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Triptastic Sex on Psychedelics

The Best Guide On How To Enjoy Psychedelic Sex
A couple having psychedelic sex on the back of winged beast

Do you ever feel that your sex is lacking something? Have you ever experimented with psychedelics? Have you ever considered having sex using psychedelics? People are increasingly interested in chemsex. Let’s look into psychedelic sex and see what all the hype is about.

The use of drugs to intensify sex is known as party and play or chemsex. It has been associated with gay men and the use of “Poppers,” but couples have been having psychedelic sex for years. While this isn’t for everyone, there are some compelling arguments for it.

The Beginnings of Psychedelic Sex

Sex and drugs are cultural taboos on their own. Understanding how sex and drugs are linked is not something we should be afraid of or dismiss as deviant.

For centuries, people have used drugs to facilitate and enhance their sexual experiences. To increase sexual desire, the ancient Egyptians used extracts from the blue lotus flower. Before the ban in the 1940s, Peyote/Mescaline was used in Native American sex rituals.

The Most Common Drug, Alcohol

Most people are familiar with alcohol, many using it to unwind before having sex. Drugs are used to enhance the experience of sex, whereas alcohol is used to facilitate it. Some people will use a combination of drugs rather than a single substance.

Alcohol and cocaine are used together because cocaine, as a stimulant, counteracts the depressive effect of alcohol. Cocaine, like other stimulants like methamphetamine, extends the sexual experience.

Female on a bed with drugs on breasts

A Case for Pychedelics

Psychedelics influence the brain’s “me” regions, dampening the ego’s constant criticism. Allowing people to unwind and lessen anxieties that are known to stifle sex. Psychedelics are an excellent choice for sex as they reduce insecurities and increase physical awareness.

Frequently the user gains personal insight, has a new experience, or sees themselves from a new perspective, which can significantly impact a sexual experience. Every sexual experience has the potential to teach us something about sex, just as every drug experience has the potential to teach us something about sex.


psychedelic sex
A couple having sex on psychedelic drugs

Ecstasy/Molly causes a surge of serotonin and dopamine, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals, releasing it all at once, resulting in a rush of bliss and happiness. Ecstasy can make people horny and increase the sensation of touch. It can also make getting a hard-on or cumming difficult.

Ecstacy increases emotional intimacy, making touch feel sensual and love feel ecstatic, but it can be difficult for some to maintain an erection or reach climax.

Be aware that most dealers selling illegal “molly” or “ecstasy” dilute it with other substances such as cocaine, heroin, or synthetic Ecstasy, all of which can cause seizures and death. Be cautious when using this drug!

Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms/Shrooms can have an effect similar to LSD. For most people, sex isn’t even a consideration when it comes to mushrooms. Most people prefer to cuddle rather than have sex with their partners. There is a sense of intimacy and sensitivity, whether cuddling or having sex. A significant benefit of using mushrooms is the emotional connection they provide.

A lower dose of mushrooms is likely to make you horny. Higher doses will make you so distracted that anything remotely sexual will be impossible to focus on. Shrooms can be difficult to dose at times since different strains have different concentrations.


Having sex on LSD/Acid is said to be the most pleasurable experience you can have. LSD can make you feel horny, increase the sensation of touch, and cause erotic hallucinations. Sex on acid can appear to last much longer than it does.

Many people regard it as the number one sex drug, with no way to tell your body apart from your partners’. The sensation is amplified, the emotional connection is intense. LSD lowers your inhibitions and alters your perception of reality, making it easier to act out sexual fantasies. Lower inhibitions can also cloud your judgment when it comes to safer sex.

Caution should be used when using any drug; inhibitions are reduced while tripping, and there is always the risk of a bad trip; sex on LSD is best done with someone you know well and trust.

Shrooms and LSD work together, creating heightened sensation and awareness, allowing users to be less self-conscious about their performance and appearance while also strengthening the emotional connection with a partner.

Who you trip with is more important than the substance. Depending on the circumstances, any psychedelic can improve emotional intimacy.

Preparing for a Trip

Drugs scattered on a table

Regardless of which psychedelic you use, set and setting are important factors in your sexual experience. To get the most out of the experience, you must feel completely safe. That safe space should exist in your surroundings, with your partner, and in your mind.

Prior to having open conversations, it’s necessary to feel calm and clear-headed. Start low and gradually increase your dose. A sexual experience will be impossible if the dose is too high.

Psychedelics, like any other substance, can impair your ability to consent. The same rules for non-altered sex apply here: enthusiastic consent, birth control, and protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Negative Views on Psychedelic Sex

Very little is known about the relationship between sex and drugs. In the past, we focused on the links between drug use and “risky” sexual behaviour, such as not using condoms or orgies.

Drug use has also been linked to “impaired” sexual function, such as difficulty maintaining an erection or achieving an orgasm. This paints a negative picture of chemsex.

Ending the Trip

You can only imagine the different experiences you could have if you mix sex and drugs. Psychedelic sex can heighten the emotional connection, intensify senses, cause a loss of time comprehension, and give you the enlightened sensation of losing yourself in another person. Be safe; we can’t stress that enough.

Do you enjoy sex while high on psychedelics? Does it freak you out? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you want to learn more about this topic? Leave a comment below, then head over to Foxtail to see what’s new.

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