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Digitalizing Sex: What Future Sex Toys Are About

It is no denying that technology is peeking and will continue to peek. Multimillion-dollar companies are investing a lot in making daily objects digital and “smart.” Convenience and quality of experience are factors people look into in products and services. This is also true for future sex toys.

Naturally, the most intimate aspect of our lives will also level up and improve. Sex technology is slowly taking center stage, starting with its presence in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2020. Here, we got a glimpse of how high-tech sex toys will be accessible in the future.

Defining “Smart” Sex Toys

Future sex toys will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) for improved product function. These high-technology sex toys will be able to gather and study data using sensors.

The AI technology will use the information to make the user experience more personalized and, therefore, more enjoyable. Smart sex toys will know your individual and couple sex preferences.

Most of these future sex toys will come with an app downloadable through smartphones. These toys come with settings that also tweak sexual preferences. High-tech sex toys come with an app that allows for remote access and control to the toy. This feature is perfect for long-distance couples.

Examples of Smart Sex Toys

Technologically advanced sex toys are now available in the market, albeit limited. Here are brands that released their own high-tech sex toys.

LELO Enigma

This vibrator is perfect for people who like toys that offer subtle suctioning and deep penetration. What makes the Enigma unique is it can stimulate the clitoris without any contact. The intense sensation is a result of sending sonic waves towards the G-spot. Such an unassuming sex toy that packs a punch.

We-Vibe Sex Toys

The Melt Clitoral Stimulator and Chorus Couples Vibrator are just two We-Vibe sex toys that come with a smartphone application. The app gives remote access and control to the toys, making it perfect for solo and partner plays. Both items are now available at the We-Vibe Amazon shop.

Lioness Vibrator

Dubbed as the smartest vibrator to exist, the Lioness picks up biological cues from the body. Body temperature, the deepness of breath, and contractions of the pelvic floor are continuously monitored to pinpoint what makes you climax.

The Lioness even tracks wellness cues such as sleep stats, stress levels, and caffeine consumption when connected to the app. These wellness cues greatly affect a person’s sex life. Check out other excellent vibrators from our own shop.

Elvie Trainer

The Elvie is a sex toy truly worthy of its award-winning status. It serves as both a smart sex toy and your personal trainer. Its mobile application is designed to guide a person through regular Kegel exercise. It also corrects your form and guides you through the whole workout routine. Shop your very own Elvie Trainer now on Amazon!

Fantasy for Her Remote Control Sex Machine

The Fantasy for Her Dildo is far from your typical run-of-the-mill dildo. The sex toy has seven classic vibration patterns and another seven thrusting patterns. Alternative sex machines are also available at our Foxxxy Shop.

Smart Wand

The Smart Wand may look like your typical Magic Wand, but this model is more digital and revolutionized. SenseTouch Technology allows the sex toy to turn on and off on cue, depending on proximity to the body. When the wand touches your body, it automatically turns on, and it turns off when pulled away. Pressing harder to the skin also signals for more intense vibrations. Shop now on Amazon!

OhMiBod Club Vibe

The OhMiBod Club Vibe is such a sleek and compact sex toy. It’s perfect as a wearable item. The vibrator comes with a built-in microphone that is programmed to respond to your partner’s voice or any background music. Get into the sexy lace panties that it comes with upon purchase, and get ready for an interesting night out.

Purchase and try the OhMiBod Club Vibe using this link.

Lovehoney Wild Thing Vibrating Cock Ring

Finally, a smart sex toy for men! The Lovehoney Cock Ring comes with a remote control with ten distinct functions that any male will surely enjoy.

Interested in getting one? Cock ring options are now available at Foxxxy!

Indeed, sex technology is a growing industry worth an estimated amount of $30 billion today. With the rise of online sales, the industry is expected to grow to $52.7 billion by the year 2026.

Companies are working tirelessly towards advancing sex tech for the future. The innovation of future sex toys that optimize and personalize sexual experience. It will be no surprise if sex robots and sex in virtual reality will be largely available in a few years.

While waiting for these future sex toys to be available to the general public, widen your sex toy choices now. There is a wide array of sex toys available online (and in our own sex toy shop!) so make sure to probe each one to see what works wonders for you.

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