The Fascinating Truth About Oming Meditation

When I first heard the term Orgasmic Meditation, I imagined people forming a circle and repeating “Om” until they reached orgasm sitting crossed legged with their hands in prayer position. It turns out this is far from accurate. Whether you use mantras and deep breathing techniques or guided visualization, meditation is generally seen as an individual practice. Orgasmic Meditation or OM-ing on the other hand is a different kind of mindfulness journey.

So, What Is Oming Meditation?

Although the term orgasm is right in the name, Orgasmic Meditation (Oming) does not seek to convey the same feelings as masturbation, completion or sexual intercourse. Oming is a pleasurable exercise that can make you feel revitalized and increase your chances of having an intense orgasm, later.


Orgasmic meditation helps people by stimulating their clitoris and massaging the vagina for an extended period, without the goal of orgasm. The purpose of removing orgasm is so that the person can experience being full of their sexual energy without releasing it. Oming is an activity performed by two consenting adults, with one massaging the other.

It is important to note that Oming does not involve penetration, kissing, or touching sexual organs. More importantly, it is different from foreplay because there is no “give and take” involved, but a way to be present and pay attention to what causes pleasurable stimulation. In Oming, the giver of the massage does not receive a massage in return and is not meant to be sexually satisfied. Oming is all about the receiver.

What is the Goal of Oming?

The goal is not to reach orgasm but to feel all the sensations and get in touch with your pleasure and inner self. This is a private and very vulnerable practice, helping you let your guard down and relax into receiving and being present with intense pleasure. In addition, because you do not reach climax, the idea is that you will carry your sexual, energy throughout your day for more focus, clarity and creativity in life.

Oming Meditation

Orgasm meditation takes the rushed focus off of “finishing” during sexual encounters. It promotes an experience that allows people to feel a gentle, and sometimes electric, wave of pleasure accompanied by slowing down and taking the emphasis off of penetration or needing to cum.

Orgasmic Meditation is a whole new method to wellness! Therefore, you must know the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Oming

For many people, oming can relieve the pressure of reaching an orgasm quickly and participating to receive pleasure. Oming is a powerful, meditative renewal and an opportunity for personal growth at your own pace. For many of us, this is also an opportunity to understand true pleasure.

Chris Cooper, a middle-aged CEO of a tech company, said that “OM has taught me so much more about human body. Some like firm touch, others need just the heat of your finger to feel sensation, without contact, as if there was a strong force… almost magnetic.” OM-ing demonstrates that every body truly is different and experiences pleasure uniquely.

Although everyone’s experience is different, the most common benefits can be:

1. More Satisfaction and Happiness

Happy couple

Many couples who practice OM state that they feel happier and safer in their relationship because of the intimacy that is created throughout the experience of being seen and heard.

2. Improved Health

Healthy living

Almost all forms of meditation can give both physical and mental benefits. Learning to stay connected to the body while receiving pleasure can be surprisingly tricky. Many people report thinking about other things than sex during intercourse, like what they’re making for dinner or if they sent that work e-mail. OM-ing requires the practice of presence which inevitably will increase the amount of pleasure you can experience during OM-ing Meditation and beyond.

3. Deeper Intimacy Between Partners


Some couples may find it difficult to talk about their sex lives, even with each other. Orgasm meditation can give a foundation for better communication between couples, resulting in more satisfying sex.

Oming strengthens the bond between partners and makes them feel more comfortable with the act of communicating during physical intimacy. Some couples use this practice as a stepping stone to engage in more open and potentially adventurous sex.

How to try Orgasmic Meditation

The idea of ​​spending 15 minutes a day stroking or caressing your desired body part may be the new self-care technique you didn’t know you needed.

Oming Instructions for Couples

  1. OM starts with either partner asking for OM. Ask your partner if they would like to OM, either giving or receiving. OMing tends to be centered around people with vaginas, however this practice could be converted to try on a person with a penis. If your partner agrees, then proceed to set up the nest.
  2. Set up the nest to OM in. The nest is meant to feel like a safe and comfortable space. Make sure your surroundings cozy and relaxing. Your set-up can be a yoga mat with a blanket and pillows, with a cushion for the person stroking to have something to sit on.
  3. Place a hand towel, timer, and lube where it’s easy to reach.
  4. Get into a comfortable position.
  5. Set a timer for 13 minutes and 2 minutes for later for a total of 15 minutes.
  6. While your partner keeps their hands still on your thighs, they turns their attention to your genitals, and describes 1-3 things in terms of shape, color, location, and texture in simple and neutral language.
  7. Put on gloves if necessary, then apply lube to left index finger and right thumb. Give consent to your partner to go ahead, start the 15-minute timer with an interval bell at 13 minutes.
  8. When the timer dings at 13 minutes, your partner should begin using down-strokes.
  9. When the second timer dings, apply heavy pressure to your genital for 10 to 15 seconds.
  10. Use a towel to wipe lube from the genitals to the hands, then put the nest away.

While the official practice of OM is a couple’s activity (one person stroke, the other get stroke), you can do a variation yourself.


Oming Meditation is about discovery, both in you and in your relationship. Do not feel like you have to follow a rigid set of rules that you can set in no time at all.

If you are interested in OM or Tantra, you should give it a try. It is essential to explore mindfulness, meditation, and your body in such a way that you feel safe and comfortable.

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