2022 Ultimate Guide to each Sexual Fetish

A strange, judge-y haze still surrounds kinky sex. “What is a fetish?” is so taboo that even asking the question is considered inappropriate. It’s common for people to assume that those who engage in kinky sex are sexually deviant, unlike those who engage in “regular” sex.

Here is a guide to all you need to know about any popular sexual fetish. Find people near you into over 100 sexual fetishes on a sex-positive social network like Foxtail. Foxtail is free to join so there’s nothing to lose.

What does the word fetish mean?

Kinks that focus on fetishes are known as fetish fetishes. Fascination with something primarily nonsexual is a fetish (feet, bubbles, tickling, leather, latex, cotton panties, etc.). A seemingly innocuous object is an enormous attraction for those obsessed—they’re smitten with it. For most people, sexual arousal is a prerequisite for having a fetish. Some people’s sexual desires might be piqued by licking, kissing or nibbling their lover’s feet. It’s possible to have sex without having a lot of kink in your relationship, but it’s unnecessary.

What is a sexual fetish?

Even if you’ve seen your girlfriends wearing heels during sex, that doesn’t guarantee you’re enjoying shoes. A fetish is a sexual attraction predicated on the presence of a person or a non-sexual body component, such as a shoe or afoot. The most prevalent for women is that some people are obsessed with becoming sexually aroused, having erections, and orgasms. Fetishists may masturbate while stroking or clutching something. Or he may be asked for sex or to wear it by his companion.

A Brief History of Fetish Culture

The term fetish dates back to the 17th century and refers to various artefacts (typically amulets) that some West Africans believe in having supernatural powers. The term took on a more complicated meaning throughout the nineteenth century: “items with excessive devotion or esteem.” The item cannot be physical: a human being may have a fetish for something, such as the erroneous assumption that a particular economy addresses societal problems. Fetish had another connotation in the early 1900s that was unique from its precedents: sexual desire for an object (like the shoe) or body part that was not directly related to the reproductive act.

Tell me the origin of fetish?

The first reports of fetishism date back to the early 1600s. This word is derived from the Latin fractus, which means factious/artful. Not all religious things are regarded as fetishes. This is especially evident in religious groups where people do not believe in objects with spiritual power. Many religious practices even forbid such use or treatment, considering idolatry to be deviant behaviour. Fetish sexual expression is frequently utilized to express personal sexual choice and graphic sexual content. Fetish thought is an exception that is sometimes referred to as kink.

Theories about the Origins of Fetishism

Is it possible for a fetus to develop an addiction? There has been no significant research, and the most current study was case reports. Several other theories, however, have emerged. The term “fetish” was used by psychologist Alfred Binet in 1887 to describe sensual scenes. 2 Fetishists had taken control at that point after being triggered in childhood by a stimulatory experience with a substance. According to research, men can create fetishism in themselves by wearing boots, implying that this can be learned.

Are Fetishes OK?

A sexual fetish, by definition, is not a sickness, although it may reach this level in circumstances where it causes long-term harm. It shouldn’t matter whether someone does it alone or with their partners unless there is something to please them that doesn’t require them to participate. “These people’s behaviour is not fun or sex,” my clients say. Instead, they avoid using sex expressions.

From A to Z, A List of Kinks and Fetishes You Should Know About

Looking at kinks with someone you care about may be incredibly subversive – even exciting. This can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. First, how do you characterize your fetish? Typically, kinky refers to sexual behaviours that society does not consider acceptable. Looking at kinks with someone you care about may be incredibly subversive – even exciting. This can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. First, how do you characterize your fetish? Typically, kinky refers to sexual behaviours that society does not consider acceptable.


This is a well-known obsession that made a list because of its popularity. If you enjoy watching your lover being sexually pleasured by another, you will enjoy this. This is a popular and enjoyable pastime among swingers and people in open relationships. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their partner leave? Even if it isn’t you. This is a well-known obsession that made a list because of its popularity. If you enjoy watching your lover being sexually pleasured by another, you will enjoy this. This is a popular and enjoyable pastime among swingers and people in open relationships. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their partner leave? Even if it isn’t you.

Age Play

Age play is a type of fetish that involves an exchange of power.

Partners will role play and act as though they are different ages than in this game. “A common combination is an adult and a ‘baby,’ who would be cared for as an infant or small child. Age play can also be classified as dominance and submission play, with the partner playing the younger person frequently acting as the submissive. This is not to be confused with autonepiophilia, a condition in which a person derives sexual pleasure from dressing up or behaving like a baby, rather than role-playing as someone of a different age—more on that later.

Group sex.

Group sex is an exciting pastime for many individuals in a society where people love to experiment. Sex with numerous persons allows for more sensations, tongues, and holes to play with – you name it. If you enjoy group sex, you might enjoy orgies, threesomes, etc.


Wax play is another popular aspect of BDSM that is rarely represented on television, books, or cinema.

According to Richmond, it entails dropping wax on someone or having wax spilt on you. The critical point here is to use good candles. The scented ones you have around the house are unlikely to work and may potentially burn you or your spouse. Choose paraffin or soy candles that progressively pool wax as they burn rather than instantaneously hardening when put onto the body; you can have some fun moving the polish around before it stiffens. Wax play is another popular aspect of BDSM that is rarely represented on television, books, or cinema.

According to Richmond, it entails dropping wax on someone or having wax spilt on you. The critical point here is to use good candles. The scented ones you have around the house are unlikely to work and may potentially burn you or your spouse. Choose paraffin or soy candles that progressively pool wax as they burn rather than instantaneously hardening when put onto the body; you can have some fun moving the polish around before it stiffens.


Given how standard whips have become in media depictions of kink and fetishism, this one may not surprise.
If you’re new to whipping, Richmond suggests starting cautiously. This type of power and punishment play is fun, but it can become unpleasant if you and your partner don’t talk it out first. Ask where they want to be beaten and agree on a pain rating, with 10 being the most brutal whip and one being the softest.


According to Queen, sadism is often characterized as arousal at the notion of causing pain, but not just any form of pain.

“Pain’ is a difficult word to define in BDSM. It’s not the same as loving period cramps [which, let’s face it, no one enjoys!] or getting your finger caught in a door. People in the kink community prefer the phrase “strong sensation,” since when someone is being spanked or whipped, pinched or pierced, or whatever else is occurring on, their experience may be significantly different from feeling pain in other circumstances.” Instead, the experience of pain will cause a rush of endorphins, which Queen compares to a runner’s high. If someone is interested in sadism, they should look for a partner who is a masochist or someone who enjoys enduring pain.

Pregnancy Fetish

As the term implies, a pregnancy fetish is an extreme sexual attraction to some or all aspects of pregnancy. It may be the round belly, but for others, it may be lactation—whether the act of breastfeeding or the milk itself.

Foot Fetish

Foot fetishes are “shockingly frequent” and are most commonly encountered in men with penises. People who have foot fetishes may be submissives, meaning they want to “worship” at someone’s feet by kissing, massaging, or even giving a pedicure. Others embrace humiliation and wish to be trampled on or have stinky feet on their faces.

Dominant and submissive

The term “dominant” refers to a person who relishes physically dominating their spouse. These might be physical, such as choking, or mental, such as calling someone names. The submissive partner appreciates being controlled and being consensually tied up, smacked, or humiliated.

Examples of Fetish objects

Tell me the type of fetish object that may be the target of fetish disorder? Listed here are some target fetishes:
An article of clothing, such as underwear, rubber clothes, women’s shoes, or women’s undergarments or lingerie, could be the object of a fetish. The fetish may substitute sexual activity with a partner or supplement sexual activity with a consenting partner. Sexual relationships are frequently avoided when the fetish becomes the sole object of sexual desire. A related condition known as partialism involves becoming aroused by a physical component such as the feet, breasts, or buttocks.

Most Common Fetishes

Everyone is a braggart. There might be many websites that discuss various fetish interests. There are so many options. Fetishes include seductive skin motifs and a tanned body. The most prevalent type is undoubtedly the foot. Fluids in the body, as well as hair, are regarded as a fetish. Clothing comes before physical parts. Similar studies put hip-length apparel on tops, such as tight t-shirts and skirts.

Tape of Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Pleasure

Klismaphilia was a classical Greek term that meant “enemas.” An enema is a medical device that removes hot water from the ear’s interior. They are used to alleviate constipation in some hospitals. Not as glamorous as the Greeks portray. This issue usually includes the pleasures obtained from receiving one of these enemas, but some people will also benefit from re-administration. It is an endogenous zone, which explains why people employ enemas for entertainment.

Red Heart Riding Crops

Candlelight creates a lovely environment, but you can also burn the candle for painless fun. Of course, sex toys have been around for a long time, but this one was delightful for us. To avoid unintentional burns, candles can be burned at a comfortable temperature for your body. Massage can be done using candles. These are available in various delectable flavours, including Bourbon and light vanilla. When a candle burns, it turns into massage oil. Enjoy!

Leopard Print Wrist Cuffs by Bondage Boutique

“Traditionally, cuckolding occurs in heterosexual relationships when a female partner sleeps with or humiliates her lover about being in bed with someone else,” Horn explains. Unless he believes he is having sexual contact with another person, the husband may not even be present. Some people experience voyeurism as a result of their cuckoldry. This is not just a problem for heterosexual couples; people from all areas of life can appreciate the cuckold variation.

Feather Tickler and Leather Slapper

Japanese bondage is a bondage that is performed with rope. “Kinbaku” refers to “the beauty of loose tying,” whereas “Shiroi,” a more general term, translates to “decoratively tied.” The decoration is correct: Shibari, a Japanese bondage type, is an art form in Japan. Some Shibari artists have held high-art exhibitions in which their theme is linked to a tree and transformed into trees.

Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Ball Gag by Bondage Boutique

BDSM actions do not always take place physically. Harsh language is as intense, if not more so than consenting physical trauma such as impact play. Name-calling and verbal abuse are two examples. It has frequently been presented as antifeminist, and there is a societal misperception about humiliations in general. Unfortunately, most feminists prefer being called a “bitch,” “slut,” or “whore” in bed.

Treatments for Fetisishm

What are some practical approaches for treating fetishize? When a fetish disorder is present, it might lead to illegal behaviour and bad relationship development. In such cases, fetish treatment should reduce dependence on the fetish while raising inappropriate interest stimuli. The following are the most common treatment choices.

Can you describe the numerous forms of fetishes?

1. Body piercing.

Body piercing appears to be a popular fetish among the younger generation. It might be anything from the belly button to the tongue to the brows. Everyone should have at least one piercing on their body “that “position to elicit feelings of desire” One should be very careful about where he gets his piercing done. The area should be kept clean and clear of any infection. It’s also a good idea to disinfect the ornament you’re wearing.

2. Latex fetish.

Men have a thing for the material. The “wrong” and “naughty” are always appealing. It’s a tease to see a woman move around in anything tight and sparkly. Women frequently wear signature stockings. Latex clothing also works as a trigger. Fetishes are frequently linked to an object or tactile sensation.”.

3. Fascination with having sex with a sex professional.

The high from having tainted intercourse with a sex worker is exhilarating. “When having sex with a prostitute, one should ensure that the individual is free of sexually transmitted illnesses. Otherwise, he will have to spend considerably more for a few minutes of fun.”

4. Voyeurism and display.

Many couples admit to being turned on by pornography or spying on another pair in the act. On the other hand, some couples prefer to be watched or even videotape their sessions to watch them afterwards.

5. Fetish for body parts.

A fetish for body parts is a common sexual interest. It doesn’t matter if it’s your partner’s hand, foot, or even nails – it’s a sexual high. According to the University of Columbia’s most outstanding global study of sexual quirks, the feet and shoes are the biggest turn-ons.

6. Braids and ponytails

Men have always had a thing for women’s hair. Men appreciate the feel of a woman’s hair, whether blondes, brunettes, redheads, long-haired, short-haired, thickly haired, or curly-haired. Inch is frequently utilized as a prop in sexual encounters.

7. Unusual costumes to increase sex

This is viral among couples that enjoy role-playing.

Exploring kink and fetish is perfectly OK if everyone is a fully consenting adult. There is no “bad” or “abnormal.” Don’t be afraid to try new things regarding your sexuality. Learn everything you can, have an open mind, and who knows? You may discover a new interest that you didn’t know you had.

On Foxtail, you may meet someone who is willing to try a fetish with you or you may learn about new fetishes that will bring you joy. Foxtail is a free kink, bdsm, and fetish social network so you’re in the right place!

Top Fetishes in 2021: The 15 Most Popular Sexual Fetishes

The mind works in mysterious ways. What one person finds enticing and attractive might be offputting and disturbing to another. Similar is the case of fetishes. Fetishes evoke a wide range of responses and interest. Therefore we made a list of few of the most prominent fetishes in 2021 so you can see what your next scene will be trying out.

If you are curious to know the top fetishes in 2021, scroll down to check our list.

15 Top Sexual Attractions in 2021 



Another exciting and prevalent sexual attraction in 2021 is cum fetish. This attraction has to do with being turned on by seeing, smelling and touching cum. This can mean either cumming (or getting cum on) feet, back, face, etc. While some people enjoy swallowing cum, others enjoy their partners ejaculating on their face or chest, while still others enjoy watching cum getting devoured after the fact.


If you enjoy spitting in your partner’s mouth and face or vice versa, you may have a spit fetish. Many people find drool play sexy and nasty, so if you love nasty sex, you should try this.


When an individual either watches a person pee or enjoys the scent of pee, they have a pee fetish. It is pretty popular, and for that, it makes it to the list. Although not for the faint of heart, often people who love humiliation enjoy this act, while others do not find it humiliating to get peed on at all! They just enjoy the Golden Shower. To know more about sexual pleasure driven from pee, read our other post How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?


This fetish has made it to the top obsessions of previous years, yet it is still prevalent in the year 2021. No matter where you are on the kinky spectrum, you can try it out and you might find out that you enjoy it. Always remember to use lube and protection for premium satisfaction.


Who does not want to live a role in the bedroom? The game of sadomasochism, bondage and Dominance is one of the most famous and practiced in kink. It spices things up, is supringsingly widespread. So, what’s your poison? Whips, restraints, gags, buttplugs, ropes? Whatever gets you excited is completely up to you.


The scent, the durability, the attraction leather presents is unimaginable. This sexual attraction can either be leather gloves, boots, masks, and generally things that create a stir in the bedroom. For that, it would be an injustice if it doesn’t make it to the list. 


The knee fetish has been holding it down for previous years, and interestingly, it still makes it to the top 15 of 2021. It could be that you enjoy getting on your knees to please your partner or love it when your partner gets on their knees. The knees are a supringinly sensitive and erogenous zone so if you haven’t been seducing people with the light brush of the knees, what have you been doing?! This could be incorporated in BDSM or oral sex easily.


The love for panties is fascinating and makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes. Also known as an underwear fetish, is when an individual gets sexually turned on with panties. You might enjoy sniffing used underwear or love wearing a pair while having sex in the bedroom. This attraction is sexy and fun.


In most parts of the world, this fetish stands the chance of staying on top for the foreseeable future. A lot of individuals love pain as this turns them on. Whether it is ass whopping or choking, we advise practicing RACK with masochism. Read more about RACK and safety here.

Group sex

In a world where people love to explore, group sex is an activity that is exciting for many people. Sex with multiple people creates the oppurtunity for more sensations, tongues, holes to play with – you name it. You might like orgies, threesomes, etc. if group sex is for you! 


This is a well-known fetish, and it makes it to the list based on its popularity. If you love to watch your partner sexually pleasured by another, you will love this. This is a fun and common practice for swingers and folks in open-relationships. Who doesn’t love to see their lover getting off?! Even if it’s not with you. :D

Butt Fetish

Who doesn’t love a beautiful butt? If you get turned on when you kiss, bite, spank, or fondle a butt, you should try ass worship! Maybe for you, it’s that you love to recieve kisses, bites, spanks and strokes to your booty. Don’t be shy – ask for what you want! Claim your booty fetish loud and proud. 


Sexual arousal as a result of the smell of armpits makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes as a lot of individuals love it. Some like the smell, the look, or the feel of the armpit. Some particularly like hairy armpits while others prefer a smooth, magazine like pit. Here are some of the characteristics of an armpit fetish kinkster.


The list won’t be complete without mentioning this prevalent kind of fetish. People get turned on for different reasons, and just the sight of others having sex can put a voyeur in the mood. Read our other post The Best Way to Experience Voyeurism and Sexual Arousal for more.


One thing to know when it comes to top fetishes is that there is a vast spectrum of human desire and arousal. The aforementioned list had been created for a reason, not just for their popularity but also for how exciting and satisfying they are. 

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The Best Way to Experience Voyeurism and Sexual Arousal

Fetishes can take on various forms, depending on what the person fantasizes about. People come in all shapes and sizes and so do their kinks! Bondage, role-play, impact play, and feet are all some of the most commonly practiced fetishes you’ve probably already encountered. What about voyeurism?

If you are interested in observing unsuspecting people while they undress and have sex, then you are in the right place! Read our post on how to do it properly.

What is Voyeurism?

”I’ll bet you that nine out of ten people if they see a woman across the courtyard undressing for bed, or even a man puttering around in his room, will stay and look; no one turns away and says, ‘It’s none of my business.’ They could pull down the blinds, but they never do. They stand there and look.”  – Alfred Hitchcock.

Voyeurism is a paraphilia, which according to the Journal of Sex Research, is one of the most common sexual interests. But why is a paraphilia that common?

Well, in general, people are more interested in watching than being watched. You prefer to observe intimate activities like undress, bathing,  engaging in a sexual act. For a voyeur, taking an interest in people without their knowledge is called peeping. You might hear someone casually refer to a voyeur as a Peeping Tom.

In What Way do Voyeurs Have a Responsibility?

In a traditional sense, to be a voyeur means that you can watch people who undress or engage in sexual activity without their consent. But this is a problem because it can invade someone’s privacy. Here we’re promoting here the healthy side of voyeurism – with consent!

Don’t be A Creepy Peeping Tom

The act of watching someone provides a form of sexual stimulus without the fear of sexual contact or rejection. Some psychologists give explanations that this type of behavior satisfies a primal need. Still, I suggest you be upfront with your actions and stay clear from being the creepy Peeping Tom.

I also enjoy watching other people have sex at play parties and experience the thrill myself. As strange as it may seem, the best turn-on and buzz during voyeurism is when the viewer gets close to the scene without having to engage.

This might sound strange because for some the thrill comes from the unawareness of being watched, but voyeuring at play parties and BDSM events is still totally possible.  Here is how you can do that…


A variety of ethical pornography videos are created with voyeurism in mind. When it comes to the privacy of this type of film, the act is all scripted, and the people involved are informed that they will be filmed. This type of scene makes it possible for you to enjoy the experience from the voyeur’s perspective without violating consent. 


If you’re a more hands-on learner, role-playing with partners who gave consent is ideal. You can do this by recording a video of them doing something naughty from afar or asking them to masturbate while you watch “without them knowing.” You can choose which scenarios interest you.

A good suggestion is to eliminate ambiguity and stress to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable with boundaries and expectations.

Find a Person Who Likes to be Watched

Some sex-positive communities or organizations provide opportunities for members to explore their sexuality together or one-on-one. It is generally accepted at play parties and BDSM events that unless someone goes into a room and closes the door, it is ok to watch what they are doing. You will find at many sex clubs there are entire rooms made of glass so people can watch from afar as the sexy scene unfolds. Looking for your next event? Join our sex-positive community! 

In our online community, you can find a person willing to be watched while doing any activity. So whenever they are online and have their camera on, you can spy on them while doing daily tasks. It’s all about agreement and communication with the right person.

How Can You Explore Voyeurism in your relationship?

There are many different ways to add voyeurism into your existing relationship. These are some easy places to start:

  • Ask your partner if it’s ok to watch them masturbate
  • If you’re in an open relationship and it feels comfortable, watch your partner having sex with someone else
  • Ask your partner if it’s ok to record a video of you two (or more) having sex for you to watch later. Ask them to pretend like they do not know the camera is rolling to create the voyeur feel you’re looking for.
  • Ask your partner to leave the door unlocked when they shower or bathe so you can watch “unknowingly”

Were you intrigued? How about giving it a try? Shoutout to everyone at the back, and remember consent is essential here!

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