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The Most Boring Article About Foot Fetish You’ll Ever Read

man with foot fetish

Fetishes are not as unusual as mainstream norms would have you believe, but for some they can be hard to embrace at first. If you have a foot fetish, you may be aroused by the sight of another’s tootsies! You may enjoy giving or receiving foot massages.

Your spine may tingle when your feet are softly licked or sucked. Or you may see a pair of feet and become aroused at the thought of putting them in your mouth or on your genitals. Some fetishists enjoy the smell of feet after walking around all day or working out. From sight, to touch, to smell and even taste, foot fetishists can enjoy feet through different senses.

Why Do People Have Foot Fetishes? | Live Science

Having Feet Fetish is Pretty Standard

If you didn’t know it, you would think this was very rare. One rough estimate came from a study that appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The participants rated their fetish interests on a scale of one to five (5 being the highest). A foot fetish was reported by about 10% of respondents, with a similar number reporting a shoe fetish. The overall ratio of participants was much higher when it came to sexualizing feet or shoes.

Is There Anything to Worry About?

Great news! You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant with foot sex! However, be advised that delicate skin can be cut around the penis, vagina, or anus by sharp toenails. If you anticipate getting your feet involved in the action, make sure your toenails are trimmed to avoid cutting your partner during their foot-job.

Dipping Your Toes into Foot Fetish

It is essential to take your time when introducing a partner to footplay for the first time. Make it clear what you intend to do by sharing your favorite foot fantasy. Share what arouses you most about your fantasy with your partner so they know what turns you on about feet. For example, is it the way they smell? The wrinkles on the bottom? Their cute toes? Get curious, sharing what it is about feet that turn you on will help your partner know how to play and explore in this new kink together.

Invite your partner to join you on the couch one night and then offer to massage each other’s feet. At the very least, it’s a fantastic way for your partner to wind down, and if nothing else, it’s a good way for you to become aroused. ;)

Put your Best Foot Forward

The best place to start with erotic foot encounters is with foot massages. Because of the vast array of nerve endings found in the foot and the soothing texture of massage oil and lotion, a foot massage can provide a calming and a stimulating effect. If you are new to exploring your foot fetish with your partner, start by (consensually) massaging their feet and see how the two of you respond.

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If both parties are comfortable, you can move from massage to gently licking or sucking the feet. It’s truly spine tingling! Who doesn’t enjoy a good foot licking?

In Summary…

Alway remember to include consent and clear communication when introducing new kinks, whether they are with a new play partner or in a long-standing monogamous relationship. While it can be daunting to share something that feels secret, you’ll never get what you truly want if you don’t ask!

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