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Tentacle Sex More Than Just A Fetish


Tentacle Sex More Than Just A Fetish

When I say tentacle sex, do you say, YES! Do you fantasize about tentacled creatures forcing you to submit? If you dream of submitting and multi penetration, a tentacle fetish may just be your kink. Tentacle sex is more than just a fetish; let’s take a deeper look.

For the record, octopuses don’t have tentacles. They have arms, six to be exact though two are technically legs. There are no suckers on them! Squid have tentacles with suckers but are too small and painful to be a sexual choice(unless you are a squid). Despite all this, one of the most fascinating fetishes involves tentacles!

Tentacle fetish is a sexual fascination with tentacles and the creatures that have them. Tentacle fetishists dream about tentacles, consume books, photos, and movies depicting tentacle sex. Tentacle porn refers to this form of material as a whole. While tentacle porn is a suitable outlet for many tentacle fetishists, various sex toys may also satisfy their fantasies.

Tentacle Fetish Origins

Octopus with tentacles
Octopus with tentacles

Tentacle fetish is defined by a sexual attraction to tentacles and any entity, imagined or real, that makes them ideal for sexual activity. The most popular picture associated with the tentacle fetish is the huge octopus. Which is frequently represented in an erotic anime-style known as hentai.

Hentai is an abbreviation for “hentai seiyoku,” which translates as “perverse sexual yearning” in Japanese. In an international context, hentai has evolved to refer to any sort of sexual or pornographic anime, manga, or other Japanese media content.

Hentai may range from the legendary Urotsukidji (an erotic horror anime released in 1986 that included the first animated tentacle rape sequence) to Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. The two perspectives are similar but quite different.

Rape Fetish

Rape fantasies may frighten some individuals. It does not signify a desire to be raped or rape someone. Rape fantasies are among the most popular types of fantasies.

People do not want to be raped; they want to experience the power dynamic. Having control taken away (or imposed upon them) by a dominant force in a safe, within their control (in their mind). When seen in this light, rape fantasies are just a complex way for people to gain control over something that would otherwise leave them absolutely powerless.

It encompasses a BDSM aspect. Consider a naked woman on her hands and knees, her ass in the air. A dominating octopus is spanking her while tying her ankles and piercing her ass and pussy. Is this not the most erotic image? Tentacle bondage, impact play, suction, and rough fucking all rolled into one.

Tentacle rape gives an intrinsic element to the dream by including culture. Shunga masterpieces, such as Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, are about reciprocal enjoyment from a woman’s point of view. The sea creatures involved being sufficiently inhuman to change emphasis allowing for a thorough look at the subject. Because it is voluntary, it is not tentacle rape.

Toshio Maeda, the designer of Urotsukidji, said he employed the contemporary tentacle rape to get over severe Japanese censorship restrictions. A restriction that forbade depicting penetration from a penis but not anything else.

Some persons who have a tentacle fetish are drawn to the idea of being penetrated. Usually involving something more animal than human, an entity that does not talk and has no morality. Others find the fact that organisms with numerous tentacles, such as octopuses, attractive. Some people may want double or triple penetration, maybe while being held down or bound by tentacles. Their tentacle fetish may be a sign of their inherently submissive nature. Now you can see why tentacle sex is more than just a fetish. Most people appreciate the content and settings created by tentacle porn, resulting in a fetish that typically includes goo.

Mental Components of Fetish

Tentacles with silver balls
Tentacles with silver balls

The fact that most tentacle porn features women as the human aspect explains why we are so obsessed with it. Unfulfilled sexual urges contribute to some of this fantasy. There was a time (and still is in some areas) when women were not permitted to enjoy themselves sexually. It is slutty, disrespectful to the chosen deity, and might bring dishonor to a family. If you are can’t act on your sexual cravings, you must rely on imagination to satisfy your needs.

Many women I know have a desire to be penetrated in more than one hole at the same time. However, imagining a guy in a sexual dream may generate emotions of shame or guilt in a virgin or married woman who is not sexually open-minded. By removing the human factor and focussing on a mythical creature that penetrates every hole, the brain is able to cope while knowing that this is just fantasy. A non-human transforms the hypothetical scene from real and shameful to fantasy and enjoyable. Some women want to have sex with an octopus, while others want to be exploited by an extraterrestrial or plant with tentacles.

Tentacle penetration is a fantasy shared by both men and women. Gender and sexual orientation aside, being kidnapped, especially by a nonhuman creature, has a significant effect. Because it’s banned, the forbidden is hot!

There’s a domination-submission component at work here; a person is being pampered by numerous appendages at the same time. People mention a lot of physical stimulation, such as being the focus of attention in an orgy. Tentacle fantasies are sometimes accompanied by a pregnancy fetish.

For many, the fetish represents a desire to be humiliated and subjugated by something that isn’t even human. The need to be physically used by a creature with no repercussions makes tentacle sex is more than just a fetish for some people. For women, the fetish appeals to individuals who have always secretly desired to have sex with an octopus-like entity.

Slippery, Slimy Fun

Tentacle sex fetish
Woman wrapped in tentacles

The allure of tentacle sex is undeniably sensual. In terms of sensation, an octopus arm is a sensuous limb. Begin with a tapered tip for ease of entrance then expand to provide a girth factor. The suckers’ ability to provide the sensation of something grasping at the skin with various sucking motions is enough to entice anybody. Leading one to acquire the many silicone or glass suction cup sex toys available for purchase online.

The viscous nature of tentacles plays a big role in tentacle fantasies. Tentacle hentai situations become slick quickly. This fluid is thick and sticky, and it looks very messy. As a result, the link to goo or slime fetishes is formed.

The sensation and experience of being slathered in or coated in a slimy material are central to such fetishes. Sometimes this entails penetration, other times its entails full body contact, and times both.

Slime-like lubricants available for purchase online, like tentacle dildos, provide some messy fun. This is where you want to utilize the rubber sheets—allowing you to forget about real life and engage in some kinky cephalopod action.

And Then…Arousal

Nothing elicits a stronger emotional response in humans than sex or violence. A combination of the two is quite effective. This is reflected in tentacle fantasies, whether you’re a spectator, a subject, or the tentacle beast itself. Violence and erotic needs have entwined their tentacles around our subconscious.

The thought of physical harm is not arousing: they want rough treatment, not injury. It’s about powerlessness in the tentacle fantasy, as it is in many rape fantasies. The inevitable coupling serves as the catalyst for a total loss of physical control.

A battle of wills has a lot of appeal, the thrill of being at the mercy of something so strong, so hideous, something driven by its sexual impulses. It removes all hesitation and allows one to concentrate exclusively on the anticipation of pleasure. Although the penetrations are theoretically consensual, they are virtually always forceful.

Nothing excites you more than the danger of what you most fear. The thing that both tempts and frightens us. Something we are so afraid of that we will not go to it, hoping and dreading that it will come for us. If tentacle sex is more than just a fetish would both the fear and anticipation be as titillating? What better place to experiment with the forbidden than in a fantasy about something that isn’t real.

Submission and Sensation

Tentacle sex fetish
Purple tentacle

Being taken brings us to the subject of consent. When you are unable to consent due to shame and guilt, fantasies tend to emerge. It’s one method of dealing with emotional distress. It’s simpler to envision having sex against your will than it is to admit you can’t have it. Choosing a tentacle porn scenario and thinking about force helps us to believe we did nothing wrong. Who knew tentacle porn could be so complicated?

The fantasies are intertwined with a reoccurring theme of forced impregnation. Captivity fantasies and rape fantasies are frequently intertwined. While this subject is likely to make individuals uneasy at first, its origins are not difficult to understand. Forced incubation of an extraterrestrial creature’s offspring is a constant and brutal bodily violation. Fear is what makes the horrible irresistible, what gives it that emotional drive.

The idea of such odd and strong feelings is enticing. It is what helps to make tentacle fetish more than just submission. To be held fast, caressed everywhere, impaled in every orifice, to be seized from a reluctance and pushed roughly. Reaching a frenzied sexual peak that the human body and mind were not designed to sustain… that’s a compelling fantasy. It crosses gender and sexual orientation, denying their existence. This is the ultimate penetration fantasy, and the fact that it’s forbidden adds to the thrill.

That desire is the same fantasy shared by everyone who has ever fantasized about being taken away by a Davy Jones(Pirates of the Caribbean). Being ravished into a state of mounting pleasure, the same passion shared by the pirate’s orgasmic embrace, a shapeshifter’s bestial lusts, and so many others. The tentacles are unusual, yet the subject is well-known.

Erotic, unusual sexual fantasies are sometimes regarded as pitiful, as a sign of inferiority. This gets more true the farther the dream deviates from normalcy and truth. People are quick to pass judgment, implying that your life is so boring that you think about such things. It’s a derogatory label. Fantasies are a component of a person’s sex life, and having a good real-world sex life does not mean that individuals do not require fantasy. Yes, we do. We absolutely need it, and there is nothing sad about that. It’s a really human and very imaginative thing to accomplish.

Because of the power dynamics and non-human components of tentacle play, I advocate exploring it with a new partner with caution and respect for their boundaries. Emphasize that tentacles and slime provide tactile satisfaction, answering whatever fears (or assumptions) people may have. Make it clear that this is a dream in which control is stripped away. So both partners eventually have the same level of consent and autonomy as in any other sexual setting. It’s BDSM with a tentacle kink, consent, submission, force, rough sex, and octopod release.

Wrapping It Up

Tentacle sex fetish
Fancy tentacle

Whether you imagine, a huge squid or a similar tentacle-based monster as a sexual partner, the goal is sexual fulfillment. Whatever the cause, the concept of a creature who can fill all holes at once and move each tentacle in unison is just fucking hot! There is a big contrast between conscious and primordial needs, and tentacle porn taps into the primal side of pleasure.

It’s no surprise that so many anime characters are inhuman. You may be the bear, the tigress, the fox, the octopus, the fairy, or the pony while playing out your primitive side since these basic impulses aren’t founded on rational reasoning but on a deeper, richer desire.

If a little bit of fantasy and a lot of tentacle is what you need to orgasm, knock yourself out! Fantasy is an inventive and imaginative way to incorporate a deep base desire into your play. While tentacle sex is more than just a fetish. It can trip triggers you may not know you had. Everyone needs something, and a tentacle fetish just maybe yours!

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