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The Ultimate Guide to The Erotic Art of Fire Play

Fire play is unbelievably sensual play and involves not only the fire but touch too. Many of us enjoy the fascinating effects of looking at the flame dance magically. The glow of red and orange flickering light gives charm, perhaps warming your hands. Have you ever thought of having it run over your skin for fun? Do you imagine the flames caressing and teasing you? You might have a fire play kink you are unaware of. If you are interested, it’s important you learn how to do it properly.

The Fear and Love of Fire Play

Your instincts tell you to fear it. The first time it sweep across your skin, you will feel instant heat and an alluring attraction. BDSM Fire play uses the fire on the body to play at sensations and temperature. You can also use the fear of Fire to get an adrenaline rush while you’re playing! Many come to love this feeling later.

Fire play on the skin
Fire Play

Fire Kink: A Kink About Playing With Fear

BDSM community has indulged in thrilling and mesmerizing experiences and kinks. Among the unique ones is fire play, adjacent to ice play and water play. Author Sienna Saint-Cyr had this to say about playing with fire:

“We’re taught to fear fire growing up, to stay away from it because it burns, consumes, and destroys. This makes fire play a great way to learn to let go and overcome our fear. While seeming so terrifying and dangerous, experiencing flame is a way to move the brain into a new state of seeing. A way of being that gets up past fear and into a place of power- this is why I love fire”.

Fire Kink with candle wax
Fire Kink on legs

Safety equipment and Cautionary Measures

Before fire fetishists indulge in fire play, they must know the ins and outs of how to do it and, most importantly, how to do it safely. It looks simple, and it seems easy, but it is important to remember fire is dangerous and can be unpredictable.

People use various types of safety equipment, like Nomex hoods, fire blankets, and wet washcloths. Don’t be afraid to ask about protective gear as a submissive/bottom. Your safety always should be number one if you are into the erotic fire kink. Make sure your hair is out of the way if you make flaws or whips of any kind. Do not use hair spray or perfumes/colognes if you know you are participating in such a scene. Even certain lotions are known to be flammable.

Types of Fire Play

Flash cotton

Flash cotton fire

Flash cotton is cotton wool that magicians use when you see the ‘poof.’ It gleams and disappears with a small amount in seconds when you light it up. It is a great way to incorporate elemental fire into your first fire play. Warming on the skin for milliseconds makes a beautiful, sparkling sound that excites the sub/bottom or any fire kinkster.

Hair mousse

Fire play with hair

Yes, I said hair mousse. The cheaper, the better it is. All hair mousses are not identical. Some burn well, but they are too hot. Some don’t burn at all. You will find the suitable one after experimenting with various brands to get your desired sensation.

The idea with hair mousse is to draw small forms and then light them on the skin. It will burn on your skin for a more extended period. Please make sure not to apply it too thickly, and have a wet towel on it standing by in your hands for extinguishing.

Fire Wands and Fire Fleshing

Once you get familiar with this fire play, it will be your favorite one. It uses 70% isopropyl fuel (not black smoke) (rubbing alcohol mainly as a disinfectant).

Fire wands are soaked in fuel, excess dabbed before being illuminated, then coated or brushed lightly onto the skin. The feeling is warm and tingly, and many compare it to the feel of a hot stone massage. It is a very sensual fire play as the fire wand always follows the other hand caressing the skin to extinguish any remaining flames left from the rod.

Fire fleshing uses two wands. One wand is lit and the other wet with fuel (wet, not dripping).  Small patterns are drawn on the skin with the fuel wand and then illuminated with the other rod. The pattern stays light on your skin for just a couple of seconds before being extinguished by the free hand.

Fire Flogging

Fire flogging techniqu

This type of fire play involves using a particular fire flogger (made of synthetic fiber) and isopropyl (90 percent). The ends are soaked in the fuel, dabbed off, and then lit.

Fire flogging doesn’t have a heavy impact like regular flogging. It just skims the skin with the flames, and it is advisable to play fire flogging with plenty of room outside. It would help if you also had several spotters to watch the fire on the floor, the room, and the flagging person.

Key Points for Fire Kinksters

  • Fire is dangerous if not carefully monitored. Never attempt fire play without having had some instruction, and ensure you are careful. Keep the following points in mind while starting.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher.
  • Always have a fire blanket. It is better to have it on your table near you.
  • Water buckets and towels soaked in water are the quickest and easiest safety measure to handle for a safe fire play. They help extinguish and clear the mousse residue and wrap around the bottom of the submissive for flagging with the spotter holding it, ready to jump in if there is some residue or stray flames.
  • Always keep an eye on where your fuel is. Yes, I will say again, know where your fuel is. I mean by fuel, not just your fuel jar, but you also have to be aware of drips, residual fuel on the skin, etc.
  • Have a first aid kit with burns and dressing if something goes wrong in fire play. 
  • Be aware that different skin types can redden more quickly than others. Any redness should not be worse than a light sunburn. If the skin is reddening, play in this area must be stopped to avoid burns.
  • The free hand: this is the most crucial safeguard measure for wand fire play, and your hand quickly extinguishes the left trails.
  • Spotters: the people who watch for the fire to spread unintentionally, have to react quickly and be ready to put out any stray flames.
  • Don’t light the fire on a bed and fabric sofa. A massage table/spanking chair is a preferred work surface. 
  • Only a skilled expert must perform fire play.

Warning advice

  • Fire is above all RACK play (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
  • Do not try fire play without proper instructions, risk knowledge, and comprehensive safety precautions.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about Fire play, you can visit workshops at Gatwick Dungeon, and you can watch videos on Youtube to get a guide on how to start fire play.

Find your fire play-mate in our sex-positive community here. If you like fire play, let us know your thoughts in our comment section, and if you want to read similar thrilling articles, keep visiting our blog


Fire play is one of the dangerous BDSM play types. It should not be tried without a qualified top skilled in the art. Reading it won’t be enough. Therefore, this article is just an overview of safety measures, not a “how to.” However, it will give you instructions to evaluate whether your Top knows what he is doing, regardless of what you do, so at your own risk if you decide to try fire. If done incorrectly, fire can burn your skin severely or even burn down the house.

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