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The 7 Best Sex Toy Games You’ve Never Played

Sex Toy Games

Sex toys are amazing, whether you use them solo or with your partner. If haven’t heard, there are several fun games you can play with sex toys, even long distance!

Have you thought about learning more about your partner’s body and what they prefer? Then, this is your chance. You can play these games out in public, in gatherings with friends, or in private. You can even customize them to your specific preferences. So, let us get to it.

What Sex Toys Should You Get?

You may wonder if you should get specific sex toys to enjoy the games. Well, wearable sex toys adopt a technology that stimulates you using vibrations or motion. You can also control them through smartphone apps or remote control. Those are the ones to get.

Seven Best Sex Games

Endurance Games

When your partner turns the toy on, you are unable to express any emotions. If you do, you will have to pay a fine. You can take a shot, confess a secret, perform a dare, or owe your partner a favour. You can play the game in places like a quiet restaurant, a party, a club, or a dinner with friends.

Another adaptation of this game is ‘Strike a Pose.’ Your partner holds a pose for a specified time while the toy is on.

sex toy games
vibarator for sex games

Can You Guess Who?

If you want to play with other couples, then this is your game. One person has the remote and turns the toy on at random while someone else wears the toy. Others must figure out who is wearing the toy. Correct guesses win a prize, while incorrect guesses lose.

Bottle Spin

It would be best if you started with spinning a bottle. Whoever it lands on gets to control the toy for a specified time while attempting to make the wearer reach orgasm.

Sexy Roulette

Make labels with instructions as an alternative to ‘Bottle Spin’ (leave on high for 30 sec, try a general pattern, etc.). Then, form a circle and spin a bottle in the centre. Follow whatever instructions it directs you to. With prizes or penalties, the goal can be to or not to orgasm.

Guess What Level

The game is more difficult but also more enjoyable. Make your partner wear the vibrator and hand them the remote. Then, your partner increases or decreases the level while you guess what level it is on. It is easier if you agree on predetermined levels ahead of time.


If you want to have a little excitement with your partner in public, then this is your game. Create a coupon book filled with instructions. Your partner, who wears the toy, can insert any card they want you to use.

sex toy games
sex toy for sex game

Guess What Song

Before the event, agree on a limited playlist (e.g., No more than 5-10 very different songs). The toy gets synced to one song, and your partner guesses which song is playing while wearing the toy.

Karaoke Challenge

Send your partner up to the stage to sing a karaoke song (while wearing the toy). See if they can get through it without cracking their voice, forgetting a line, or reaching orgasm.


Studies have found that trying sex toys with your partner helps you maintain passion and desire in your relationship. Playing sex toy games with them makes it even better. It leaves you feeling more satisfied.

Check out the perfect sex toy for you and your partner – Anal Plug Vibrator for Prostrate with Remote. If you enjoy our post, you can read more like it on our blog. You can also drop a comment or join our community to discuss with other sex enthusiasts.

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