Heat up Your Sex Life With These Healing Crystals For Sexuality

Creating an intimate atmosphere for having sex, no matter how grand your evening plans are, is vital. But whatever your plans are, you must first begin by stirring up the energy within. For this reason, crystals are becoming more popular because of their healing power and energy. Specific crystals or gemstones boost sexual energy and give you access to both sexual and spiritual enlightenment. In this article, you’ll learn how using healing crystals for sexuality, can heat up your sex life.

What is a Healing Crystal?

As an alternative to medicines, many people use crystals by holding and placing them on their body. Some people believe that crystals have the ability to influence physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. By using crystals, you can connect with your body’s energy field.

Crystals are a simple and accessible way to improve your sexual life. Every crystal has unique properties in regards to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Introducing crystal into your environment can impact the energy and help you attain desired qualities.

Choosing Your Healing Crystals

It is better to keep an eye out for crystals that resonate with sacral Chakra because they boost sexual energy. Crystals for sexual healing, support your sex life by healing from inside and triggering energy. Go with a crystal that best suits to your personality and embrace its healing energy into your daily routine.

These crystals work with our lower chakras to increase chakra health, remove blockages and stimulate or balance those chakras. You may be suffering from a lower sex drive if there are blockages in this area. It is vital to know which crystal you should choose. So let’s have a look on some of sexual energy crystals and their uses.

Best Healing Crystals for Sexuality

Educating yourself about healing crystals can give more efficiency to their usage. Distinguishing the healing properties of crystals can help you know when to use them. Here are some of the Healing Crystals that can help your sexuality:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

It’s not surprising that Rose Quartz is the most common one for making yoni eggs. These crystals for sex reconnect us with our sacred sexuality and helps us explore who we are as sexual beings.

With the help of this healing crystal, a person’s sexuality gets a healthy outlet, and relationships become more intimate. The vibration of Rose Quartz can help to release restricting beliefs concerning intimacy. Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra and promotes a feeling of romance and intimacy.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye

Commonly known as a stone of passion, Red Tiger’s eye grounds your sexual energy and releases any blockage that hinders from enjoying physical connection and sensuality. No doubt, it is one of the healing crystals for sexual energy that helps to increase our sexual desire.

This crystal is effective in reconnecting us with our partners. It helps us explore sexuality and heal our sexual body by anchoring. The crystal helps us feel safe in our skin and re-energizes us. With all of this said, unquestionably, this stone is one of the top aphrodisiac stones.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper

For people who want to take their love life to the next level, Unakite Jasper is the ideal stone. Why would you love this crystal? Well, for instance, this stone helps us release emotional difficulties and traumas. These difficulties and traumas hinder us from thoroughly enjoying a sexual relationship. Also, using this crystal helps us connect with our Heart Chakra.

Unakite Jasper connects with the heart space, and it helps you trust your partner. Furthermore, this stone helps you indulge in physical pleasures to guarantee that you will be loved and cared for. This sex crystal attracts emotionally and physically intimate moments that help to strengthen relationships and marriages.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

If you wish for more passion in your lives, then Red Jasper is the crystal for you. This crystal can help them find a refreshing amount of raw power from the Root Chakra. Moreover, having this kind of crystal will re-establish your joy for life.

Not only is this a stimulating stone, it also ignites erotic energy. It increases our natural sexual energy, making us more attractive to others. For people who want to re-ignite the romance or discover new interests, Red Jasper is a good crystal to choose.



The crystal is known to inspire sexual passion and rejuvenation to those people who need it. Also, Serpentine crystal supports kundalini energy. It also has the capability of altering our sexual energy up to its core.

The stone’s incredible powers allow you to explore tantric sex. Likewise, the healing crystal also extends your senses and can give you more enjoyment in pleasurable things. It clears our chakra blockages and enhances sexual performance, creating a perfect stage for healthy, earthly sex.



If you need to experience more warmth, intimacy, and pleasure, then Carnelian is your healing stone. This stone reconnects you with your Root and Sacral Chakra. Carrying this stone also helps ignite passionate love because it can help attract intense yet healthy intimate relationships. The sex stone has a well-known ability to increase physical endurance and fertility. Increasing sexual desire and the ability to conceive make this stone a perfect choice.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

For people who experience difficulties with low sexual desire or feel guarded in expressing their sexuality, Smoky Quartz is a game-changer!

Smoky Quartz can reintroduce you to your sexual nature. This crystal helps us know that sexuality is an essential part of human beings. Experiencing pleasure is essential for well-being and helps us find a way to express our urges in healthy and safe ways. This crystal relates us with our sexuality and spirituality.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

This sex crystal increases physical energy and drive, resulting in a significant boost in your sexual desire.

Yellow Jasper enhances stamina and maximizes physical performance. Moreover, it helps us to have a longer and more enjoyable sex life. This crystal boosts your self-confidence, makes you feel better about yourself and your sexuality.

The healing vibration helps you embrace who you are as a sexual being, build self-esteem, and make you feel more attractive.



The Garnet stone can help build up your passion. If you are dealing with sexual problems like low sex drive, indifference, or a lack of intimacy, this crystal is for you!

The Garnet crystal emits sexual health vibrations that motivate us to take action and achieve our desires. Garnet crystals are invigorating and maintain grounding. These kinds of vibrations result in creating a healthy increase in sexual desire.

Sexual energy is a type of energy that connects us to our physical nature. Undoubtedly, Garnet crystals help ignite the passion and tune your body with it.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

The healing crystal is known for raising fertility, sexuality, confidence, balance and stabilization. Therefore, Shiva Lingam is essential for sexuality by creating a balance of giving and taking. In addition, this crystal helps to see that sexuality is an essential part of who we are.

The crystal is perfect for tantric sex because it supports the free flow of sexual energy. Its strong vibration helps release energies that cause trouble in our sexual life—low sex drive, strength, or infertility.

Final Words

To conclude, by using these sex crystals, you can improve your sex life and deepen the level of intimacy with yourself and your partner. They balance your sexual energy and improve your intimate relationships. Other benefits they offer are better sex drive and immense confidence. I hope that this list of healing crystals for sexuality will help your sex life.

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Sexual Healing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sexual healing is a way of rebuilding or re-setting your sex drive. But what does that mean, according to each zodiac sign?

As Ben Harper would say: “It makes me feel so fine. It helps to relieve the mind”.

The saying “I want sexual healing” might mean different things to different people. But we are here to explain how the zodiac signs understand and deal with sexual healing.

So keep on reading to find out more!


Sexual Healing and it’s Benefits

sexual pleasure

Feeling Rejuvenated

Sexual pleasure can improve your sex life and help you feel rejuvenated again. Think about the last time you had amazing sex, how smooth your skin was and how much lighter and younger you felt. Yeah… that’s what it does to you. 

Happier Mood

Some people need a break from different stressors, and a change of mind space and sexual healing can help. After all, multiple studies say that you enjoy sex better when relaxed and in a good mood. 

Reduction of Harmful Diseases

Sexual healing can substantially reduce one’s chances of having or suffering from some harmful diseases. An example is prostate cancer. So, whenever you say, “I want sexual healing,” you might just be improving your health without knowing it! 

Here’s What Sexual Healing Means To Each Zodiac Sign 

Every Zodiac sign is different and what they interpret as wanting sexual healing is equally unique. Although some zodiac signs are similar, it’s important to understand what works for you and your partner.

If you are curious about your partner’s idea of sexual healing, here’s a list to give you an idea. 


Intense Choking

When it comes to dominating and taking the reins, Aries leads the pack of zodiac signs. When Aries says I want sexual healing, it simply transcribes them wanting to take complete charge while pleasuring themselves and their partners. 


Interestingly, this particular zodiac sign is that they aren’t too serious about having sexual healing. They enjoy themselves, have lots of fun, and are not rigid in their approach. 


Intimate couple

People who fall in this zodiac sign can be more direct and intentional about their sexual desires. They always seem to want clarity before committing to anything. Cancers tend to hide in their shells if they needed to feel safe, especially in their relationships.

This can hinder their sexual satisfaction until they are comfortable with you. The meaning of sexual healing for this sign is about gaining security and trust in the relationship.



This zodiac sign is not only passionate but also enthusiastic as well. They tend to go all out to be sexually satisfied. Plus, they tend to leave no stone unturned when enjoying themselves. When it comes to sexual healing, Leo needs a person who’s into him a lot and will adore him.


This earth sign can appear slightly calm when seeking sexual healing but can become aggressive by expressing their sexuality through physical contact with their partner. The Taurus needs attention and understanding if he is healing.


Passionate kissing

This zodiac sign is a bit more reserved and a bit shy when they are in the process of healing. However, they tend to let loose and become more comfortable once they become familiar with their sexual partner. So, in other words, they need time.


This Zodiac sign is difficult when it comes to falling in love with a sexual partner. They are one of the sweetest earth signs but are very careful when it comes to sex. So remember to be soft when dealing with one. 


Sultry and sexy BDSM

Scorpios love to explore and are very versatile in the bedroom. Their sex life is never boring but always full of excitement. Scorpios are always willing to try out different fetishes and anything that pleases their partners. Sexual healing for Scorpios involves pleasing their partners and enjoying sex.


Adventurous Sagittarius

This particular zodiac sign is viewed as an adventurous sign when compared with others. They are open and transparent, especially with their sexual desires. Thus, they heal by trying new things.


This earth sign is generally an independent, free and loving zodiac sign. However, they are more subtle in their approach when they want intimacy. Aquarius enjoys experimenting, and they can also be wild when they want to be. Sexual healing for Aquarius means more sexual pleasure to them.


Capricorns are not only intentional but also very wise when making decisions. They are receptive zodiac signs, critical thinkers, and open to understanding a person before anything else. Hence, they heal by understanding and tuning in with their partner’s needs.


Pisces is not only seductive but romantic when in love. With a mix of insatiable sexual urges that they need to explore. That is why they need a comfortable partner. Pisces are versatile, so they heal by indulging in their partner’s sexual endeavors.  

There you have it, all the unique and exciting ways the zodiac signs interpret sexual healing.

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The Exceptional Experience of Tantra and the Sexual Healing Massage

Having positive sexual energy in your life is good for you and everyone around you. To manifest this energy, sexual healing from the inside is necessary. Sexual healing helps to stimulate the nerves located in our genitals to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. One ultimate way to explore and inhibit this energy is via a “sexual healing massage” or “tantra massage.”

One can discover entire new realms of fun, sensations, and unique connective experiences through sexual healing massage. Read on to know more about sexual healing so you can practice it now! :)

What is Sexual Healing Massage?

Sexual Healing Massage is a bodywork based on the principles of Tantra Massage. It is an ancient spiritual practice that is originated from Central and Southeast Asia. In most modern Western traditions, tantric massage involves massage and stimulating the whole body, with particular attention to sensitive areas such as the penis and vulva. Sometimes it is referred to as an erotic massage, although tantra massage also includes breathing, meditation, and mindfulness elements that are not necessarily sexual.

Tantric massage also has a spiritual and energetic component where the giver helps move the recipient’s energy throughout the body to promote inner healing. The giver becomes a conduit of healing energy to encourage renewal, shedding and revitalization to the energy of the receiver.

“As this sacred practice is skillful, it may affect the deepest layers and aspects of a person and become a profound instrument for spiritual and emotional healing,” says Tiffany Tanner, a Tantra Teacher and Massage Therapist from Arizona.

This practice incorporates the tantric essence of shakti or energy. Tantra stems from an ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition, but most tantra taught and practiced in the West may be called neo-tantra. This modern adaptation focuses specifically on sacred sexuality rather than the other traditional spiritual and religious elements rooted in tantra.

What Happens During a Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is offered in a studio or spa center. Tantra massage usually includes massaging and stimulating the entire body, including genitalia, while performing breathing, meditation, and other spiritual practices used to activate the physical body.

Some types of tantric massage include the Yoni Massage that focuses on the vulva, and Lingam Massage that focuses on the penis ( and the prostate). Tantric massage can also be done with a partner at home and can be a way to introduce a slower and more intimate form of sexuality into the couple’s sex life.

During a tantra massage, people can orgasm, but this is not the intent. Sexual healing massage is more about learning about pleasure, releasing energy blocks and tension, and spiritual connection with your own pleasure. Intercourse does not usually belong to a tantra massage, although a tantra massage can be considered a part of tantric sex between a couple.

How to Give a Tantric Massage?

It is helpful to learn a bit about tantric principles in general before giving a sexual healing massage. This knowledge will ensure that you will approach it from a perspective of sacred connection and deliberate pleasure.

These are the critical elements of a tantra massage or sexual healing massage:

  • The receiver can receive pleasure without being obliged to reciprocate.
  • The giver is willing to offer pleasure through massage without receiving a massage in return.
  • The giver needs to learn how to read their partner’s body language, in addition to verbal communication and understand the importance of touch.
  • Forget about time and surrender to flow.
  • Each partner is keen to please the other partner through mindful presence.
  • Both partners need to keep solid personal hygiene.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a receiver to say what they wanted to be touch by the giver. It takes time, experience, and openness to learn to touch someone in a way they wanted to be touched.

Specific Tantra Massage Types

The following are instructions for specific tantra massage types. You can do it yourself or with a partner. These will allow spiritual and sexual healing, thus justifying the term “sexual healing massage.”

Lingam Massage

A Lingam Massage focuses on honoring and pleasuring the penis.

  1. Relax the receiver by lying in a comfortable position with his legs and knees bend. Remind them to breathe deeply during the entire experience of the sexual healing massage.
  2. Practice breathing in their arousal energy as you inhale and sending love energy to them as you exhale.
  3. Lubricate the genital areas, massage the thighs, pubic bone, and perineum first by sliding your hands in that areas.
  4. Gently massage the testicles. You can pull it a bit, cup it in your hands to pamper it or use your fingernails carefully.
  5. Massage the shaft by using different grips, stroke sequences, and twisting movements. Vary between one hand and two, vary in speed from and slow to quick.
  6. Don’t let them climax. Keep the receiver on the orgasm’s edge, also known as edging in kink.
  7. If the receiver is comfortable, boost their sacred spot, also known as the prostate.
  8. If they are ready, let your partner climax with an orgasm of ejaculation and feel the delight of tantra massage.

Yoni Massage

While Lingam focuses on the penis, Yoni Massage focuses on honoring and pleasuring the vulva.

  1. Relax the receiver. Sit on in a comfortable spot with a pillow under hips, knees, and feet.
  2. Guide them to their breathing. Give a body massage or tantric breast massage to warm up the body.
  3. Slowly move towards the vulva to stimulate the clitoris, alternate between circles, pushing and pulling, tugging and rolling, tapping, and G-spot massage.
  4. Encourage your partner to practice surrendering to multiple orgasmic waves for a prolonged experience of sexual healing massage instead of one burst of sexual energy.

Tantric Breast Massage

The tantric breast massage or nipple massage applies the principle of tantra massage to the breasts.

  1. Set the place to make your partner feel sexy with candles, incense, or music.
  2. Remind them to concentrate on their breath, taking long and deep breaths.
  3. Drip some oil between the breasts and the belly.
  4. Begin by massaging the belly to stimulate sexual energy before you move to the breasts.
  5. Slowly circle the breasts with a feathery touch, and then massage and gently squeeze them.
  6. Once the receiver’s body begs for it, move to the nipples by pinching and rolling.
  7. As the receiver approaches the orgasm, massage their body from neck, head, up to the scalp. This way, you will send a surge of energy through the spine and rock their hips to create exciting waves of pleasure throughout their whole body.

Bonus Tantra Techniques for Sexual Healing

To enjoy more sexual healing, here are a few more techniques:

Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation involves making love to yourself through touching, breathing, and meditation. Unlike “supportive” rubbing or masturbation, solo tantric sex is more spiritual, exploratory, and mind-blowing than your usual manual work.

Energy orgasm

Energy Orgasm is a practice explored with a partner or alone and involves separating the sensation of orgasm from the stimulation needed for a physical climax.

Semen Retention

Semen retention is a sexual practice that is aiming to prevent ejaculation. Some people do it by abstaining from any sexual activity. Still, in some traditions (including tantric sex), the method of sperm retention means learning to have an orgasm without ejaculation, also known as a dry orgasm. In tantra, it is believed that semen retention leads to more energy and creativity since one is not disposing of or releasing their semen, known to hold the potential for potency, magnetism and creation.

Tantric sex is as much about physical techniques as it is about the mind. It is about celebrating the sacredness of our bodies and desires wholeheartedly while bringing a quality of consciousness to the expected manifestation of pleasure.

Do you already experience some of the mentioned massages? Why don’t you comment below and share it with the community! We love to hear from you! Join our community now to connect with like-minded people who are also interested in tantric massage!