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Yoni Eggs: A Way To Connect With Your Sacred Feminine Energy

yoni egg

Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into an egg shape form. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, and it translates to “a sacred space.” Yoni eggs, also known as sexual healing crystals, are inserted into the vagina to promote healing and connection to the sacred space. These crystals help to connect with sacred femininity, as well as to tone the pelvic floor.

If you want to discover how these sexual healing crystals can help connect with your sacred femininity, read on!

How do Yoni Eggs Work?

Yoni Eggs: A Way To Connect With Your Sacred Feminine Energy
Crystal yoni eggs

Everyone knows well about Kegel exercises, and it’s reasonable to say that when done correctly, they help tone and activate the pelvic floor. Compared to the vaginal strengthening techniques possible when using a Yoni Egg, regular kegel workouts are nothing.

Many gemstones aid connecting deeply to your divine feminine energy during meditation. While some women even use their eggs during Yoga to boost up energy.

How can a Yoni egg Help you?

The egg-shaped crystal is ceremonially placed inside the vaginal canal. Many supporters argue that they imbue the womb space with sexual healing crystals which leads to various health benefits. Although scientific results don’t prove these physical health benefits, according to healers and spiritual sex specialists, Yoni eggs can assist in:

  • Fostering deeper connection and awareness to the seat of sexuality (the vagina and sacral chakra)
  • Assist during meditation to increase sexual healing and pleasure
  • Increase libido and orgasms during masturbation and partnered sex

What are the Main Benfits of Using a Yoni egg?

These day’s plastic surgeons are surgically tightening women’s vaginas. Our ancestors already knew how to do this naturally. Research has found that using yoni eggs helps support the pelvic floor, urinary, digestive, sexual, and overall wellness in the body. Additional benefits of using Yoni Eggs are:

  • After childbirth, gain control of the perineum and pelvic floor muscles
  • Keep your bladder healthy by strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Support Orgasmic Health: including vaginal, cervical, and uterine orgasms
  • Regular practice will help stimulate the Bartholin gland, which produces lubrication at the opening of the vagina. After this, women notice their vaginas become juicier, which can help relieve vaginal dryness during sex.
  • Can release emotional and energetic imprints stored in the vaginal tissue by inserting something that activates gentle sensation.
  • Deal with traumas, as it can restore trust in the body
  • Become closer to one’s own body by learning what it likes and feels like.
  • Awaken creative energy, passion, libido, and sexuality

Want to Give it a go? Here’s How to do it

Upon receiving your yoni egg, you should give it a thorough cleansing. Use a natural soap to wash it. Rinse thoroughly, holding your egg under running water with the tip facing downward. Allow the Yoni Egg to air dry by placing it on a dry towel. If desired, clear your yoni egg using your favorite Smudge before placing it inside.


Your yoni egg needs a thorough energetic cleansing before you can use it. Use sun or moonlight to charge your yoni egg by placing it on the window all day. It is potent if you place yoni egg under the light of the luminaries with a strong intention.

Once you charged the egg, it’s time to activate your intentions. Sit with your stone and imagine what the desired outcome you intend feels like. Sit and enjoy that feeling as you prepare to insert the egg inside of you

Each crystal has a unique vibration to assist your healing journey. While knowing the symbolism and traditional uses of crystals can be helpful, it is more important you purchase the yoni egg that draws you to it. You intuitively know what will assist your intention and healing.

Be advised not all crystals should be inserted inside. Make sure the yoni egg you choose is safely approved to be inside of the human body. Some basic crystals that are safe for insertion include clear quartz, rose quartz, Amethyst and Jade.

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First, tie your string/cord onto the tip of your Yoni Egg (through the drilled holes if they have one). Keep in mind that the cord should be long enough to assist you in case you need assistance. Insert it just like a tampon or cup.

Make sure the pointed or drilled side of the yoni egg is facing down. It means inserting the larger side first. You don’t have to worry about your yoni egg getting stuck. The egg can go as far as your cervix, which acts as a wall, keeping the egg within the vaginal wall only.

What to do Once it’s in

When the yoni egg is in, you have several ways to use it. You can use it for:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Cleansing of the sacred vagina


Removing your yoni egg is simple. Just get into a squat position and push out with your vaginal muscles. The yoni egg may be scooped out with your fingers, or pull the string if you use one.

Unexpected Benefits of a Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are tools that women have used for thousands of years to improve pelvic floor strength and sexual connection. Traditionally it was also used to circulate sexual energy into spiritual energy – moving the life force throughout the body. Here are some albeit unexpected benefits that you may experience by using Yoni eggs.

Awaken Internal Pleasure Zones

The constant use of the yoni egg will awaken the body’s erogenous zones like the G-Spot, Cervix, A-Spot, and P-Spot. Most of us pay special attention to the clitoris for external pleasure, but internally, using the egg-shaped weight begins to awaken the inner senses, making it easier to have orgasmic intercourse and adds to the feeling during sex. A yoni egg can help to self-stimulate! After inserting the egg into you, grasp the string attached to the egg and gently push it in so that it reappears in your vaginal entrance.

Healing Stored Sexual Trauma

Research shows that one in six women has experienced sexual abuse, leading to trauma being stored in the body. Regardless of whether you have gone through traumatic experiences or not, if you feel blocked you can clear it to become fully sexually expressive with yourself or your partner(s). Numbness, pain, anorgasmia, and disassociation are physical manifestations of trauma you may retain in this area.

When you use a crystal yoni egg, you can help physically and emotionally recover at your own pace. You are visiting the source of the blockage, working with love, tenderness, gentleness, and presence to heal it. When you bring the egg to the vagina and breathe with it, that activity can provide a great deal of comfort.

To associate love and healing with your yoni rather than pain and disease, one can insert a crystal when open and ready. Egg-shaped things can help invoke a sense of new life instead of long and phallic things, which could cause distress or even be triggering for some.

It Creates a Strong Pelvic Floor, and Strong Body

We are in our entire body’s foundation, our pelvic floor. Keeping our muscular hammock healthy is essential for overall health and the spine and endocrine system. Here is an exercise you can do that will help you create a strong pelvic floor and a strong body.

After inserting your yoni egg, stay seated and squeeze your muscles down below. These are the same muscles you might squeeze when you’re holding your pee and ther’s no bathroom’s around. In general, we recommend having at least ten slow, two-times-a-day pulses. Squeeze the pelvic floor for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. It would help if you strived to relax and release your pelvic floor while actively contracting and engaging it to avoid overworking it.

It is safe to get up and walk around once the egg is inside. The weight resistance and the vertical gravity of standing up also activates your muscles you as you hold the egg in place. Even if you cannot feel the egg’s weight, the pelvic floor is still being toned.

I hope you liked our post about Yoni Eggs. If you like to create a spiritual and sacred vibe, keep reading our posts. If you want to find like-minded individuals, then join Foxtail a kinky sex-positive community. You can also visit Foxtail shop to buy the perfect yoni egg rock for you.

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