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Guide to Finding the Best Fetish for your Personality

Types of Sexual fetish

Want to explore your sexual identity? Did you ever feel attraction to specific things, objects, or even activities? Now is the perfect time to uncover your hidden fetishes. There are so many kinks and types of sexual fetishes the possibilities are endless! But believe me, you will find something to entice you. Sometimes, uncovering your own kinks and fetishes can do wonders for your personality long-term. Getting sexual liberation is what you need to let go of some tension and be happy.

If you are new to the lifestyle, we have a comprehensive guide of 7 common and uncommon fetishes to help you find best fetish for your personality.

Best Fetish for your Personality

1. Objectum Sexuality

If you’ve ever dreamed about your dildos and toys, then this means that you have been initiated into the fetish world. In this day and age of improving sex doll technology, we may all find ourselves engaging in Objectum sexuality. The Objectum sexual preference, is often known as a fetish that connects us with a lifeless object.

Objectum sexuals are generally portrayed as freaks and weirdos who hook up with objects like the Eiffel Tower, a yacht, or their sofa. This fetish, by definition, is an attraction to any inanimate item.

Objectum Sexuality GIF | Gfycat
objectum sexuality at the Eiffel Tower

2. Urophilia

Urophilia is a modern name for water sports, golden showers, and the more direct term, pee play. Urination is intensely pleasurable to persons with this kink. Urine may be used for various purposes, and the most frequent of which is to offer or receive golden showers. A golden shower is allowing someone to shower you with their pee or showering them with your pee. If you want to give it a shot, you can try it in the bathtub. If you want to know in-depth about this fetish read our other article How to Enhance Sexual Ecstasy With a Golden Shower?

Golden Shower. By Goddess Sikha | by Goddess Sikha | Medium
Golden shower

3. Role Playing

Another type of sexual fetish is role-playing. This involves people acting out characters from their everyday life as part of a sex scenario. It may be as easy as dressing up or creating a complete scenario replete with plot development.

Role Playing
Domme role-playing

Famous examples include student and teacher, fireman and damsel in distress, and many more. Role-playing frequently comes with outfits and is a great reason to dress up. But, a large wardrobe is not necessary. At times, dirty words and sheer imagination may create scenes and give you the kick you need.

4. Impact Play

Impact play is when you strike the body with your hands, paddling, whipping, or anything you have around the house, like spatulas. If you’ve ever spanked your partner while having sex, you’ve engaged in impact play. Impact play, more than anything else, necessitates consent and communication.

When you’re the one making the hit, keep to fatty areas like the side of the buttocks or thighs and skip organs like the kidneys or the bicep area. Begin gently and slowly, like with any new kink, and select Safe Words. Impact play can be done independently, but it also goes nicely with other quirks like name-calling and age play.

Begin with your hands and maybe some good old-fashioned slapping if you’re new to the notion before investing in more massive whips and leather straps from Foxxxy. If anything gets unpleasant, use your safe word right away.

Impact Play With the BDSM Messenger of The Gods – Jenny's Swinger Party and  Dating Advice ?
Impact play

5. Spectrophilia

This must be the scariest part of the list and yes, it is real! It’s a challenging one to get into. Those partaking in spectrophilia describe sexual attraction, partnerships, or sexual experiences with ghosts. These ghosts come to them at night and have passionate sex with them.

How Ta-BOO is Spectrophilia a.k.a. “Ghost Sex”?

In folklore, a succubus is a ghost who visits the target of desire at night for some steamy human-ghost foreplay. A male muse is a kind of evil spirit (usually called an incubus). Though the reality of ghosts is debatable, the sexual desire that spectrophiles claim to have is as genuine as any other fetish.

6. Klismaphilia

One of the rare types of sexual fetishes is Klismaphilia. It is a glitzy Greek term that translates to getting aroused through the use of enemas. An enema is an input treatment that sprays liquid into your anus that is warmer than body temp. Hospitals utilize it to alleviate individuals of constipation or get them ready for specific medical treatments.

This kink typically refers to getting pleasure from getting an enema, and some people like delivering enemas. After all, the anus is an erogenous zone. This explains why kinky people have been using enemas for pleasure for centuries.

This kink may also be extremely practical, and it’s a method to clean and ready the rectum for anal intercourse. And, the force that the warm liquid uses to get into the anus will give some people total satisfaction.

Klismaphilia (EP 2018) | Nicrophorus Vespillo | Exkrementum Voices Rex

7. Pregnancy Fetishes

It’s a fact that orgasms and having sex near a due date may aid in the induction of labour. But, some have outright pregnancy fetishes. A few other couples may begin to understand they have one when their partner becomes pregnant. Others are drawn to the pudgy baby bump regardless of who is carrying the baby or its body.

Because, as previously defined, a fetish is an attraction to an item or body part, pregnancy fetishists obsess over the appearance of a large, round belly. The attraction might also involve an interest in breastfeeding or other pregnancy signs, although this is not essential.

Sex And Psychology
Pregnancy Fetish

The Final Words

There are even more types of sexual fetishes that you can try out with your partner. But, remember, there is no shame in having fetishes. Start to explore different desires with your partner. If they are not up to it, there are always people, communities, and platforms you can use to find people with the same desires as you such as Foxtail.

You can do that by signing up for a sex-positive dating app where you can discover open-minded neighbors.

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