Sensory Pleasure: Enhance Sex Play with Sensory Overload

Vanilla sex can get a little boring, especially when partners have been together for a long time. It is easy to fall into a predictable routine in the bedroom but being aware of the shift to auto-pilot can save your sex life. This awareness can help you get more sexual pleasure and orgasms, and it all starts with sensation play.

Sensation Play is the act of engaging your senses in different ways to intensify your sensory pleasure. These senses come in many shapes and forms, from sight to hearing and touch. Come to find out how to tickle your senses?

Are you Prepared for a Sensory Overload?

There was a time when people were looking for ways to improve sexual desire, sexual health, and sexual skills through a complete sensory pleasure experience. Nowadays, our culture seems to have forgotten the importance of pre-sexual or foreplay activities.

We have fallen into the habit of just jumping in the sack to satisfy our needs as quickly as possible. The intensity, teasing, and foreplay make sex more exhilarating and uplifting. When the lights are off, hyperstimulation can take the form of extreme heat, cold, pain, or shock.

Faced with such sensations, “the body first considers whether it’s about to be harmed,” says Dr. Jim Pfaus, Professor of Neuroscience at Concordia University, Canada. “The nervous system is driven strongly in anticipation of distress. Once it has eliminated danger, it serves you with a rush of adrenaline.”

Sensory overload is the overstimulation of one or more of the body’s five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. When E.L. James, the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” created the character Christian Grey, she might not realize the hunger of the sexual appetite she had awakened.

Ultra-sensory sex is an underground activity and is now becoming normalized.

Sexual Benefits

Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch are the five human senses, and they play a vital role in increasing arousal. According to some sex therapists, sensory play is an is a form of sexual enhancement because it can increase your sexual desire and pleasure.

Our senses are useful in many ways, from temperature games, eye masks, essential oils, and low-frequency vibrations, which can help take your lovemaking sessions to phenomenal heights. Experience sensory pleasures in ways you hadn’t imagined!

Sensory pleasure is efficient when different types of touch in succession are involved. For example, having a rough sensation followed by smooth, fast and slow, hot and cold, hard and smooth. This type of action stimulation gets our endorphins and adrenaline flowing. Senses allow us to have a heightened level of mind-blowing sex.

Safety in Sensation Play

If you plan to do some more intense forms sensation play, here is our safety list you need to follow and be on the safe side.

  • Start slowly. In any sensation play, take small steps and check the results before proceeding to the next play.
  • Look for signs of discoloration, cuts, or rashes.
  • Pay close attention to breathing, and agree with safe words and signs in advance.
  • Before starting, research various materials and sensation play, and look for their respective risk profiles.
  • For starters, keep the scene short. Always prepare the necessary first aid from the beginning and plan aftercare.
  • In case of serious injury, allergic reaction, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

Sensitive Spots

Of course, some rank the penis as the largest sex zone, while others rank the clitoris as the first, but surprisingly, the continuum of sexual arousal is the same for everyone.

Take a look at the infographic below to see which parts are at the top of the list for attetion.

Popular Types of Sensation Play you can try

Use these shock tactics to harness the hormonal high, and you will awaken sensations you never knew existed and spice up your act between the sheets.


When the body is aroused, the feeling of tickling and teasing is so erotic and provocative that the recipient squirms in pleasure. Try tickling your partner’s neck, back of knees, or soles of their feet using your fingertips, a feather, or a fluffy tickler. Keep in mind that some people are more sensitive than others, so the intensity of the play should vary based on the receiver’s preference.

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Nipple Clamps

Sweet and sensual nipple torture is not suitable for beginners but is advisable for those who dare to enjoy it. For starters, try simple pinchers like tweezers first. Nipple pulling can be a punishment or reward, depending on the selected scenario.

Everything you need to enjoy is an incredible combination of happiness and painful ecstasy. The feeling that the receiver will experience depends largely on the type of clip. They have different styles, intensity ranges, and some vibration characteristics.

This sensation play is a whole new level, and it is no longer just teasing but also pain. Whether a player is a beginner or an enthusiast, do not wear a nipple restraint for more than 20 minutes in a row. The feeling of blood returning to the areola is intense enough!

Tip: Turn it up a notch by adding electro stimulation!

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Scent and Taste Play

Certain tastes and smells can affect your sensitivity. You can make the receiver very exciting and robust, or calm and relax. Depending on which you want the game to go, you can choose fragrances to create the scene you want.

The sense of smell and taste is stronger at the same time. To make the receiver more receptive to scent and aroma, you can do sensory deprivation and blindfolding them. Give them something tasty, but don’t tell them what it is.

Food plays at its best. Bringing whipped cream or Nutella into the bedroom gives a bit of excitement; I recommended covering the nipples and lick them.

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Have you been naughty? A proper spanking can cure those who are naughty. Usually, do paddling over their knees. If the paddle is heavy, then the wallop will be more painful. For beginners, leather paddles deliver less of a blow.

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Temperature Play

The heating or cooling of lube is a great place to start during temperature play. You can take it up a notch by leaving your lube in the fridge or if you’re looking for a warmer experience, place your lube in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. This technique can also be used on oils and lotions for an exciting warm massage.

A simple ice pack can be extremely versatile. Using an ice pack, you can cool down your own hands, making hand jobs even more exciting. Hold the pack in one hand while the other hand does the work and switch every few minutes.

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What if you take away the eyesight of you or your partner? For sure, the rest of the senses heightened. Blindfolds are a great addition to any play because the blindfolded person cannot predict where, how and what happened next.

Another reason blindfolding can improve sex is because it increases the level of the chemical dopamine in the brain that controls sexual desires. Increase dopamine, and sex will feel more exciting. Of course, many couples make love with their eyes closed, but there is a huge difference in relationships between voluntarily closing your eyes and blindfolding.

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The Bottom Line

The feeling of controlling your partner’s senses is powerful. As long as everyone consents, you can add nearly anything as sensory tool. The imagination kicks in, so every action you do heightens the experience for your partner. Till next time, stay safe and consensual!

What kind of sensory play have you tried or would like to try? Share your thoughts in our comment section below. We would love to hear from you! Also, you can sign up for Foxtail to meet other adventurous people from our community :)