Tips for the Finest Fingering to Fisting Experience

Take advantage of all the pleasure finger-f*ing has to offer and graduate to something with a little more girth! We know, sometimes three fingers just isn’t enough.

You’re ready to enter a realm of intimate and ecstatic sensuality. Are you a size Queen or King who is ready to claim their throne? Whether you’re the fister or the fistee, you’re in for a special treat. We’ll show you how to make the most of your fingering and fisting encounters!

If you are picturing someone punching their first in and out of someone’s anus, vagina or bonus hole, you’ve got it all wrong, babe. Unless it’s a consenual power play thing. ;)

Read on for tips and tricks to make the most of your hands, fists and orgasms. We got you. #pleasureuncensored

Back to the Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Fingering is when one or more fingers are inserted into someone’s vagina, anus or bonus hole to elicit arousal. Meanwhile, fisting is when the entire palm is used instead of just a finger a two (or more).

Some may think of fingering and regard it as something only the sexually curious adolescents do when their parents aren’t looking. If that’s you, I’d recommend reconsidering. Fingering is one of the best ways to play, in any hole!

Cut your Nails

First thing’s first: cut your nails and wash your hands. Ingrown nails, scraped nail paint, blisters, and hard corners can all induce scratches and micro-tears on the genital surface that can lead to infection which we all want to avoid. If you don’t want to trim your nails, putting cotton balls into them and then wearing a gloves will help create a softer surface to enter your partner with.

Learn Your Holes

Many people focus on simply shoving their fingers, fists, toys or penises in and out of their partner’s various holes. For many people, this isn’t stimulation isn’t diverse enough to help reach orgasm – or even enjoy the play for more than a couple minutes.

There are millions of nerve endings in people’s vaginas, anuses and bonus holes. Feel around in them!! Explore their various textures and the way they react to different types of touch. You can try slow, firm strokes with your fingers, or gentle rubbing in circles. Approach your partner’s hole as if you’re giving it a sensual massage instead of poking at it. Get creative! Notice when your partner moans or when you feel their hole(s) respond to what you’re doing. Ask them if they like it, and when they say yes, do more of that.

Once you are familiar with their landscape, you’re ready to fist! Using the knowledge you’ve gathered from exploring with your fingers will take your fisting to a whole new level. You’ll know which spots are the most sensitive and what pressure they like so you can apply that with your fist. You can move your fist in gentle circles for a mindblowing internal massage or slightly change the shape of your fist to give your partner more pressure and a feeling of fullness in their hole.

Getting to know what kind of sensual and sexual touch you or your partner’s holes enjoy is key to take your play from average to amazing. Try different pressure, speeds and spots to explore their many caves of wonders.

Use Lubricant

Lubricant is a top priority for smooth fingering and fisting. Fisting, more than any other penetration necessitates the use of more lube. Don’t be afraid to get super slippery!

Pro tip: test your lube before you go all in. Make sure you’re not allergic and that it’s offering the kind of slick feeling you love. Remember there are many choices out there from silicone-based, to water based or all-natural lubes like coconut oil. Do your homework and choose wisely for the ultimate sexual experience.

Start Slow

Initiate your play slowly and softly – softer than you think – and ramp up your pace as you progress. Begin by exploring the more delicate areas around the holes gently. Move inwards towards their hole slowly and begin to penetrate. This will make your partner beg you to speed up and go harder once they’ve got blood rushing to their vagina, anus or bonus hole. It’s a scientific fact that upon arousal, blood rushes to the gentials causing them to expand and ripen for sexy time. This also raises sexual desire and makes you and your partner ready for more.

Proceed to Fist

After (giving or receiving) fingering with 3 or more fingers, proceed to fist if you both feel comfortable and ready for more. If you’re the fister, confirm with your beloved regularly to ensure they’re enjoying the activity. You can frequently ask, “Are you prepared for another finger?” or “Can you take some more?” When you’re ready for the last finger, draw your fingers firmly around each other, then gradually alleviate your palm in. Once inside, you can either keep your fingers in this duck-bill form or start to scrunch your fingers down into a fist. Take the procedure as slow as possible. There is no need to rush in as it can harm your lover.

After inserting a fist, try moving your arm in and out slowly, utilizing your fists to arouse your partner’s G-spot or P-spot. For people with clitorises, shaking the “fist” to induce the clitoral entrance, subtle lunging or full-fist strokes, or merely leaving the fist in a while rubbing the clit can also enhance the pleasure.

Slowly pull out

For the betterment of your lover’s hole, do not quickly pull out the fist! Leaving their hole should be done with the same delicacy that you entered it with.

Because holes are sensitive and delicate, having your companion take a breath while you gradually extract your palm can help induce relaxation sufficiently, and you can eliminate your palm without injuring them. Pulling out too quickly can injure your partner or create preventable tears. Check in often and make sure the fistee is as relaxed as possible when exiting.

The takeaway: 

People love fingering and fisting for pleasure. Passion will be increased by a gentle and playful touch. Hurrying in can injure your partner, take time to get to know their holes!!

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Sexual Healing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sexual healing is a way of rebuilding or re-setting your sex drive. But what does that mean, according to each zodiac sign?

As Ben Harper would say: “It makes me feel so fine. It helps to relieve the mind”.

The saying “I want sexual healing” might mean different things to different people. But we are here to explain how the zodiac signs understand and deal with sexual healing.

So keep on reading to find out more!


Sexual Healing and it’s Benefits

sexual pleasure

Feeling Rejuvenated

Sexual pleasure can improve your sex life and help you feel rejuvenated again. Think about the last time you had amazing sex, how smooth your skin was and how much lighter and younger you felt. Yeah… that’s what it does to you. 

Happier Mood

Some people need a break from different stressors, and a change of mind space and sexual healing can help. After all, multiple studies say that you enjoy sex better when relaxed and in a good mood. 

Reduction of Harmful Diseases

Sexual healing can substantially reduce one’s chances of having or suffering from some harmful diseases. An example is prostate cancer. So, whenever you say, “I want sexual healing,” you might just be improving your health without knowing it! 

Here’s What Sexual Healing Means To Each Zodiac Sign 

Every Zodiac sign is different and what they interpret as wanting sexual healing is equally unique. Although some zodiac signs are similar, it’s important to understand what works for you and your partner.

If you are curious about your partner’s idea of sexual healing, here’s a list to give you an idea. 


Intense Choking

When it comes to dominating and taking the reins, Aries leads the pack of zodiac signs. When Aries says I want sexual healing, it simply transcribes them wanting to take complete charge while pleasuring themselves and their partners. 


Interestingly, this particular zodiac sign is that they aren’t too serious about having sexual healing. They enjoy themselves, have lots of fun, and are not rigid in their approach. 


Intimate couple

People who fall in this zodiac sign can be more direct and intentional about their sexual desires. They always seem to want clarity before committing to anything. Cancers tend to hide in their shells if they needed to feel safe, especially in their relationships.

This can hinder their sexual satisfaction until they are comfortable with you. The meaning of sexual healing for this sign is about gaining security and trust in the relationship.



This zodiac sign is not only passionate but also enthusiastic as well. They tend to go all out to be sexually satisfied. Plus, they tend to leave no stone unturned when enjoying themselves. When it comes to sexual healing, Leo needs a person who’s into him a lot and will adore him.


This earth sign can appear slightly calm when seeking sexual healing but can become aggressive by expressing their sexuality through physical contact with their partner. The Taurus needs attention and understanding if he is healing.


Passionate kissing

This zodiac sign is a bit more reserved and a bit shy when they are in the process of healing. However, they tend to let loose and become more comfortable once they become familiar with their sexual partner. So, in other words, they need time.


This Zodiac sign is difficult when it comes to falling in love with a sexual partner. They are one of the sweetest earth signs but are very careful when it comes to sex. So remember to be soft when dealing with one. 


Sultry and sexy BDSM

Scorpios love to explore and are very versatile in the bedroom. Their sex life is never boring but always full of excitement. Scorpios are always willing to try out different fetishes and anything that pleases their partners. Sexual healing for Scorpios involves pleasing their partners and enjoying sex.


Adventurous Sagittarius

This particular zodiac sign is viewed as an adventurous sign when compared with others. They are open and transparent, especially with their sexual desires. Thus, they heal by trying new things.


This earth sign is generally an independent, free and loving zodiac sign. However, they are more subtle in their approach when they want intimacy. Aquarius enjoys experimenting, and they can also be wild when they want to be. Sexual healing for Aquarius means more sexual pleasure to them.


Capricorns are not only intentional but also very wise when making decisions. They are receptive zodiac signs, critical thinkers, and open to understanding a person before anything else. Hence, they heal by understanding and tuning in with their partner’s needs.


Pisces is not only seductive but romantic when in love. With a mix of insatiable sexual urges that they need to explore. That is why they need a comfortable partner. Pisces are versatile, so they heal by indulging in their partner’s sexual endeavors.  

There you have it, all the unique and exciting ways the zodiac signs interpret sexual healing.

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9 Ways to Enhance Intimacy in BDSM

The concept of intimacy in BDSM is the desire for two people to be sexually intimate and it is not limited to sexual intercourse. In a vanilla relationship, intimacy means being passionate with your partner. However, in BDSM, it often means being more intimate with your partner than with just your body. This can be dangerous because you are playing with your partner’s feelings and violating their trust. You must carefully choose intimacy in BDSM if you want to experience this type of relationship play.

Both you and your partner must be comfortable with being intimate. The person who initiates intimacy must know that their partner will not like the new intimate behavior immediately and may even react negatively. Don’t force the issue if they don’t want to, or you will end up hurting your partner emotionally. If you are having problems initiating intimacy in BDSM with your partner, you need to work on these nine communication issues before proceeding further.

1. Be Patient.

This may take time, and it can be hard at first to let go of your inhibitions and fears. However, it would be best if you become comfortable with sharing your feelings with your partner. When you feel safe enough to talk about your feelings, you can share deeper, more intimate thoughts and feelings, which result in stronger intimacy.

2. Be specific.

Always tell your partner what exactly makes you happy and satisfied. This will help you avoid engaging in intimate behavior that you are uncomfortable with when you are not sure that your partner’s desires are the same as yours.

3. Be vocal.

This means that you must let your partner know what you are feeling and thinking, and you must be vocal about it. Being a silent partner is often a key to avoiding boredom and can cause your partner to become frustrated with your lack of communication. Also, part of the appeal of role-playing games is the ability to express your sexuality while having fun with your partner. Be vocal about your desires and your needs. Let your partner know what is happening in your head and on your body. Allow them to experience what you are feeling.

4. Learn to listen.

This is often one of the most challenging things to do when one is involved in an intimate relationship. However, learning how to listen properly is a skill that will significantly enhance intimacy. By listening to what your partner has to say, you will become a better lover because you will pick up your partner’s needs.

5. Use the space around you.

BDSM practitioners often find that their relationships grow stronger when they can give time to each other. By giving yourself time to listen to your partner, your feelings, and your own needs, you become more tuned in to each other, and the process becomes less complicated. As a result, intimacy is more easily developed and maintained.

6. Never discount your feelings.

Your emotions are valuable, they are essential, and they should never be ignored or passed over. When you are actively engaging in sex, your feelings and desires will be genuine to you. Be sure to share them with your partner. Remember, emotions are integral to intimacy.

7. Explore fantasies.

The most exciting aspect of role-playing is finding ones that you can engage in together. Find fantasies you’d enjoy engaging in with your partner and start exploring those together. By sharing these fantasies, you will increase your passion for each other and will have more fun when you make love to each other.

8. Take a role.

Some people assume that when they engage in a BDSM relationship, their partner will automatically take on all of the responsibilities and skills associated with such a lifestyle. This is not the case. Take on some of the responsibility yourself. When you are enthusiastic about your sexual relationship, your skills will grow, and you will better meet your needs.

9. Develop boundaries.

If you both have a strong sense of boundaries, you are less likely to experience non-consensual sex or “rape.” When there is no clear sexual boundary, there is a greater chance for things to get out of hand. Take a role in how much of the physical intimacy you share. It will make your relationship stronger in the long run.

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Trouble In Paradise?-5 Easy Sex Tips To Spice Things Up

There comes a time in every relationship, regardless of how happy we are, that we need some sex tips to keep that magic in the bedroom. And FYI there’s nothing wrong with that. Many things like stress, change in hormones, or fading intimacy affect our sex life. Are you at a point where no amount of pillow talk or date nights can bring the intimacy back? We’ve all been there, so you need not worry. We have put together a list of sex tips experts believe will help spice things up. Well, as I always say, “it’s getting hot in here, so mind taking off your clothes?”. On second thoughts, consider leaving them on. Read on and you’ll understand why.

5 Easy Sex Tips

Keep Your Clothes On

For most people, taking off their clothes when having sex is normal. But as Dr. Juliana Morris suggests, leaving something on, maybe some heels or pantyhose can bring out the sexy side of you. Men, try unzipping your jeans, it is hotter than leaving your socks on. Sometimes going against the norm adds to the excitement, right?

Have Fun Together

This is one of our most important sex tips. Sometimes, having fun together helps keep the intimacy. Plan to go on a hike together, try out new restaurants, or other activities you both enjoy. Try engaging in an activity that does not involve sex with your partner. This will help you pay attention to one another and build desire. Activities outside the bedroom can be equally intimate and can act as a form of foreplay, which will help ignite your desire and increase pleasure.


When was the last time you sent a provocative text? Do you let your partner know what is on your mind? You might not know where to start, but an excellent place to start is, “want me to wear my fuck heels tonight?”. You may have to consider getting those fuck heels! You are not limited to heels alone, get creative!

Try a Lubricant

This one of the most underrated sex tips, the power of lubricants. A flavoured oral lubricant can enhance oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Even if you are not an orally aroused kind of person, a sweet lubricant will be a game-changer. Always discuss with your partner their preferences so you can choose a lube you love that will not irritate or cause an allergic reaction.

Switch Locations

Try the kitchen counter, the hallway, the balcony, or even on the couch. A friend once recommended the bedroom closet. The place does not necessarily matter as long as you pick a place that is not your usual spot. You never know; the environmental change, the smells, sounds will keep your sex life and intimacy going.

Sex Tips Bonus: Hire A Sex Coach

our list is quite helpful but may not get the job done. If you find it difficult to have a sex-related conversation with your partner, a third party just may be a lifesaver. This might be embarrassing to many, especially those that prefer to keep their sex life private. There are many sex coaches you can hire online or in-person who will help add extra insights to your sex life. The best tip for this is to know that it is okay to ask for help sometimes. It does not undermine you, your character, or your relationship.

It is very important to go the extra mile in your relationship especially when you hit a slump. Let it be a team effort between you and your partner. These tips are not gender-specific and will work best with teamwork. If you ask me, working on your relationship should be a major turn-on for your partner!

Well, there you have it. These tips are what you need for the best sex life you have been longing for. If there is a sex tip that has worked for you and is not on our list, leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you. There’s no such thing as too much help, yes? If you’re interested in going the extra mile to spice things up in the boudoir, check out our blog to learn about all things kink.