or drinking blood)

Second Element

The second element is to use sharp objects, such as knives, swords, or other cutting instruments to engage in this kind of Edgeplay. The goal isn’t to maim but it’s using sharp objects as a sensory tool. There are many techniques to take part in knife play while staying safe.

Third Element 

The third element is for boundary pushing which is unique to each person. You might know that someone has a fear of not being able to move. Edging might include making them believe they’ve been tied up. In impact play it could mean spanking them till they are are at the “edge” of screaming the safe word. Edges greatly depend on what you and your partner think are willing to try. The goal again isn’t to traumatize, it’s to get someone close to their limit.

Physical Benefits 

There are physical benefits to practicing Edgeplay as well. The thrill and fear associated with such play release both norepinephrine and adrenaline during the gameplay and endorphins. Stress relievers and anti-depressants are on this list. When fears and excitement subside, the body releases large amounts of serotonin, dopamine, and vasopressin, creating a good feeling.

A Last Bit of Advice

Couples in long-term relationships are constantly trying to convince themselves that things are still exciting in bed. Edgeplay can help to bring these feelings back! It prevents things from getting stale.

It is time to do your research if this piques your curiosity. Those with no experience should go to a workshop, look at instructional guides, and watch videos.

Before practicing this play, you should talk about this with your partner:

  • Talk extensively about your intentions and fantasies
  • Be methodical in your approach
  • Calm yourself

Balancing the darkness and light, fun and fear for you and your partner, is an art. Edgeplay should be affirming and enjoyable for everyone, BDSM is all about freedom.

Are you still looking for more ways to spice up your sex life? Feel free to check our site for more related articles! You may want to join Foxtail now so you can talk with other kinksters in your community!