Ultimate Guide For Living ‘The Swinging Lifestyle.’

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There are an infinite number of spicy ways to enhance your sexual experience. If the notion of intimacy with numerous people appeals to you, non-monogamous relationships may be beneficial.

It is worth noting that ethical non-monogamy can manifest itself in various ways, one of which is swinging, commonly known as “the lifestyle,” a sexual practice that entails engaging in sexual activities with another couple and single persons. Here’s how consensual non-monogamy works and best practices for getting started.

The fundamentals of “the lifestyle.”

Individuals who live a life of their own, such as a swinger or someone in the “lifestyle style,” are frequently unmarried. And these groups often congregate at public and private events staged on rental properties, resorts, or even cruise ships.

Over 90% of adults anticipate monogamy from their sexual partners, with the vast majority also feeling that infidelity is always wrong. When one partner does not conform to the expectation of monogamy, it can cause significant grief and is the main reason for relationship dissolution with intimate partners.

What exactly are swingers?

Swingers are married couples who have sexual relations with one another. They frequently seek “unicorns” or other folks (also known as non-coupled couples). Teams will sometimes go to sex clubs and have sex with their partner, or have sex with a partner or both.

Swingers—people who hook up with other people in relationships—are still alive and well today, and the habit of “swinging” may be more widespread than you realize. Swingers are not polyamorous; hence they do not seek several romantic partners. On the other hand, Swingers are often looking for sex with few or no strings attached. However, the term “swinger” does not only refer to engaging in sexual activities with another couple or single person.

How to Determine Whether Swinging Is Right for You

If you’re not sure which sort of non-monogamy appeals to you the most, consider whether you crave a shared experience with your partner, and you might want to try swinging.

However, an open partnership may be more appealing if you wish to exercise your sexual freedom or autonomy outside of your existing relationship. Polyamory maybe you’re the greatest bet if you want to connect with and even love numerous individuals. Some simple guidelines should be included, such as leaving the past in the past, not blaming the blame game, not making up assumptions, speaking up for yourself, treating your partner the right way, and many others.

What Is the Difference Between Swinging, Open Relationships, and Polyamory?

Open RelationshipCouples have been together for a long time and have agreed to see others. They might do it together, independently, or combine the two. They may or may not form romantic, sexual, or emotional bonds outside of their partnership.

Polyamory- is the practice of loving more than one person and love in multiple ways. What I like about polyamory is that it allows everyone involved to be themselves while also finding healthy ways to be in relationships with others. Polyamory, like open relationships, will take on the shape of the people who choose this lifestyle.

Swinging- is a social sex activity. Swingers are singles and couples who participate in various sexual sharing or exchanging. The level of intimacy and sexual engagement varies from experience to encounter and explicit boundaries and agreements with all partners. Swinging can help to boost sexual energy and connection in any relationship.

Everything You Should Know Before You Start Swinging

Make sure you’re both on the same page.

Making sure you are on the same page helps a lot in a relationship. It helps in understanding each other and contacting everything right without causing any problems in the relationship. Discuss frankly and honestly with your partner what your aim is towards swinging. Here are some questions you should ask your partner to ensure you’re on the same page;

  1. What is cheating?
  2. What does our ideal sex life entail?
  3. Swinging for what purpose?
  4. So, how do you feel about how things are going here?
  5. What is a balanced relationship look like to you?
  6. Our partnership is a two-way street. What do you hope to achieve?
  7. I’m curious about what you intend to get out of our relationship?
  8. Can we help each other by easing each other’s burdens?

Set the rules, but keep in mind that they are subject to change.

Once you’ve determined that everyone is coming for the same goal, you must establish ground rules. Some simple guidelines should be included, such as leaving the past in the past, not blaming the blame game, not making up assumptions, speaking up for yourself, treating your partner the right way, and many others.

First, observing and learning.

You can do all the research you want on the Internet, but until you’ve been in a swinging situation, you won’t truly comprehend what it’s like to have the experience. It’s usually a good idea to go and see what happens the first time. Then, if you’re fascinated, figure out how you fit in and return. Make all of your rules, and then see where it takes you.

Set realistic expectations

Don’t go into a swingers club with the exaggerated expectations of a pledge at his first frat party, even if you and your partner agree to be down for “full switch.” Nobody can guarantee an orgy, and there’s a chance you won’t meet any couples you like.

You need to debrief.

Like anything else in a relationship, swinging will fail if you don’t communicate. And the most critical aspect of making the next experience just as mind-blowing as talking about what you did after the fact. The dialogue will allow you to debate the incident and determine whether rules should be amended or added or if there are other things you’d both like to attempt next time.

Tips for Swinging

  1. Open Communication

An excellent swinging relationship requires open communication between the partners. When it comes to swinging, it all comes down to faith. For the lifestyle to operate without jealousy or discontent, both couples must be on the same page and feel safe in their relationship and objectives. Discuss frankly and honestly with your partner what excites you and makes you nervous.

  1. Take note of the manners

To ensure everyone has an excellent time, swing clubs, parties, and conferences have their own rules and etiquette. These rules include anything from drinking to exposing one’s underwear to reserving a seat. Look up the powers of a swinging place online before heading there. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact the host when you arrive.

  1. It’s essential to have sex safely.

The most important steps you can take to safeguard your health and your partner’s health are to test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) regularly and use condoms and dental dams.

  1. Work on boosting your self-esteem

If you want to live this affluent lifestyle, you must first develop your character. People like or approach persons with a pleasant mood and a confident manner. If you’re looking for a swinging partner online or at a club, show yourself in the best light possible. Many swinging couples disguise their identity under fictional names, which is very acceptable in the lifestyle.

  1. Play at the same difficulty level as your companion.

 Attempt to maintain a level of intimacy that is about equal among all persons involved. This is only a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. However, when the intimate balance deteriorates, it is more likely that someone may get uncomfortable. If your husband is having full-fledged intercourse while speaking with your swapped partner, you may quickly get awkward, especially if you are new to the lifestyle.

5 Types of Swingers to Avoid

  1. Ghosters
    Don’t be with or be the person who abruptly and without reason withdraws from all communication with someone. If you’re no longer interested, say so.
  2. Fast and Loose
    This is when someone deceives you quietly. Avoid couples that have had a string of swingers. People usually get that reputation for a cause, especially in a small group.
  3. Boundary Testers
    Having a clear understanding of each other’s wants, desires, norms, and boundaries is essential to a healthy relationship. You can halt the conversation if another couple or individual from the party asks you to change any of those things.
  4. Loose Lips
    Being too talkative is a practice or characteristic, exceptionally when mistakenly disclosing private or personal information. In friendly cautions and enjoyable gossip, couples who are consistently critical of other couples will do this to you behind your back.
  5. Unsure of Themselves
    Not characterized by or driven to feelings of confident assurance. Swinging isn’t for the faint of heart, and each couple must work out their issues before inviting others into their bedroom.

Advantages of Swinging

Aside from the obvious fun of sleeping with more than one person at a time and having it be an acceptable practice with the person you love, there are several other advantages to living a swinging lifestyle. Here are several essential and sexy benefits:

Improved Communication

You’re introducing a fresh, healthy dialogue into your partnership by expressing your wish to try swinging. While it may be challenging to say, you will learn to communicate more efficiently and candidly as you invest more in the swinging community.

More Intimacy

Though it may appear counterintuitive, being in a swinging relationship may make you feel more connected to your spouse since you can be open about all you want and dream about without fear of being criticized. This does increase not only your sex life but also improves your chemistry and connection.

A Better Sex Life

One of the most significant advantages of an open relationship is that you are no longer need to have all of your wants met by a single individual. As a result, many swingers report feeling happier and more fulfilled than they did when they slept with the same person repeatedly.

Swinging sex is entertaining, but it may also improve your sex life with your spouse in between exchange sessions.

Is swinging in a relationship healthy?

Swingers are couples or singles who choose to be open in their relationships, allowing their partners to have sex with other people with their permission. This type of relationship can work for anyone willing to follow the rules.

Respect one another, be honest, get tested for STDs, use protection, be very selective in choosing partners, and remain private about such a new way of what some couples swear by, a healthy relationship. Typically openness allows you to meet other needs while retaining the relationship with the partner.

What does swinging do to a marriage?

According to studies, partners in swing relationships are more successful than monogamous couples when married. When a marriage is in a slump, it is common for the pair to divorce since they do not work out. Furthermore, the divorce rate among swinging couples was lower than in monogamous partnerships.

Bottom line

Thus, swinging work necessitates a thorough understanding among all participants of each person’s fantasy and how far they are willing to go with it. It is critical to understand that this works both ways and that each partner must consent to every element of the other’s dreams – it was the lack of communication produced the troubles.

Couples must agree that if one partner says no, it means no for both, even if one partner is eager to continue with an arrangement.

Why not employ sex toys to make your swinger’s party even more enjoyable? Sex toys, according to trustworthy studies, can increase pleasure and even improve bladder control. Bring your sex toys to the party if you want to.

Now that you know why people may or may not try swinging, you should understand why swingers choose their alternative lifestyle. They recognize the effort and energy required by the lifestyle and the benefits. To summarize, the benefits are limitless.

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Is Swinging The Opposite of Monogamy?

Whether you can consider swinging while staying monogamous is a question that many curious or swinger couples ask. It’s a fair question because we all want to know what it takes to be a swinger. We also want to know if monogamy and swinging can somehow co-exist. After all, being a swinger does have its benefits. People might wonder about swinging as a lifestyle that is being engaged in sexual acts either for fun or pleasure. This lifestyle is highly glowering upon by many in society and by many in the law as well. However, swingers do exist, and it would not be surprising to find more swingers today than ever before.

What does it mean to be a swinger?

Swingers have different sexual desires.  Some are looking for that one serious partner, while others are open-minded about casual sex or multiple partners. For some, swinging as a lifestyle means casual flings and discreet encounters. But others are looking for a committed, long-term relationship. And this is where monogamy and swinging can get tricky.

Some swingers do choose to remain monogamous when they first start swinging. This is because the relationship with their swingers may be a secret. And the fact that their lifestyle is private keeps them from coming out and ruining the reputation of their swingers. Some may even choose to remain monogamous even though their first swinging experience did not go as planned. After all, even with a successful first date, they may still want to remain in the swinger’s bedroom.

Some swingers go the extra mile and decide to remain true to their swinging principles to stay monogamous while swinging. They feel uncomfortable with the notion of casual sex and would remain true to their primary sexual orientation. The fact is that many swinger couples will remain in their relationships because they love their partners. Enough to believe that there is more to them than a desire to procreate. Many choose to remain in their relationships because they have reached a level of intimacy. Where having sexual activity outside of the relationship would be uncomfortable. And, yes, some swingers choose to remain monogamous because they find it a more appealing trait than the forbidden thrill.

Benefits of Being a Swinger

One benefit of swinging while you are still monogamous is that you will have more options. Even if you are interested in entering into a swinging or polyamory relationship, you can still stumble upon someone with whom you can fall in love, get married, or enter into a long-term relationship. However, if you are interested in swinging to have multiple partners, monogamy is clearly not for you.

Let’s take it at face value. Can swinger couples get away with not being sexually attracted to each other? I think this is a definite yes. The fact is that society (and, by extension, pornography) has taught us that sexual attraction is a crucial aspect of a relationship. Therefore, swingers can’t stay monogamous if they feel like they need to pursue “one-night-stands” as a sexual activity. It’s just not possible.

However, we can also look at this from a more pragmatic point of view. When you think about it, having sex one time does not necessarily translate into long-term monogamy. After all, what happens when the one-night stand doesn’t pan out? And would the relationship become more than just a one-time fling if that one-night stand was something more permanent?

If you are considering entering a swinging relationship. But want to stay monogamous. You must be sure to have the desired monogamy. If not, then don’t even consider swinging at all. You must be ready to be monogamous. If you’re ready to explore swinging and you feel this type of relationship can be a way to get what you want out of your relationship. Be sure to talk with your partner about this before you do anything.

Next, honesty can be one of the key factors in determining whether you can stay in your relationship or not. Swingers often have affairs to meet new people. This often brings problems into the relationship; however, if you are honest with your partner about your intentions, your partner will be much more likely to trust you and open up to you.

Final words

Once you are ready to open the door to your swinging lifestyle, you need to consider your local laws rea adult entertainment. Some areas have strict rules about what is acceptable in their bars, and others may have no rules. Also, consider meeting someone locally. If so, then the swinger club may be the place for you to go. However, remember that there can be other adult clubs in your area that you can check out as well.

Overall, you’ll have to do your homework and evaluate your situation. It’s always best to start with the “safe” club, but if that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to move onto the “naughty” club – who knows, you may find the right swinger club for you! Swingers love to explore new sexual possibilities. The swinger lifestyle can provide a fun, exciting, intimate experience – even for the swinger who is monogamous!

Swingers Party: How to Enjoy Your First Sex Party

2021 Ultimate Guide to Swinging + Swinger Apps

Has your sex life become boring and monotonous? Are you ready to take the plunge to bring about change, even if it goes against the accepted norms? Then maybe you should try swinging using swinger apps?

For married couples whose love has grown into respect and habit, passion needs renewal, and that very desire needs to attract something new. In Europe, the attitude to swing has been decided long ago. More than 80% of married couples consider this to be a normal personification of intimacy in Germany. This is a natural step in the evolution of marital ties and intimacy. At first, couples are perfectly content together, no matter how and where. Later, couples may find themselves interested in the question of diversity. Some may study and try out the Kama Sutra, buy exotic items in a sex shop, or practiced sex in new places. Even with these new ways to experience sex with one another, some couples may find that nothing attracts them, turned them on, or gives them pleasure.

Some sexologists believe that swinging – the exchange of sexual partners – can save marriage. To many, it is not worth resorting to such an exchange for this reason alone. But if you and your partner are seriously considering becoming a swinger, read our material. We have collected all the most useful tips for beginners.

Swing is a short-term that means mutually agreed exchange of sexual partners. Swing is one of many deviant (that is, not aligned with strict norms of generally accepted actions) types of role-playing behavior of married couples. However, it is not a sexual perversion. Swinging implies the presence of established couples (including married ones) who exchange partners and the mutual consent of all its participants.


Swing history goes back to antiquity, and in some communities, it is the norm of family life. Free sexual relationships were promoted during the sexual revolt of the 1960s. To free themselves from the shackles of outdated customs. Unfortunately, this did not gain much popularity. In many countries, swinger communities would spontaneously form in close groups such as military garrisons. Naturally, swingers would carefully conceal their relationship activities from outsiders. Nowadays, swing is officially recognized as one of the existing types of sexual life.

Swinger App and how they help

Using Swinger apps is a commonly known way to meet fellow swingers. A swinger app like Foxtail has many users who are actively looking for couples to meet. In a few minutes, you and your partners can be making a couple of friends and forming connections. Foxtail has an exclusive feature that makes it easier than ever to search with your partner, which will lower the feeling of any foul play. There are several others available as well.

Finding a Pair outside a swinger app

Outside of hookup apps, potential partners are found on beaches, among friends, on camping trips, or at swinger parties. Couples may use phrases such as “vanilla” when describing a traditional sex life; eluding to the fact that they might not have a vanilla sex life and are open to swinging.

Types of Swing

  • Soft swing – foreplay with other partners, sometimes including oral sex, but no vaginal penetration. It adds “pepper” to the relationship and allows them to have fun with less risk for illness or jealousy. Many couples start with a soft swing, but not everyone continues to a full exchange.
  •  Light swing is when couples accept lesbian affections, but men are strictly forbidden to touch someone else’s wife. Some couples practice this kind of swing because it often gives sexual variety and allows jealous men to preserve their egos.
  •  Closed swing – this is a process where partners exchange but have sex in separate rooms. Closed swing gives partners a more intimate experience. Some believe it gives them more freedom and fewer distractions from pleasure.
  •  Open swing – when partners exchange and have sex in the same room or on the same bed. It usually involves orgies and is most suitable for exhibitionists and voyeurs who like to demonstrate their pleasure or watch others enjoy themselves. Some believe that open swing allows them to fully release their sexual desires and fantasies. However, it is not suitable for those who are jealous or shy.


  • Swingers do not like assertiveness and obsession.
  • One of the basic rules in swing etiquette is the unconditional right of everyone to say no.
  • It is customary for swingers to bring all sorts of surprises, gifts, something for tea on a date. Even if it’s thru a swinger app.
  • Many lovers and couples agree not to meet alone with someone else’s partner. Keeping your distance is very important, and always remember that no matter how much you sleep in the same bed, someone else’s partner is someone else’s partner. It can only be temporary and by agreement in exchange for your partner.
  • Many couples set their own swing rules so that each partner understands what is acceptable and what is not. This is an excellent idea especially for beginners, to protect themselves. The rules can be anything from “no oral sex” to “no pain.” It all depends on what causes discomfort to each of the partners.

Ten Commandments of Swing

  1. Never try to ruin a marriage. Use honest communication beforehand.
  2. Always respect the terms of the meeting, or report in detail and in advance of a change in circumstances.
  3. Consider your first meeting as an introductory. Be prepared for a swing if it turns out to be mutually acceptable or an honest answer if something doesn’t work for you.
  4. Never, under any circumstances, put pressure on your partner.
  5. Protect the anonymity of other swingers by refraining from the unauthorized mentioning of names.
  6. Always maintain the highest standards of hygiene and appearance.
  7. Do not engage in any illegal activity that could discredit swingers as a group.
  8. Be friendly and warm with your friends, but remember that a certain type of emotion should always be reserved for your spouse.
  9. Always show respect for the attitudes, feelings, and habits of other swingers.
  10. Have the dos and don’ts of your encounter discussed before the meeting. In the scene is never a time for negotiations.

It is safe to say that it is a positive experience for most and is worth trying. It’s cool to escape from everyday life and become a different person for a while. It’s nice when strangers find you attractive and openly talk about it. This will save you from many complexities. And yes, swinging has strengthened more than one relationship. It’s not just about great sex. Swing can build trust and cohesion in a couple. You can’t do something like that and not trust each other. Do not be afraid, try it, and get the most out of sex! Joining the best swinger app now Foxtail!

*Be sure to add Swinging as one of your kinks ;)

Sex Party: Top 10 Dos and Don’ts To Remember

If you’ve never been to a sex party before, you may assume it’s full of undressed strangers rolling about with no regard for any rules or restrictions. That’s where you’re mistaken. Sex parties definitely have rules for everyone to have a good time.

It’s crucial to recognize which actions are acceptable and not in an event where so many standard rules don’t apply. Understanding and sticking to the rules will make your fellow partygoers feel at ease with you and allow them to enjoy themselves. So let’s talk about some DOs and DON’Ts before diving into your very first sex party.

DOs and DON’Ts in a Sex Party

DO: Know What type of Party you’re Attending.

The sex-positive community (people who accept sex as a good thing) is divided into various branches, each of which has its own events. Some are more concerned with sex, while others are more interested in social connection. Singles are catered to by some, while couples and their visitors are catered to by others. So, find out whether it’s a swinger sex party, a kink munch, a swap party, or a cuddle puddle, etc. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines before going or inquire about them when you arrive. Then stick to them.

DON’T: Don’t Forget to Set Your Boundaries.

This one’s really important at a sex party. Setting boundaries and writing them down or making a mental list allows you to define what’s okay and what’s not accurately. You definitely won’t be flashing a piece of paper at possible sexual partners, but noting things down is a good approach to figure out what you are and aren’t comfortable with before feeling obligated to agree to something you don’t really want to do.

DO: Put On Your Sexiest Clothes

Know the dress code.  Again, you can ask about it and then follow suit. Wear something comfortable, whether it’s a sarong, a loose dress, a fitted jacket, or a rubber corset. However, whatever you wear, make sure it’s clean and comfy. You can dress in something kinky. It’s still highly recommended!

Always brush your teeth and take a shower before going out. Carry whatever you’d normally use to shave before going on a first date. You’re putting yourself out there, so bring your best self.

DON’T: Don’t Forget That it’s a Party.

You’re not in a brothel. Just because you showed up doesn’t automatically mean that you are entitled to sex, not even if you paid a high cover price and travelled a long distance. Everybody there is a guest just like you. They are, above all, humans. It would be best if you treated everybody with respect. And if you don’t get any action, don’t make it a big deal, it’s a party. There’s always going to be another one.

DO: Be Prepared

Condoms are provided at most parties. There are even lubes, towels, and wet wipes in some. However, arriving at a party where you expect to have sex with strangers and not having a dental dam or a single condom is a bit of a turnoff. And it goes without saying that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

DON’T: Don’t Get wasted.

Always ask someone’s permission before touching them. Slapping some stranger’s butt in a club seems hot in movies, but it’s not cool in real life. Always ask first, whether it’s a single person or a group. If this is your first time, it may be beneficial to rehearse some lines beforehand.

Always ask first, even if you’ve played before.

Don’t be concerned about being “smooth.”? Everyone is aware as to why you’re there. Be straightforward and kind. Also, keep in mind that everyone has the right to cancel their permission at any moment. 

DON’T: Be afraid to say “no.”

Attending a sex party doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have sex; you may watch, but only if it’s allowed. It also doesn’t imply that you have to talk to everyone who comes up to you. Smile ?—it helps to take the sting out of the words—but be straightforward and assertive when someone attempts several times, and make sure that they get that no means no. In most cases, people aren’t going to continue pushing.

DO: Be friendly by breaking the ice.

You don’t have to talk to everyone you meet, but an approachable demeanour will certainly draw people to you and relieve you of the burden of initiating conversations. Having a nice attitude and being open to possibilities can create a better experience.  If you’re confused about anything, ask questions and admit that you’re new to the situation. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? You’ll almost certainly discover that the other guests will be more sensitive to your situation if you speak up.

DON’T: Be Entitled.

Make sure you don’t leave any mess behind. Don’t take up too much space in the restroom. Don’t take photos or videos of anybody. Keep your observations to yourself. And if anything doesn’t seem right, tell the host immediately. This is not your party be a courteous guest.

DO: Carry Sex Toys.

We are living in modern times. This means that if someone invites you to a sex party, make sure you have sex vibrators with you (if that’s your thing). Here’s the thing: sex toys in the bedroom can be hot. If it makes you excited at home, bring it out. Kink toys can be a great addition to such an occasion. Some people may share their toys with you, but don’t count on them for hygiene’s sake. Stock up on low cost kinky toys at Foxxxy.

Keep these 10 do’s and don’ts top of mind, and you’ll do great. Sex parties are a lot of fun! Concentrate on people rather than sex, and you’ll have a blast. If you make a mistake, an apology is acceptable. Be open-minded and allow yourself to learn.

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Swinging And Why It Is Exciting

Group sex has been practised for as long as humans have been sexing and is gaining more mainstream popularity in the 21st century. It is instrumental in connecting people with the same sexual desires. There are many reasons why swinging is a fun lifestyle choice. Couples try more open relationships to add adventure into their relationship, and couples who have lost their electricity might try to add more excitement and variety to their relationship. Swingers are just a fun and exciting group of people.

Couples or individuals may choose this lifestyle for its many benefits. It can be helpful to understand these benefits before deciding to get involved in the lifestyle. Swinging is not a new lifestyle. Many swingers have been together for decades or even longer. There are some advantages to dating couples and long-term swingers, and let me share those with you now. Swingers have been able to build solid and committed relationships because they work on these things. This lifestyle is a positive step forward in the direction of accepting one’s sexuality, human desires and create fulfilling relationships.

​​​Pros of Swinging​​

Let’s start with the pros of swinging. One advantage is that it allows the couple to enjoy the trust in their relationship and feel free. Swinging creates situations for couples to explore sexually with other couples, they are not bound by the usual rules of monogamy. This helps many people feel a sense of freedom and authenticity. In this day and age, many couples are no longer concerned with “owning” a person through typical monogamy. Instead, many happy couples are focused on honouring one another’s individuality within the union by participating in swinging and other sexual exploration.

Another advantage of swinging is that it allows for the exploration of attraction and sexuality. Many women married to men are interested in exploring their bi-curious fantasies after years of marriage with their husbands. The same can go for the husband as well!

Swinging is also just plain fun Swinger parties and lifestyle events are full of interesting people from all walks of life. You might be surprised who’s into the lifestyle once you begin to make friends in the community. There is no one stereotype of swinger. Swinger parties are also an opportunity for creative expression. Many parties are themed giving people a chance to dress up in sexy lingerie or the slutty costumes of their choice. No need to wait for Halloween!!

Cons of Swinging

Now, let’s talk about the cons of swinging. Swingers can’t just jump into it without giving it much thought. The only potential con for some people is that it takes time and effort between you and your partner to be involved in the swinger lifestyle. Swingers need to have a genuine desire to be in an open relationship paired with a commitment to effective communication in the relationship. It is common for feelings of jealousy to arise at first and to feel some different strange emotions from seeing your partner play with others. You can start slow and just observe others as you get more comfortable with the idea. If the lifestyle is for you, you will find yourself fantasizing about it and becoming more aroused by the idea of exploring with others sexually.

Remember there are different ways to swing! Like all kink activities, swinging requires consent. So, you and your partner decide what the limits are and can change them as you go. For example, at first, you can decide to “soft-swap” = playing with others without penetration, focusing on kissing, caressing, fondling and touching. Then you can move to a full swap = full penetration. Some couples also enjoy exploring their bi-curiosity while the other partners watch.

People who decide to adopt this lifestyle often find that it is fun for it brings people together. It helps couples connect, and build even more intimacy than before.

Why Do Couple Love This Lifestyle?

People swing because they feel happiness and fulfilment sharing in sexual experiences with others. Swingers come in different variations. Some are exploring in casual relationships, while others have been in their relationship for decades. Many swingers feel a sense of freedom and truly being themselves when they are at swinger parties and hanging out with their community.

Now to make your swinger’s party even more fun, why not use sex toys? According to credible research, sex toys can enhance pleasure and even improve bladder control. Don’t be shy to bring your sex toys to the party!!

The Bottom Line

Now that you understand why people may or may not try swinging, hopefully, you now understand why swingers choose their alternative lifestyle. They understand the effort and energy the lifestyle requires, but also the rewards. In summary, the advantages are endless. You must be ready to make a lifestyle change and commit to growth if you are going to start swinging!

So whether it’s romance or fetish that excites you, one thing’s for sure- swinging will blow your mind! Meet swingers in your area by joining our sex-positive community here. Visit our blog and read more interesting kinky stuff. Good or bad, we would love to hear your thoughts.