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Top Fetishes in 2021: The 15 Most Popular Sexual Fetishes

The mind works in mysterious ways. What one person finds enticing and attractive might be offputting and disturbing to another. Similar is the case of fetishes. Fetishes evoke a wide range of responses and interest. Therefore we made a list of few of the most prominent fetishes in 2021 so you can see what your next scene will be trying out.

If you are curious to know the top fetishes in 2021, scroll down to check our list.

15 Top Sexual Attractions in 2021 


Feet in purple net stockings


Cum on feet

Another exciting and prevalent sexual attraction in 2021 is cum fetish. This attraction has to do with being turned on by seeing, smelling and touching cum. This can mean either cumming (or getting cum on) feet, back, face, etc. While some people enjoy swallowing cum, others enjoy their partners ejaculating on their face or chest, while still others enjoy watching cum getting devoured after the fact.


If you enjoy spitting in your partner’s mouth and face or vice versa, you may have a spit fetish. Many people find drool play sexy and nasty, so if you love nasty sex, you should try this.



When an individual either watches a person pee or enjoys the scent of pee, they have a pee fetish. It is pretty popular, and for that, it makes it to the list. Although not for the faint of heart, often people who love humiliation enjoy this act, while others do not find it humiliating to get peed on at all! They just enjoy the Golden Shower. To know more about sexual pleasure driven from pee, read our other post How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?


Sexy model in bathing suit

This fetish has made it to the top obsessions of previous years, yet it is still prevalent in the year 2021. No matter where you are on the kinky spectrum, you can try it out and you might find out that you enjoy it. Always remember to use lube and protection for premium satisfaction.


Hand cuffed behind her back

Who does not want to live a role in the bedroom? The game of sadomasochism, bondage and Dominance is one of the most famous and practiced in kink. It spices things up, is supringsingly widespread. So, what’s your poison? Whips, restraints, gags, buttplugs, ropes? Whatever gets you excited is completely up to you.


Leather boots and whips

The scent, the durability, the attraction leather presents is unimaginable. This sexual attraction can either be leather gloves, boots, masks, and generally things that create a stir in the bedroom. For that, it would be an injustice if it doesn’t make it to the list. 


Sitting with her knees exposed

The knee fetish has been holding it down for previous years, and interestingly, it still makes it to the top 15 of 2021. It could be that you enjoy getting on your knees to please your partner or love it when your partner gets on their knees. The knees are a supringinly sensitive and erogenous zone so if you haven’t been seducing people with the light brush of the knees, what have you been doing?! This could be incorporated in BDSM or oral sex easily.


Leather shorts with panties showing

The love for panties is fascinating and makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes. Also known as an underwear fetish, is when an individual gets sexually turned on with panties. You might enjoy sniffing used underwear or love wearing a pair while having sex in the bedroom. This attraction is sexy and fun.



In most parts of the world, this fetish stands the chance of staying on top for the foreseeable future. A lot of individuals love pain as this turns them on. Whether it is ass whopping or choking, we advise practicing RACK with masochism. Read more about RACK and safety here.

Group sex

Two sexy girls in bed

In a world where people love to explore, group sex is an activity that is exciting for many people. Sex with multiple people creates the oppurtunity for more sensations, tongues, holes to play with – you name it. You might like orgies, threesomes, etc. if group sex is for you! 


This is a well-known fetish, and it makes it to the list based on its popularity. If you love to watch your partner sexually pleasured by another, you will love this. This is a fun and common practice for swingers and folks in open-relationships. Who doesn’t love to see their lover getting off?! Even if it’s not with you. :D

Butt Fetish

Two ladies in sexy lace panties

Who doesn’t love a beautiful butt? If you get turned on when you kiss, bite, spank, or fondle a butt, you should try ass worship! Maybe for you, it’s that you love to recieve kisses, bites, spanks and strokes to your booty. Don’t be shy – ask for what you want! Claim your booty fetish loud and proud. 


Armpits exposed in upside down pose

Sexual arousal as a result of the smell of armpits makes it to the list of popular sexual fetishes as a lot of individuals love it. Some like the smell, the look, or the feel of the armpit. Some particularly like hairy armpits while others prefer a smooth, magazine like pit. Here are some of the characteristics of an armpit fetish kinkster.


The list won’t be complete without mentioning this prevalent kind of fetish. People get turned on for different reasons, and just the sight of others having sex can put a voyeur in the mood. Read our other post The Best Way to Experience Voyeurism and Sexual Arousal for more.


One thing to know when it comes to top fetishes is that there is a vast spectrum of human desire and arousal. The aforementioned list had been created for a reason, not just for their popularity but also for how exciting and satisfying they are. 

Find someone with a fetish like you in our sex-positive community! Join for free here. Check out other Kink and BDSM content on our page or leave a comment and let us know which popular sexual fetish you think should be on the list.

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