Powerful Habits to Master for Success in the BDSM Mummification Kink

If you’re somebody who enjoys the sensation of being helpless and tightly compressed or being bound up sort of like a mummy then this BDSM Mummification Kink article is for you! This article may be far from a complete guide to mummification but if you are careful and attentive, you can have a great sense of what to do on the first try!

What is a Mummification Kink?

Mummification bondage or Saran Wrap is the highest form of restraint in which a person is wrapped like a mummy or “cocooned” from head to toe, making them immobilized. The person is restrained for some time in sensory deprivation or sensory stimulation state before being released. The mummification kink has various types of materials that can be used, and that can also be found in your homes, such as plastic wraps, medical bandages, blankets, and duct tape.

Why Are People Drawn to It?

Saran wrap mummification is enjoyable, simple, and inexpensive. It places the bottom in a state of powerlessness and sensory deprivation, allowing him to float away, forget his problems, and ultimately trust the Top. The Top derives pleasure and satisfaction from their sense of total control and the joy they give the bottom.

What Will You Need?

  1. Keep a pair of “safety scissors” on hand if you need to cut the bottom out quickly; remember that this is not a quick operation. [Safety scissors with one blunt end are available at surgical supply or fetish stores.]
  2. Keep both the nasal and mouth passages open to avoid breathing problems. Because the submissive cannot move, frequently check to ensure that the bottom does not begin to choke.
  3. If the scene is going to be long, make sure the bottom has urinated.
  4. Place some padding (such as cotton) between the bottom’s knees and ankles if they touch when his or her legs are together. Otherwise, the tight bindings will cause discomfort in the long run.
  5. For longer scenes, regularly provide water to the bottom to prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating. When you unwrap them, have towels ready.
  6. If they start panicking, especially if wearing a head mask, comfort and reassure them while quickly uncovering their eyes and removing the mask. Counting slowly from 10 to 1 out loud may help to restore calmer breathing.
    Don’t rush the mummification process. Wrapping with saran wrap is a big deal, not just a prelude to a scene. It can easily take 30 minutes or even longer if accompanied by verbal commentary.

Wrappings on a Budget You Can Use

Adhesive Bandages

These auto adhesive bandages are an excellent way of testing mummification. it can reduce the possibility of overheating, but do not entirely ignore the risk.

Using Vet Wrap can help you breathe better. It also provides excellent flexibility so that the mummy has no hindrances and can move a little. Also, this can be perfect for a person who suffers from anxiety but still likes to experience immobilization.

Another advantage is that this kind of clothing is easy to get out of. Just have your emergency scissors always ready, and you are out with a few snips.

Plastic Wrap

It is inexpensive, straightforward, and transparent, and it is fast to disengage should there be a problem. Begin wrapping at the upper chest (never include the neck) and cover down to the feet. As you approach their waist, slow down and support them as they gently lower themselves to the table. Once you had their legs lifted, you can finish mummification.

Tip: It can get extremely sweaty in the wrap. Bend a paper plate in half and place it between the thighs, and also ones for under the armpits. This method will prevent terrible chaffing that will come from roasting in the plastic wrap.

Bed Sheets

On the surface, it may seem a bit whacky, but it works pretty well. Don’t have enough money to buy latex? Wrap someone in bedsheets.

Place your subject on a bed, fold and tuck the sheets in around them. A setting that is tight or confining is entirely up to you or your playmate. Do make sure to keep the scissors close at hand in case you or your partner needs them.

Safety First In Mummification Kink

The bound person should have the means to communicate. For example, you should provide a safety word in case of an emergency and a quick and easy way to release the mummification binding. it is very important to come up with a safe word especially since this is a practice that involves restraint.

The bound person should breathe correctly by keeping their face or mouth or at their nose open. Be careful when wrapping their chest, back, and stomach.

Under no circumstance should someone who has been bound be left alone!

You should be very careful with the kind of material used in binding. Cling film, for example, causes the body to sweat more than usual so frequent hydration may be required to avoid dehydration.

Last notes…

Before wrapping, both participants must consent to the activity and agreed-upon limits and other safety precautions should be established. Discuss the comfort and limitations of your sub and their mummification experiences.

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