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The Best Article on The Effects of Cuckolding

Cuckolding is a sexual practice in which someone (the cuck) is turned on by their partner (the cuckoldress) having sex with someone else (the Bull). Historically, a cuckold is a man who was completely unaware of his wife’s infidelity inferring she’s able to do it “right in front of his face.” Today, however, it has a kinky connotation. The modern cuckold isn’t always a cisgender or heterosexual man, and they’re entirely supportive of watching their muse getting railed by the Bull.

Is This a Common Occurrence?

Obviously, considering the sensitive nature of the subject, pinpointing figures is difficult. According to internet research, a large number of people Google the term “cuckolding” daily. Cuckold porn is also one of the most searched genres, according to porn sites. It’s difficult to say how many people are truly participating.

The Basics of Cuckolding

Cuckolding, from a psychological aspect, typically highlights the degradation or humiliation of the cuckolded person. Humiliation (that arises from the humiliation a person is likely to feel when their partner cheats on them) is a significant factor in the power dynamics of the situation. It’s this feature that makes the situation so fascinating. As per usual in kink, we take what is meant to be off-limits and make it sexy.

Cuckolding Happens in Many Degrees, Like Many Other Sexual Fetishes

There are different degrees to cuckholding. Some don’t need to see the actual act but like to have it described to them, regardless if it even really happened. It can be unsettling to discover your partner’s fantasies about sex with other people or previous sexual experiences. If you’re unsure how deep you want to go with cuckolding, talking is an excellent way to start.

If you want to take it a step further, start by watching your partner flirting with some other person in a club or sending nasty messages to someone online. Most people connect cuckolding with watching your partner have sex with someone else. For some, this is a sliding scale, and you can pick how far you want to go. You may either stand back and observe or command the Bull what to do to your companion.

Cuckholding with Domination

Cockholding shifts roles in Domination, where the Domme is the Cuckholdress and the submissive is the cuckhold. The Bull in this case can be the Domme’s actual partner, fellow Dominatrices or another Alpha. The submissive becomes the cuck as they are teased and tormented by the fact that they are not adequate to be their beloved Mistress’ lover but other, more “deserving” partners are.

Why do Some People Find it Entertaining?

There are a variety of causes for this. Cuckolding can provide a secure environment for some individuals to live out their darkest fear and erotic fantasies. It is an oppurtunity to communicate their deepest sexual needs, resulting in more fun, intense, and emotionally close sexual connections.

While the cuck typically remains sexually loyal, the Cuckoldress frequently adopts the sexually dominant role of sex with other people and choosing the Bull. However, keep in mind that those regulations aren’t set in stone.

Couples can mix things up as they see fit, and cuckolds and cuckoldresses can trade roles at any time. As long as it’s Safe, Sane and Consensual, anything is possible!!

How Do You Practice Responsible Cuckolding?

You’ll need solid communication, consent, and respect, just like any other sex act. Once you’ve decided to cuckold each other, you’ll need to establish clear boundaries with each other and then with your Bull. You can also use sex toys to expand your horizons. You should give it a shot!

The Bottom Line

The same safety kinky rules apply here for searching for your Bull, Cuck or Cuckholdress as they do for online dating or hookups:

  • Personal information, such as your residence or place of business, should not be shared with strangers.
  • The first meeting should always take place in a public setting.
  •  Have the option of transportation to and from your meeting location at any time.
  •  If you’re going alone, let your partner or a trusted friend know where you’ll be and when you’ll be back.
  • If sexual intercourse is a possibility, always have condoms on hand.

To meet your next Bull, Cuckholdress or Cuck, check out our sex positive community here! We also appreciate your views. Leave a comment below if the above applies to you.

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