How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?

Ever wondered if you would get turned on by a Golden Shower or not? Ready to experiment with your partner’s pee fetish? Then try it!

Different individuals are sexually excited by different types of things, and one good example of this is Urophilia, also known as Golden showers, Water Sports, or Piss Play.

As collectively more people become interested in exploring unconventional sex,  they are more likely to try out creative sexual practices, such as BDSM, which is becoming more common. If you are on the brink of opening up to Piss play,  this article will help you understand what a Golden Shower is and why it’s a must for some kinksters.

What is Golden Shower?

Golden Shower or Urolagnia is an act where a person sprinkles another person with urine for sexual arousal. Some partners see this act as a way to play with degradation, while others see it as deepening intimacy – and even others see it as both!

You may be surprised to know that Urolagnia is the 9th most popular sexual fetish in the United Kingdom! Because of this, there’s a new term for individuals who enjoy Golden Showers — Water Sports.

Have A Sexual Fetish For Urine?

People eat to drink urine or bathe in it. If you have a urine fetish, then even bedwetting might be something you’d enjoy. People with this kind of fetish say that warm, fragrant urine provides sexual pleasure.

You can also perform a Golden Shower when you are literally showering with your partner.   In D/s relationships, a Golden Shower can be used to humiliate the submissive partner, which increases arousal for both parties.

Piss Play Requires Consent

Piss play is sexy because BDSM allows for what is typically dirty, and wrong to be a great sexual release with which both parties can safely and consensually explore the raunchier side of sex.

As with all BDSM, practicing water play should be done consensually and without coercion. Remember, Safe, Sane and Consensual!

Arousal and Wetness Goes Together

In the urine play, sexual arousal results from playing with urine. Many couples get arousal by the feeling of wetness caused by urine when they engage in urine play, in addition to the warmth and smell.

Threesome doing Golden Shower

The sound of urinating and urine temperature gives excitement to some individuals. Urine can also serve as a “feel good” substance because of the sensation you feel when releasing it from the body.

There Are No Hazardous Or Unsanitary Issues

On the contrary, this kink is not particularly dangerous or unsanitary. As urine is typically sterile, and most people have exposure to urine-borne bacteria, it is unlikely that someone with this water sports fetish will contract bacteria after drinking urine from someone.

Want to Explore More?

Although Golden Shower for many people is unusual, it is a delightful sexual variation for others.. If you are looking for others into Piss Play, check out to meet local kinksters like you!

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