Is Virtual Sex Even “Real Sex”? And Other Questions You Want Answered.

They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I don’t think I ever truly understood or felt the phrase before as well as I do now.

Pretty soon, it’ll be about two years since they officially declared Covid-19 a full-fledged pandemic. I personally feel like so many things have changed since then about society as a whole. But also, specifically, in terms of how we ask for social interaction and how we view relationships.

Restrictions may be loosening, and now more people are going out. Movies and concerts. Restaurants and work trips. We’re all just trying to adjust to the so-called ‘new normal’. But I still think the period of long isolation had a lot to teach us about our human needs — both physical and emotional.

What is Virtual Sex?

It’s not surprising that there was a major spike in video dating and virtual sexual activity since lockdown began. But what does fall under virtual sex? How is it different from watching porn?

This particular survey defined virtual sex as “any kind of sexual expression through a phone or a computer”. That meant sexting, phone sex, dating apps, and messaging through various social media.

But there’s also much newer technology in the mix. From remotely operated sex toys you can control with mobile apps to interactive porn and even virtual reality — it’s safe to say things have come a long way since grainy webcams and shady internet chatrooms.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Is virtual sex “real sex”?

To begin with — what is ‘real’ sex?

There’s a larger conversation about what kind of things people expect from intimacy. The ‘sex talk’ is no longer about the birds and the bees or penises going into vaginas. Because now we know, different kinds of people have different kinds of sex all the time for different reasons. Now we know it’s not always about love, and it’s not always about babies.

Now we are learning; it’s not even always about touch.

If you’re pressed for a common denominator, we can boil it down to sexual intent and sexual stimulation. Sending nudes or putting on a live show on camera. Dirty talk over the phone, telling someone how to touch themselves while they masturbate. The difference between masturbating to someone’s voice versus a recording is that there’s a person on the other end. And that person can consent, be involved, and even reciprocate.

Who is having virtual sex?

Surveys like this one from way back in 2006 are often referenced when it comes to this question. At the time, you might be surprised that an overwhelming majority of a college population was engaging in virtual sex. Now, with the internet being what it is, numbers like this shouldn’t be so surprising.

Even this one by had 2000 respondents, but all were under the age of 35, unmarried, and most identified as heterosexual. Either way, they all prove that virtual sex is at least acceptable for dating conventions, if not part of the norm.

Still, it would be nice to hear more insights from less represented demographics, such as the LGBTQ+, the disabled, or the elderly.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

No Longer So Taboo

There was a time when virtual sex — specifically cybersex — was only ever a negative keyword. Many relevant studies at the time were bent a certain way.

Popular funded research often looked for correlations between cybersex and infidelity or between cybersex and sex addiction. Such connections are valid and are important to study. However, overwhelming the field of research with studies linked to deviance helped reinforce the idea that cybersex was only performed by people intending to cheat on their partners or by people who weren’t desirable enough to attract partners in real life.

Putting us in the same boat forced a more sympathetic outlook towards virtual relationships.

The truth is, despite negative connotations, online dating and virtual sex have always been valid options for many groups of people.

For example, if you were in a long-distance relationship, or your job required constant traveling. Or if you want to meet new people with values and interests less commonly found in your geographic vicinity. Not to mention people who have to deal with lifelong health conditions, including HIV/AIDS.

Also, historically, being candid to people you know in real life about sexual orientation wasn’t (and sometimes still isn’t) so safe. It’s common to hear about women and LGBTQ+ growing up finding virtual sex spaces easier, freer, and possibly even safer to navigate.

On the flip side, however, the risks and dangers are still very tangible, particularly regarding safety and privacy.

What about virtual sex is dangerous?

Virtual sex being so accessible is a double-edged sword.

Using dating apps, even just sexting is designed to be easy even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. And if you’re not careful about what you put online, you could be exposing yourself to more than the intended recipient of your photos, videos, or personal information. Even the simple act of sending a faceless nude can make you susceptible to revenge porn.

Another risk with virtual sex is when it becomes a replacement for accessible real-life relationships. Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to strangers online about your experiences or your feelings. However, isolation and an echo chamber are a bad mix, and you may walk away with a skewed view of reality or unrealistic expectations from real life.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Finally, just like we mentioned earlier, virtual sex does still count as cheating. In fact, it makes it easier — just ask Ashley Madison.

Outlook: Still good

There are many good rules and tips you can live by if you plan to engage in virtual sex. Never show your face. Use encrypted apps. Be mindful of identifying information, be it distinctive birthmarks, tattoos, or even IDs and nametags.

Even sex parties have gone digital, and it can be a great experience whether you’re single or have a partner.

Despite everything, virtual sex is still inevitably part of the ‘new normal’. And it’s a good way to still be sexual while eliminating the usual hazards that come with real-life sex, such as protection, travel, or logistics. Really, the only way to adapt is to study it and keep adding to the measures that help make it safe.  

If you’re struggling with intimacy or just looking to expand your horizons, the right accessories can be a step in the right direction. Check out our shop for a fun selection of sex toys on FOXXXY now!

Pain & Pleasure: Why Many People Are Curious To Try BDSM

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, and for many these terms cause an array of emotions from curiosity to pleasure, to shame. BDSM engulfs many different sexual practices and has even found a spot in the new consensual sex movement. This article explores the reasons why people engage in BDSM and its benefits.

Why do people want to try BDSM? The most common reason is “pleasure.” We’re all a bit hedonistic, and the pursuit of pleasure is usually a top priority. BDSM offers some of us the ability to experience joy thru a myriad of practices once thought of as taboo. In the public “vanilla” world, we may have to wear masks, but in BDSM, we can let our true carnal urges take center stage. Whether you a masochist wanting to experience painful sexual stimulation or a sadist looking to inflict that pain, BDSM can provide the fulfillment you crave.

BDSM is not just about pain. Many participate in BDSM for mental play. Dominant and submissive dynamics allow us to play a role that we would not otherwise be afforded. Participating in a BDSM is also an excellent way to release pent-up emotions, such as stress.

Sadism vs. Masochism

The main difference between sadism and masochism is that sadism often involves imposing pain. This can be physical pain, such as hitting someone else, or psychological distress, such as humiliation. Sadists can give hardcore demands with the punishment for disobedience involving an assortment of BDSM tools. Sadism in the bedroom might include rough sex, takedowns (as in primal play), choking (breathe play), spanking, and much more.

Alternatively, we have the masochist (sometimes called a pain slut). As you can imagine, the masochist finds pleasure in receiving pain. Often, the masochist is looking to push their limits, a sort of edge play. They crave the excitement of the slap or the degradation of a humiliation seen. Masochists also tend to be more submissive; pleasing their master is their ultimate goal, and they are punished for disobedience.

The pairing of the sadist and masochist can be largely beneficial when they find their BDSM partner. By feeding each other desires, thru what some would not be able to handle, they can amplify their sexual pleasure. These two roles may or may not always be sexual in nature, but typically that’s the case.

Bonus: Sadomasochism

Sadomasochism is the practice of obtaining pleasure by inflicting pain on oneself as well as having pain inflicted on oneself. Sadomasochism is almost always sexual in nature. In the BDSM community, this person might be referred to as a “Switch.”

In Closing

Sadism, masochism and sadomasochism are three words that are often confused. But they have very different meanings. If you fall into one of these categories or are interesting in learning more, checkout Pleasure Uncensored. And if you’re one part of this duo looking for your match join several others on Foxtail.

Swingers Party: How to Enjoy Your First Sex Party

You arrive with some food and drink to share. You go around greeting people you know and meeting new people while relaxing with food and drink. The host lays out basic rules, such as where sex is permitted and where it is not (customarily explained before arrival), no unwanted force, and respect for any rules laid out by the participants prior, during, and after sexual interaction. Condoms are usually provided by the host, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Safe sex is negotiated between the parties involved.

If you have a partner, you will have your own pre-agreed-upon comfort level rules about what is and isn’t acceptable to do while at the party. When you become attracted to a person or people, you discuss (in whatever level of detail you want) what you want to happen next and during your interaction. Have a good time! When you’re ready to leave, you thank your host and either return home or continue on to other delights.

Does this sound like fun? Keep reading

Swinger party Los Angeles

What is a Swingers Party?

Few people realize that swinging as a fad in America began in the 1950s when Air Force officers in California started swapping wives. Since then, it has been more common among those 35+ years old, behind closed doors. It has become more mainstream with younger crowds, with the push being driven by women looking to call the shots. Swinger parties have become so typical there are even websites where people host swinger parties.

A swingers party is meant for individuals with a desire to: watch others have sex, swap partners (soft or full swap), be cuckolded, play in an orgy, and so much more. It’s a lower risk, higher adrenaline encounter. Low risk since the attendance is kept private and sex takes place around other respectful adults. High adrenaline, as things can move very fast!

Those familiar with the swinging world refer to it as the “Lifestyle.” People in the lifestyle typically meet online before meeting in person. They meet randomly at sex parties to avoid the possibility of an affair. Sex parties can take place at a designated sex party location or in a private area of residence. The rules are pretty standard, with consent being the highest priority.

Rules at a Swinger Party

NO means “NO” Especially At a Sex Party

This rule is paramount for obvious reasons, this is the most important of the swinger rules. If someone is violated at a party, word will travel fast. This can lead to lawsuits, “being canceled,” violence, or worse. Typically party-goers want to avoid any negativity or hostility, so it’s best to ask.

Tip: If it’s not a FUCK YES!!! It’s a Hell No.

I’ve often seen guys asking for something and being met with kind rejection only to keep pushing. Sex parties are not the place to push what you want on to others. Check your ego and pride at the door. We’re all here to have a good time!

Swinger parties are also no a place for the meek. Owning your “NO” at a sex party is your most valuable tool. Subtitles can be missed when drinks and genitals are on the table (literally lol). Practice saying and receiving no with a friend or partner before attending to get you in the habit of saying it and hearing it, and you’ll be fine.

Remember, you can always say NO. There’s never a reason to be ashamed or worried. Swinger parties are meant to be the fun, sexy experience you’re imagining. You may not get exactly what you want every time, but if you abide by the NO, you’ll be invited again.

Aggressive behavior

This rule closely follows the law, “NO means NO.” Remember that not everyone likes rough sex. Get a feel for your partner and their desires. Do not use violence if you do not get consent in advance. Do not force your partner to do anything. Even if you previously had rough sexual intercourse with a particular individual, this does not mean that the person is ready for this again. Remember, any sexual manifestations depend on the mood of the person.

Always be courteous and polite. Getting upset or “butthurt” because you were asked to leave is a sign of not being able to take rejection.

It is strictly forbidden to force or pressure someone.
Proceed only by mutual agreement!

Age limits

Anyone attending a sex party must be 18 years or older. Most swing party organizers require people over the age of 21. As we said above, consent is essential here. Swing party members must be able to legally to consent. If you’re unsure, don’t risk it. There are more fish in the orgy ??.

Why Do You Want to Attend Swing Parties?

That’s precisely what you should ask yourself before joining swinger parties. Are you doing this for yourself or to please someone else. If it’s later, you may cause yourself lasting psychological harm. If you are looking to test the waters, attend as a voyeur and clarify that you are not there to play.

Do not surprise your partner by inviting them to swinger parties. If you do this, they may act without having proper time to mentally prepare. If they don’t have any interest, unfortunately, you may have to find a new partner or come to an agreement. This may be tough to hear, but there’s no way around it. If they are working toward it, don’t bring it up often, as it can make it seem like a condition of your affections. They may not want to experience the jealously or thoughts of you and another or vice versa.

Compersion is the quality found in people who can find pleasure in watching their partner receive pleasure. This quality is scarce. It can be developed, but it will require work and compromise on both sides. Yes, if you want them to do it, be prepared to do the same for them.

A butt for a butt as they say ?.

Do not Get Entangled with other Couples

I can’t emphasize this enough. Do not get entangled with other people in the group party. Do not try to connect with someone without speaking to their partner. Unless you are building a friendship naturally, leave the party at the party.

These are often mistakes of amateur swingers who have shown the so-called “Spark of Love.” This leads to feuds in a sex party, and it can really get ugly, especially if there are drugs involved. Remember, relationships can be fragile, don’t be a homewrecker.

If you and your partner are looking to make more profound relationships. Consider going on a “couple’s date.” This will give everyone the chance to get to know each other and establish boundaries. When trust is established, there’s no limit to where things can go!


Never pull out your phone! If you must use your phone, go to the bathroom. By nature, these parties are private. Respect everyone’s privacy, and don’t bring your phone out. Some places will even take your phone and smash it. Leave the party, take your call and come back.


On the one hand, alcohol in moderation promotes relaxation and extra excitement. However, it is worth remembering that alcohol consumed more than your average amount can have the opposite effect. Alcohol is a depressant, after all.

Drink as much as you should, not as much as you could.


I strongly advise against using drugs at swing parties.

Firstly, you can run into severe problems with the authorities. Second, you can’t consent thoughtfully, which will have lasting consequences. Last, being in a state of drug intoxication will not give you the whole experience of swinging.

If a swinger party is boring, leave. Save your drugs for a better party.

Dress Code

Most swinger Parties have a theme that the organizers decide in advance. Typically, it’s some kind of clothing-based themes like a toga or costume party.

If this information is not specified, contact the event organizer and clarify all your questions. Anyway, it would be best if you were neatly dressed and well-groomed.


The swing is an exchange of partners by mutual agreement. Never offer party members sex with your partner for money. You will be instantly removed from the sex party and receive a ban from all future events.


Always be clean and have a pleasant appearance. Wear a small amount of perfume or non at all; some are allergic or sensitive to strong scents.

Wear deodorant, be squeaky clean, and brush your teeth right. You can also bring your own sex toys and don’t forget about condoms. Safety should come first.


Do not criticize, try to change, or judge anyone. Don’t judge. #DontYuckMyYum as we say.

You should discuss desires and preferences with your partner in advance. Go into the party with a game plan of what to look for and work as a team. Swinger parties can be an actual test of the strength of a relationship.

What You Need to Know About Swinging

Experienced swing couples believe that sharing intimate acts and fantasies with a partner has a colossal arousal power. Swinging with others can bring partners closer together thru compersion and fulfillment. Sex parties are a natural and enjoyable way to prevent sneaky infidelity and subsequent breakup.

Swinging is not the same as Kink. The two are close neighbors but often don’t mix. Bring toys to play with your partner, but no one is looking to be dominated or worshiped more often than not. They are there to F*#k (Fuck).

The Bottom Line

Have sex as much as you want, enjoy it, get the most out of it. Everyone should have fun, so stick to the above rules, and the world of sexual happiness will open for you. Having sex with your loved one and enjoying other partners is much better than infidelity. I recommend that you try this kind of sex and get an unforgettable experience. Discover parties going on this week on Foxtail. You will want more!

Senior Sex Toys…A New Way to Play

Sex should be enjoyed at ANY age. Single or in a relationship, there is a toy out there that will have you coming all night long!

If you are a senior (and I don’t mean 12th grade). I’ve got a list of the best senior sex toys to enjoy alone or with a partner for years to CUM.

Erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual sensations aren’t an excuse to stop pleasuring yourself; they’re the reason to get creative in bed, the kitchen, and especially the shower!

Experimenting with sex toys, different positions, or changes to your sex play is a great way to reinvent your intimacy, even without penetration.

As you get older and shed those inhibitions, it’s a great time to add a touch of kink to your sex life. If you haven’t had a partner for a while, it’s time to spark up your alone time with a new toy, a newfound pleasure to improves your sexual health. 

Remember that bigger is not always better! Starting with a less intimidating, smaller-sized vibrator doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power. Start with low settings and work your way to the big “O.”

The Ins and Outs of Sex Toys

An Ode to the Clitoris: Vibrators

Most vibrators are great for both external and internal stimulation. If you struggle to enjoy orgasm through penetration, smaller clitoral sex toys are ideal. The sensations they provide will have you cumming over and over. Most are simple to use, with one-button controls.

Bullet-style vibrators are simple to use, have a one-button control, and are small enough to massage over your clitoris during sex or for solo play. Rechargeable, pebble-sized clitoral stimulators won’t be recognized as vibrators at first glance.

Rabbit vibrators provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Many can be controlled remotely, giving hands-free clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or both.

None-vibratory, air pulse, and sonic wave technology gently tease and caress the clitoris. These are to be left in place, making them easier to use if you have wrist issues.

There is a huge selection of vibrators and dildos that can accommodate people who prefer the sensation of larger sex toys. Use plenty of lube, especially with larger products, to make them feel even more pleasurable. 

Everyone Needs a Massager

Doxy: The Most Powerful Massager

The  Doxy Massager uses all standard wand attachments and comes with a silicone headcover. 

The Doxy’s head rolls and rumbles rather than buzz. Use it as a general body massager or for intimate intentions, with powerful vibrations penetrating deep into the body. This sturdy electric wand comes with an escalating pulse setting and a 12-month warranty.

Body massagers are excellent for relieving aching muscles and providing intense clitoral stimulation, especially if you are experiencing decreased sexual stimulation. These are excellent sex toys for seniors!

The Ultimate Couples Play Wand

Seniors in bed kissing

A great wand for couples who enjoy intense, sensual, and full-on vibrational contact. The sensory velvet touch silicone, easy controls, and flexible head ensure that you receive deep vibrations exactly where you want them. This wand niches to your body’s curves and trigger points. Tease your senses, feel your passion rise, and then let it go. The wand is a rechargeable lightweight massager that is ideal for those with limited wrist movement.

Many women prefer a dildo that does not vibrate. Dildos, made of glass, metal, or silicone, provide a broader range of sexual sensations. Glass and metal sex toys can be gently heated in warm water or cooled in the refrigerator for a different sensation.

Let’s Hear It for Hands-Free

This vibrator is a wearable sex toy providing vibrations similar to oral sex. These toys stay in place, making them hands-free! As a sex toy for a senior, it can’t get much better than this!

*Some of these sex toys contain magnets; they are not suitable for those with a pacemaker.

Rings Around the Penis

Cock Rings

When it comes to your penis and prostate gland, there’s a wide range of sexual stimulation, including vibrators, cock rings, penis sleeves and male masturbators, prostate massagers, and anal toys. Sex toys designed for women can also be used on the penis.

*Cock rings should not be worn for more than 30 minutes or by men with circulatory problems.

Cock rings are great for extending ejaculation and allowing the penis to stay hard; they reduce blood flow to the penis, resulting in harder and longer erections. 

Vibrating Cock Ring

This cock ring with dual integrated motors, providing intense stimulation to both the perineum and the top penis.

The unique sensation provided by perineum stimulation during masturbation can lead to a more pleasurable experience, resulting in a powerful orgasm. The ergonomically shaped contact area will have your partner grinding against you; the stretchy ring promotes strong, firm erections and intense orgasm.

Vibrating cock ring

Foxxxy’s vibrating cock ring has a unique shape that can be used while flaccid and allows the wearer to orgasm even without an erection, making it ideal for those with erectile dysfunction (Now there’s a ring every guy should own!).

Vibrating cock rings are designed to vibrate against the clitoris, providing both amazing clitoral stimulations, ideal for strong clitoral orgasms, and the satisfying sensation of a partner’s firmer penis.

Je Joue Mio- Rechargeable Cock Ring.

Make your penis hard, apply a dab of water-based lube, and slide it down to the base where the vibrating section is positioned upwards. Turn it on, experiment with its five vibration levels and patterns to find your favorite as a couple – and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!

Salute to the Male Masturbator!

Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Solo Essential

This male vibrator has five pre-set vibration modes and unique oscillating PulsePlates. It can be used whether soft or hard, so those with ED can still enjoy the scintillating sensations.

Rocks Off – Hand Solo 

The vibrating, open-sleeved design conceals secret ridges and contours in its inner sleeve, providing pleasurable sensations with every stroke. The device is completely waterproof. It can provide a variety of sensations when used with or without lubricant. Hands Solo is powered by a bullet, incredibly simple to use, and can be used for clitoral stimulation (sensational sex toy for men and women). Remove the vibrator for thorough cleaning.

Manta by Fun Factory

The Manta is designed for partner sex and solo play; slide it between your bodies and turning your penis into a vibrator. Manta’s ridges hold lube for a better stroking sensation, making it ideal for solo pleasure as well.

The manta ray shape adds movement to the vibration allowing you to enjoy precision stimulation over and under the head, along the shaft, and against the base. When used with a flaccid penis, the deep vibrations can help to promote your erection by providing pleasurable sexual stimulation.

Old School Masturbating Reinvented


Penis sleeves have a life-size exterior, molded on real body features (Imagine a flashlight handle with a pussy replica where the light should be!), replicating vaginal, anal, and oral sex sensations with molded internal sleeves, all packed neatly into a discreet canister for easy use and storage. 

Just Feels Damn Good!

This clitoral stimulator is ideal when penetrative sex is not possible. It can be worn by the man during sex play even if he has erectile dysfunction. It comes with remote control, intensity levels, and a soft vibrating underside, sending waves of intense pleasure to the clitoris, bringing new levels of intimacy to foreplay.

Bondage offers a new sexual sensation in the form of ticklers, ties, and blindfolds. Add in a few of these senior sex toys; it doesn’t have to be intense; it just has to be FUN!

Anal play

Sex toys for anal play include vibrating toys to anal plugs and beads. Used alone or with other toys, they increase your pleasure. It is a truly amazing sensation! While enjoying anal play, use plenty of lubricants and start slowly. When using anal toys during sex, clean a product you have used anally before using it vaginally to prevent spreading bacteria.

Heated Prostate Massage

Yosposs-Prostate Massager

 Not only will this massager feel fantastic, but it also improves erectile function and circulation of seminal fluid. It is made of body-safe velvety silicone for extremely comfortable insertion. The anal stimulator targets pleasure, hitting your percent spot like no other! The vibrating butt plug has massage modes for the most powerful orgasms ever! It’s hands-free, remote-controlled waterproof, and USB rechargeable.

Enjoy Your Toys More…Use Lube

Lubricants used for both men and women are a MUST with sex toys; they prevent irritation and increase your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to Lube up!

Water-based lubricants are the most versatile of all the lubricant types; they are safe for all sexual activities, even for use with all silicone toys.

Oil-based lubricants moisturize and enhance the comfort of your sexual play, encouraging long-lasting pleasure.

The thicker consistency of oil-based lubricants makes them ideal and safe for play with anal toys. They are perfect for water play.

Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with a silicone sex to; they may damage silicone but are ideal for glass and metal sex toys.

*NEVER use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms.

If sharing a sex toy, always put a condom on the toy…. ALWAYS PLAY SAFE!

You’re never too old to enjoy sex, spice up your sex play, let go of your inhibitions, and start enjoying the best sex ever. Not sure where to buy your new senior sex toys? Head on over to Foxxxy right now!

Guilty Pleasures – My Top 5 List Of Guilty Pleasures

If we were to count, how many guilty pleasures would you be charged with? How long would your list be? Would they be private or not?

This is my list of guilty pleasures! The things on this list have been giving my life meaning over the years. Here are a few guilty pleasure examples that brighten up my days when I need them most. To lift my spirits, you know. Most of them are too embarrassing to admit, but we have indulged in some if not all.

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

Let’s take a look at some examples of guilty pleasures, shall we?

First, let’s take a minute to understand the thought process behind this before diving into the list. Think about how it feels to finish a slice of cake only to reach out and grab another. You probably shouldn’t, but why not? You seldom do this, but when you do, it tickles your jolly.

It’s neither a blessing nor a curse but can be both at the same time. You wouldn’t overdo it occasionally. However, when you get the chance, you cease every moment like it will be your last.

Can guilty pleasures relate to any other thing apart from food? Absolutely! For one, it could be downing a whole dozen of doughnuts, while for another, it could be binge-watching Sofia the First. Everyone gets to pick their own poison.

Contrary to simple pleasures in life, we rarely partake in guilty pleasures. That’s what makes them tempting. But, occasionally indulging in guilty pleasures can lift your mood.

It’s about time I show you my top 5 guilty pleasures. Whether it’s a matter of can’t or won’t, these are things that fill me up with much joy or excitement. Also, I don’t want to give them up.

1.    I Spy With My Little Eye

Mostly people stalk exes on social media after a break up to make sure they are not moving on too quickly. For me, sometimes curiosity takes the better part of me. And social media has made it so easy to get information about people. I always do a drop-in once in a while to check on my person of interest.

2.    Accents

Is it me, or do words sound better with a British accent? Talk about a guilty pleasure. I’d listen to someone with a British accent all day. I wouldn’t understand half of what they are saying, but who cares? The heart wants what it wants.

3.    Drinking Directly From The Bottle

Something about the flavor of soda or wine hits different when you drink it directly from the bottle. No? Is it just me? Okay. I know it’s not “lady-like” and very unhygienic, especially if you have to share the drink with someone else. But it can’t be that bad to be selfish once in a while.

4.    Late Night Snack Pleasures

With my #summergoals journey, I have been dieting a lot lately. However, some nights I throw caution to the wind and treat myself to a whole bag of chips. Okay, two, but who’s counting? These are once in a blue moon kind of nights, and I’m not going to waste a second.

5.    Sweet Deals

Discount is my favorite word in the dictionary, no doubt. Who wouldn’t love saving a few bucks while still getting what they want? I can’t put the satisfaction I get from a good bargain in words. Just to see the sign of % off is a trigger for me! It’s a guilty pleasure for sure.

6.    Smell of Clean Beddings (Bonus)

Because I am feeling a little generous, I’ll leave this here for you. This pleasure comes from beddings that are straight out of the drier. Or is this an excuse for me to stay in bed? We’ll never know.

As I talk about this, I keep asking myself if men and women have similar pleasures. From what we know, men’s obsessions are points of pride, not shame. Do their not-so-normal delights count as guilty pleasures?

Join our blog and leave a comment below so we can brainstorm this together. I’d like to know what your guilty pleasures are. Are there any similar to mine?

2021 Ultimate Guide to Swinging + Swinger Apps

Has your sex life become boring and monotonous? Are you ready to take the plunge to bring about change, even if it goes against the accepted norms? Then maybe you should try swinging using swinger apps?

For married couples whose love has grown into respect and habit, passion needs renewal, and that very desire needs to attract something new. In Europe, the attitude to swing has been decided long ago. More than 80% of married couples consider this to be a normal personification of intimacy in Germany. This is a natural step in the evolution of marital ties and intimacy. At first, couples are perfectly content together, no matter how and where. Later, couples may find themselves interested in the question of diversity. Some may study and try out the Kama Sutra, buy exotic items in a sex shop, or practiced sex in new places. Even with these new ways to experience sex with one another, some couples may find that nothing attracts them, turned them on, or gives them pleasure.

Some sexologists believe that swinging – the exchange of sexual partners – can save marriage. To many, it is not worth resorting to such an exchange for this reason alone. But if you and your partner are seriously considering becoming a swinger, read our material. We have collected all the most useful tips for beginners.

Swing is a short-term that means mutually agreed exchange of sexual partners. Swing is one of many deviant (that is, not aligned with strict norms of generally accepted actions) types of role-playing behavior of married couples. However, it is not a sexual perversion. Swinging implies the presence of established couples (including married ones) who exchange partners and the mutual consent of all its participants.


Swing history goes back to antiquity, and in some communities, it is the norm of family life. Free sexual relationships were promoted during the sexual revolt of the 1960s. To free themselves from the shackles of outdated customs. Unfortunately, this did not gain much popularity. In many countries, swinger communities would spontaneously form in close groups such as military garrisons. Naturally, swingers would carefully conceal their relationship activities from outsiders. Nowadays, swing is officially recognized as one of the existing types of sexual life.

Swinger App and how they help

Using Swinger apps is a commonly known way to meet fellow swingers. A swinger app like Foxtail has many users who are actively looking for couples to meet. In a few minutes, you and your partners can be making a couple of friends and forming connections. Foxtail has an exclusive feature that makes it easier than ever to search with your partner, which will lower the feeling of any foul play. There are several others available as well.

Finding a Pair outside a swinger app

Outside of hookup apps, potential partners are found on beaches, among friends, on camping trips, or at swinger parties. Couples may use phrases such as “vanilla” when describing a traditional sex life; eluding to the fact that they might not have a vanilla sex life and are open to swinging.

Types of Swing

  • Soft swing – foreplay with other partners, sometimes including oral sex, but no vaginal penetration. It adds “pepper” to the relationship and allows them to have fun with less risk for illness or jealousy. Many couples start with a soft swing, but not everyone continues to a full exchange.
  •  Light swing is when couples accept lesbian affections, but men are strictly forbidden to touch someone else’s wife. Some couples practice this kind of swing because it often gives sexual variety and allows jealous men to preserve their egos.
  •  Closed swing – this is a process where partners exchange but have sex in separate rooms. Closed swing gives partners a more intimate experience. Some believe it gives them more freedom and fewer distractions from pleasure.
  •  Open swing – when partners exchange and have sex in the same room or on the same bed. It usually involves orgies and is most suitable for exhibitionists and voyeurs who like to demonstrate their pleasure or watch others enjoy themselves. Some believe that open swing allows them to fully release their sexual desires and fantasies. However, it is not suitable for those who are jealous or shy.


  • Swingers do not like assertiveness and obsession.
  • One of the basic rules in swing etiquette is the unconditional right of everyone to say no.
  • It is customary for swingers to bring all sorts of surprises, gifts, something for tea on a date. Even if it’s thru a swinger app.
  • Many lovers and couples agree not to meet alone with someone else’s partner. Keeping your distance is very important, and always remember that no matter how much you sleep in the same bed, someone else’s partner is someone else’s partner. It can only be temporary and by agreement in exchange for your partner.
  • Many couples set their own swing rules so that each partner understands what is acceptable and what is not. This is an excellent idea especially for beginners, to protect themselves. The rules can be anything from “no oral sex” to “no pain.” It all depends on what causes discomfort to each of the partners.

Ten Commandments of Swing

  1. Never try to ruin a marriage. Use honest communication beforehand.
  2. Always respect the terms of the meeting, or report in detail and in advance of a change in circumstances.
  3. Consider your first meeting as an introductory. Be prepared for a swing if it turns out to be mutually acceptable or an honest answer if something doesn’t work for you.
  4. Never, under any circumstances, put pressure on your partner.
  5. Protect the anonymity of other swingers by refraining from the unauthorized mentioning of names.
  6. Always maintain the highest standards of hygiene and appearance.
  7. Do not engage in any illegal activity that could discredit swingers as a group.
  8. Be friendly and warm with your friends, but remember that a certain type of emotion should always be reserved for your spouse.
  9. Always show respect for the attitudes, feelings, and habits of other swingers.
  10. Have the dos and don’ts of your encounter discussed before the meeting. In the scene is never a time for negotiations.

It is safe to say that it is a positive experience for most and is worth trying. It’s cool to escape from everyday life and become a different person for a while. It’s nice when strangers find you attractive and openly talk about it. This will save you from many complexities. And yes, swinging has strengthened more than one relationship. It’s not just about great sex. Swing can build trust and cohesion in a couple. You can’t do something like that and not trust each other. Do not be afraid, try it, and get the most out of sex! Joining the best swinger app now Foxtail!

*Be sure to add Swinging as one of your kinks ;)

Guide to Finding the Best Fetish for your Personality

Want to explore your sexual identity? Did you ever feel attraction to specific things, objects, or even activities? Now is the perfect time to uncover your hidden fetishes. There are so many kinks and types of sexual fetishes the possibilities are endless! But believe me, you will find something to entice you. Sometimes, uncovering your own kinks and fetishes can do wonders for your personality long-term. Getting sexual liberation is what you need to let go of some tension and be happy.

If you are new to the lifestyle, we have a comprehensive guide of 7 common and uncommon fetishes to help you find best fetish for your personality.

1. Objectum Sexuality

If you’ve ever dreamed about your dildos and toys, then this means that you have been initiated into the fetish world. In this day and age of improving sex doll technology, we may all find ourselves engaging in Objectum sexuality. The Objectum sexual preference, is often known as a fetish that connects us with a lifeless object.

Objectum sexuals are generally portrayed as freaks and weirdos who hook up with objects like the Eiffel Tower, a yacht, or their sofa. This fetish, by definition, is an attraction to any inanimate item.

objectum sexuality at the Eiffel Tower

2. Urophilia

Urophilia is a modern name for water sports, golden showers, and the more direct term, pee play. Urination is intensely pleasurable to persons with this kink. Urine may be used for various purposes, and the most frequent of which is to offer or receive golden showers. A golden shower is allowing someone to shower you with their pee or showering them with your pee. If you want to give it a shot, you can try it in the bathtub. If you want to know in-depth about this fetish read our other article How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?

Golden shower

3. Role Playing

Another type of sexual fetish is role-playing. This involves people acting out characters from their everyday life as part of a sex scenario. It may be as easy as dressing up or creating a complete scenario replete with plot development.

Domme role-playing

Famous examples include student and teacher, fireman and damsel in distress, and many more. Role-playing frequently comes with outfits and is a great reason to dress up. But, a large wardrobe is not necessary. At times, dirty words and sheer imagination may create scenes and give you the kick you need.

4. Impact Play

Impact play is when you strike the body with your hands, paddling, whipping, or anything you have around the house, like spatulas. If you’ve ever spanked your partner while having sex, you’ve engaged in impact play. Impact play, more than anything else, necessitates consent and communication.

When you’re the one making the hit, keep to fatty areas like the side of the buttocks or thighs and skip organs like the kidneys or the bicep area. Begin gently and slowly, like with any new kink, and select Safe Words. Impact play can be done independently, but it also goes nicely with other quirks like name-calling and age play.

Begin with your hands and maybe some good old-fashioned slapping if you’re new to the notion before investing in more massive whips and leather straps from Foxxxy. If anything gets unpleasant, use your safe word right away.

Impact play

5. Spectrophilia

This must be the scariest part of the list and yes, it is real! It’s a challenging one to get into. Those partaking in spectrophilia describe sexual attraction, partnerships, or sexual experiences with ghosts. These ghosts come to them at night and have passionate sex with them.


In folklore, a succubus is a ghost who visits the target of desire at night for some steamy human-ghost foreplay. A male muse is a kind of evil spirit (usually called an incubus). Though the reality of ghosts is debatable, the sexual desire that spectrophiles claim to have is as genuine as any other fetish.

6. Klismaphilia

One of the rare types of sexual fetishes is Klismaphilia. It is a glitzy Greek term that translates to getting aroused through the use of enemas. An enema is an input treatment that sprays liquid into your anus that is warmer than body temp. Hospitals utilize it to alleviate individuals of constipation or get them ready for specific medical treatments.

This kink typically refers to getting pleasure from getting an enema, and some people like delivering enemas. After all, the anus is an erogenous zone. This explains why kinky people have been using enemas for pleasure for centuries.

This kink may also be extremely practical, and it’s a method to clean and ready the rectum for anal intercourse. And, the force that the warm liquid uses to get into the anus will give some people total satisfaction.


7. Pregnancy Fetishes

It’s a fact that orgasms and having sex near a due date may aid in the induction of labour. But, some have outright pregnancy fetishes. A few other couples may begin to understand they have one when their partner becomes pregnant. Others are drawn to the pudgy baby bump regardless of who is carrying the baby or its body.

Because, as previously defined, a fetish is an attraction to an item or body part, pregnancy fetishists obsess over the appearance of a large, round belly. The attraction might also involve an interest in breastfeeding or other pregnancy signs, although this is not essential.

Pregnancy Fetish

The Final Words

There are even more types of sexual fetishes that you can try out with your partner. But, remember, there is no shame in having fetishes. Start to explore different desires with your partner. If they are not up to it, there are always people, communities, and platforms you can use to find people with the same desires as you such as Foxtail.

You can do that by signing up for a sex-positive dating app where you can discover open-minded neighbors.

The Amazing Benefits of Aftercare Kink

Aftercare is the time after sex that a couple spends cuddling, talking, and caring for each other. Following BDSM, aftercare is also essential because it ensures that both partners are at ease and ready to return to the regular world, especially after intense kink play. In this guide, we will explain why you should use it. So keep on reading and find out the amazing benefits of aftercare.

Aftercare Facts

As a professional sexologist, I believe that all couples should devote time to post-euphoric aftercare to restore intimacy, regardless of the type of play they engage in. You might think that this is just “what you do after sex,” but it has far-reaching ramifications.

One of the most fundamental components of sexual intimacy is sometimes overlooked, neglected, cut short, or never existed in the first place. Many people are unaware of the concept of sexual aftercare.

Suppose you are not aware of the effects that come with aftercare. We are going to unfold some of the fantastic facts about this practice.

Aftercare Kink Makes for Stronger Emotional Bonds

Couples who practice aftercare form stronger, more intimate relationships with their partners. We’re especially vulnerable after having sex. We’re naked, flooded with oxytocin and dopamine, and we’ve (probably) just experienced an orgasm.

We need to keep that good attitude going. Everyone feels better knowing their lover cares about them. What better way to demonstrate it than by tending to them while they are in a vulnerable post-sex frame of mind?

According to Pam Saffer, a couple’s therapist, she emphasizes that couples need to prioritize this practice. That will make them have a strong bond, and that will strengthen their relationship going forward.

Making time for aftercare a priority allows for an increased emotional connection, sharing, and affirming positive emotions. It strongly encourages couples to communicate openly with one another and demonstrating their love and care to one another, whether verbally or through affectionate touch.

Use Aftercare in any Kink Relationship

Aftercare is essential for every intimate partner, from your friends with benefits, in a long-term relationship, on a one-night stand, or when married. While it may feel strange to engage in aftercare with someone you aren’t actively dating, it is nonetheless necessary.

It’s not about trying to make someone fall in love with you or trying to turn a casual relationship into something more serious. It’s about ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and sensitivity to feel good about themselves after a sexual experience. You can do this by discussing kink with your partner, by reflecting on the time you just spent together and sharing appreciation for one another.

Spend some time with your partner and reflect on everything that has transpired in a pleasant, caring manner. It makes no difference what kind of relationship you’re in if you want to make sure everyone is happy with the sex you had.

It Helps Relieve Underlying Sexual Shame

While sex is not shameful and should be enjoyed (safely) by everybody, it can sometimes evoke feelings of guilt due to the sex-negative messages many of us were exposed to as children. While our rational minds tell us that sex is natural and good, our subconscious minds can keep these shameful messages.

Your body might abruptly discover the subconscious shame after sex, after that delightful post-orgasmic high and turn to “What did I just do?”. This is especially true if one or both of the parties came from a conservative or religious family.

Part of the point of aftercare is to diminish any post-sexual shame, which can be heightened by sex followed by goodbye, leaving a partner to feel you [didn’t care] for them but only (wanted) sexual gratification,” says Gail Saltz, M.D.

Aftercare Kink Helps Stave off The Post-Coital Blues

Have you ever wanted to cry after having sex? You know how after a genuinely incredible orgasm, you feel sad for no apparent reason. “Post-coital dysphoria,” or the “post-sex blues,” is the term for this. Specialists say that there can be a sharp drop after a euphoric high that comes after intense sexual pleasure.

It is the brain’s way of readjusting itself. According to studies, approximately half of men and women have had PCD at some point in their life.

The balm that relieves some sorrowful feelings is aftercare. “After the euphoric pleasures of sex wear off, people can feel alienated from their spouses,” Shaffer explains. “Follow-up practices can help them feel connected in a meaningful way.”

Develop an aftercare routine that makes you feel safe and secure and have an open and honest discussion about PCD. For example:

  • You might want to cuddle
  • Your partner might want to stroke your arm, or you might 
  • Both of you want to have a pleasant or deeper conversation at the end

“If you know there is something that would make you feel better after sex, you should speak out and ask for it. Your partner wants you to be happy, so whatever they can do in terms of aftercare should be discussed and shared with them”, D’Angelo explains.

It’s as Much About Mental Aftercare as Physical Aftercare

You are likely to encounter distinct dynamics during BDSM play that do not represent how you or your partner feel about you in everyday life.

Suppose your spouse wants you to label them useless during sex while you act as the Dominant. In that case, you must confirm you have caring feelings for them during aftercare, according to Angela Watson, a professional social worker and sex therapist who runs DoctorClimax.

“If mental aftercare isn’t practiced, it can be hard to maintain that aspect of a healthy relationship,” Watson adds.

The Dominant should reassure their sub that what they say during a sexual encounter is not how they see things daily. These words of affirmation were accompanied by light, genuine caressing, which was not typical of the BDSM experience.

Watson continues, “Aftercare is all about re-establishing the relationship that was exploited during sex. It’s important to play with the rules of your relationship during the scene. It’s also important to spend time bringing things back to reality afterward”. So that no one feels exploited, both physical and mental aftercare are provided (except when they want to).

Dominants Need Aftercare Kink too

While speaking down to a sub during sex can be off-putting, both partners should ensure that the Dominant demands are not ignored during aftercare either.

According to Sunny Megatron, sexuality educator and host of the American Sex Podcast, Dominants have the added responsibility of preparing and executing a scene, being hypervigilant about looking out for their submissive’s best interests, and always being prepared to deal with any unanticipated complications.

Add in the altered state of consciousness someone might be in when enacting a drama. When the fun is over, you have a recipe for emotional repercussions. To re-acclimate and help dominant’s come to their default mental state, aftercare is essential.

Aftercare Kink Varies From Person to Person

Don’t smother a person with blankets and cuddles if they express their desire to be alone after sex. What one person desires is not always universal, as is the case with all things in sex. What is consistent, though, is that you should communicate with your lover or play partner (who may be both).

Both of you should be on the same page about what you’re looking for in a supportive aftercare setting. “Never assume you know what your partner needs after you’ve played,” Watson adds. “That’s why, just like the active elements of your scene, aftercare should always be negotiated.”

The Bottom Line

Sex can be a lot of fun, but it can also be emotionally draining. We need to take steps to ensure that everyone feels good about themselves after the experience.

It is lovely to use whatever sort of aftercare works best for you. Just make sure you talk about it first before doing anything sensual. When it comes to sex, we all deserve to feel emotionally whole and good about ourselves when we leave the room.

After all, aftercare is merely a fancy name for making sure everyone is happy after the sex. Communication is necessary both before, during, and after sex. Having chats afterward has the extra benefit of allowing you to learn from the experience and make the sex even hotter the next time.

Is there anything we should all remember? It can also be beneficial to continue these discussions once everyone is upright (and clothed) and any post-orgasm euphoria has worn off.

If you like to do share your thoughts, then drop a line in our comments section, or if you like to talk to like-minded people join our Foxtail Community.

Hand Fetish Ideas that Will Definitely Give You the Kink

You’ve probably heard of the common foot fetish. If you spend enough time on porn sites or talking to people, you’re bound to come across people with foot fetishes.

Other common fetishes include hair fetishes, latex fetishes, sock fetishes, and the list goes on and on! But one thing I’ve noticed is that many have hand fetishes, which I, found fascinating!

Until recently, I never thought of hands as inherently sexual. After diving into it further I’ve come across several senual activites for hand lovers. Take my hand, let’s explore!

Hand Fetishes Explained

You may also know it as Cheirophilia, hand partialism, or most commonly known as hand fetishism. A hand fetish is when you have a sexual attraction to (or turned on) by beautiful hands. It may not be the entire hand, but just certain parts of the hands. For example, you may find how long the fingers are or the color of the nails attractive. 

For some, it is not about what the hand looks like, and it is more about what the hand does!  Hence, you will find that a person may get arousal when they see someone typing fast or unbuttoning their clothes. For others, it is both what the hands look like and what they do. Therefore, they may like to see the long fingers with red nails typing to get the kink they will be looking for.

There are many sexy activities for people with a hand kink, here are some ideas to get you started.

Take Pictures

Many models are willing to pose for you, at a cost, of course. The best thing about hiring a person for this is getting them to take specific poses and hit the spot you like. We know that you can quickly just go to the internet and look at pictures, but this may just partially satisfy your hunger. 

Also, the best part about social media is that there are plenty of fetish sites that you can go to find people who are willing to give in to your fetishes. You don’t have to show your face or reveal your identity, all you need to do is pay them, and you will get that long-awaited release.

Try To Watch Ethical Porn

Instead of cracking your head on how you will pay someone for pictures, you can just go ahead and watch some porn. Thanks to technology, all you need to do is go to your porn site and type in hand fetishes. There are so many results, and who knows, you may even get new ideas as well.

Finger Fetish Use Fingering and Handjobs Foreplay

If you have a partner who is willing to explore your sexual fantasy world with you, then you can go ahead and research good foreplay ideas for hand partialism. For example, fingering or hand jobs can be excellent ideas. And, if you have watched Fifty Shades of Gray, you will see some tools that you can also get to use for your foreplay. This is why it is vital to have a relationship that is open to communication. If you do this, sexual liberation will follow without feeling caged.

Buy Some Toys for Hand Fetish

You will be shocked by the number of tools on the internet for people who have hand fetishes.  Therefore, if you want to explore your fantasies, why not go all the way? Buy one or two and try them out. You can easily order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, you do not have to worry about going into public sex toy shops to have fun. You can find an incredible collection of sex toys at our shop Foxxxy.

Try Sucking Some Fingers

This may sound gross to some, but I know many people who haven’t claimed to be into finger fetishism and love finger sucking. Firstly, make sure that the hands are thoroughly washed or sanitized. Then you can go ahead and try this as a form of foreplay, and if you do it right, your partner might end up enjoying it as well. While having fun, you can as well have your partner suck on your fingers. Either way, you both get to explore and have fun.

Some people get off from watching someone suck hands. It does not matter whose fingers are being sucked, it can be yours, theirs, or some other different person altogether. Either way, fingers have to be sucked for them to get satisfaction.

Join the Fetishism Community

In social media, you can find many groups and different people when it comes to fetishism. For example, there are niche fetish sites where different people meet others in order to satisfy their kink. They can do whatever you want them to do if you pay them first. If you do not have anyone to explore, this is one good way to get what you want. There are blogs where people write fictional and real-life experiences that helped them satiate their different appetites as well.

Inflicting Pain on the Fingers

There are a lot of toys that have been made for this sole purpose.  But, this is quite common for people that come with the domination nature in them. They like to inflict pain on others to get the satisfaction they need, but in this case, on the hands.

Playing with Your Hands

 Hand fetishist like seeing people getting their nails done or getting a hand massage and are good to go! For some, all you have to do is play with your hands. On the other hand, others may just like seeing people play sports that have to do with their hands.

Beautiful Hands

Others just like to get a look at the hands to be happy. But, there is a need to pay particular attention to the appearance of the hand. For some, seeing the long finger will turn them on. For others, a particular color of nails will give them the kick.

Give it a try!

There is so much to explore when it comes to hand fetishism. You will have to be open-minded and confident to be able to feed into your sexual desires. Hand fetishes are only part of the different fun things that can come once you decide to be sexually free and open-minded. Once you get the chance to try out the different things, you will be shocked at how much you have missed.

You can check out our page and find out more about other fetishes. If you are interested check out our post on the well known Foot Fetish.

What Makes BDSM Fun?

If your tastes lean toward the vanilla side of the sexual scale, then you have probably at some point asked yourself why people love BDSM. According to a study, almost 50% of people have experimented with BDSM. Do they enjoy the suffering or is there something deeper that is not as apparent? The truth is that sexual pleasure and desire are complex. Sexual satisfaction and turn-ons are incredibly personal and varied.

The best thing about BDSM is that you get to choose what works well for you. Provided that there’s consent and all precautions are taken into consideration, there is no wrong or right way to be a sexual being. Honestly, that’s what makes BDSM fun; parties dedicated to BDSM boldly pursue what people enjoy most in the bedroom without apology. With that said, what makes BDSM enjoyable to people who participate in it? Find out!

It’s a Creative Way of Sexual Expression

Role-playing is the most creative way to enjoy BDSM. After outlining consent and precautions, the roles and story become a total escape from realism. The other surprising value while participating in role-play is that it is a creative means of expression. It triggers imagination in us, not only in the bedroom and testing the boundaries of sexual experience, but offers a good source of material for art, video game, writing, film production, and even acting.

BDSM Makes People Fully Surrender

People who often act as receivers in a BDSM exchange admit that being restrained, overpowered, yelled at, or struck, takes them out of themselves and enables them to be so overcome with a sensual stimulus that they are lost in the moment. To enjoy such total submission is perplexing yet passionate, and you’ll come out of it feeling emotionally purified. When such an exchange is done intently, the orgasms are tremendously powerful. The intimacy level left behind for both partners is unmatched in those moments. However, with such intensity can come Sub-drop, when you are asked to return to the vanilla world. Read about Sub-drop and tips for aftercare here.

Playing with Control

Even though we try to have as much control in our lives as possible, there is something behind playing with power and control in BDSM that is different and thrilling. Engaging in BDSM can foster a range of different feelings such as openness, sensuality, intensity, silliness, and uniqueness. For some, it sparks pure fascination to be at the whim of someone else’s complete control while for others, it can be empowering to be in complete control of someone else’s body in a scene. For others, it can be a relief for someone else to take charge in the bedroom after trying to control every other aspect of their lives. Whatever your position in BDSM, it can be enlightening to play with power in a range of unusual ways.

It Increases Sensation

Another reason why people enjoy BDSM is that it intensifies pleasure through attention to sensation. Engaging in a steamy, sensory scene enables the people involved to indulge in more awareness of what they are feeling and their emotions. People use rope, handcuffs, whips, riding crops, feathers, and more to stimulate the body from a tickling sensation to varying degrees of pain.

Final Thought

Although everyone may not like BDSM, it’s evident that those who find it enjoyable have compelling reasons for doing so. Erotic cravings are complex, but again, that’s one of the reasons why it’s remarkable! Meet BDSM novices or seasoned experts in our sex-positive community here.

If you are among BDSM lovers, Check out our blog to read similar posts.